The Bitch Fest

Even though it felt somewhat comfortable, something was… unnatural… the thing was, it seemed like the majority of me was trying to avoid heartbreak from Bella by turning to Tanya, a person who I knew wouldn't break my heart no matter what she did. Because no matter what, my heart wasn't hers…

Bella POV

Emmett's living room was almost completely silent, the only sound filling the empty void being the steady and continuous ticking of the grandfather clock that had once belonged to my grandmother, Emma Swan. I stared anxiously down at my hands, wishing that I could simply disappear into thin air and simply watch the others live their lives. I didn't want to be a part of it anymore.

That was the thing about life, I guess. When you watch someone run their lives, you can always spot the tiniest flaw or mistake that they made that ruined it for them, but when it came you your own, everything seemed overwhelming and impossible. I hated it. I wished that I was simply an observer who was looking at the shy, self-conscious girl who was in love with her best friend. Pathetic, I thought.

"Where is he? He's been gone for almost three hours now," Alice scowled, glancing anxiously at the clock.

"Maybe, maybe he met someone there," I whispered timidly.

"Psh, right. Edward? Meet someone? Yeah right," Rose rolled her eyes as she snorted. I shrugged.

"It's possible," I said. The house was empty except for the three of us since Jasper and Emmett had gone to a football party that we didn't want to go to. "Maybe this isn't a good idea. I mean, telling him that I like him might not be the right thing to do. I mean, it's a little early and I just… I just don't feel comfortable since there's such a high possibility that I would be rejected," I muttered, just audible for Alice to pat my shoulder in reassurance.

"Don't worry Bells. He'll be a major idiot if he doesn't fall head over heels for you the second he sees you like this." I rolled my eyes but kept my mouth shut. I knew that the two of them had worked hard to pull off this modest looking but still relatively sexy outfit for me, and I didn't want to burst their bubble. I was clad in a black and white tank top with random designs on it with white washed skinny jeans and a pair of flats.

I had no idea why thy insisted on dressing me up. It wasn't like anyone paid any attention to me unless they were thinking sympathetic thought about me. Suddenly the quiet purr of Edward's Volvo could be heard and Alice jumped up. "He's here! Come on Bella! Go answer the door!" she cried, pushing my chair towards the front gate.

I sighed and wheeled my ways over there and opened the door and poked my head out. "Edward?" I asked.

"Who's that Eddie?" I heard an unfamiliar voice ask as Edward approached with a girl clinging to his arms. I gasped. On his right arm, a beautiful strawberry blonde with striking blue eyes staring at me with a scowl on her perfect complexion. Although all scrunched up with obvious disapproval, I could tell that her nose was surgically done and her breasts were too, probably. Even so, she was an absolute goddess. I felt the tears stinging in my eyes.

"Oh Tanya, this is Bella. She's… well, she's Emmett's sister." I felt like a knife had been cruelly driven into my heart when he hesitated before telling her who I was. And the worst part, he didn't even admit that we were friends.

"Tanya? Tanya Denali, right? Nice to meet you," I said softly, wheeling over to her and offering her my hand. She just looked at it in disgust and flipped her hair.

"Yeah, you should be," she dismissed me and I took my hand back and blushed scarlet red, waiting for Edward to defend me. To my disappointment, he just looked at me apologetically and looked away. "Eddie, can we go inside? I haven't seen everyone in sooo long and I'm sure that they are all dying to meet me."

He just shifted uncomfortably. "Uh, sure Tanya. Come on in," I spoke for Edward, not wanting him to make a fool out of himself. She just glared at me.

"I'm sorry, but I wasn't speaking to you," she scoffed and she roughly shoved my chair to the side of the porch before elegantly moving inside the house with Edward trailing behind her. My broken heart shattered to little tiny pieces when Edward simply motioned for me to follow, leaving me to shut the door by myself. I gave him a sad smile when he left me.

"Bella? What's taking so long?" I heard Alice's chime-like voice floating near me. I heard her stop. I wheeled over there as quickly as I could. "What are you doing here?" she hissed as she poked a finger roughly into Tanya's chest.

"Is that anyway to talk to your brother's new girlfriend Alice dear? After all, we were such great friends," Tanya said.

"Girlfriend?" Alice whirled around to Edward. "You're back together with her?" her voice was incredulous as she asked. He just nodded.

"Do you have a problem with that?" he asked.

"Of course she doesn't Eddie. You shouldn't be mad at her. She's just surprised, that's all," Tanya said in a sickly sweet voice. "Besides, shouldn't we be getting ready for the game tonight?" she asked. I decided to join the conversation.

"You have a game tonight?"

"Yeah, it's against the Dallas Cowboys," he said curtly.

