God Blessed Texas

Unexpected Meeting

Jasper POV:

School didn't go quite as planned. I had gotten so used to being around just Bella, that being in a school full of angst-ridden, hormonal teenagers was starting to get to me. I nearly lost it several times, and that was just walking into school.

The first half of school was going smoothly. I was relieved when lunch came around. I wanted to compare notes with my family to see if anyone was suspicious of us yet. I got a cheeseburger, a side of french fries, and a cookie. These would be easy to make it look like I actually ate some of my meal. As I neared the table I could hear Rosalie and Alice whispering about something, that I couldn't quite catch, even with my vampire hearing.

"Alice, are you sure Bella's going to be ok at kindergarten by herself?"

I sensed that Rosalie was worried for Bella's Safety, so I sent her her wave after wave of calm and serenity.

"Don't you dare Jasper Whitlock! If you wouldn't have gone to see Maria we wouldn't have to constantly look over our shoulders to make sure she isn't following us!"

I suppose she had a point, but then again, we wouldn't have met Bella.

"No Jasper, that's not entirely true. According to Alice's visions Bella would've come into our lives anyway, but just not so soon." Rosalie gave me a smug look. I rolled my eyes and looked away. I wish I would've known that going to go visit Maria.

"Edward, I do wish you would ask before you peek into my visions, and actually see the whole vision. And Rosalie, Maria would've been the cause of Bella coming into our lives anyway."

I felt redeemed. So I did the right thing by actually going when Maria threatened Alice. I looked over at Rosalie and saw that she looked conflicted. I sensed that she was relieved and felt guilt as well. I assume the guilt was because she felt relieved that Bella would still be in our lives.

I have to admit though, I was feeling the same way, and from what I sensed my family was feeling the same way.


School was almost over, I was thankful for that. The last class of the day for me was History. I always was a fan when it came to history, but one pet peeve of mine was when the teacher had incorrect information. And they insist that they were right and when I tried to correct them I was wrong.

"Jazz relax! You're starting to project your emotions again. Why am I feeling anxious and annoyed?"

I explained to Alice my situation, and she just nodded her head in agreement. She knew that when it came to history, I was always very annoyed if they said an incorrect piece of information. I decided to turn my attention back to what was going on at the front of the classroom. A few seconds later I hear Alice gasp. I knew that gasp, it meant that she was having a vision.

"Alice honey, what's wrong? Is everything ok?"

She took a minute to compose herself and instead of actually telling me she wrote it down on a piece of paper and slipped it to me.

'No, I saw Bella at kindergarten. She was swinging and the swing broke. She fell, and blacked out for a minute. She's fine though so no need to worry Rosalie over this Edward...err...sorry Jasper. Carlisle and Esme are going to pick her up from school and Carlisle will asses the damage at home. From what I could see she'll just have a fat lip and a badly sprained wrist that she'll have to keep in a sling. Let's just hope I'm able to coordinate her outfit around it...err sorry I'm rambling again.'

Well that was a lot to take in all at once. At least Bella would be alright, but it seems that Bella is going to become somewhat of an accident-prone human. This should keep Emmett entertained. He always did find it funny when the humans would trip over themselves. I guess it had to do with the fact that vampires are completely graceful, and have lightening-fast reflexes and don't usually fall.

"Do you think she'll want to go back Alice?"

She put her fingers on the side of her head and closed her eyes. She opened them in a flash and said, "She liked kindergarten, and wants to go back. Rose is going to try to get Esme to home-school her, but Bella will put up a fight and end up winning."

Just as I was about to say something the teacher spoke up and said, "Class, since we covered what we needed to cover in a shorter amount of time, and since it's the last class of the day I've decided to let you all leave five minutes early. See you all tomorrow." His voice was monotone. It made no sense. He was perky and vibrant a few minutes ago.

I checked his emotions and I couldn't get a read on him what so ever. Something was off about him.

"Like what I did? Hi, the name's Holly."

I raised an eyebrow. I looked her in the eyes, and saw not the topaz I've grown accustomed to seeing. Hers were a crimson color. That could only mean that she was a human blood drinker. And by the look of the dark circles under eyes, a hungry one at that.

"I'm Jasper, and this is my wife Alice. We know what you are."

"So you're smarter than you look. My mate, Liam already saw you all coming here. He even saw that you have a young human girl with you. I find that kind of funny actually. You're keeping her as a pet. That's a Nice thing to do. Make her think she's safe, then when she's asleep you can drink her delicious blood, she'll never see it, or feel it for that matter."

I growled at Holly. What she was saying was so wrong, on so many levels. She had no right to talk about Bella like that.

"Aww, it seems I must've hit a nerve with you killer. Don't worry. I won't touch your precious pet, but I can't say the same for Ross. He was just turned recently. He's a bit elusive at times, we don't always know where he is at times."

Holly was really starting to piss me off. If it weren't for Alice practically pulling me out of the classroom I would've torn her limb from limb. Just as quick as that thought came a male and female vampire came rushing in. The male had pale blond hair that he had pulled back into a low ponytail. The female had fiery-red hair that was obnoxiously curly.

