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Here is the final chapter of this story, Paralyzed.

Previously on Paralyzed

"Yes, yes Edward Anthony Cullen, I will marry you!" I laughed as tears started pouring down my cheeks. I was caught off guard when Edward quickly stood up and embraced me and kissed me with so much passion and fever that I about passed out. I seriously loved this man, and it wasn't until just now that I was definitely sure that I could, and will, marry this wonderful man that was now all mine.

I was told later that the whole lounge erupted into a furious applause, but I was unaware of anything other than Edward, and his talented lips entangled with mine.

I was going to be Mrs. Edward Cullen, and I couldn't be any happier!

"Mommy, tell us the story about how you and daddy met again!"

"Yeah, mommy tell us!"

"No, I want to hear the story about how daddy passed out when he found out that you was gonna have me!"

It's been almost eight years since Edward and I had gotten married. We have three beautiful kids together. I wasn't even sure I was even capable of conceiving a child, let alone give birth three times over.

"Easy Emily, why don't you go take your brother and sister outside to play for a little bit. It won't be long before daddy gets home from work." I just laughed when Emily, my oldest daughter, groaned and made a big show of getting up and 'making' her younger siblings follow her outside.

I still couldn't get over how much my life has changed. I still remember the accident that took away my ability to walk; at least pieces of it. I still don't have a complete memory of the crash, and I don't I ever will. Edward and I had talked about starting a family; whether that meant children of our own or adoption we would just play it by ear.

In those eight years I managed to gain almost full mobility back in my legs, and I no need any kind of wheelchair or crutch to keep me balanced. In those eight years Edward and I have been through a lot. Almost right away he and went to a fertility specialist to see if my body was even capable of conceiving a child. After many tests it was concluded that my ovaries looked just fine, but I did have one thing going against me. The doctor informed me that I had, what they call, a tilted uterus. This meant that it would very difficult for me to conceive. I still remember Edward's reaction to this confusing piece of information.

"What are you saying? Are you saying that the accident caused this?" Edward all but shouted at the doctor. I agree that this information was a bit nerve-racking, but I highly doubt that my car crash could cause all of this heartache.

"Edward, its ok, let's go home and we can talk about our options." I said softly; as if to make him stop while he was ahead and take a few calming breaths.

We got up and were almost to the door when the doctor uttered one single explanation, "It's uncertain to know for sure whether the accident caused this Mr. Cullen. But it's in my professional opinion that this diagnosis isn't a 'death sentence'; meaning that I know plenty of women that have given birth and were told that they had a tilted uterus."

Edward looked warily at the man before walking with me out of the office.

Oh boy that doctor had gotten under Edward's skin; far more than he did with me. I mean, sure I should be angry at the doctor, but what good would that do? It wasn't the doctor's fault that my uterus was 'defective'.

I sighed and slowly got up and headed towards the laundry room to sort through all the clothes. I reminded myself that Edward was going to be late getting home tonight; he had back to back interviews for a sports analyst position. Both ESPN and FOX Sports wanted him to come work for them. Emmett teased that Edward should go to both interviews and see just how far they each would go to try and get Edward, the most sought after NFL player, to come work for him.

Emmett, my brother, I felt so bad for him that his career ended shorter than he had expected. But that's what can happen to football players, one bad tackle could be the end to your career and that's what happened to him. Two defensive tight ends had tag teamed him, and let's just say that his leg wasn't meant to bend the way that it did. His ACL and MCL both had been torn completely. It took months and months of intense physical therapy, with none other than my old therapist, Rick. Rick pushed Emmett just as hard as he did me, if not harder. Rosalie, his now fiancé, was by his side the entire time. I already liked her, but knowing that she wasn't as shallow as the media portrays fashion models made it all that better. She was his personal cheer section when he would get all moody and have moments of hot-tempered behavior.

After his surgery and physical therapy, Emmett had gotten offers to coach different football teams, even a couple of sports analyst positions were brought to him. But he shoved them all away. He didn't want to have talk about players who got to do what he now was unable to do. I can see his point, I sure wouldn't want to be constantly reminded of why I was no longer able to be out on the field. Instead Emmett decided to go and coach football at the University of Pittsburgh. We all wondered if he was making the right decision, but Emmett assured us that he was doing it, not to relive the glory days, but that he wanted to get the chance to make sure the boys would be able to play to their full potential.

I was halfway through the mountain of laundry when the phone rang. I went to go get it, and saw Michael and Elizabeth fighting over the empty swing next to Emily. I sighed and quickly poked my head outside and told them both to stop fighting and that they needed to take turns.

I checked the caller ID and saw that it was Alice's cell phone.

"Hey Alice, is everything ok? How's fashion week?"

Alice had managed to finally make her fashion dreams come true, well with Rosalie's help of course. She managed to start her own clothing line, and Rosalie pulled a few strings and got them to let Alice show some of her work to the who's who of fashion.

"It is amazing; it's a shame that you don't have the same love of clothes that I do Bella. I mean, if you could see all the clothes I'm sure that you would just fall over from shock. Oh and Trevor has told me to tell you to call and check on Zane." Zane. He was the paramedic that helped me when Emmett and I got into that hit and run accident.