"What's it to you?" Tanya asked, rolling her eyes at me.

"I just wanted to go too. You know, see them play."

A harsh bark came out of her. "You? Why the hell would you be able to go?" she sneered and I flinched. The sharpness of the tongue and the icy cold glare made me involuntarily shudder.

Alice shot daggers at her. "She will be able to go because she just happens to be Rose and my best friend as well as Emmett's sister! Don't be so rude Tanya. Just because you managed to weasel your way back into our lives doesn't mean that you can suddenly look down on our friend."

"Hey, you have no right to talk to her like that Alice," Edward suddenly snapped after being quiet for so long. I felt my heart clench at the harshness of his words. "And Tanya, please stop being so rude to Bella. She won't take me away from you," he muttered and the she devil grinned.

"I know, Eddie-poo, but I missed you and I think that the jealous side of me is coming out." She pouted. "Can we go to the game now? All these introductions and quarrels are boring me," he just nodded and placed a hand on her perfectly straight back before leading her out the door.

"What a bitch," I murmured to Alice who looked like she was about to kill her brother. "Well at least we know that your 'fool proof' plan failed miserably. See Alice? I was right," I said before shooting her a small smile. "Thanks for trying anyways."

"Hey, why did I hear the nasally and annoying voice of Tanya again? Please tell me that I'm hearing things and that she's gone to hell where she belongs," Rose said, walking in from the living room to the foyer of my brother's house.

"Uh, Rose, you're just hearing things and that Tanya has gone to hell where she belongs?" I offered weakly and Rose groaned.

"That bitch! Really, does she have to find a way to ruin our lives once more?" she said, glaring out the window where she could see Edward's car pulling away with a smug looking she-devil in the passenger seat. I saw her talking to him before the car pulled back into the drive way once more.

"I'll be back in a flash!" she said as she slammed the car door and bounced back here, looking like an angel-gone-wrong. As soon as the door to the house was shut, she whirled around to face me. A smirk played on her surgically made lips as she strut over to me. "Listen you bitch," she began as both my friends shot daggers at her, "stay away from Edward. I don't know what kind of a sick game you're playing here, but you should know that whatever you're pulling isn't working. The only reason everyone's flocking to you is because they pity you."

"You're a poor, plain Jane who can't even walk anymore with a sorry excuse of a life, leeching off of the sympathy of others. Don't you know that that is very unattractive? I mean, if you want some attention, then you should have gone to a whore house where all those men will turn their attention to you. Because that's exactly what you are. A whore. A slut, a pathetic, unattractive bitch. Last time I heard, being crippled is not cute or hot at all." That was the last straw. I felt my blood boiling inside of me and I glared at her.

"Oh? Really? And do you think that I chose to be this way? That I chose to be paralyzed? Because if your peanut sized brain thought that, then you are so wrong. I didn't choose this life. I didn't. You can't call me all those things when I didn't have a say in whether I wanted this or not. And as for being cute or hot, I think you need a new flash, 'cause in this century, being a jealous, overprotective, low-life bitch is not attractive either. So before you come drag your silicon filled body to me and start lecturing about what attractiveness is, take a good look in the mirror. Bitch." I spat.

"Wh-bu-sp-UGH! You bitch!" she screamed before stomping her way out of the door and back into the car. I saw Edward's confused face as his dazzling eyes bore into mine. His conveyed true apology and sorrow. Mine, I was sure, said get-the-hell-out-of-here-with-your-bitch-of-a-girl-friend-you-bastard.

Edward POV

Life stunk. It was like hell before dying. I never fully understood why people threw themselves off of cliffs and committed suicide, but I was beginning to comprehend some of their motivations. I was miserable. At the mall, Tanya decided by herself that we were back together again and I wasn't wiling to disagree. It wasn't like I was taken technically, and here she was, practically declaring that I was hers. To me, it didn't matter. I wasn't happy about it, but I didn't kick her to the curb.

I just didn't care. Because I knew that my whole being actually belonged to Bella. My heart was already claimed by the brown eyed angel who now sat in my sister's car going to her first football game with hatred filling her gaze when her captivating irises locked with mine. "What's wrong Edward?" she asked, her fingertips grazing my arm in a disgusting manner.

"I don't know, Tanya. Just leave me alone," I said and she frowned.

"Personally, I just don't know why she's here. I mean, I never thought of you guys ones to take in charity cases."

I scowled. "Tanya, I'm telling you, Bella isn't a charity case! She's Emmett's sister and…" I stopped talking and she looked at me funny.


"My best friend," I whispered as the guilt set in. She was my best friend and I didn't defend her. I never said anything to stop my girlfriend from talking trash in front of Bella's face.

