Picture Perfect

Edward was all the things that I wished would come true. But I already knew that wishes upon a star never came true.

Emmett POV

"God damn it where could she be?" Jasper asked, frustrated like hell. Alice was chewing on her nails, a habit that she out grew of last year. Rosalie was at the side of the booth, calling Edward and Bella's phones over and over again. By this time, I was completely sober to realize the potential danger that my little sister was in.

"I'm a complete failure at being a big brother. I mean, she's been with me for a fucking day and I lose her!" I groaned, putting my face in my hands. Alice came over and patted my shoulder affectionately like a little sister. I smiled at her.

"You know that we'll find her. It's not likely that she'd been kidnapped. The press doesn't know about her, and not many drunken jackasses will recognize a shy girl sitting at the back booth.

Just then, a tall, leggy blonde came over to us and started staring at Jasper. She started strutting, trying to look sexy, but failed horribly. Alice apparently recognized her because she raced over and started talking to her. Despite her bubbly and friendly personality, Ali wasn't an idiot and would never talk to a stranger that animatedly.

"Ali? Who's this?" Jasper asked.

"Oh this is Summer. She's one of the Steelers cheerleaders." I nodded curtly, acknowledging her presence. She snorted.

"Actually, I'm an ex-cheerleader. Edward fired me for arguing with this hideous paralyzed girl, if you can call her that. I mean, she had absolutely no figure or any good looking things about her. She started to call me these false names because she was just so like jealous of me. But I guess Eddie felt bad for her since he stood up for the cripple. I mean, like sooo pathetic." My ears shot up. Paralyzed? Edward?

"What was this girl's name?" Ali asked, obviously thinking the same thing that I was.

"Bella or something like that. I no, pathetic right?" She flipped her hair and rolled her eyes, trying to catch Jazz's attention. Alice gritted her teeth, but said nothing, working the weasel more information out of this dumb beyotch.

Just then, Rose came over and slapped Summer. Hard. "You little bitch! For your information, Bella is a sweet, kind person unlike you and is very pretty naturally, unlike you. Jealous? You're the one who's dying of jealousy! You can't achieve any beauty without your silicon filled breasts, liposuction and tummy tuck on your big, fat stomach, and fat transplants on your butt as well as botox, nose jobs, and god knows what! Bitch, don't come over here and start insulting my sister like that!" Summer just stood there shocked by my girl friend's sudden outburst.

I stood and growled, towering over this little slut. "Don't you ever say another word about my sister ever again. And Edward was right for firing you. Don't even think about setting another foot near my family, much less talk to them. I would love to kill you right now, but I have a sister to find. Bitch," I hissed out as Summer cowered below me, clearly afraid of my brute strength.

She weakly nodded and ran out of the bar, tail between her surgically made legs. I sighed and ran my hand through my hair, a habit that I always made Edward fun of. Great, I was picking up things from him. "So if Edward was with Bella, then he would have most likely taken her home," I said.

"Actually, he might have taken her to his apartment, depending on whichever his first impulse was to go. He probably was shocked that his date was so bitchy to Bella to even defend her, never mind care where he was going with her. He even forgot to tell us they were leaving," my love mused and I kissed her, my anger towards Summer completely forgotten.

"Sometimes, I find it a bit worrisome just how well you know my best friend," I chuckled when she glared at me.

"Shut up Emmy."

"Guys, this isn't the time for you guys to be fighting like this," said Alice.

"You're right. I think that Ali and I'll go and check his apartment while you and Rose can see if they're at the house. Even if Edward was shocked, he wouldn't be stupid enough to take her anywhere else."

I nodded. "Good idea Jazz. Call me if you find them," I took Rosie by the hand and led her out to the jeep. The bar was closing by this time and the only ones there were us and the bouncers. They nodded their acknowledgment towards me and my girl and opened the door for us.

As I turned on the car engine, I slammed my foot down on the petal, not giving a damn to anything in the way. Rose saw me tapping my fingers impatiently at the first stop light and gently kissed me. "Don't worry Teddy. We'll find them."

Edward POV

Bella quickly fell asleep during the car ride to Emmett's house and I glanced continuously at her, smiling every time. She really was a beauty. My sleeping beauty. I sighed at my traitor thought as the reasonable and logical part of my mind argued to see the reality of the situation.

I had meant it when I told her that any guy would be lucky to have her. They would be able to make her blush, smile, make her eyes dance, laugh, and even cry for him while I would be watching from the side line as her best friend as she made me smile and laugh unconsciously. My date with Summer opened my eyes to who I truly wanted and all things pointed to the broken angel sitting next to me.

It was 2:00 in the morning and virtually no cars raced by the usually crowded streets of Pittsburgh and we arrived home in no time. Not wanting to wake her up, I gently lifted her from the car like I would do a little child and carried her up to her room. Bella was like a little girl. Fragile, tiny, innocent, sweet… and most of all, loving and kind. Her capacity to love was endless and her capacity to hate was almost nonexistent.

