Wishes Upon A Star

A/N: So again, what did you think of the changes in the last chapter? I hope that those who were upset with how Edward originally acted towards Bella, are now happier that Edward wasn't quite so physical with Bella when he first met her.

Other than that I have nothing else to add but that I hope you enjoy the rest of the story! :)

Previously on Paralyzed

I let out another long ragged sigh and ran my fingers through my tangled mess of hair.

"Em, is your sister some sort kind of angel?"

He chuckled for the first time since his arrival. "No, but she's pretty damn close."

"Huh, could have fooled me."

Bella POV:

I reluctantly opened my eyes to face the sunshine streaming in through the cracks in the blinds. Groaning, I buried my face into my pillow, trying to resist the undeniable task of getting up. I was tired. I didn't want to face another day with a smile on my face, pretending to be strong when I really wasn't. I struggled to be nice to everyone I met, but sometimes… it just became a chore.

I sighed. When Emmett had left, Charlie had engrained the virtue of compassion into my mind countless times. He had felt betrayed that his own son had abandoned his family for a useless dream. Ever since, I rarely threw another temper tantrum because I didn't get what I wanted. I never again felt like my life was that bad because looking at it from the compassionate point of view; my life was paradise when compared to some.

Time and time again, I felt strained trying to keep the buoyant smile on my face, but it was difficult like I was fighting fate itself to maintain my kindness.

"Bella?" I heard a tentative voice ask from outside of the door.


"Can-can I come in?" I smiled, recognizing the voice.

"Sure!" I trilled sitting up with a little effort. Edward came in, a shy smile playing in his lips. "Hi Edward."

"Listen, Bella, I'm probably the last person you'd want to talk to right now, but, I just want to say that I'm really sorry about yesterday. I didn't really intend to hurt you, well, actually, I did, but it was because I thought that you were pretending and that you were an obsessive stalker, and now I'm just rambling like a complete idiot…" he murmured and I giggled.

"Don't worry about it Edward. I understand," I said, smiling at him.

He smiled back and I swore that my heart skipped a beat as a crooked smile came on his lips. He was like a Greek God that had come to life. His messy bronze hair seemed so soft as if to beckon me to come and touch it. His whole face was angular and the tight black tee-shirt that he was wearing accentuated his obviously muscular and toned chest. He was very well built all around, as a football player should be, but not as burly and stocky as my brother though not as lanky as Jasper. He was the perfect middle.

But it was his eyes that made me breathless every time I saw him on a magazine cover and now in real life. The emerald green orbs seemed to gaze straight into my soul, the sea of green uninterrupted by the slightest trace of any other color. His thick lashes framed them, leaving me frazzled by just one look.

"Thanks for understanding Bella. I want to start off by saying that the person you met last night is not the real me. I want us to become good friends. Would you like to be my friend Bella?" he asked and I felt my heart plummet. Whenever I had seen Emmett on the cover of Sport Illustrated with both Jasper and Edward, I had wished and wanted to be with Edward, the unusual single in the group. I shrugged the feeling off… I mean, it was great to just be friends too. Right?

I smiled back at him. "Yeah, friends." He beamed his million dollar smile. He came and plopped down on the bed, sitting next to me. "The others are gone for a few hours. What do you want to do?" he asked.

"Let's play twenty questions," I suggested, hoping to get to know him better.

He chuckled. "Alright. What's your favorite color?" he said, his eyes boring into mine.

"Emerald green," I blurted out, much to my dismay. He chuckled, but didn't mention anything, thankfully. We played for a few hours, both of us firing questions at the other at an almost inhumane speed, asking the most random and the most irrelevant questions.

"Bella?" He asked, caressing my cheek. I was currently lying on his chest, my eyes closed, just relishing the moment.


"Do you find it kind of strange that we have so many things in common?" he asked. We had found during out game that we were so alike in our likes and dislikes that it was almost scary.

