Til Someone Gets Arrested

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Previously On Paralyzed

"Don't worry Bells, I'll be your shield when he gets home." Zane said with a wink. I let out a long sigh and thanked Zane for the support, but told him that I didn't need protection. Edward didn't appear to be mad at me, at least at that exact moment, but the more I thought about it, the more I worried that I would be in for it when the time came. All I could do was just sit and wait to see what would happen.

Who knows, maybe nothing would happen.

Bella POV:

Waiting on Edward to get home is almost more nerve-wracking than when I had to wait to hear back about my test results for the second time. I still couldn't believe I had it in me to get him arrested as a prank. The look on his face as the other police officer put him in the cruiser was priceless, because it was a mixture of worry, for me I suppose, and confusion. But the waiting to see whether or not Edward was actually mad at me was the worst part of this whole out-of-control prank.

"When did the officer dude, that drove you home, say he was gonna let Eddy boy go home? Emmett said as he plopped down on the couch and kicked his feet up on the coffee table.

"The officer said he would just keep Edward for a few hours then let him go, at least that's what Sergeant Owens told me on the awkward drive home." I said as I chewed my bottom lip from building anxiety. Just then as I was about to try and lay back and relax, the cordless phone next to the couch started to ring.

We all sat still for a few seconds wondering who would pick up the phone first, and wondered if it was Edward calling or not. Rosalie offered to pick it up; we all stared at her trying to guess whether or not it was either Edward or just someone else trying to call one of us. After a few minutes she hung up and immediately started laughing hysterically. All of us tried asking her what was so funny and whether it was Edward calling to let us know that he would be home in a few minutes, or that he needed a ride back to his car to drive home.

"…Only Edward..." Rosalie started between breaths of laughter. "Only Edward could get in trouble after already being put in jail. Apparently he has a lot of unpaid parking tickets and one speeding ticket; that was in a construction zone. Plus, he didn't show up for the court date scheduled after he challenged the speeding ticket. So it looks like until he can get the money together to pay the tickets off our little 'Eddy' is spending some time in the jail." We all took a big collective gasp of shock. I'm actually not surprised, the more I think about it, because Edward does tend to have a lead foot and parked wherever he wants, thinking the rules don't always apply to him.

Ok, that last part was a bit harsh judgment I suppose. I'm sure Edward has good explanations for the unpaid parking tickets, but as for the speeding tickets, he couldn't talk his way out of that one, he apparently was going forty miles in a twenty mile hour zone. I only know this because I remember him complaining about the ticket to Emmett and Jasper. He was running late to training camp and took the shortcut through the school zone to try and get to camp faster.

"Ok, so who should go and get him? I nominate Bella go get him!" Emmett said with a grin that made me cringe. He knew that I was nervous about facing him, knowing that this whole mess was thanks to me.

"Nice try Emmett, but if Bella is going to go, she's going to need a ride, and I will gladly take her and pay off Edward's outstanding ticket fines; anything to put Edward in my debt." Zane said with a smirk. I knew why he wanted to help. Edward had eased up, publically, on harassing Zane, but I could still see the animosity between the two of them. I'm also pretty sure that he wanted whatever he could get to hang over Edward's head to get him to lay off the jokes at his expense.

After Zane helped me in to the car we sped off to the police station. We made small talk the whole ride over. I learned that Brendan was signed up for preschool. Yes, it is a bit early considering the boy is going to be three in a few months, and usually kids don't start preschool until like at the age of four. Apparently, Zane and Trevor talked it over and the preschool they wanted little Brendan to go to is so elite they have waiting lists. I wasn't even aware that there were preschools that did that, but whatever Zane and Trevor wanted was their decision not mine.

"Ok, so are you one hundred percent sure I can't make fun of Edward before bailing him out? I mean, he does it all the time." Zane said trying to act like a little kid not getting what he wanted. I just rolled my eyes and tried to ignore him, but that wasn't happening if Zane had anything to do with it.

"Zane, you are taking me to go bail Edward out, you are not here to make fun or tease him, are we clear?"

With a sigh of defeat Zane agreed that he would not make fun of Edward whatsoever, but wouldn't promise that he wouldn't be able to contain his laughter when he would set his eyes on him. I just rolled my eyes and waited for him to come around to my side of the car with my wheelchair. Just as he was about to help me into the chair I shrugged off his help and told him that Rick wouldn't be happy with me if I stopped doing things on my own.

