I'm Dumping You

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Bella POV

Paralyzed… it couldn't be, not to me… I've always felt horrible for the people in wheelchairs or prosthetic legs but now, I was one of them. The doctor left the room and Emmett hugged me tightly, whispering consoling words to me. I felt the tears welling up inside, but I refused to let them show. Emmett was probably hurting inside for letting me suffer alone I wasn't about to add onto that pain.

"I'm so sorry Bella," Alice said and I smiled weakly at her. She was apparently one of my brother's friends he had met in Pittsburgh, and from what I've read about her, she seemed to be a really sweet and considerate person. Alice Cullen was the top fashion designer of the century, all her clothing and accessories costing more than Dior, Gucci, and Chanel combined.

The gloomy atmosphere in the room was palpable, making me shift uncomfortably. "Why are you sorry for me? You guys are the ones who are going to be taking me everywhere you go," I joked, hoping to break the awkward silence.

Rosalie looked at me incredulously and I felt the nervousness building up inside of me. Rosalie Hale was the world's most sought-after model on the East Coast. She's been known to participate in practically every single fashion show known to mankind. With long, golden blonde hair, crystal blue eyes and a killer body, it was understandable that 'Cosmo Magazine' considered her one of the sexiest women in the country as well. To top it all off, she knew everything there was to know about cars, whether it be the make, the model, or the year. If it had a motor you'd bet that Rosalie would know all there was to know about it practically. This was one of the few things that made Rosalie a man's dream come true. Luckily, Rose was also crazy in love with Emmett, or so I heard.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold up; you're sitting in the hospital bed, paralyzed from waist down, for god knows how long, and you're already cracking jokes?" she asked, raising an eyebrow, making me nod slightly. She grinned. "Teddy, I like her sense of humor, I love her already!" She exclaimed, allowing me to exhale the breath I had been holding.

My brother, however, barked a forced laugh and turned to look at me. His normally gentle eyes were hard and cold and I felt scared. Wait, did I just invite myself to come and live in Pittsburgh with them? I gulped. No wonder he looked like he hated me. I just ruined his public reputation. I mean, who wants a handicapped sister when you're virtually on top of the world with the press? I forced down the flood of tears and whispered, "I'm sorry, I think I may have overstepped my bounds of being a sister. I understand if you'd rather not have me come live with you."

Emmett looked taken aback by my statement. "Wait, what? What would make you think that I wouldn't want my baby sister to come live with me; especially after what's all happened to this family?"

I shrugged my shoulders, and a single tear dripped down from my cheek, no matter how hard I desperately tried to fight those tears back. I had met my brother again after all of these months, and now I had imposed on his life. Hey, there's only so much sadness a girl can take. He wiped the tears away and held my chin up to look at me. "Hey, don't cry Belly, of course you can come to live with me. You just beat me to that question. You always were one to jump to conclusions before hearing the whole story."

"Yeah Bella, you've got to come to Pittsburgh. Emmett had been hiding you for a year now, and I want to get to know you better. Plus I have this feeling that you and I are going to be such good friends, best friends in fact." said Alice, smiling widely.

I let out a shaky laugh and nodded. "I guess I'm going to Pittsburgh."

Emmett POV

Doctor Morris, the doctor that was in charge of Bella's case, released her yesterday, on my third day here in New York City. He was reluctant to see her go, worrying that she wouldn't be able to mentally come to terms with the paralysis, but I knew my sister. I knew that she was a fighter; she may appear weak, but that was only on the exterior.

We had decided to wait to go back to home to Pittsburgh for a couple more days. I asked Bella for the keys to her apartment, but before I could grab them Alice snatched them from me and told me that she and Rosalie would go, that I wasn't allowed into my own sister's apartment. It had to do with something about her brother shouldn't see his sister's unmentionables. When the realization of what she said hit me I gladly accepted it and both of them headed off to the apartment to pack up all of Bella's clothes for her. While Jasper was keeping Bella busy with whatever it was he had her watching, I decided to call Bella's landlord and offered to pay what was left on her lease.

