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Previously on Paralyzed:

I still couldn't wrap my head around it; I was on the road to walking again. It was going to be a rough road, but I think I can handle it. Nothing could stop me.

Bella POV:

"There ya go Bella, just a few more times with the parallel bars then we can call it a day." Rick, my therapist, said as he was forcing me to walk the length of those annoying bars over and over. I was glad that my prognosis was good, and not what it was before, but this whole aggressive physical therapy crap was getting old fast. I knew that I should be grateful that I was, in fact, getting better, but did they really need to work me like a plow horse every day?

You would think Rick would start me off slow, but his excuse was that we had lost time waiting to hear back on my test results so we would have to skip the slow stuff. Oh how I craved to be left in the dark about this.

I started laughing softly as I started to realize that all this time I hoped I would one day walk again, and when I get the good news I complain about all this therapy. But then I guess we are all like that sometimes. We complain about the good, and we complain about the bad, my mom used to say that we weren't ever happy unless we had something to complain about.

"Rick, if you continue to tell me how great I'm doing when in reality I look like a freakin' toddler learning to walk, I'm gonna punch you in nose." I said with a hint of venom. I usually got snippy when I was tired, but then didn't everyone?

"Ok, ok, I hear ya Bells, just one more time around then we can call it a day." Rick said in his usual calming tone. He knew how far I could go, and that once I hit the wall that was it for me.

As I was nearing the end of the parallel bars I felt my foot catch on the crack between the two mats used for padding in case someone, namely me, fell. It all happened so fast and braced for impact, but when nothing happened I opened one of my eyes and saw that I was hanging in mid-air. I silently praised god that I hadn't fallen on my face, but also silently cursed to myself that I nearly made a fool of myself. Rick quickly came to my aide and pulled me back up and helped me get back into my chair. I was never so happy to be back in my wheelchair after this session.

Normally when my physical therapy is over, Rick wheels me out to the lobby knowing that either Rosalie or Alice would come to get me. I don't want any of the guys to come get me after my therapy sessions, because I was just too tired to put up with them, and not to mention that Emmett would bring along Jasper, and Edward, who I knew would be dragged along against his own will.

But today was different, since we started the rough session right off the bat, Rick wanted to do some leg stretches to make sure that my muscles wouldn't cramp up later and become painful. While he was helping me with my stretches I heard a very familiar voice I wasn't expecting at all.

It couldn't be…could it?

I hurried Rick along, and thankfully he didn't question me, probably because he could hear the voice as well. When he was finished he offered to wheel me to the lobby, but I brushed him off and wheeled myself into the lobby. I was stunned, at first, when I saw him standing there. We really hadn't talked much since what went down, and I actually thought that he was with someone else. But I will say this, I was actually genuinely happy to see him there.

"Well, hello Bella. Sorry to break your rule, but I thought that maybe you and I could grab a bite to eat at this café down the street? I hear their soup is amazing."

How could I say no to Edward? He had that crooked grin that made me turn a light shade of pink. Sometimes I swear the man does this on purpose just to get a reaction out of me.

"It's ok, um; I guess soup sounds good right now." I said. I couldn't believe how stupid I sounded. I mean all I could say was that I like soup. SOUP?! What kind of idiot am I? I sighed and followed Edward out to his car. He was just about to offer to help me in his car, but I brushed him off.

"Rick would kick my butt if he saw me accepting help. As part of my new therapy regimen I'm supposed to do as much as I can on my own, including getting in and out of cars." I said as I lifted myself up, using the car door to push myself up, but my body must've been more tired than I thought, because I fell back down hard in the chair with an 'oomph'. I sighed and tried again, but this time I felt Edward's hands around my waist and helped steady me as I got into the car.

As I waited for Edward to get in the car so we could go eat, I started flipping through stations. There were a few I liked, and then there were some I hated. I just couldn't find anything that I liked.

"Would you just pick a station and stay on it." Edward teased. I jumped at his sudden voice, but laughed. I told him that I just couldn't find anything worth listening to.

"Well, here try this." Edward pressed one of his preset buttons and the car immediately filled with light playful music. As we got closer to the café I realized that I had heard this song before, and that it was in fact my favorite.