"Man, your physical therapist sounds like a hard ass. But I guess that's what you get if you want to walk again." Zane said with a wink and smirk. I rolled my eyes and agreed.

"Yeah, the pain I have to go through to possibly be able to walk again is brutal I admit." I teased as I carefully managed to transfer myself from the car to my chair and quickly wheeled myself up the ramp and into the police station with Zane bringing up the rear. When we got inside in was a big chaotic inside, officers chatting as they walk around to whatever it was that they had to do, or some of the officers were escorting criminals to a holding cell.

When we finally got to the police officer in at the counter I couldn't help but smile; the officer behind the counter was Sergeant Owens from earlier.

"Well, funny seeing you here little lady, what can I do for ya?" He said as he leaned his elbow on the counter and leaned against it.

"We're here to bail my friend out, the one…ya know…you helped me pull a prank on. See, apparently he wasn't released because he still had some outstanding fines he hadn't paid yet. That's why I brought my friend with me; he offered to help pay his bail." The Sergeant couldn't help but laugh at the sudden news update.

He told me that he had no part in holding Edward for other charges, and that it must've been another officer who processed him. He wasn't specific in what to do with Edward, so they must've treated him like another arrest and booked him. Sergeant Owens even pulled up Edward's mug shot photo. I couldn't help but snicker a bit, no one's mug shot looks perfect, but Edward's hair was all over the place and looked like he had no idea what a brush or comb was or even how to use it. I mean, I know that some people like, and probably go for, the whole "just got out of bed hair" look, but not me.

"Ok, so looks like Mr. Cullen's fine balance comes to about one thousand thirty-seven dollars. That looks to be all the parking tickets and the speeding ticket he didn't pay for. It looks like Mr. Cullen will be able to keep his license, but he will be warned to pay more attention to what he is doing and where he parks his car from now on."

"D-did you say one thousand thirty-seven dollars? All I have to say about this is that Edward better treat me like a god from now on, because with that money I could've bought groceries and toys for Brendan." Zane muttered to me as he got out his checkbook and started writing. I repeatedly apologized to him and told him that I'm sure Edward would be eternally grateful for him helping.

"He better, that's all I have to say about this whole thing. Plus, it would've been amazing to see the look on his face when he was being put in the police car after your little payback prank."

"You mean to tell me that you knew this entire time that this was a misunderstanding; that you let them take me to jail after I played a harmless prank on you Bella?" I jumped a bit in my seat and turned to see a very visibly hurt Edward. He was rubbing his wrists trying to get feeling back into them after they were cuffed together. The officer that escorted him out gave a curt nod to Sergeant Owens behind the counter and left to get back to whatever it was that he was doing. I immediately started to feel horrible for what I did, but in all honesty I had no intention of it getting that far, but thing's just got blown out of proportion and happened so quickly.

"Well, in my defense…I didn't mean to have you arrested, or to have to be stuck in jail for almost an entire night. I mean all I wanted to do was scaring you and possibly be held for a few hours…" I said almost in a whisper. I hated that he was upset with me, but I knew he had a valid point, he thought I had intentionally wanted to get him arrested and booked for processing.

"Plus, it's not her fault you suck at driving and knowing where to and where NOT to park your stupid car. So don't act like you're the innocent victim in all of this." Zane almost spewed those words with venom. He and I had grown closer and after I managed to get over my 'feelings' for him I realized that he and I were like brother and sister.

"I AM the victim in this! I was in a holding cell with four other criminals, probably one of them even killed somebody, not to mention I had to use that sorry excuse for a toilet in front of god and everyone! Prank or not this was the most horrible experience of my life, and I get to relive it over and over when those vultures disguised as paparazzi get ahold of this whole situation." Edward said as he raked his fingers through his tangled hair to try and comb out the possible tangles and knots.

"It's always about you, even when I offer to bail your sorry butt out of jail, you still manage to make the entire thing all about you! It wouldn't hurt you Edward; if you just said "Thank you Zane, thank you for bailing my sorry ass out of jail because I don't know where to park my overpriced car." Also, just be glad they aren't denying you bail and keeping you in here." Zane spewed out and I could tell that he was completely ticked off, and I knew that, at the root of it all, it was my fault.

I sighed and managed to calm them both down and stopped Edward before he could come up with a jab at Zane's character or personality.

"Edward, what do you say to Zane?" I said like a teacher telling her students to kiss and make up and move on. In all reality this whole exchange was rather childish on either side.

