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Previously on Paralyzed

Rick assured me that it was a normal feeling, and that I would get used to it over time.

I had to trust him. I had before when I was all but convinced I would never walk again, and look where I am now? I am walking on my own power, granted, with crutches, but it was a huge improvement from where I was before.

I was starting to look forward to whatever life had in store for me next, nothing could bring me down!

Bella POV:

I still couldn't believe I was actually walking, granted, it was with the help of these fancy crutches. But I wasn't about to let it bring me down.

The doctors even said that my last test results showed the swelling had started to go down around my spine. I still wasn't able to fully walk without crutches on my own just yet, but I had noticed that I was starting to need my wheelchair less and less.

Also, Edward and I were spending more and more time together. Looking back at the past couple of months, I couldn't believe that I had made the decision to break things off and take some space away from Edward. It all came rushing back why I had made that tough decision in the first place. My low self-esteem had gotten the best of me, and I had accused Edward of still having feelings for Tanya. That whole conversation had come rushing back all at once


"I don't want to just be stuck here as the other girl that you come to so that you'll look good for the people. Is that what I am, a charity case that will boost your humanitarian media outlook?"

"Stop it Bella!" Edward felt the anger bubbling up inside of him. Why would the love of his life, sitting before him, doubt herself? He felt a sharp pang of guilt. He knew that he had caused this; he had caused her unintentional pain. "I-I went to see Tanya because I missed her; not romantically, but as a friend. So I thought that I had plenty of time to see her before I would come to meet you. But then the waitress accidentally spilled the beer meant for Tanya on me." Edward could tell that Bella wanted to believe him, so he continued on with his explanation." She wanted to go change real quick before going to meet up with her friends. She invited me to her apartment so that I could change my shirt as well. She had a few shirts that belonged to previous boyfriends Bella. That's why I was late. I'm so sorry love if I made you feel like you were anything short of what you are. I love you."

Bella stared blankly at Edward for a long time, tears spilling down her cheeks. "Are you done?"

Edward hesitated, he wasn't sure what else could be said to convince Bella that what happened was innocent and an accident, but he just nodded his head.

"You're lying," she whispered. "Your eyes gave it away Edward. When you lie, your eyes turn hard and cold, just like now. What really happened at Tanya's Edward? What happened that was so bad that you can't tell me if you love me?"

"We kissed," Edward said softly, and Bella flinched, closing her eyes. Edward immediately wished that he hadn't said those hurtful words. He loved Bella, but she wasn't about to let herself get hurt, so she was starting to shut herself off emotionally. "She-she grabbed me and made me Bella! I-I love you, and it wasn't my fault. I was trying to be gentlemanly but she just misunderstood why I went to lunch with her. She loves me Bella!"

Bella started to make her way out of the room, she couldn't handle any more heartbreak, but she stopped and quickly turned herself around.

"But you don't love her?" she whispered, rolling back into the room, clear, glistening rays to tears flowing gently down her beautiful face. Bella was searching for any hint of the possibility that he may love her too, but she didn't see any.


"And I don't think that you love me either. At least not as I love you, it can't be true." She took in a shuddering breath as she started so close the door behind her, her eyes glued to the floor. "I should have known better, anyways. A plain boring girl in a wheelchair against a supermodel? We all know who won," she said softly. Her eyes glanced up to meet Edward's once more. The moisture traveling down her cheeks felt like a stab in his heart as I felt a drop fall down from my own eyes as I started to cry.

"So this is it?" he asked incredulous. "All of it, just gone?"

"I-I just don't know Edward!" she cried, finally bursting into open sobs. "I just don't know!" with that, the door slammed down in his face, leaving him out of her world, her heart shut out from his. And even in the warmth of the house, he could feel the cold, deadening wind start to creep into his heart that was now broken into a thousand pieces.

What had he done?


Why I ever doubted Edward's love for me I will never know, but I've finally seen the light and I am ever more aware how just how much Edward loves me, and I'm positive that he knows just how much I love him.

"Bella, you ready yet? Edward's big game is today, and he will give birth to a cow if you're not up there cheering him on!"

I almost forgot about the big football game. It was officially the start of the season for the Steelers, and Edward, Emmett, Jasper managed to get enough tickets for Alice, Rosalie, Zane, Travis, Brendan, and Bethany, not to mention yours truly of course. Alice originally wanted me to go all out and wear the 'war paint' as she called it, and go in costume or something weird like that, but I opted to just wear the jersey Edward got me and the traditional black lines under my eyes. Rosalie offered to write in white paint Edward's jersey number and his last name on the other.

"Perfect, Bella you look like a true football fan now." Rosalie said with a big smirk. I still couldn't believe how Rosalie managed to find time between working as a model for Covergirl, and a card model, all the while managing to go to Emmett's football games all these years.

"Thanks Rose, so are we all driving together, or are we driving separately?"