I shook my head. "No, not really. I mean everyone ought to have someone special like that right?"

He smiled. "Yeah, we do."

"Honey, I'm home!" Emmett's big booming voice echoed through the gigantic house, causing me to giggle.

"Looks like your baby sitting duties are over Mr. Cullen," I joked.

He smirked. "I really do have to get going though Bells," he said.

"Wait, what?"

"I'll catch you later," he said, making his way back to the door.

"Where are you going?" I frowned. It was just a joke… I'd wanted to spend more time with him today. After all, we were going to be living in the same house in a few weeks time.

"Oh, I have a date."

"With who?"

"Her name is Summer Paterson. She's a cheerleader for our team and I asked her you yesterday. I really like her, and I think that she might be the one," he mumbled the last part quietly, as if he was forgetting that I was in the room. Without another word, he left the room.

As soon as the door closed, I felt my bottom lips tremble and my eyes start to sting. I shook my head violently. No, this wasn't right. I should be happy for Edward, not crying because he had a date with a gorgeous cheerleader. Besides, who would want me? I wasn't pretty to start with dull brown hair and eyes, and now I couldn't even walk. Internally, I groaned at my poor attempt at a pep talk. Instead of bringing me up, I was deteriorating my self esteem even more.

I slowly pulled the bell at my bedside table that Jasper had Emmett install for me. It was supposed to be rung when I needed help getting out of bed and crap like that. I sighed. I hated feeling so futile. "Hello sunshine!" Alice trilled, pulling in my wheelchair along with her. I gave her a weak smile.

She frowned. "What's wrong Bella?"

I looked down intently at my hands. In the short period of time that I had known the tiny pixie, we had become really close friends, sharing secretes and other girly crap during the sleepless nights at the hospital. "Nothing," I lied.

She rolled her eyes. "How many times do I have to tell you Bells? You're horrible at lying. Now seriously, what's wrong?"

"Edward was here," I whispered almost inaudible.

"Oh that little… what did my brother do this time?"

"He-he didn't do anything wrong. It's just me overreacting," I barked out a laugh, although it sounded forced.

"What did he do?" she asked again, her face turning furious once more.

"He's going on a date tonight. No big deal."

Her angry demeanor faded instantly and turned to worry. "Oh honey," she crooned sadly. I had told Ali about how much I had liked Edward even before I had met him. I guess I had called it a celebrity crush.

I rolled my eyes. "Ali, the world hasn't died you know. I told you, it was just a celebrity crush. That's all. Besides, I got to get to know him really well today. I had my time with him. He should go and have fun."

"Wait, did you ever get out of this bed today?" she asked. I blushed.


"So you've spent the whole day in bed with Edward?" I nodded, blushing harder.

She sighed. "Bells, you've spent six hours doing what?"

"We played twenty questions and just laid here."

"You know what, we're going somewhere then. It's not healthy to just sit in bed all day. Emmett was planning on taking us to a club, and now, you're coming with us."

I snorted. "Alice, I'm not going to a freaking club. For one, I don't drink, and two, I can't dance anymore. Why the hell should I go to a stinking bar?"

"Because you love me and Rose and will do anything to make us happy," she stated. I rolled my eyes.

"Make me you little pixie." I turned to look at her and quickly turned away. Uh-oh, big mistake. She was giving me the big puppy dog pout, her eyes wide and round, her lips trembling, making little sniffling sounds. I groaned. "I hate you little pixie," I muttered. "Fine. I'll go." Alice squealed before dumping me into the wheelchair and racing out of the room to the dress-up room. Yep, Alice had requested that one of the extra rooms was specially designed for pure torture.

Rosalie was already in there, dressed in a tight jean skirt and a red halter top that showed off her amazing legs and cleavage. I gasped at the sight of her and she smiled warmly at me. "Hey girls," she said, going back to doing her hair.