That same day I got a call on my cell phone that Bella's test results seemed to show that the paralysis couldn't be determined either temporary or permanent. When I asked the doctor if it was possible that she could one day be able to get the feeling back in her lower body, I was told that it was still too early to tell. It wasn't the news I had been hoping for, but it was better than all the worse scenarios that had been running through my head when we found out that my sister was paralyzed.

I had been a horrible brother for these past few years, even before I got the call from the Pittsburgh Steelers. I was going to make it up to her, damn it. The only problem with that was that I was a professional athlete and that meant I had celebrity status. I'm a football player, and I've been nominated MVP three different times, and it seemed to help that I played for one of the NFL's top teams. It would be nearly impossible for her to escape the press and media, not to mention the whole country would be buzzing with Emmett's 'long lost' sister, and the press would eat up the fact that Bella was involved in a car accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down.

I had gotten back to the hotel a short time after both Rosalie and Alice did, and saw that Alice was already attempting to get Bella to thumb through some of her fashion magazines she had brought with her.

"Hey girls, are you all ready to go home?" I asked, flanked by Jasper, who was Rose's brother. Rosalie and Alice beamed at me, nodding furiously while Bella wrapped her arms around herself and grinned shyly.

"Oh Bella, we're going to have so much fun. I'm going to give you a completely new makeover; we can go to the spa. Just wait until I take you shopping! Oh my god, I know this place that I can take you to buy a bunch of clothes! What with your bone structure, not to mention your body type, they clothes will be so attractive on you!" Alice babbled on about how great a shopping trip will be, oblivious to Bella's horrified expression.

"Awe, Alice you're scaring Bella. I may have forgotten to mention that Bella isn't so much into fashion as you are." I said, chuckling. She glared at me as Jasper wrapped his arms around her.

"No one is into fashion as much as Alice is." Jasper said with a playful smirk directed at Alice. This earned him a hard smack on the chest.

"Just because she never had a good shopping buddy to go shopping with doesn't mean that she doesn't like it. I mean, come on, who doesn't like shopping?"

Bella timidly spoke up, "I try and avoid shopping as much as possible. If it's not necessary I don't usually shop for it."

Alice and Rose gasped. Although the three of them had become fast friends, these two had a lot to learn about her. "Alice baby, don't go and bombard poor Bella with questions. She was just released for heaven's sake. You can go and worry about shopping later." Jasper said, kissing Alice chastely on the cheek. She beamed up at him and nodded. He always had that calming aura around him.

I crept up behind my Rosie and wrapped my arms around her, burying my head into her golden hair. She twisted around and kissed me. "Come on kids, we have a plane to catch," I hollered to no one in particular. Rosalie and everyone nodded in agreement and grabbed their entire luggage.

"Oh Bells, you will absolutely love Pittsburgh! Emmett has the prettiest house! It's so big that all of us, Alice, Jasper, Edward, and I decided to move in into the house together. You will freak when you see it," Rose squealed, pushing Bella to the cab waiting for us.

Bella looked at me with a confused expression on her face. "Hold up, Edward Cullen? As in Alice's brother?"

Alice nodded, suddenly jumping back into the conversation in a lively demeanor. "Why, is that a problem?"

My sis just shrugged. "No, not really, I mean from what I've read in all those fancy magazines, not to mention those tabloids, I never really saw Edward in any of the pictures of you all." I scowled.

"No, he's definitely our friend; he just avoids the cameras and screaming fans as much as humanly possible. The press is dying to get more pictures of the Steelers' quarterback, but he just doesn't show that often. Besides, even if he does show, he usually pays the magazines and papers to delete any pictures of him. I swear that boy can be such a hermit."

We were able to find a cab big enough to fit the five of us, including Bella's new wheelchair. I told the cabbie where we were headed, and I heard a scoff come from behind me.

Jasper snorted. "Now that's not completely true Em, I mean there was that one girl Edward dated, what was her name? Tina? Toni? Wait; don't tell me, it's on the tip of my tongue…"

"Her name is Tanya Denali; she's one of those 'self-proclaimed' socialites. I mean, her family has all the money in the world and the only reason she's even famous in the first place is because her sex tape was 'accidentally' leaked to the public." Rosalie said as she tried her hardest to remain neutral. That's one of her qualities I loved most about her.