I smiled as she clung to my shirt as she slept when I tried to lay her down on the bed, a frown slightly etched across her forehead. I chuckled, prying her fingers off. Instead of letting go, she held me tighter. "Don't go…" she mumbled. I sighed. Maybe I'll just lay with her until she was comfortable enough to let me go.

I set her down gently and lay next to her, staring at her the whole time. She let out a comfortable sigh and snuggled up close against me. "Edward…" my ears perked up. She whispered my name. She was dreaming about me. My face lit up in a smile as I stroked her cheek softly.

"Sleep my Bella," I whispered before letting my lips brush against her just a little bit, not enough to be a kiss, but enough to make me smile again. She had told me this morning that she had never had a boyfriend or her first kiss before, and I wasn't about to take that away from her. Not when she didn't want me to. I closed my eyes and sleep consumed me, along with dreams about Bella.

Jasper POV

Isabella Marie Swan had captured our world and completely flipped it upside down for everyone. Before her, the most important question in our week was whether or not we were going to win the game or whether or not we were going to go to a party tomorrow. Now, I could feel the anticipation and anxiety that everyone was feeling whenever something minor happened to her.

I think that she brought an unknown element into our lives that we were in desperate need of. She showed us the actually world we were living in full of hardships and vice, something that we tended to ignore in our lives. "Hey, she's going to be alright," I whispered as I felt Alice literally emit fear and sorrow. She gave me a weak smile.

"I know. I'm just being a worrywart."

"You're not. You're just being a compassionate and loving friend," I said as I kissed her hand, keeping one hand on the steering wheel.

"Do you think that she's there?"

"No, I think that Edward took her to the house where all her stuff is."

She sighed. "So we're basically driving half way across town to a pointless destination?" I nodded and she smiled. "I like it. l like this quiet time with you without anyone interrupting us. Usually, I prefer noise to silence, but I don't know. I guess that even I have to have some calm once in a while."

I chuckled. "I think you're hyper enough for the both of us and I'm calm enough for the both of us."

"I know." Just then, the phone rang, blaring out Justin Timberlake's Sexy Back. I growled at the ring tone that Em had set for himself. "What Em?" I growled.

"Geez Jazz, take a chill pill. We've found them. They're at the house right now. You might want to come back now. It's getting late and the house is closer to your apartments. Besides, you're going to be living here in a few anyways."

"Sounds good. Tell me, how's Bells doing? From what Summer the beyotch told us, she took a big hit to her already low self esteem. Are you sure she's alright?"

I heard Emmett sigh and Alice tugged on my sleeve like a little child. I smiled with adoration, putting it on speakerphone, knowing that my love wanted in on the conversation as well.

"Emmett? Is Bella there? Can I talk to her? I was so freaking worried! Tell her that to make up for all this, I'm taking her on a shopping trip with Rose. That reminds me, oh my god, Bella's way too tiny for her own good. We need to fatten her up a little…" Alice rambled on about pointless and random things, a cute habit that showed when she was nervous, worried, or relived.

Rose laughed, picking up the phone. "Don't worry Ali, I'll go with you, and please try to control your rambling! It's really hard to understand. And we haven't had a chance to check on them yet. We just arrived and saw Edward's car in the drive way. Hurry up, Emmett is pacing a hole in the floor."

I frowned. "Why doesn't he go check by himself?"

I could practically hear her rolling her eyes. "The big baby's scared that something will be wrong with her and wants all of our 'moral support.' I keep on telling her that she's fine but, my lover is an absolute idiot."

"Petal! Tell them to hurry the hell up!" I heard Em whine from the background and my pixie giggled.

"Maybe we should slowdown to prolong the torture." I heard a growl in the background and a sudden whooshing noise as if the phone had been snatched from Rose's hand and into Emmett's.

"You guys do that and you die," he hissed and I hissed right back at him.

"Don't talk to her that way!"

"Emmett McCarty, give me the god damn phone!" I heard a shrill yell and a shushing sound.

"Quiet Rosie, the kids will wake up!" I laughed, knowing that he was referring to Edward and Bella.

"No! Give the phone! Now!"




"Yes!" The phone kept on emitting grunts and hisses and growls, informing us that they were fighting. Ali rolled her eyes.

"Guys, just put us on speaker!" She yelled, trying to get their attention.

The line went silent then a giggled erupted. "I was so stupid! Of course, speakerphone!" Rose exclaimed. "Okay, you're on."

"Thank you for stopping the fight," I mumbled. "We're almost there. Just five more minutes."

"Okay dude, just hurry it up." The line went dead. "Stupid Emmett," I said as Alice giggled.