"Alice, I really don't see the point in this, I mean, it's not like I'm going to be dancing or anything. I'll just be there keeping you company. Is Bella Barbie time really necessary?" I grumbled as Ali gasped like she'd been offended.

"Bella! Of course it's necessary! If you insist on being a wallflower, then you'll at least have to be a cute wallflower!" she exclaimed like it was the simplest fact in the world. I groaned as my torture began, as she tugged and pulled at my hair, applied gross synthetic crap onto my face and shoved me into a pair of Abercrombie jeans and a red shirt.

"Okay Bella, open your eyes now," she trilled after taking me over to a mirror. I hesitantly obeyed and gasped at what I saw. Although the process had been pure torture, the result was… astonishing! I touched the mirror tentatively and turned by to Alice.

"Uh, are you sure that's me?" I whispered.

She grinned. "You look beautiful Bells," she said, grabbing her showy blue dress off of the hanger and quickly doing her make-up and hair. She looked and smiled at Rose. "Let's go girls."


I closed the door to Bella's room, smiling the whole way to Summer's house. We didn't do anything special at the house, but it was just that something about Bella made me smile. "Hey Summer," I smiled as I saw her walking down her front porch steps.

"Hi," she replied, climbing into my car. "Wow, nice car, Eddie." I grimaced at the name, but let it slide. Summer was a nice girl, and I didn't want to blow it with her just because of my silly preferences. "So where are we going?" she asked, smacking on her gum loudly. I winced again. Oh well, everyone had their flaws.

"I was planning on a dinner then going to a bar. Is that okay?"

"That sounds perfect Eddie," she crooned, her voice a little husky. Was something wrong with her throat? I shook that thought away and the rest of the drive became quiet. It wasn't the comfortable silence that I had experienced with Bella back home either. It was… strange.

When we arrived at the restaurant, I politely opened the door for her and she stepped out, pleased. She clung to my arms, grinning wildly at everyone who stopped to stare at us. I chuckled at her behavior. "What?" she whined.

"Nothing Summer. It's just that you're like a little spider monkey."

Her nose wrinkled in disgust. "Ew, gross Edward. How can you compare me to a spider?" I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever you say." Seriously, if I didn't really like this girl, then I would have kicked her to the curb by now. A small part of me whispered, if you really like this girl, then why are you thinking thoughts like this right now? You never thought that when you were with Bella, now were you? I frowned at myself. I shouldn't be thinking like this when I had a pretty girl out on a date with me.

We arrived at the restaurant in half the time it would have taken a normal person due to my maniac driving. I rolled my eyes at Summer who just glared at me after I ignored her insanely annoying commentary about who 'reckless' and 'careless' I was with my car. Oh please. She was talking to the person who has never gotten a freaking ticket before.

"God damn it Edward, you're the worst driver in the world," she complained for the tenth time in the last minute. I swear, this was the last time that I was ever going to talk to her. Ever.

"Put a fucking sock in it," I murmured, too low for her to hear. She walked casually up the door and looked at me, her arms folded across her chest, foot tapping, her eyebrows raised. I cocked my head to the side. "What? Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Well, aren't you going to open the damn door for me Eddie?" I just sighed.

"Summer, you have hands you know," I scoffed when she glared at me and swung the door open. Her mouth fell open when she saw where I had taken her.

"Edward Anthony Cullen, where the hell are we?" she hissed. I shrugged.

"It's called a burger joint Summer," internally, I flicked her the birdie. Dumbass.

"I know it's a burger joint Edward! I meant why the hell are we here?"

"Uh, because we're having dinner here?" I explained, looking at her like she was the dumbest thing in the world. Oh wait, she probably was.

"You know what, I just suddenly lost my appetite," she grumbled, heading out the door. I glared at her backside and followed. I was completely fed up with her attitude! When I had met Summer during practice, she had seemed like a genuine and nice girl, not a fake bimbo and a complete bitch. Seriously!

