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Bella POV:

Well mommy dropped me off at school. I guess I should be excited, but I still don't have any friends yet, unless you cound my new friend I met before I was suppose to go inside.

He told me his name was Ross, he had really dark-colored eyes. He told me that they were that way because his parents let him have contacts. I wasn't sure what contacts were, but his eyes didn't look pretty, they looked somewhat scary. Ross apologized, and told me that he was thirsty. He told me he had to get a drink and that he would be back later.

His dark eyes scared me, but he was my only friend. He was the only one around here that wanted to hang out with me. Chloe and Ciara made almost impossible for anyone to even be around me. They said that I had cooties, and if anyone even tried to play with me they would catch it too.

I let out a sigh and walked back inside when Miss Shiela blew the whistle. The whistle meant that it was time to start class.

"Class, I have some exciting news. We will be having our own talent show. It will be tomorrow at seven 'o' clock. Make sure to tell your parents."

Well this would be fun. No one here likes me, but at least I would have my new family with me. I even had a song in mind that I would lip sync to. It was my old mommy and daddy's favorite song to dance to.

"So Smella, what are you going to be doing for the talent show?"

I hated my nickname Chloe gave me. I would just have to ignore her all together.

"I'm going to sing a song that was my mom and dad's favorite. What are you going to do?"

"Well, Ciara and I are going to put a dance together to the song 'Now I'm A Believer' by Smash Mouth. What song is it that your mom and dad liked so much anyway?"

I was torn. I could tell them my idea, but if I told them how would I know if they wouldn't try and steal it.

"I'm not going to tell you. You might try and steal it!"

"Aw, we would never try and do that, would we Ciara." I could tell that she really didn't mean it. I shook my head no and walked off. "Oh, and you were so close to actually have some friends here. Smella."

I turned back and stuck my tongue out and stormed off.


When school was over for the day I went back to the coat room and got my backpack and my jacket that Alice had helped me pick out earlier that day.

"You know I liked how you stood up to Chloe and Ciara. Not many kids do that a lot. Hi, my name is Abby."

I turned and saw a girl with dark black hair. She had her hair up in pig tails. I liked it, but I never looked pretty in them.

"I'm Bella...do you want to come over to my house and play?"

Just as Abby was about to answer I saw Ross. His eyes were no longer the pitch black they were earlier, but a bright red. He reminded me of how Sophie looked sometimes when she had to spend the night with me when daddy use to work all night. She'd drink a lot of drinks that I thought looked like pee. I didn't like the smell of it either.

"I don't think I can Bella, besides I gotta work on what I'm going to do for the talent show tomorrow...may be some other time?"

I nodded my head yes and she skipped off to meet her parents. I guess I could wait for someone to come pick me up on the swings.

I walked out to the playground, and plopped down on the swing. I was rocking myself back and forth. I was thinking about my first mommy and daddy. I was starting to wonder if singing 'their' song was the right thing to do or not. Daddy played it when we went to mommy's funeral. I always did like The Rose. I liked how it resembled how much mommy and daddy loved each other.

"So how was school Bella?"

I shrugged my shoulders. Ross always did have a habit of showing up without me even seeing where he came from. I explained to him about how my class was going to put on a talent show to show all the parents and the other kids.

"Am I invited to this show as well?"

His voice sounded strange when he asked. It sounded as if his voice had suddenly got like daddy's use to when I did something he didn't like.

"Yes, you're invited. You're my friend...my only friend thanks to Chloe and Ciara." Ross raised an eye brow and asked what I meant. I explained how they turned my whole class against me, except for Abby.

Then it occurred to me. Maybe Chloe and Ciara's hold over the class would soon be gone, and I could make some friends.

"Bella! Get away from him! NOW!!"

I whipped my head around, causing my hair to flip with it, and saw Jasper storming over to me and Ross. His voice scarred me. The last time I heard him sound like that was when he was arguing with Maria. But Ross was my friend. He wasn't like Maria. Maria was evil, and all Ross wanted to do was be my friend when no one else wanted to.

"But Jasper, Ross is my friend. In fact, he's my only friend here."

I turned to look back at Ross. His eyes were no longer red. They were pitch black again. I was frozen in my spot. Then I heard a familiar growl come from Jasper. It was the same growl I heard when he saved me from Maria.

Everything that happened next happened so fast. Ross was in front of me, but then when I blinked he was in front of Jasper. They were in one place, then when I blinked again they were in a totally different spot. How is that possible. They were both very fast I guess.

"You better stay away from Bella, if you know what's good for you."

I was about to say something, when Jasper was sent flying through the air and landed on the slide. When Jasper landed he left a huge dent in the slide. I never knew anyone who could do that. No one I knew was that strong.

I was so focused on the slide that I didn't realize someone had picked me up. I turned my head and saw that Ross had me. I looked into his eyes, and saw that his eyes were black. He had a firm grip on me. He was starting to hurt me, he was holding onto me so tight.

"Ross, you're hurting me. Let me go." I wiggled around trying to get free, but I couldn't get out. "Let her go Ross. If you do I will forget this whole thing ever happened. I won't tell anyone. I promise. Just...let...her....go..."

I started crying. Ross was my friend. At least I thought he was. Why was he acting this way. Next thing I knew I was in the air like I was flying. Then I landed into something hard. I opened my eyes, that I didn't know I had shut and saw that I was in Jasper's arms. I instantly started crying.

"Bella...I'm sorry....I don't know what came over me..."

I turned to Ross and glared at him. "I thought you were my friend."

"I am your friend bella."

"Nuh uh...friends don't hurt friends. At least not on purpose....I'm uninviting you to the talent show."

I cringed back into Jasper's arms. I felt safe with him. Especially now.

I turned back and saw that Ross was no longer in sight.

This made no sense.

"Jasper, who are you? I don't know anyone who is as fast as you and Ross, or as strong. You and your family have been great, but who are you guys?"

Jasper was about to say something, but was cut off by momma running over to me and sweeping me up into a tight hug. "Momma, Jasper, who are you really?"

Jasper and momma looked at each other and turned back to me. "Belly bean, can we talk about this later? I hear that you have a talent show tomorrow."

I let out a sigh and nodded my head. So I was right all this time. They were hiding something from me. I just needed to find out what that something was. Even if it meant that I would lose everything that I thought I knew.

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