"Claire de Lune is great…" I awkwardly said as I chewed my bottom lip. I liked all kinds of music, and I used to take ballet lessons when I was younger, and this was one of the songs we used to dance to.

"Who would've thought that you like Classical music, let alone know a Debussy composition?" I couldn't help but smile when I saw the shocked look on his face when I told him I knew classical music. Yes, I did like some classical music, and yes Claire de Lune is one of my favorite songs.

"Don't look so surprised, I'm just full of surprises I guess." I said with a playful grin.

"I guess you are Bells." Edward said as he pulled up in front of the café, which turned out to be a Panera Bread restaurant with an outdoor eating area. I've never actually eaten at one, so I wasn't exactly sure what they had to eat, but I had heard their soups were pretty good.

After the whole routine of getting me out of the car and into my wheelchair Edward put me at a table near the end of the outdoor eating area and said that he would be right back after parking the car. I wanted to object, but decided against it. I just sighed and nodded in agreement.

I took this as an opportunity to look around my surrounding. I reached over across the table and flipped through the display book they had of different drinks they were advertising this month. After a few minutes I sat it back decided to relax. As I felt myself start to relax I started to think about things, which is a very bad thing for me. I managed to force myself to focus on different things around me to keep my mind off the negative.

"Isn't it a bit early in the day to think about alcoholic drinks?" I jumped a bit at the sudden voice from behind me. I looked over my shoulder to see Edward studying the display menu I had been looking it, but something was telling me that he hadn't really been looking at the menu over my shoulder. This made me start to blush a bit as I wondered if he was actually looking at me, or if I was starting to overthink this again. I could feel myself blush a bit as I continued to think about all the possibilities as to what Edward was really doing; this is why I hated my overactive mind sometimes.

"Well, if you must know I was looking at the desserts, not the drinks. If you were really paying attention to what I was reading you would see that." I said with a smirk. Which surprised me because I usually was never very good at quick comebacks, most of the time I would think of something very clever to say later after the fact when it didn't even really matter.

"Fair enough I s'pose, so how has your therapy been going?" Edward said as ran his fingers through his hair, his golden…bronze…luscious hair…

Snap out of it Bella, Edward asked you a question, don't just sit there like an idiot.

"Oh, well, it's been going good I guess. Rick's been pushing me harder ever since the whole incident with the switched test results. He says 'We've lost three weeks we could've been helping you walk, so we gotta go full throttle these next few days.', or something to that effect." I took a breath and gulped down some of my water bottle I take with me for my therapy sessions. "So, um, how has football been going for you and the guys? Isn't it training camp now?" I wasn't very sure what the rules went with football and what they did on a day by day basis.

"Yeah, we have training camp going on right now. Nothing too exciting about that to say other than I hope you can make it to some of the games this coming season." Edward said with a bit of uneasiness in his tone of voice. Wait, was it possible that Edward Cullen, quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, was in fact nervous? Edward never came off as the type of person to be nervous about asking someone to come to a football game to see him play. In fact, he was the complete opposite of that, he wasn't afraid to talk to people, I remember he would ask random strangers on the street for directions if he was lost, me, I would just suffer in silence. But then it came to me, he was asking me, asking, if I wanted to go to something he was involved in. Ever since we both mutually agreed to break off our relationship, things got weird, and we both avoided talking to the other one, at least I was avoiding him.

"Yeah, I guess I can make it to some of your games when the seasons start. So are we gonna go order food, or just sit here and starve." I said with a playful grin. Edward quickly shot up after realizing how long we both had been just sitting here trying to make conversation. I wheeled myself inside and we waited awhile to get to the front of the line to order.

Once we got our food we went back outside to eat. We managed to keep the small talk going, but I could tell that there was something brewing between us, something that needed and wanted to be said. What that something was, I could only guess what it could be.

As I was finishing up my salad I took a glance over in Edward's direction and saw that he was staring a hole through me. It wasn't that he was angry, what was it? Was it…desire? No, it couldn't that…could it?

I felt my cheeks start to redden a bit as I realized that Edward was staring at me other than in a friendly way. Maybe since things were going good lately he thought that we could maybe try dating again. I so wanted that to happen, nothing would make e happier, but I wasn't about to get my hopes up, I don't think I could take the rejection if my feelings and suspicions turned out to be wrong.