"Fine then, we'll just go to the bar that I planned to go to," I grumbled, stepping on harder on the pedal just to make her extra nervous. When we arrived at the Alibi, the bouncer simply took one look at me and let us in. The dance floor was crowded and the whole area smelled like alcohol and sweat as well as smoke. I cringed. I really didn't like bars that much.

Summer, on the other hand squealed. "Oh my god Eddie! This is like the best thing ever! I can't believe it, I've always wanted to come here and now I'm here!" She squealed, causing me to cringe.

"Uh, yeah. Do you want to dance?" I asked, trying to be polite.

"Duh!" She screamed over the music, dragging me to the dance floor. I began to move with the music, though not that into it, but abruptly stopped when she began to grind her hips into mine. Oh hell no, I was not dirty dancing with her. I gently pulled her a littler further apart and she pouted in a repulsing manner but kept dancing. A few minutes later, she scooted closer again. I pushed her apart as we continued this dance of avoidance.

After a few songs, I was sick of trying to keep her off of me and decided that I had enough dancing for today. "Hey, I'm going to go sit down," I said and she just merely nodded, going to find another unfortunate dance partner. Making my way up to the tables and bar, I heard a loud and boisterous laugh that I could recognize anywhere.

I grinned wildly at my sudden change in luck and whirled around. "Emmett?"

"Edward!" he slightly slurred, standing and walking over to me, swaying and clearly drunk.

"What are you doing here?" I asked

"Nothing much. Just that Bells didn't get to see much of Pittsburg under your watch so I decided to bring her here," he took another swing of his drink. "What about you?"

I cringed. "I brought Summer here."

He frowned. "Why? I heard that she was a bitch of all bitches."

"I found that out first hand tonight," I muttered.

"Anyways, why don't you come over here with me? I'm going to dance with the girls. Bella's here too you know and she keeps on trying to chase us off to the dance floor. Silly her," he said, dragging me over to their booth.

"Edward?" I heard her soft and bell like voice over the crowd calling me name. I smiled genuinely for what seemed like the first time that night.

"Bella! Hey!"

"You brought your date here?"

"Yep, and right now, I'm hopping that I can ditch her."

She giggled then turned to face Em with a concerned look on her face. "Teddy, you don't look so good."

"I'm fine Bells," he said before slandering off to the dance floor to find Rose and Alice.

She sighed. "He really hasn't changed much, you know. I'm really starting to think that Emmett will never truly grow up."

I chuckled. "Are you okay with that?"

"I guess I am, but still, with my current state of being, I don't think that it'll make my job any easier."

"But you'll have me to help you," I grinned and sat down in the booth beside her wheelchair. She smiled at me.

"Thanks for keeping me company."

"No problem," I replied as she used her arms to push herself closer to me from her seat. She rested her head on my chest and closed her eyes. "You know, I think that paralysis is the best and worst thing that's ever happened to me."

"Why's that?"

"Because, I lost my legs, but I got to come and live with Emmett, I have a best friend, well, two actually, a reading buddy, and best of all, I met you," she yawned.

We were silent for a long time with me stroking her soft hair as she just stared into nothingness, lost in her own world. "You know, I'm really glad I met you too," I whispered, kissing her forehead innocently. She smiled up at me.

"Good to know."

"Eddie!" I heard a large squeal and the click-clack of heels coming this way. I groaned.

"Damn it she found me," I muttered and Bella giggled. I looked up to see Summer staring at us with a dumbfounded expression on her face.

"Uh, hey Summer," I said, removing Bella from my chest, but helping her sit properly against the booth.

"Hello, you must be Summer, Edward's date right?" Bella asked, smiling sweetly, offering her hand. "I'm Bella Swan."

"You bitch!" Summer shrieked, causing Bells to shrink back. "What the hell are you doing, getting all cuddly with my Eddie? You know I've known lots of sluts before in my life, but I think that you're one of the worst kinds! The ones that come along and steal boyfriends. How dare you do that? Can't you tell that Eddie was uncomfortable?"