Alice rolled her eyes. "I remember that little bitch. She was such a snob, thinking that she was so much better than the rest of us. Her sense of fashion may have been top notch, but nothing about her was real! I mean she has body parts that are younger than she is!"

I couldn't help but chuckle at that last remark. I remember that woman all too well sadly. Sure she was beautiful, but Alice was right, all of her was practically altered, and she probably had a whole bunch of frequent flyer miles racked up with all the surgery she had done.

Bella grimaced. "I remember reading an article about her and Edward, I know that you're not supposed to believe everything you read, but all the articles and pictures showed them to be very happy. I mean, she seems like a decent person."

We all snorted. "Oh please," Rose said, "if they were America's perfect couple, then I'm the Dali Llama. You'd be surprised what went on behind closed doors. I mean, I still remember when that Tanya chick tried to move her stuff into the house without even asking Edward first. Oh you would've thought World War Three had started the way they carried on." I shook my head.

"Bottom line is that I was so ecstatic when Edward finally had enough and dumped that woman and had a no contact order filed against her." I noticed Bella being extremely self conscious in the corner of the cab, her arm wrapped around herself again and I frowned. "What's wrong?"

She blushed red hot and muttered, "nothing."

Alice's face pinched up into a scowl. "It doesn't look like nothing."

She sighed. "Well, what if he doesn't like me? What if he thinks that I'm just another Tanya?"

We stared at her for a second and burst out laughing. Bella, compared to Tanya? The idea was incredulous. The two couldn't be more opposite. Bella was beautiful, she didn't have to have surgery to get the perfect look, and she didn't have to wear a crap-load of makeup. Tanya, on the other hand, she looked like she could be a life size Barbie doll. I'm sorry but I want my woman to be more lifelike and not look some unattainable piece of plastic.

"Why are you guys laughing at me?" Bella said, pouting with a very flustered expression on her face.

"Sorry little sis, but you and Tanya are nothing alike, and don't even for a second think otherwise. Trust me. We know," I said, reassuring Bella.

"Yeah, don't worry Bella; Edward will absolutely love you,"

Edward POV:

Where the hell were they? It had been four days since Emmett had last called and told me that he needed to go to New York City to go deal with some sort of emergency. My sister and her boyfriend, Jasper, had decided to go off with them too without even bothering to ask if I wanted to come along as well. I had gotten word that they were now on their way back here; apparently whatever it was that Emmett had to take care of was finished.

I was driving home from the meeting I had with my agent about my contract and whether or not I wanted to ask for more money. In all reality money wasn't an issue with me. I knew that my agent was doing it so he could get a bigger percentage than he already has. The car moved faster as I slammed down on the pedal, willing it to go. "They better be there," I muttered as I pulled up in the driveway, elated to find that Rosalie's convertible and Alice's Porsche was here.

I rang the doorbell multiple times. Silence. "God damn it." I sighed and pulled out the spare key that Emmett had given me after I lost my original key. "Hello?" I shouted into the house as I opened the door, and was met by the eerie sound of my voice echoing throughout the house.

"Shit, where are they?" Oh well, I'll just go and wait for them in the living room, I thought and made my way through the house to the living room.

"No really Angela, you won't believe this place. … Yeah I know, I'm intruding, but still, it's so nice here! ... Of course I'll send you some stuff… yeah, okay, uh-huh, miss you too, bye," I heard a voice coming from the kitchen and made my over there. I froze when I saw the sight.

A small and petite girl was sitting in a wheelchair, moving with slight troubles as if she was new to the machine. She had long brown hair that cascaded down to her chest. She was overly thin like she was anorexic. I took a sharp breath. The girl stopped moving, dropping the plate that she had been holding, she was probably about to steal the plate and anything else she could get her hands on.

"Holy shit! Oh no, you're Edward Cullen right?" She asked, stuttering a little and her chocolate brown eyes wide with awe and…fear? Was she afraid of being caught in the act?

I nodded curtly. "Who the hell are you?"

She blushed. "I'm-I'm Bella Swan." I rolled my eyes. Yep, she was definitely a lying fan girl who had somehow managed to sneak in here. Really, this wasn't the first time that girls had made up some crazy name and stuck Swan onto it to pretend that they were Emmett's sister. Crazy bitches.