I still didn't know why I was so enamored with him. I mean, for some reason, even after I found out that he was gay, I was still very attracted to him. But looking back I think I now know why I was so attracted to him. In some ways Zane looked and acted a lot like Edward. I met Zane after I had decided to break things off with Edward, and I guess me being attracted to Zane was my mind's way of telling me that I was an idiot for doing so in the first place. Then there was little Brendan, but he wasn't so little anymore. Brendan was now almost eleven years old. He hangs out a lot at my house when Zane and Trevor are busy working late.

"Yeah, I'll be sure to call him. Do you want me to tell Jasper anything for you?" Jasper was still playing football, but had been traded to Indianapolis. This meant that after Alice finished with Fashion Week she would come home to pack and move all of her stuff into the apartment Jasper had went ahead and bought near downtown.

"Just tell him that it's only three more days til I'm in Indy with him and Nathan. Oop, gotta go Bells, there's gonna be a wardrobe malfunction if I don't go now. Tell everyone I said hello!" Nathan was a seven year old boy that Alice and Jasper had adopted. He took a real shine to Jasper when he and the Steelers visited an orphanage for a charity event.

I dialed Zane's number, but it went straight to his voicemail; this was a usual thing with him when he was on shift at the fire station. I just left him a message that Alice called and that Trevor had wanted me to tell he said hello.

"Mommy, Emmy and Lizzie won't let me swing. I waited but them being meanie heads!" My youngest, Michael, said with a pouted lower lip. I picked him up and worked my mommy magic to turn his tears into laughter, not to mention I got him to help me fold some laundry.

Finally I managed to finish folding all of the laundry and Michael's tears were a thing of the past and he was off on his own playing with is Legos.

Just as I was about to attempt to start prepping things for dinner there was a knock on the door. Michael attempted to make a break for the door, but I grabbed him before he could grab the door knob. That was one of frustrating things about having a four year old; they don't understand that you're supposed to see who's at the door before opening it. Edward and I have tried to explain this to him, but it still seems to go in one ear and out the other.

"Who is it mommy? Is it Bethy and Ry-wee?" He meant Bethany and Riley, both was close friends, and were considered practically family. Bethany was the younger sister I always wanted. We went through everything together; test results, physical therapy. I was there for her when she got the confirmation that there was no chance that she was going to ever be able to walk again.

My mind must be going, because it completely slipped my mind that Bethany and her brother Riley were coming over for dinner. I opened the door and stood to the side to let Bethany and her brother in and I had to quickly put Michael down or he would've landed on his face. With two older sisters Michael was glad to get to play with Riley, even if there was a significant age different between the two of them. Bethany was now nearly twenty-one and no longer the grumpy girl who still ached to be a gymnast once again; in fact, she was part of a paraplegic basketball team down at the local Y.

"Sorry we're early, but I couldn't wait any longer. I have to know if Edward got the job at ESPN, I bet you he did, and he's out celebrating right now! God, I can't believe that I know someone who works for ESPN!"

Out of habit, a habit that I've been trying to break, I set the table expecting that Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, and my brother would be over for dinner. It was still foreign to me that Jasper and Alice were in a completely different state. Even though Emmett was still in Pittsburgh, he was still too busy to come over for dinner, at least for tonight. He had his hands full with the twins, both boys, while Rosalie was with Alice up in New York. I took the extra plates off the table and put them up.

"Hey, is everything ok? You seem a little down today; do you want me and Riley to leave? It's not a problem; my mom's making stew tonight anyway."

"No, you don't have to go Bethany, I'm just still getting used to not having everyone here at the end of the day." It's true, we all had been so close for the longest time, and then all at once it was like we split and decided to go our separate ways. I know that that's just how life is, but I didn't like it.

"Bummer, I know I miss that big lug you call your brother. It was always fun playing football scenarios with him."

"Yeah, I know he had fun with you too. Say, do you think you can get Emily and Elizabeth inside and washed up for dinner?"

Bethany just nodded and wheeled herself out to the backyard. I peeked out the kitchen window and saw that Elizabeth didn't want to give up quietly and stomped inside while pouting her lower lip. Emily, though, she was old enough that she didn't really talk back all that much and gave her younger sister a gently push the rest of the way inside. She was definitely mommy's little helper when it came to getting Emily and Michael to follow the rules sometimes.

"Mmhmm, smells amazing babe, what do you have cooking in that crockpot?" I about jumped out of my skin, but more importantly I felt myself blush at the fact that I just let out a scream as if someone had grabbed me.

"What are you doing home so early; I thought you said you were going to be late? Did the interviews not go as you had hoped?" I know that I was asking a million questions, but I was just nervous, make that anxious, to know whether or not he got the job.

"Well, I did have the interviews with FOX and ESPN today. They both gave me very good offers. FOX offered to pay for us to move out to Los Angeles, and ESPN offered a big signing bonus if I decided to go work for them."

Ok, this was very confusing. Edward managed to tell me everything BUT what I wanted to know; which would he decide to go work for.