Bella's eyes widened with innocence. "Oh no, you're mistaken! I wasn't trying to ruin you guy's relationship! I-I was just talking to him. That's all. Really!" Summer stalked over to us and stared Bella down.

"Get up you ho!"

"I-I can't."

"What? Staking a claim on him already?"

"No, I really can't. I'm paralyzed," she whispered shyly, her face turning bright red. Summer sneered at her.

"Oh, a handicap? Did you think that Eddie was going to talk to you just because he felt sorry for you? Really, how low can you be, using his kind heart to take advantage of him!" I saw Bella's face turning red with anger this time, but my 'date' didn't. "It won't work, you know that? You're just a plain old ugly duckling who's pretending to be a swan! Well you know what? The most that you'll ever be to him is a person he can use as an excuse to use the handicap parking spaces when he goes shopping for groceries!" She yelled.

Bella glared up at her. "Shut up."

"Excuse me?"

"I said, shut the fuck up!" Bella yelled. "I was just trying to be nice to you, you little bitch! I was just talking to him, my god! And yeah, I might not be as pretty as a lot of people, but it's better than being the insecure, psychopathic, crazy jealous, silicon filled, surgical shaped, blonde bimbo like you!"

Summer stood there stunned. "Listen you little-," she started to say, but I stood from my seat.

"Enough Summer!" I yelled. "Just because you failed to capture my attention through out the whole date doesn't mean that you have to make Bella feel bad about herself! She's telling the complete truth, so just back off, and never plan on seeing me ever again!" she smirked.

"Too bad that I'll see you every practice and game Edward."

"No you won't be, because as Captain of the Steelers, you're fired!" I was fuming by the time I was done with my little rant. "Come on Bella, I'm taking you home." She just nodded, the light in her eyes gone.

Ignoring her wheelchair, I lifted her up and carried her bridal style out of the club, leaving a very stunned Summer behind. "You know, you didn't have to do that you know. Everything she just said was true," Bells whispered as she buckled her seatbelt in the car. She refused to look at me, but I could see the tears in her eyes. "I shouldn't have exploded like that back there. Charlie would have been so disappointed in me," she sighed.

"What are you talking about? Everything she said wasn't true at all."

She shook her head violently. "But it isn't. I am an ugly duckling. I mean, look at me," she said, and I obeyed. I frowned. I saw an angel with the sweetest and the kindest heart and soul with deep and meaningful chocolate brown eyes and gentle, cascading brown hair. She was beautiful.

"I don't know. I guess that since Alice and Rose started telling me that I really was pretty, I was convinced of it," she let out a sharp laugh. "Well, that's what you get for believing lies." I shook my head and parked the car at the side of the road. She frowned. "What are you doing?"

I looked at her and graded the side of her face, gently caressing it. "Oh Bella, that's not true. You really are beautiful. You have the most considerate heart, the purest soul, the cutest nose, and the prettiest eyes. I love your blush, and everything about you is perfect. Any guy would be lucky to have you."


I smiled at his little speech. "Thanks Edward," I whispered and I felt him gently kissing my forehead.

"You're welcome." Internally, I sighed. At every compliment he said, I felt my heart swell with joy that he saw me in that way. But it all came down to a burning crash when he said the 'any guy would be lucky to have you…'

Even if that was true, I didn't want any guy to have me. I wanted the perfect man. The person who could make me smile, laugh, and comfortable around him. Everything would be alright when he hugged me, or kissed me and I would feel like I actually was beautiful. I wanted him to be able to make me happy and sad, just because I loved him so much, and when we were around, I wanted the whole world to be able to feel our love.

His eyes would light up whenever he'd see me, and mine would when I'd see him. He would know what I loved and hated, and love me because I was who I was. I didn't want to have to change for him. And the thing was, I already knew that I had met the man who could do that for me. Edward was all the things that I wished would come true. But I already knew that wishes upon a star never came true.

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