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I Can't Believe This

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Hope you all enjoy this next chapter, because it's going to have a big twist towards the end. And to answer some of your questions, Bella and Jasper will end up together, together ;) I already have a plan on how it will work out with everyone being happy. ;) but you all will have to stick around and find out ;)

Jasper POV:

I cannot believe I could've been so careless as to let Bella see me the way I was with Ross. Alice said that she would eventually find out. I wonder if this is what she had meant? No, Alice wouldn't want her to find out this way, plus she would've warned me beforehand.

On the plus side, Bella didn't know what we really are, just that I'm not exactly normal. But she has always been very observant for a little five year old girl. Which was rather hard to picture since she didn't act her age at all.

"How could I not see this happening?! I mean I am the psychic here!"

"Shhhh...don't let Bella hear...she already knows that we're dfferent. We don't want to give too much away so that she gets the wrong idea and runs away....Alice! Do you see her running away?"

We all turned to Alice who had a glazed look in her eyes. "No, I don't see her running away, but I do see her coming in here in T minus five seconds!"

We turned our attention to the entryway and saw Bella walk in with Daisy in her arms.

"Ok, I want answers. Who are you all really?!"

"Bella, darlin it's not that simple. It's abou-"

"Yes it is, either you are who you say you are, or you're not!"

She had us there. We never did actually tell her who we were, but then we didn't think we would have to for quite some time.

"Bella, you might want to sit down sweetheart."

You got to love Esme, she still was motherly even when she was under stress, but then there was Rosalie who had stress and anxiety rolling off of her in huge waves. I sent her calming waves of serenity and tranquility. She glanced over to me and glared, but I could tell that she was thankful for it.

"No, I am fine where I am."

Rose and I let out a sigh. It was now or never.

"Belly Bean, do you know what vampires are?"

She nodded her head. We could all hear her hearbeat accelerating as she was starting to process what Rosalie had said.

"I'm not allowed to watch those kind of movies anymore after watching '30 Days of Night'. They gave me nightmares for weeks after Sophie and I watched it. Daddy was so mad at Sophie after that."

This wasn't what we wanted her to respond with. So her perception of vampires was basically all the blood and gore and the myths of what we, as vampires, are. We hoped that she would be open-minded, but her reaction to Rose's question told us otherwise.

"Bella, what if I told you that we are vampires."

"W-Wh-what?!" Bella tensed up, and her heart rate started to pick up. "You guys are kidding right?!"

In unison we shook our heads no. "No Bella, we're not. We are actual blood-drinking vampires."

"EMMETT!" Rosalie slapped him over the back of the head. Rather hard, even for a vampire. "Bella, yes, we're vampires, and yes, we drink blood, but we-"

"Wait! Why all the lies?! You all lied to me! I thought you were my new family, and family doesn't lie to each other. How old are all of you anyway? Because I've heard that vampires are really old."

"I'm over three hundred and fourty-six years old Bella. I was born in the 1660's, dates were hard to keep track of back then."

"I'm about eighty-eight years old now. Carlisle saved me when I fell of a cliff and broke my neck and the rest of my body."

This was true. Esme tried, but failed, to committ suicide. She was in so much pain, and her injuries were so severe that she would slowly die anyway from internal bleeding. Carlisle saved her by turning her into a vampire.

"Bella, I don't know when exactly I was changed, but I do know that I am over eighty-nine years old." We spared Bella the gruesome details of how she was transformed. Alice didn't know the particulars, but enough that even she didn't like to talk about it much.

"I was changed by Carlisle as well. I was sick with the Spanish Flu and he saved me from dying. To this day I am glad that he changed me."

This wasn't exactly true and we all knew it. He was second when it came to loathing this life. First, was Rosalie. She was only changed because her fiance and his drunken friends ganged up on her and beat her til she was inches within her life.

"Carlisle saved me too, I was in the woods in Tennesse, when I was attacked by a grizzly bear."

"Belly bean...I...was transformed when some bad men hurt me really badly. Carlisle saved me as well." I could sense that it was hard for her to tell Bella what happened to her. Especially since she was practically reliving what happened all seventy-six years ago. Her fiance, at the time, was drunk and bragged to his friends about how pretty she was and that's when they proceeded to beat her until she was inches from death.

Rosalie's lifelong want was to have a child of her own, and being a vampire took that away from her, but Bella was her second chance. I could sense that telling her all of this scarred her that Bella wouldn't want to live with them anymore.

"And darlin', I'm about one hundred and fourty-six years old. I wasn't changed by Carlisle, but by Maria. It was during the civil war between the Union and the Confederacy." I instantly regretted saying that name because I could sense all of Bella's emotions start to go hay-wire.

"I...I...don't know what to say. Other than this, 'Why did you all lie to me?!' I deserve that much I think."

She had a point. Her whole time with us was practically a lie. "Bells, we lied to protect you. If any other vampire knew that you were with us, a human, we would be sentenced to the Volturi. They are kind of like the president of the vampire world. What they say goes. And they say that no humans are allowed to know that we exist. So, you being with us now is putting you in danger."

"And you thought that I wouldn't be able to understand? I can't believe you guys, especially you momma, and you, Jasper."

Then Bella put Daisy in a nearby chair and ran out of the house. She left the front door wide open. We bolted out after her and spread out looking for her, but even with our enhanced vision we couldn't see where she ran off to.

Then a thought occurred to me. It was only a few seconds before we got out here, we would've been able to see where she ran off to. Another thought came to me. What if she had help....vampire help

"Alice, can you see if anyone took Bella before we got outside."

This was one of the few times I was ok with Edward reading my thoughts.


We all immediately turned our attention to Alice, and her glazed-eyed look.

"What's wrong? What did you see?"

"One word.....HOLLY!"

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