"James, Victoria, I'm fine. Tell Liam that he overreacts sometimes. These two were just leaving anyway, weren't you." Holly said to me as she motioned for Alice and I to head towards the door.

We took the hint and slowly backed out, making sure that we kept eye contact with them. There was something about them, That I didn't trust. I'd just hope Bella wouldn't find out what we were, because of this coven of human blood drinkers.

As we walked out to the car I asked Alice if she saw Holly and her coven attacking us anytime soon. She told me that she couldn't tell for sure. If they were, they haven't made a set decision about it. The worse they could do is just sneek around and spy on Bella, and if they were smart they wouldn't attack her with seven vampires around to protect her.

"What the hell took you two so long?! We've been waiting for over fifteen minutes." Good 'ol Emmett, he was always a bit impatient.

"Why in the hell didn't you call for us. You to were out numbered!!"

"Relax Edward, we were fine. Holly just took us off guard. She used her power to get the class out five minutes early. Her coven knows about Bella, we're going to have to be extra careful now.'


"Holly, she has some sort of mind control power, it's like power of suggestion or something. Her mate is like Alice, he can see into the future. That's why he sent the other two coven members, Victoria and James. It seems that Holly and Liam are the power couple we have to watch out for though."

"We better go home and fill in Carlisle and Esme. We're going to have to come up with a plan to protect Bella. as well, if Holly was serious about her threat."

"She was serious Edward, I could sense it in her emotions."

Rosalie was fuming with rage, and fright. It was pouring off of her in waves. I sent her waves of calm, instead of snapping at me she gave me a meek smile and leaned into Emmett's half hug and if she could, she'd be crying right now. That was one of the drawbacks of being a vampire. We're not able to actually cry, we produce tears, but they never leave our eyes.

Rose and Emmett got in her car, and Alice and I would drive home with Edward. "Oh Rosalie, you won't have to stop by Bella's school....she's at home." Alice said before we got into Edward's Volvo.

"Why is she at home?!" She obviously picked up on Alice's voice change. "Well, she kinda fell during recess when the swing broke. She's fine, but she'll have a sprained wrist for awhile. Now let's get home so we can discusss the possible problem concerning Holly, Liam, Victoria and James."

I had to hand it to Alice, she had a talent when it came to telling bad news, and softening the blow with something that was even worse. Rose nodded in agreement and we got back into our cars and sped of towards home.


"So from what you've told me, Holly has mind control, Liam can see the future like you Alice, and Victoria and James have no apparent gifts. Is there anything else that you both can think of that went on in that classroom?"

"No, not really except that Liam saw that Bella was with us. He told Holly, and when Holly told us about what he saw, she didn't really believe it. But from the way we reacted, she now knows different now. I don't think they'll do any harm to Bella, what with seven vampires here to protect her."

That was a relief I guess. But at the same time, it was just one more person we had to watch out for.

"Do you think they would even attempt to get anywhere near Bella?" Edward was always one to look on the downside of things. I'm just saying Edward, I mean you always see the bad side of most things, but I do understand where you're coming from. I sent Edward some waves of calm. He always did get a bit touchy when we mention him being a worry wart sometimes. Edward glared at me but I just ignored it.

"Why is everyone in here. Mommy! I didn't know you were home! I missed you so much. I had so much fun at kindergarten." Bella came charging in out of no where. Which was odd in a house full of vampires, who had heightened senses.

Rosalie went off and spent alone time with her. From what I could sense in her emotions, Bella was so excited to see Rosalie. I couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy. She didn't even say anything to me.

"Oh I almost forgot Jasper, I missed you too! I even met a new friend that looked like you, except his eyes were a different color. They were like the color of what that looks like." Bella pointed to a book that was on the coffee table. It had a black cover. She looked up and looked at our shocked faces.

"Did I say something wrong?"

"No honey, we were just thinking about how to celebrate your upcoming birthday. Do you know what kind of cake you would like for your birthday?"

Bella tapped her index finger on her chin while she was thinking. It was so cute the way she tried to act grown up. "I like anything with green, but I don't want any princess stuff."

I had to laugh when I saw Alice pretend to pout, at least I think she was pretending. Bella ran off back to play with Rosalie.

"Are you all thinking the same thing I'm thinking?!"

We all nodded in agreement to Emmett's statement. Which was actually odd coming from him.

"One of our 'friends' must have paid Bella a visit while she was at school."

"Do you think they could've caused Bella's fall?" I hadn't even considered that as an option until Carlisle mentioned it. This caused Alice to check that as possibility.

"No, I don't see any of the vampires Jazz and I saw there around the time when Bella fell."

We all let out a sigh of relief. We had enough to worry about, we didn't want to have to worry about other possible threats.

A/N: Ok, so what did you all think? I know, I almost had Bella figure out who the Cullens really are, but I decided that I would make that wait a couple more chapters (like 2) ;)

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