Life Is Looking Pretty Good

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Previously on Paralyzed

Granted, she became paralyzed in a different way, but our outlook on it is, or was, the same. We both wanted to give up and just live with what happened, and not try and fix it at all. I'm sure how it happened, but for me it just clicked in my head. I wasn't about to give up, I was going to do whatever I could to try and walk again.

I helped Bethany take a step in the same direction, but I know that it will take a lot more than just a trip to the mall or hanging out at professional football training camp.

Bella POV:

So over the past couple of weeks Bethany and I have been spending a lot more time together. It used to be just once a week, but now it's almost three times a week. I am just glad all this time we're spending together seems to be helping her. Rick has noticed a change in her attitude as well during her sessions. He won't tell me what is said, but tells me that he sees a complete personality change in her from before.

Today, I was taking Bethany with me to my therapy session. She and I each have therapy on Wednesday, but Rick has me doing physical therapy three times a week. I had physical therapy every Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. Today being Monday, I had my therapy and I was informed by Rick that I would be getting a special surprise during my session.

Rick was a weird guy, and had an odd view of the word 'surprise'. So to say that I was anything but a bit terrified was an understatement. Edward was able to take me to my therapy, and even agreed to pick Bethany up as well.

"So Bells, what do you think Rick's surprise is? I'm betting he's going to have some weird made up exercise for you to do. Oh, or better yet, he's going to make you walk over hot coals." Edward teased with his crooked grin. Over the past weeks it has become routine for us to poke fun at Rick. But it was mainly just to keep my spirits up, and give my mind something else to focus on. I knew that I was getting better, and that I was showing signs of improvement, but I needed to focus on something else, because if I didn't then I would get my hopes up. If I got my hopes up I didn't want to set myself up for disappointment. I course didn't tell Edward about any of this. He would comfort me, and tell me everything was alright.

"Looks like we're here Bells, do you want to go up to the door with me or stay in the car?"

"I might as well go with you, that way Bethany doesn't think I'm starting to wimp out."

Edward chuckled and shook his head. I got into my wheelchair all on my own and started my up the ramp to the front porch of Bethany's house. Her house resembled kind of what I had with my dad and Emmett growing up. The outside was a plain white color, a stone front porch, and one lamp to light up the porch at night.

"Do you think she'll still want to go – hello, my name's Edward Cullen, and this is Bell – "

"My name is Bella Swan, is Bethany here? I kind of promised to take her with me to my physical therapy session." I said to the woman standing in front of me who I assumed to be Bethany's mother. I wasn't sure she was or not seeing as how Bethany had chocolate brown hair and this woman had blonde hair. But the longer I took in her appearance I was sure that she was Bethany's mother; I knew this by seeing the brown roots showing through her platinum blonde hair.

"Uh, yes she's here, let me go get her, she didn't tell me you two would be hanging out today. Why don't you both come on inside and take a seat, she should be out in a minute." The woman walked down the hall, and I couldn't help but get the feeling that this woman was trying desperately to keep ahold of her youth. She dyed her hair, and judging from the fake bake tan she was sporting she goes to the tanning bed at least twice a week.

Edward carefully sat down in a white leather lounge chair and I wheeled in next to him. We saw a man, I assume Bethany's dad, sitting in a lay-z boy recliner watching the highlights of a previous game on ESPN, and a boy, no older than ten sitting on the couch next to Edward.

The man in the recliner looked more his age, he had a small beer belly, and a small receding hairline. Aside from those two things he seemed to be an okay guy. He had chocolate brown hair, as did the boy sitting next to his dad.

Bethany's dad paid no attention to us; he was too enthralled with the sports highlights to notice. The boy on the other hand, he was boring a hole through Edward it was almost uncomfortable. I could only guess that he recognized Edward as the quarterback for the Steelers, and judging by his jersey the little boy was a fan of Edward.

"Are you really Edward Cullen? The boy finally spoke, and I couldn't help but smile. He seemed pretty sweet, but I bet like any other brother he annoyed Bethany to no end.

"Yes, I'm Edward Cullen, and what's your name little guy?"

"Riley, you're my favorite player ever! Can you sign my football?" Riley said with the biggest grin on his face. It was cute to see him so excited; he was meeting his football hero for the first time, and was actually behaving a lot better than some of the adult fans. Edward nodded his head 'yes' and Riley shot off down the hall to his room to get the football.

"Watch where you're going Riley, you nearly ran into your sister." His mom said in a stern voice. Now I don't normally say this, but the woman was almost too overprotective of Bethany, she was paralyzed, not made of glass.

"Sorry mom, I just wanna get my football so Edward Cullen can sign it!" I playfully shoved Edward when I saw his lips rise in a big grin. He always did like it when he got to meet a fan of his, especially when it was a kid.