"Well, what did you decide? Don't leave me in suspense Edward."

"Well, I asked FOX if they would be ok with me not moving my entire family out to Los Angeles and they weren't sure what to say but the guy told me that he would definitely talk with the people back in LA. Then I thought about it; about what would moving do to you and the kids. Bella, you're life, our life, is here. I don't think I would want to go and move all the way out to LA, away from all of our family. That's why I decided to take the job at ESPN. They even gave me a bonus big enough to start a college fund for Emily, Elizabeth, and Michael. Bella say something, you're starting to make me nervous." That snapped me out of the apparent daze I was in.

"Oh, um sorry, I was just thinking about how amazing you are; any other man would've taken the opportunity to move out to L-" I was cut off by Edward crashing his lips onto mine. His kisses always left me feeling lightheaded and dumbfounded afterwards.

"Wh-what was that for?"

"That was for being the amazing woman that you are." He proceeded to plant another feverous, deep, passionate kiss on my swelling lips. "And that was just for the hell of it." He said with that damned crooked grin. I couldn't help but smile.

"Now tell me, what does my beautiful wife have cooking for dinner?" It took my brain a few extra seconds to process the question, but then I told him what all I had cooked. Tonight was a taco-themed night; taco soup, homemade salsa, and all the fixings for either hard or soft tacos. "Wow, it all sounds good to me. I smiled and continued to stir the soup that was starting to bubble in the crock pot. I couldn't help but smile when I felt him wrap his arms around my waist. I leaned my head back to get a better whiff of his shirt collar. He smelled of cedar mixed with peppermint. Normally that scent was so intoxicating to me that I almost couldn't keep my hands off of him, but tonight the smell was sickening and I felt myself start to green.

I excused myself and ran to the restroom, I felt as if I were about to throw up any second. Then it hit me; I immediately started counting backwards in my head. I was on the pill, and Edward was using condoms; there wasn't any chance that I could be pregnant.

I should have a leftover pregnancy test in the bathroom closet. I mean, they don't really expire do they?

Luckily I found an extra pregnancy test tick and decided to find out once and for all if I were pregnant or not. The two minute waiting time seemed like it was more like two hours.

"Bella, everything ok in there? Do you need me to come in?"

"N-no, I'm fine Edward. No need to come in." I wanted to throw up at the possibility that I was pregnant. It wasn't that I didn't want to be, it was just that Edward was going to start a new job soon, and I didn't want him worrying about md and the baby.

Time was up; I took in a deep breath and slowly picked up the test stick to see what it would be. Would it be positive? If it was would I be happy?


I should be happy; I mean I wasn't really ready to deal with a newborn right now. I mean Michael was a full time job; he has acute asthma, and has the occasional asthma attacks that usually result in a trip to the emergency room.

"Bella, are you sure that you're – is that what I think it is?" Edward said as he stopped halfway between me and the bathroom door. I couldn't get a good read on his feelings. Was he happy, was he angry, I didn't know. I nodded my head and told him that it was, in fact, a pregnancy test.

"Well, what does it say?" I didn't trust my voice, so I just handed him the test stick and braced for whatever reaction I would get from him.

"Are you alright? I mean, were you hoping for a certain outcome?" I shrugged my shoulders. I told him that I wasn't sure of anything at the moment, but was a tab bit relieved that I wasn't pregnant. Edward smiled and took my in an enveloping hug. I could smell the cologne again and no nausea this time, maybe I had a moment of nausea. I mean, the kids had been passing the flue back and forth between them off and on. Maybe it was finally my turn.

"Well, Bells, why don't we go get us some of the food before Bethany eats it all."

"Hey, I heard that Eddy boy!" Bethany shouted from the kitchen. Both Edward and I started laughing and headed back to the kitchen. I hung back for a second to take in the view. Bethany was helping Michael and Elizabeth put their tacos together, Edward and Riley were dishing out and serving the soup.

This is my family. My life.

If you would've told me, right after the accident that paralyzed me, that I would end up being married to the most amazing man with three beautiful children, I would've laughed in your face.

I was married to man of my dreams and I definitely look forward to all the milestones we'll experience together.

A/N: So that is the end. What did you think? Again, not really all that sure if there will be a sequel to this story. It's been a long ride with this story, and I am sad to see it come to a close. I've loved reading your thoughts and suggestions on everything!

Now, comes the fun part; I am now able to start working on my story I am collaborating on with Arrowhead1996 , it's kind of out of my comfort zone writing wise, but I will tell you that the title of the story is Inquisitioni Curam which translates form Latin to The Quest for the Cure.

A brief summary is: What if there was way to get your humanity back, would you go after it at any cost; even if that meant trusting someone who is a sworn enemy? These questions are exactly what vampire Bella is faced with in this story. Would you put your differences aside to work together to find the one person that is known to have the power to grant the one thing that she wants most of all; her humanity.

Again, thank you all for reading this story, and a special thank you to those who've been with me since I took over writing this amazing story! I hope to hear from you all in the reviews, and if I don't I want you all to know how much I appreciate your kind words of encouragement! :)

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