"So um, what should we do now?" Edward asked casually. How was he able to hide his feelings so well? I mean, I can barely keep a straight face when it comes to trying to play a joke on someone or keep a secret.

I drew a blank as to what we should do next. I mean, this whole afternoon has completely caught me off guard and I'm not even sure why. I guess it has something to do with Edward, and the fact that every time I'm around him I feel my heart skip a beat and my stomach start to flutter a bit.

"Well, how about we just go for a nice stroll in the park before we-" Edward was about to finish his sentence but then stopped. F some reason he got caught up on the word 'stroll' what with me in a wheelchair.

"Seriously Edward, you don't need to watch what you say around me. I'm a big girl, I've come to accept that I can't walk and I'm actually not offended when people use words having to do with walking." I said with a cheeky grin. I wanted him to know that it really didn't bother me. Knowing Edward, he would instantly think that I was offended by the fact that he said the word 'stroll'. I was curious as to why he was all of a sudden being careful what he said around me. Edward didn't strike me as that kind of guy, but then I also didn't peg him to be the kind of guy to call things off between us out of the blue either, so what did I know?

"Oh, well sorry Bella, I wasn't sure if the whole walking situation would upset you or not, and the last thing I wanted to do today was to upset you." Edward said with a nervous laugh. It was strange to see Edward so nervous, I mean, this guy plays in front of millions of people, plus the millions who have a television, and I make him a nervous wreck. I wasn't sure if I should be flattered or offended that I made the Steelers' quarterback nervous. I decided to take it as a compliment and went on to say that I was perfectly ok with a stroll through the park. I also made sure to mention that I wasn't offended in the first place and told Edward that he needed to relax.

This of course made him break out that darn crooked grin. I wasn't sure what it was about that grin, but it made me weak at the knees, even my heart skip a beat. As cliché as that sounds, all of its true, even after all the time that passed, and all the crap we've both been through, I was still head over heels in love with the guy.

"Edward, you could never upset me, you should know that by now." I said as I put my napkin down on the table to show that I was finished completely. "Let's race to the car; first one to the car is a rotten egg!" I said with a huge grin. Before Edward could agree or not I started wheeling myself towards where his silver Volvo was parked. I have to admit, I was at a disadvantage. I wasn't 100% sure where he had parked it, but I wasn't about to stop now. I kept going around in circles to try and find the Volvo.

Who would've thought that there were be more than just one Silver Volvo here at Panera?

I silently cursed as I kept looking around for the right car, and as I was making my third lap around the parking lot, looking like a complete idiot I might add, I heard a loud car horn go off right next to me, that I nearly fell out of my wheelchair. The kind of beep that lets the driver know that the car is unlocked. I saw the lights flash and I saw Edward standing a few cars away trying to hide the fact he was laughing hysterically. I personally, didn't find this funny, but I managed to keep my composure and not scream out with fear.

"Very mature Edward Cullen, you gonna come start the car or am I gonna have to break in your car and hotwire this baby?" That definitely got his attention, because his laughter immediately stopped and he all but sprinted to the car.

"Don't you dare lay a finger on this baby Bella."

"Or what, what could you possibly do to me?" I say with a playful grin. I'm not completely sure where this sudden confidence came from, but I was sure as heck going to roll with it.

This led to a stare off between Edward and I to see who would blink or look away first. I tried my hardest to maintain my stare, and out of the corner of my eye I saw a police officer walking in our direction and I decided to get a little payback for the car horn incident. I smirked at Edward, who was still clueless to the police officer inching closer and closer towards us.

I quickly jerked my head to the side and screamed out in fake pain, to make it look like Edward just slapped me. I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw the officer had, in fact, taken the bait and rushed over to us. I started sobbing and pleaded to Edward that I was sorry. It took all I had to keep from laughing as the look on Edward's face changed to confusion.

"Ma'am, are you alright? Sir, I'mma need you to take a few steps back." To make this even better Edward was trying to explain that nothing was wrong, so I decided to turn up the water works. I almost believed myself I even had the tears to go with it. I made sure to keep my hand pressed firmly to my cheek to make sure that there would be some kind of handprint against my face. I couldn't help but laugh behind the police officer's back as he was trying to make sure Edward would stay back where the officer told him.