"Right… more importantly, why the fuck are you here?"

She blinked. "Excuse me?"

"Why are you here?" was she stupid?

"Well, I'm- I'm going to be living here now." I scoffed.

"Uh-huh, and you expect me to believe that?"

She looked at her feet. "Um, why would I lie to you?" she whispered.

"When did you get here?"

"Just a few minutes ago; I'm Emmett's sister. I lived in New York City and was involved in an accident, an accident that left me paralyzed from the waist down."

Paralyzed? Is that her excuse and her way of gaining pity with us? Geez this girl was so…unoriginal. We've all seen these theatrical acts before with our fans. I sneered at her and she flinched. "Paralyzed huh? Well then it will be a pity if you fell out of the seat!" I lunged for her and made a grab for her wheelchair expecting her to get up and make a break for the nearest door. The girl's eyes were huge with fear as she wheeled herself back and tears started to flow down her cheeks. Huh, she was quite the actress.

"What are you doing?! I'm not lying I really am Emmett's sister, and I really am paralyzed!" She screamed as she wheeled away from me, she managed to get to the doorway that lead to the living room. For someone what was supposedly paralyzed she was pretty quick in a wheelchair.

"Shut up fan girl! I know you're not really paralyzed. I've seen your little tricks before!" I yelled. Okay, I know that I sound like a cold hearted bastard, but if you've been tricked into giving half a million dollars to a girl who pretended to be hurt, you'd be this way too.

"Emmett! Help me!" She screamed as she made it to the start of the stairs that lead to the upstairs bedrooms. Before I knew it everyone came storming in from wherever it was they had been. Emmett's eyes widened with horror at the sight and he rushed to this girl's aide and stepped between me and her.

"Why are you helping her? She's a lying bitch!"

Emmett's cold eyes met mine. "A lying bitch?" he stood from the ground carrying the girl in his arms. She was whimpering into his shirt. "Edward Cullen, don't you dare call Bella a bitch! You are so fucking…"

"Don't hurt him, Emmy," the girl who was behind my best friend said.

"Bella, he chased you around like a crazed lunatic, nearly made you fall out of your wheelchair, and you're telling me not to hurt him?"

"He doesn't know Emmett, he doesn't believe me that I'm your sister, and that I'm just some crazed fan." Emmett became silent, his face still red with anger, but obviously trying to control his rising temper

"Teddy, let me show Bella to the guest room down here on the main level." Rosalie whispered, throwing me a harsh look.

"But, I have to make sure that he doesn't hurt Edward." Bella said.

Was what this strange girl telling me the truth? Was she really Emmett's sister? I had no idea that Emmett had any family. If I remember correctly he never even brought up his family, so I naturally assumed that he had been an only child.

"I-I'm really sorry Bella. I-I really didn't know… I thought that you really were a fan girl and… oh, I'm so sorry," I whispered, throwing her what hopefully looked like a regretful expression.

She grinned at me faintly. "It's alright. You didn't know me from Adam Edward." I grimaced as the realization of how I have acted towards her and she just laughed. "It's alright, really." She turned to Emmett and looked at him firmly. "Go easy on him ok Em?"

He sighed. "You're too kind for your own fucking good." She arched a brow. "Fine," he grumbled. She smiled at me once more before Rosalie continued to push her towards the guest room that had apparently been set up during our little 'event' just a few minutes ago...

Bella POV

Edward Cullen… he was the most mysterious of all of my brothers friends. He seemed to be the epitome of perfection, yet at the same time he seemed to detest life. Edward had the perfect parents, career, sister, friends, and reputation. If I had his life, I would have been grateful… but Edward wasn't. At least, he didn't seem it.

I had always imagined our meeting to be on more… friendlier terms, but who could really blame him for trying to attack me. Being a celebrity, you were always surrounded by unwanted people, most of them with intentions to violate your privacy whether in the form of a magazine reporter or a fan. So even though my useless legs seemed to be dying from the agony, I couldn't blame him or have Emmett hurt him. Somehow, I just wanted to protect him.

I gasped when I got a good look at my room. It was so beautiful, and I swear my whole apartment could fit inside this one room. Ok, so I was exaggerating a bit, but this room seemed too big for just one person. "Are you okay?" Alice asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I managed to croak.