She snorted, flipping her hair. "Uh-huh. Best friend. How sweet. It's okay Edward. I mean, you can drop the pity façade around me you know. I don't care if you're all mean and ugly to her in front of me. I'll still love you."

"I don't care Tanya. It's not a façade. I really mean it. Bells is my best friend."

"Bitch," I heard her hiss under her breath.

Bella POV

The stadium was overly crowded and Rose, Alice, and I barely managed to squeeze through the arena and into the box seats. "Wow," I breathed as I took in the view we had of the field. From here, I could see everything from the screaming fans, the benched players, and even the hotdog stand on the far edge of the stadium. My stomach grumbled in response to the last one and I laughed.

"What's so funny?" Rose asked. I smiled genuinely.

"I'm hungry. I guess telling off a bitch makes me hungry. I'm going to go get something. Do you guys want anything?" I asked.

"Nope, I'm fine. Unlike you, the thought of Tanya automatically makes me want to barf. I mean have you seen her hair?" Rose said and I cocked my head to the side.

"What about it?"

"I mean, it's naturally strawberry blonde, but she straightens and curls it so much that it's like all ratted out. I do that a lot too, but at least I condition it well so that it doesn't look all burnt and dead like hers does. Imagine it! It's so… gross," all three of us shuddered. Alice made gagging noises, causing us to burst into laughter.

"Thanks guys. Insulting her makes me feel a lot better," I said, blushing at the wrongness of it. It just wasn't right to get my guilty pleasure from gossiping about someone. But then again, it was the bitchest of all bitches. I guess it was justified.

"No problem Bells. Now go get that hotdog! The game's about to start and I don't want you to miss out on your very first football game!" I laughed at Alice's mini pep talk as she pushed me out the door. As soon as the door was closed, I felt someone purposefully bump into me harshly. Tanya.

"Oops, sorry bitch. Must have not seen you there. I mean, it's not hard. You're practically invisible," she snorted. I struggled to put a smile on my face.

"Tanya! Are you watching the game with us?"

"Actually, I'm watching the game with Alice and Rosalie. I'm not watching it with you," she said, shoving her dirty finger into my chest. I clenched my teeth to hold back the string of insults that were threatening to pour out of my mouth.

"Oh, I'm sorry that you can't do that. I'm sitting in there too. I was just leaving to get some food for us. Do you want anything?" Be nice, Bella. Be nice, Bella. Remember that she's not worth your breath, I chanted in my head to keep myself in check.

"No thanks. I prefer to not get greasy common food in me. You can go right ahead though, seeing as it suits your status."

"Okay. I'll see you later," I managed to growl out before making a bee line away from this place. I sighed in relief when I made it to the hotdog line, allowing the delicious aroma fill my head and clear it of all the bad memories of Tanya.

"What can I get for you miss?" the guy behind the stand asked. I smiled politely.

"I'll take two hotdogs, please," I said, smirking. Tanya was going to eat a hotdog whether she liked it or not.

"Here you go," he said.

"Thank you," I chirped and made my way back to the box seats. I pulled on the soundproof doors and frowned when I found that it was locked. I tried knocking but the doors were so heavily padded with carpet to block out any external noise that the girls didn't hear me. "Today is really not my day," I muttered before pulling out my cell phone. I hit the speed dial and was automatically greeted by Alice's voicemail.

Sighing, I tried Rose's number but she didn't answer either. I groaned. Really? Only I would get locked out of the best seats in the game because I had to go and get some food. "Maybe Tanya would let me in," I muttered and dialed her phone. Thank god Rose had given me that in the car to bug her whenever I wanted.

"Hello?" a sickly sweet voice answered.

"Tanya? It's me, Bella. I think that door accidentally locked on me and I can't get in. Ali and Rose aren't answering their phones. Could you please be a dear and let me in? I don't want to miss the game."

She giggled. "Aw, you poor common dirt. Why the hell you I let you in? If I let you in, wouldn't that ruin my idea for locking you out in the first place? I suggest that you go back to the common seats with all the germs and dirt. Trust me, you'll fit right in," she said, and I could practically hear her smirking on the other end.

"Tanya! How could you do that? What did I ever do to you?" I felt the panic rising inside of me. I couldn't miss my first live Steelers game! My friends were playing and I didn't know anybody else here.

"Aw, poor, poor Bella. Ciao honey," she cooed condescendingly and left me seething outside of the room. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder and I jumped out of my seat from sheer surprise.

"Miss? Are you okay? You aren't allowed to be here, I don't think," I turned around and faced a boy who looked to be my age looking at me with worry. He was tall and blond, looking a lot like Jasper, but with striking green eyes. Edward's is prettier and hotter, I thought, but shook that thought out of my head.