"Mom, it's not a big deal, I'm not this fragile little doll that would break just by looking at it. I'm just fine." Bethany snapped.

Way to go Bethany, help your parents understand that you're still the same girl!

"Maybe not Beth, but I just want to make sure you're ok. You're my little – "

"Ugh, mom just stop it ok? I'm paralyzed; I'm going to be ok stop protecting me." Bethany said with a sigh. I knew I wasn't supposed to hear it, but I was closest to the hallway and heard everything. I was glad that Bethany was starting to make a change in her attitude. She was no longer that depressed, angry girl I first met, no; she was now starting to accept her prognosis, and was actually starting to have a more positive outlook on things.

"So Bella, you ready to blow this Popsicle stand? I'm excited to see your face when you see the surprise Rick has for you." I just sighed and begged her to tell me what it was, but Bethany stayed firm and let no information flow out of her.

"Here it is Edward, you can sign it now!" Riley said as he came charging n and all but threw the football at him. Edward took the permanent marker Riley had and started signing for him. Edward asked him if he played any football, and Riley told him he was on a little league team and his number was the same as Edward's was.

"Maybe you could come to one of my games! That would be awesome; all of my friends would die if they knew that I met Edward Cullen and that his girlfriend is friends with my sister!" Both Edward and I started laughing at this. Riley was a bit disappointed when Edward said that he wasn't sure he could come to one of his football games in the near future, but that if his team made it into the little league playoffs he would be sure to show up to some of the games.

You would have thought that Riley won the lottery when Edward told him that he would show up to one of his games if his team made it to the playoffs. All of us started laughing, and our laughing got even louder when Riley launched himself at Edward and gave him the biggest hug ever.

Once things had calmed down and I saw that if we didn't leave now, we would be late to my physical therapy session. I was almost dreading the whole thing, mainly because I was worried what Rick's little surprise for me was. We got ourselves in the car and headed off to the physical therapy center.

When we got there, I saw rick hiding something rather long behind a few mats. This peaked my interest and hurried in with Bethany and Edward close behind me.

"Well, it's about time you showed up Ms. Tardy to the Party. Now let's get you all stretched out, because today we are going to do things a bit differently today. Now park your chair and hobble on over here." Rick said almost too chipper for my liking. I knew something was up, but I was even more suspicious when I saw Edward grinning ear to ear.

That little douche knew what was going on today too. If he wasn't so darn cute I'd slug him right in his pretty little mouth.

"Ok, now I'm scared, what's going on here Rick, enough of the funny business and tell me what's going on." All three of the sighed with defeat.

"You're no fun Bells, where's your sense of humor?"

"I lost it awhile back, and don't plan on getting it back till after I know what you three have planned!" I said as I crossed my arms in front of my chest and pouted my lower lip.

"You, know if you had shorter hair, and pouted your lower lip a bit more you look just like my brother when he doesn't get his way Bella, just relax and be happy when you see the surprise." Bethany said with a playful grin. I sighed and tried to let myself relax, but I couldn't until I knew what exactly they had planned. I hated surprises, and these three knew it.

After my stretches Rick went to get whatever it was he had hidden behind the mat and said, "Now today's session will be about you getting used to using this instead of your wheelchair Bella, do you think you can handle it?"

"I can't tell you until you tell me what this stupid surprise is –"

My jaw dropped. It couldn't be what I thought it was. It was a set of crutches, but the kind that had arm support so that I could still lean on something as I adjusted to using them.

"You've shown a lot of improvement Bella, and I think you're ready for these. I talked with your doctor, and he seems to agree that it would be beneficial if you started using these instead of your wheelchair."

I was speechless. I mean, I knew that this would be the next possible step in my way back to walking without any help, but I wasn't expecting this at all. I was overcome with emotion and started sobbing right there on the table. My sobs turned to laughter when Rick had thought I was offended by his attempt at a surprise gift, but when I was finally able to gain my composure I told him that it was the best gift I could ever get from anyone.

"Bella, what do you think? Do you want to go ahead and take a go at it?" Edward said as he held out his hand to give me balance as I slowly scooted off the table so that I was standing, but leaning against him. Rick handed me the crutches one at a time. When I mentally readied myself I attempted to take my first step. There were no harnesses to keep me up; it was only these two crutches. I was a bit wobbly, and I nearly fell over a few times, but after a good ten minutes I was starting to get the hang of it. But the steps were still a bit of a challenge for me, especially when I tried going down the steps. I felt as if I would fall forward and onto my nose. Rick assured me that it was a normal feeling, and that I would get used to it over time.

I had to trust him. I had before when I was all but convinced I would never walk again, and look where I am now? I am walking on my own power, granted, with crutches, but it was a huge improvement from where I was before.

I was starting to look forward to whatever life had in store for me next, nothing could bring me down!

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