"Oh that reminds me – Zane told me to tell you that he and Travis would meet us at the stadium with Brendan." Alice said as she walked in. I had no clue how Alice manages to put makeup on while walking. Even when I could walk I was never that coordinated. I couldn't even walk and chew gum at the same time.

"Perfect, so when we're all done here we can go pick up Bethany then head on over to the stadium." I announced as I slowly wobbled my way over to the couch to put on my shoes. Alice had insisted that I wear high heels like her and Rosalie, but I managed to win the argument and I was rewarded with my comfy tennis shoes.

When we all finished getting ready we picked Bethany up, and just like us she was sporting a football jersey, and had her own foam finger with the Steelers logo on it. Bethany actually didn't need that much help getting into the SUV, one of the few perks with having Rick as a physical therapist, he was very strict that we ask for no help whatsoever unless we absolutely need it. Some would say that he's too hard on his patients, and I admit that I was one of them in the beginning.

"I can't believe I get to go to a Steelers game, Riley is going to be so jealous!" Bethany said as she started to laugh. Riley couldn't come to the game because he had little league practice. I knew when he found out that he wouldn't be able to go with us that he would be crushed, but I'm sure that a visit from Edward Cullen, Steelers quarterback, to his next practice would cheer him up. I would, of course, have to talk to him to see if it would be possible for him to go and make it up to him.

Once we all got there we made it to our assigned seats I couldn't help but take everything in around me. The roaring crowd, the food vendors shouting out whatever it was they had in their boxes while walking up and down the aisles, and then something caught my attention. Then I saw the one person I didn't want to see anytime soon – Tanya Denali. I will admit that she has gotten somewhat tolerable to be around in the past few weeks, and that probably has something to do with the fact that I was no longer going to play the little game she wanted. I wasn't going to encourage her immature antics any longer.

"Well, Bella, it's funny running into you here, and what's this I hear about you and Eddy boy getting back together? I mean more power to you if you don't mind having my sloppy seconds." Ok, I seriously wanted to claw her eyes out, I even had a vision of me jumping on her and beating the crap out of her, but I managed to keep myself under control. I just sighed and complimented her on her dress, even though I thought what she considered a dress looked more like a long t shirt. That apparently did the trick and Tanya managed to keep the insults to a minimum.

I guess watching all those football games with Emmett and the boys, along with watching practices I actually knew what was going on and that Edward was actually on fire. He was throwing pass after pass, he even made a twenty-yard dash to the end zone for a touchdown when none of the possible receivers were open.

Finally, it was half time and the Steelers managed to stay ahead by two touchdowns. We took this as a prime opportunity to get up and stretch our legs, for the most part, when there was a loud voice over the speakers in the stadium.

"Attention ladies and gentlemen, we would like to direct your attention to the jumbo-trons for a special presentation from Mr. Edward Cullen."

All of us stopped dead in our tracks and immediately sat down and turned our heads to the nearest screen to see what Edward had planned. He didn't tell me that he was going to do anything, so I just assumed that he was doing some kind of promotional 'commercial' for the teams maybe even a new sponsorship deal he had managed to acquire.

"Hey, you may or may not who I am, I'm Edward Cullen, and I'm the quarterback for the Steelers," The crowd started to hoot and holler at the sight of Edward. I couldn't help but smile as well. You know how there are some people who don't look too good when they're magnified to like thirty times their 'size' on a big screen? Well, this wasn't the case for Edward. "And I would like to take this opportunity to say that I am sure of about three things; the first being that I couldn't be more thankful for all of you fans, second being that I don't think I'll ever truly get used to all of the love and support that I, our team and families receive from you fans, and finally that I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Bella Swan."

Just then the screen cut to an enlarged picture of me sitting between Alice and Bethany. At first it didn't fully comprehend what Edward had just said and then I got a slight tap on my arm from Alice signaling for me to look up at the jumbo screen. I saw myself on the screen, and I could feel my jaw drop.

This really happened, Edward Cullen, a famous football player, professed his love for me in front of thousands of hollering fans. At first, I was expecting to have people boo at me, but it was the exact opposite feeling. People applauded and whooped and hollered their approval.

If my face wasn't already a nice shade of crimson it sure was now. I couldn't believe that Edward actually told the entire world that he loved me. I mean, I know there's a saying that goes something like, "I want to shout my love to you from the rooftops…" but I wasn't expecting anything like this.

I couldn't help but start giggling and smiling like a complete idiot. Thankfully after a few short minutes the broadcast was cut short and people's attention were drawn back to whatever else they had planned to pass the time before the game started up again.

I was almost, almost, annoyed with how Edward announced something so personal to the public without talking to me about it first, but then I started to think about it and couldn't be more enamored with him. Plus, I took great pleasure in the fact that this turn of events really seemed to annoy Tanya to no end.

I guess I couldn't ever say that Edward didn't have true feelings for me anymore.

I seriously love that man of mine.

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