"Fine…Zane…th-thank you for paying my parking tickets and speeding ticket off for me…I know you didn't have to, so I really am thankful." Edward actually apologized. He didn't actually say the words "I'm sorry" but it was implied.

"Good, now can we get home? Physical therapy earlier today wore me out, and my bed's calling my name." It wasn't entirely true, but at this point I would say anything to get us out of the police station and back to our home sweet home.

The boys grumbled a bit but agreed to get home. After I got back in the car I saw that the radio said it was nearly eight 'o' clock in the evening. Edward spent nearly seven to eight hours in a holding cell, and had his prints on file, all because I wanted payback for him pulling a juvenile prank on me. In retrospect I realized that what I did wasn't any better really. Zane started the car and off back to the house we went.

"Edward, I'm sorry…" I didn't go any further, I'm pretty sure that those words were plenty and apparently spoke volumes because what Edward said next made me smile.

"No need to apologize Bella, I'm just glad that you're really ok, and to be going home." I nodded and leaned back in my seat. I was glad Edward wasn't mad at me to begin with. We would eventually laugh about this, but it wouldn't be for a long time. But I'm pretty sure that Emmett would use this as ammunition for when they were all at football training camp later tomorrow.

"I have a feeling that Emmett is going to get a kick out of this, and by the time training camp's over tomorrow the entire team will know that I'm a complete idiot. " Edward said with a half-hearted laugh.

"If you like, I could sweet talk Emmett into keeping his big mouth shut. But we both know that that won't happen, no matter how hard we try." It was true Emmett was never any good at keeping things secret or being able to not jump at the opportunity to tease his best friend about the fact that he almost went to jail.

"It won't do any good Bella, but thank you for offering your services. I guess I learned my lesson, never try and play a harmless prank on you; otherwise I'll end up put in jail." Edward said with a playful smirk on his face, at least I think it was a smirk, it was hard to tell seeing as how he was sitting in the backseat.

I just rolled my eyes and played it up like I was one to watch out for.

We finally got back to the house and Edward and Zane exchanged awkward and strained exchange of 'thank you' and 'you're welcome' as I wheeled up the ramp ahead of them. When I got inside I saw Alice and Trevor watching 'Say Yes to the Dress' while Rosalie was off in the corner of the living room reading a pop-up book with Brendan, who when he saw I was back home squealed and hopped off Rosalie's lap and took off running and leaped into my lap and hugged me tight.

"Eddy home now?" He asked with a very serious look on his face, at least as serious as a two year old could make.

"I dunno, why don't you look over my shoulder and see for yourself Brendan." I said with a playful wink as I gestured to have him look over my shoulder. I couldn't help but smile as his previously confused expression shift to grinning ear to ear.

"Daddy! Eddy! Home!" Brendan squealed and he started to get squirmy in my lap and any other time I wouldn't be able to feel it, but I suppose the rigorous physical therapy I could've swore I felt a sensation in my legs. I decided that it was just my mind playing tricks on me so I elected to just ignore the possible phantom pain. But the more I tried not to think about it, the more it felt as if my legs were asleep and I felt pins and needles.

"Ouch, watch those little feet buddy, you're hurting me." I say as I sat him down on the floor and rub my legs. The thought didn't register with me until a few moments later. I hadn't been imagining those odd sensations; I really had been feeling something in my legs. I wasn't the only one, everyone caught what I said and stared at me as if I had three heads. They probably also wondered if I what I said was true as well.

"Bella, you mean to tell me that you feel…something…in your legs?"

"What do your legs feel like?"

"Do you think you can walk?"

Wow, too many questions all at once, they weren't giving me enough time to process my own thoughts as to what I was exactly feeling.

"Ok, all I knew was that when Brendan stood on my lap I could feel 'something'. Like some sort of pressure on my legs. I could almost feel his little feet on my legs."

Everyone's gaze turned a mixture of confusion and hope.

I've had plenty of bad news ever since the accident that cost me the use and feeling in my legs, but it wasn't until recently that I was finally getting good news. My test result is positive, that there is a possibility of me one day walking again, no more pity parties, or even feeling sorry for myself. Things were starting to look up for me. I've learned from past experiences to not get my hopes up too quick before we know anything else, and until my next scheduled MRI.

But I knew this much, I finally have a reason to be hopeful, and I'm pretty sure nothing could take this smile off of my face.

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