"Bella, you should have let Emmett kill Edward. He tried to hurt you!"

"He didn't intend to hurt me; I could tell that he just wanted to get me out of the house. He thought that I was some crazed fan girl that managed to sneak into the house and steal one of his possessions or something."

"But still, what he did was wrong," Rosalie grumbled.

"Please, don't hurt him. It was all a misunderstanding."

"We'll still have to have a talk with him," he muttered before leaving the room.

"Rest Bella. The doctor said that you shouldn't leave the bed for a while and after what that idiot excuse of a man did to you I'd go ahead and rest..." Rose growled.

I rolled my eyes. "Just go and talk to him. Remember, I better see him in pristine condition tomorrow so I can say that I'm sorry." The two looked at me like I was crazy. "What?"

"Why are you apologizing? He tried to push you out of your chair!"

"But, I just dropped the bomb on him without any warning. It's fine. I do owe him an apology. Tell him I'm sorry for me okay?" I said as I felt my eyelids starting to droop. They smiled at me and nodded before leaving the room. I yawned. "Tell him…I'm sorry" I mumbled before I let sleep consume me.

Edward POV:

"You are so god damn lucky that my sister's practically saint-worthy," Emmett growled through his clenched teeth. Jasper came down the stairs, glaring at me.

"Edward Anthony Cullen, never in my whole fucking life have I ever been this disappointed in you," he snarled. "Really, attacking the poor girl in a wheelchair?" He shook his head and I hung mine.

"I'm really sorry guys. I really thought that she was just like Tessa." We all cringed when I mentioned her name. She was the con-girl who had scammed us out of nearly two million dollars, four box seats to all of our games, and other untold treasures by pretending that she was paralyzed from waist down and was slowly dying from end-stage breast cancer.

"Don't you dare come here and compare Bella with that – that leech!" Emmett growled, poking me with his finger. "Now, my sister, having a heart of gold, and forbid me from taking you out to the back ally and beating the shit out of you, but the next time you hurt her, I won't give a damn to what she has to say. Got that?"

I nodded. "I'm sorry," I muttered.

"Hey, she's asleep," Ali said as she came from down the hall, followed by Rosalie. The two saw me and stiffened. I let out a long ragged sigh. I honestly had no idea that she was really who she claimed to have been. I guess you could call me paranoid, but I was a professional football player, and I've had my fair share of crazy fan girls attempt to try and sneak into the house.

"Just say what you need to say to me, but know beforehand that I really thought that she was faking it and I'm sorry. I was going to apologize, but now that she's asleep, I'll probably wait until tomorrow morning to say it." Rose continued to glare at me at her spot next to Emmett, but Alice marched right up to me and slapped me hard across the face. "I probably deserved that," I muttered for a woman who just barely reached five feet she sure packed a punch when she wanted to.

"Yes, you did, you big asshole!" she hissed. "Really, what were you thinking? You could have really hurt her!"

Emmett's face paled. "Th-that's right… Doc said that she needs to stay in bed for the rest of the day, the whole trip here wore her out, and she needs all the sleep she can right now, especially after what went on in the kitchen." He glared at me again.

"Stop it. Everyone," Rose snapped. We all turned to look at her. "Bella doesn't want us to continually yell and blame Edward." I managed a small smile. "I still think that he's an ass, but she really seems to care for him even though she's known him for like three minutes. Besides, we are partly to blame too, if we had told Edward why we all went to New York without him, then none of this would've happened in the first place."

"Thanks Rose," I whispered.

"Don't expect me to defend you every time you screw up. You're still a complete jerk," she hissed.

"She also wants to say that she's sorry," my sister grumbled. I looked at her incredulously.

"She wants to say sorry to me?"

Alice nodded. "She's sorry that she didn't warn you before that she was coming and because she doesn't think that you deserve all this harassment. I personally want to kick your butt right now, but Rosalie and I both promised her that we would make sure to tell you that much.."

I let out another long ragged sigh and ran my fingers through my tangled mess of hair.

"Em, is your sister some sort kind of angel?"

He chuckled for the first time since his arrival. "No, but she's pretty damn close."

"Huh, could have fooled me."

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