"Yeah, I guess I'm okay. I was just locked out of my own room… hey, do you know where I can get extra tickets really last minute?"

He shot me an adorable smile. "I have an extra seat if you want it. My girlfriend couldn't make it today because of her grandfather's funeral and I didn't find anyone who wanted to come with me. You can sit by me if you want," he said and I smiled at me.

"I'd love to. Thank you so much! My brother is playing out there today with my two other best friends and I really wanted to see them play. How much was the ticket?" I asked, feeling guilty for mooching off of this nice man.

"Hm, well I really can't remember. How 'bout you pay me with that delicious looking hotdog in your hand. You can't possibly eat two of them. They're huge!" I giggled and handed him the snack I had originally planned to get the bitch who locked me out.

"Here you go!" I chirped. "I'm Bella by the way," I offered him my hand and he shook it, grinning.

"Avery Madison. Nice to meet you Bella."

He kindly wheeled me over to his seats on the top row, apologizing that it was such bad seating. I smiled.

"No problem Avery. Next time, I'll ask Emmett to let you sit with me and my friends. Hopefully, I won't be locked out next time."

His green eyes widened. "Wait, Emmett? The team captain? You're his sister?"

I nodded, grinning. "Yep, Bella Swan at your service!"

"And your other friends are Jasper Whitlock and Edward Cullen, aren't they?"

I smiled weakly at Edward's name and he noticed my change in demeanor. "Yeah, I guess."

"What's wrong Bells? You know that I won't look at you any differently, right?" he looked concerned and I nodded glumly.

"I know," I whispered, still thinking about Edward.

"Then you like him don't you? Edward Cullen? Your face dropped when I said his name. That's it isn't it? You like him." I shook my head.

"I don't like him. I-I think I might love him," I whispered, wiping a stray tear from my eyes. Avery looked at me sympathetically and wrapped his arms around me comfortingly. I buried my head in his chest and cried for my lost love. "I know it's too soon and everything, but I when I'm with him, I feel so alive and all the hurt from being looked down upon because I'm paralyzed goes away and he makes me feel so special."

"I deluded myself into thinking that he likes me too, and Alice and Rosalie, my two other best friends, convinced me that I could make him fall for me in just a short amount of time and claimed that he was head over heels for me. I humored them and somewhere along the way, I think that I made myself believe that they were right. I wore the cutest outfit for him and was about to tell him that I had feelings for him with he comes home with his ex-girlfriend in his arms," I was sobbing my now and Avery gently stroked my hair, whispering comforting words to me.

"I mean, I tried to be nice to her and everything, but she just pushes me aside like I'm dirt or something then she locks me out the box seats, trying to make me miss my brother play for the first time live. I'm just so messed up right now," I cried and he just held me, kissing my hair ever so often, letting me know that he was there. I looked up at him and gave him a weak smile through my watery eyes.

"You know, I think that you're the first person outside of the people that Emmett knows whose been remotely nice to me. Thank you," I whispered and he smiled.

"I don't know how anyone can be so mean to you Bella. I've known you for less than an hour and I feel very protective of you, like a big brother. I know that Ava, my girl friend will absolutely love you. You'll be such great friends," he said as he wiped the rest of my tears away like a caring family member.

"Hey, and you know what? I think that Edward is a fool for missing you when you're right in front of his eyes. I think his ex's name is Tanya, isn't it?" he asked and I nodded. "Well, then I know for sure that you're a much better catch than her. From what I hear, she seems like a major bitch. Don't let anything that she says get to you, alright? Just remember that she's just being a bitch because she's insecure and because she views you as a threat." I giggled at the end of his speech.

"Wow Avery, I never thought of you as one to watch Opera every chance you get. Huh, guess I was wrong," I teased and he scowled at me.

"Hey, it's not my fault that Ava has me completely whipped and drags me to every single chick flick that's out in theaters." I laughed. "And just don't be afraid to call me whenever okay? I'll be here for you like a big brother should."

"That'll be a major problem, I think."

"Why's that?" He asked.

"Because I don't know your phone number silly!" he rolled his eyes and jotted down his number on a gum wrapper he happened to find. "Aw, I get your number on a gum wrapper! I feel special," I teased and he playfully glared at me.

"Hey, I'm happily taken and wasn't planning on handing out my number to a girl. Now just watch the game Bells," he said and I laughed.

"Thanks Avery. You're the best."

"I know," he replied cockily and I slapped the back of his head. "Ow! What was that for?"

"For being too arrogant mister."

"Whatever Bella. You know it's true."

I laughed. "I know, and I guess I'll have to let you have eternal bragging rights." He did a little dance at my comment and I laughed. "Thanks for everything Avery," I said and he smiled warmly.

"You're welcome little sis."

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