"Miss, are you alright? Do you need to be taken to the hospital?" I thought about it for a moment. I could make this bigger and more complicated, but decided to just stick with my prank.

"N-no, I'll be fine…we just got into an argument…" I tried to pretend that I was nervous to say anything in front of Edward, and it was working perfectly, it was even better when Edward shouted, "I didn't hit her! Bella, tell him that I never hit you!" as he tried getting closer. The officer was more stern in telling Edward that he needed to stay back. I flinched a little when he shouted, and the police officer saw it too. It's then that things got a little more out of hand than I expected. The officer started calling for his partner for back up. I could do one of two things right now. I could go along with the 'abused' victim, or I could come clean and get in trouble for a false crime or whatever.

I decided that it would be more fun if I played along and let Edward get taken down the station and then decide not to press charges at the last possible minute.

After a few minutes the police officer's partner came over and was given the go ahead to arrest Edward. I was told that they would take him down to central booking and that I could press charges if I saw fit. He also asked if I had some way of getting home.

I mean, I could call Alice, Rosalie, or Zane to come get me, but then I would have to go into detail what happened and they possibly get chewed out for doing it, then there was the fact that I would end up repeating my story over and over again.

The officer, who's nametag apparently read, 'Srgt. Owens', offered to give me a ride back to the house. I couldn't very well refuse a police officer who I had accidently fooled into arresting Edward, so I accepted his offer and we were off back to my house. Before I got in a glanced back at the second police car and apologized profusely to Edward silently. Thankfully he seemed to appear to be forgiving. Let's hope he still felt that way once this whole thing blew over. I kept thinking over and over, as we headed back to the house, "How did a harmless little joke, go from bad to worse?"

Finally, after the most awkward car ride I have ever had, which is saying a lot when you have Emmett as a brother, I managed to softly let the officer know that I didn't want to press charges on Edward. The officer nods without a word. I can see that he was seriously thinking about something.

"Ma'am, I've been on the job for over fifteen years, I know when a woman's been beaten and that's definitely not you." I instantly felt my heart rise up into my throat. Was I going to be in trouble? Could you get in trouble for falsely accusing someone of hitting you when they didn't? But then the next thing to come out of Sergeant Owens's mouth definitely threw me for a loop. "I knew from the very beginning that you weren't really slapped. Hell, I even saw when your boyfriend scared the soup out of you with his car alarm. I get it, it was payback." Sergeant Owens added with a huge grin on his face. That did make me feel a little better, knowing that I wasn't going to be in trouble, it was even better that the police officer decided to play along.

"But know this; please don't make a habit out of this Miss, because domestic violence isn't a joking matter." He said with his most serious expression. I just nodded without a word, but thankfully he finally smiled again and said that to make it more realistic they would keep him for a few more hours then let him go.

With that the Sergeant Owens left and I headed into the house. Zane and Trevor were over with lil Brendan, who was currently out back playing football with Emmett and Jasper.

"Hey Bella, how was your therapy session today?" Zane asked with a smile. I shrugged and nonchalantly managed to say that it was just your typical therapy session.

"Wait, where's Edward? He offered to go pick you up and take you out for a bite to eat." I panicked a bit for a few seconds when Alice asked me from her seat on the couch next to Trevor, who were both thumbing through the latest Vogue Magazine. How exactly do you say that you got Edward arrested, when in fact, he wasn't arrested, but that Edward didn't know it?

So, rather than go through all the different hoops I managed to give the short version of what happened and was shocked that everyone was speechless. No one said a word.

"Who knew my little sister had a mean streak in her?" Emmett said with a wry grin on his face as he came over and playfully punched me in the arm. I laughed a bit and added that he would be released in a few hours.

"Should we be worried about you when he gets home Bella?" Trevor said with sincere concern. He knew that it was a joke, but we all weren't quite sure how Edward would react when he would get home.

"Don't worry Bells, I'll be your shield when he gets home." Zane said with a wink. I let out a long sigh and thanked Zane for the support, but told him that I didn't need protection. Edward didn't appear to be mad at me, at least at that exact moment, but the more I thought about it, the more I worried that I would be in for it when the time came. All I could do was just sit and wait to see what would happen.

Who knows, maybe nothing would happen.

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