"See, I told you that it'll be alright."

Emmett POV

"Rose, are they here yet?" I asked again. God they were taking so long! I swear they were doing this just to annoy the crap out of me and the most annoying part was, that it was actually working.

"Em, stop being such a baby! They'll get there when they get there!" my angel groaned, obviously frustrated with me. I grinned sheepishly.

"But I'm nervous."

"Then go check if they're up there!"

"But what if she's dead? What if she and Eddie are doing something that I, as a brother and friend, am not supposed to see? What if she's not there? What if-" my love's glare stopped me mid-sentence.

"I swear to go Em, if you say another what if situation, I'm going to prevent you from touching me and talking to me for the next five weeks," she hissed and I cringed. A world without touching or talking to Rosie was unbearable and I knew it, partially because she had done it to me. Of course, it was a much shorter period of time than she had meant it to be, but hey, no one can resist me.

"But," she cut me off again by standing.

"You know what? I'm going to check myself," she declared, making her way over to the stairs. I lunged at her as gently as I could, tackling her to the ground. She screamed.

"AHH! Emmett Swan get off me this instant!" She shrieked.

"Not until you promise that you won't check." She nodded.

"Get off me!" I rolled off, leaving her looking extremely irate and irritated.

"I'm bored," I grumbled after a few minutes of the silent treatment from Rose. Technically, she wasn't justified in doing that to me, but hell my girl didn't give a damn. Just then, I heard the front door creak open and Alice's bell like voice echoed through the halls.

"Emmett! Rosalie! We're here!" She trilled and Rose sighed in relief.

"Oh thank god. I thought that Emmett was going to shit himself from worrying so much. I really don't get why you have to wait for all of us to check. My god, she's going to be fine," she said, glaring at me. I hung my head.

"But I have to go back into the habit of being the big brother again. I let my sister become anorexic, poor, and now paralyzed. I'm scared that if I went alone, then I'll just see her even more hurt. I don't want that for her," I whispered as her face softened.

"Oh Emmett, you know that none of this was anybodies fault. Bella wanted to live on her own so that she didn't bother her career. It was her choice. You're not to blame and neither is she. It's just the way fate wanted it to be. Plus, the doctor said that there was a high possibility that her paralysis was only temporary. She could be in physical therapy and good as normal in no time," Rose said, bringing her hand up to stroke my face.

"Thanks Rose," I said. "I was just so scared."

"Don't be. Rose is right Em. You're the best big brother that anyone could have. I mean look at how nice and compassionate Bella is. It's proven that the younger sibling always learns and behaves similarly to the older one. You taught her to be kind and to be strong, and that's what she is. You can't live your whole life worrying about her whenever she disappears with her friends," Alice said, Jazz's arm wrapped around her.

I snorted, covering up my real feelings of gratitude towards them. I hated being in the spotlight when it came to emotional things such as consolation and love, a trait that I had inherited from Charlie. "Okay, enough of this sentimental bullshit. We have a girl to check up on," I said, pumping my fist into the air. They laughed at me, knowing that this was just an act to cover up all the real emotions stirring inside. What they had said touched me deeply and I was extremely grateful towards them.

We all crept up the stairs, not wanting to wake them. Jasper had laughed when I had told them to be quiet, commenting on how they would have woken up if they could due to me and Rose's fighting earlier. I shrugged. "It's never too late."

"I think they'll be in Bella's room," Alice suggested as she tiptoed over there and opened the door slightly. A sweet smile came upon her face as she motioned to us to come over here. I smiled at the sight before me. Normally, I would have been mad as hell if a guy was holding Bella like that, but I knew deep down that Edward really cared for my little sister.

Bella's head was buried in Edward's chest, her fingers clutching onto him like he was her life source. Her unmovable legs here splayed across the bed with Edward's legs over them. He was holding onto Bella as tightly as she was, his face in her hair. Both were smiling like just being with each other made them happy. Rosalie smiled softly as she took out her camera phone and took a picture.

"Em? You're not mad at my brother are you?" Alice asked softly.

I shook my head. "No, I trust him, but he better not hurt her," I said.

"Come on, it's getting late," Jazz said, ushering us out the door. "We can comment on the two later. It's nearly 3 so I suggest we go to sleep."

"Alice's room is furnished already so you guys and sleep there, and Rose and I will sleep together. That's alright, right?" I suggested and they nodded, yawning.

"'Night everyone," Alice chirped, not looking tired at all.

"Goodnight," I replied before slipping into my room and under the covers with my love, sleep clouding my mind. But one thought was clear in my mind. Happiness and utter bliss. It felt like I was actually living a real life with worry and anxiety missed in with love and euphoria, not just giddiness through out. Despite my wariness, I made one wish before slipping into the world of dreams. I wished that this could last forever. Just like a fairy tale.

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