God Blessed Texas

On the Way Home From School

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*I've decided to skip ahead a few years in this chapter. Now Bella will be 12, and her 13th birthday is coming up. This is also where you'll see Alice have a 'special' vision soon ;) but i'm not going to say when that will be ;)

**to answer some of your questions Ross is a 16 year old vampire....also this isn't the end of Holly and her coven ;)

***Also, since it's 7 years in the future now, Bella, and the Cullens are living somewhere else. They're living in New York City now.

~*Ok, on with Chapter 15*~

Bella POV:

It's been almost seven years since Ross was able to live with us, and when I found out that my family members are actually vampires. At first it freaked me out that vampires even existed, but what made me upset was the fact that they kept such a huge secret from me. They later told me that it was to protect me. That the Voturi, whoever they are, couldn't find out that I knew their secret.

Apparently theres a rule written somewhere that humans can never find out about vampires, and if they do either that human, the vampire or both will be sentenced to a slow painful death. At least that's what Emmett said, but Emmett always tries to scare me. I'm not that easily scared. I've had two vampires come after me, and one of them even tried to turn my first and only friend outside of my family against me.

Holly was almost successful, but something inside of Ross helped him break her control over him. Alice says that it was me, but how was that possible? I was too scared of olly and thinking about how she might take over Ross completely.

"Bella, come on! You're going to be late for school."

I sighed and got my backpack and headed downstairs. I grabbed a piece of toast and kissed momma on the cheek and headed out to the bus. I actually liked living in New York. I had more friends here. I was almost what was considered popular here too. But I think that was due to Ross. He'd occasionally pick me up from school and every girl would practically drool over him.

When I finally arrived at school I hopped off the bus and slowly walked towards school. I had just remembered that I had a pop quiz today in my biology class. Thank goodness for Alice. She saw it in a vision and I was able to study somewhat. I would've been able to study more if Emmett wouldn't have bugged me to play Beatles RockBand on his new Nintendo Wii he got from momma on their anniversary.

"Hey Bells, how was your weekend? Guess what!"

"What" I decided to play along. Jayme was a little too energetic for a Monday morning.

"Oh my god you'll never guess who I talked to when I went to the movies with my mom and little brother!"

I rolled my eyes, Jayme was always a bit over dramatic with this kind of stuff. But I had to humor her so I said, "Who?"

"You'll never guess."

"Just tell me Jayme."

"None other than Brandon Clooney. You know, the guy who's uncle is the famous movie actor."

I was surprised. I didn't know that Jayme was even interested in him. She always went for the exact opposite kind of guy she likes. I know this because she usually went for the 'loner' type. As for me, I didn't really have a type that interested me. Which oddly enough Edward and Emmett were happy about. I decided that I would just ignore them.

It doesn't help that if I even like a guy that Edward and Emmett turn into 'protective older brother' on me, and scare off the guy. I suppose that's why Jayme's my only friend. She was the only one that they trusted for some reason.


School was about to start. I said goodbye to Jayme and headed to my locker to drop off my things.

I barely made it to my English class. Thank goodness this teacher didn't count you tardy if you weren't in your seat when the bell rang. We were going to be covering Wuthering Heights. It was a favorite of mine, and was sure to be a breeze for me.

"Miss Swan, would you like to fill the class in on what has your attention that isn't involved with this class?"

I immediately blushed, I had no idea that I wasn't paying attention in class.

"No, Mr. O' Brian."

"Good, then as I was saying class, each of you will have to right a three-page paper about Wuthering Heights, what it was about, and extra credit if you can come up with some sort of play, screenplay, or skit acting out your favorite part of the book. This is worth thirty percent of your grade, so I suggest that you get a head start and work on it now, because it's due in two weeks."

I groaned, I was starting to rethink taking AP classes. This was one thing that momma and I didn't really see eye to eye on. And it didn't help that Alice was the one that saw this coming true.

"Bella, can I see you for a minute?"

I stopped in my tracks, what did I do? Did I do horrible on a test or a quiz? It couldn't be because I was late, because I make an effort to not be late to first period. That's just pathetic.

"Yes Mr. O' Brian?"

"Isabella, I was just going over your paper on "Memoirs of a Geisha" and I have to say that I'm very impressed. I'm so impressed that I want to try and get it published in the local newspaper. That is, if it's alright with you."

I was stunned, I mean here I thought I was going to be in trouble and it turns out that I am going to be rewarded on a paper that I did a few weeks ago. It was somewhat of a shock, but I would gladly accept. It would be the next step in the right direction with the journalism career that I had in mind. Thing is I wasn't even exactly sure I wanted that to happen either. I hadn't decided if I wanted to be a journalist, or there was the music career that I kind of liked. I liked music a lot and I just want to show kids that it's ok to love music.

"So Bella, what do you say? Do we have a deal"

I held out my hand for him to shake. "We have a deal."

"Good choice Bella, besides, I was going to run with this idea anyway. You have a gift for writing, you know that Bella?"

I just nodded my head yes and gathered the rest of my things and headed off to my concert band class.


I was forced to join, because momma thought that I needed something extracurricular, and since I was clumsy sports was out of the question. So as an eleventh birthday gift Alice and Jasper bought me a silver-painted tenor saxophone. It was a Yamaha, with gold keys. I actually liked it a lot.

I still remember thowing a hissy fit when I was told that I would be joining band. I look back and realize that I should've thanked momma about this.

"Bells, do you know what we're playing for our fall concert? Mr. Tate said we'll be doing Great Movie Adventures, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Music From Rent! Oh my god I love Rent! My favorite song would have to be 'Take Me Or Leave Me'! What's yours?"

Bailey was the girl who was perfect at everything. She didn't even have to try at it either. She was also in Show choir, I heard about Rent since it was on Broadway a couple of years back.

"Uh...well...I've never seen Rent Bailey."

"WHAT?!?!? How can you not have seen it? It's the most awesome movie slash musical of all time. Just thinking about it I have 'Today 4 U' stuck in my head. You are definitely spending the night at my house soon and we will stay up and watch it. I promise the first time you watch it you'll be hooked."

I was about to respond when all of a sudden the director came in and tapped his baton on the music stand in the front of the class room signalling that class was to start.

"Ok class, today we will start practicing our music we'll having auditions for the jazz band. The jazz band will do all the home basketball games, and even some concerts. That's how we keep this program going people, by having fundraisors and having free concerts with a donation box. Now, according to the sign-up list Bella Swan will be the first to audition. What do you have prepared for us Bella?"

What? I didn't sign-up for auditions. I wasn't that good on my tenor sax. This must be some mistake.

"Um...Mr. Tate, I didn't sign-up for the auditions there must be a mistake."

"No...No, see, you signed up right here." He pointed to my name on the list. It was my name alright, but that wasn't my signature. "Mr. Tate, that's not my signature though. I think someone set me up."

"Nonsense. You're on the list and so you must play something."

I panicked. I played the first thing that came to mind. The first thing that came to mind was the theme from the Pink Panther. When I finished up playing there was complete silence. Was I that bad? I knew it was a mistake that my name was on that list.


"Yes Mr. Tate?"

"Welcome to the Jazz Band."

I was shocked. I was really that good? I guess so, because there was a roar of applause and whistles. I started blushing. I never thought of myself as that good. I guess I would have to really consider music as well.


The other six periods went by rather fast.

Before I knew it, school was over. I took my time getting things out of my locker. If Ross was going to pick me up, he was going to be a little late. That's what he gets for being a beautiful vampire in the middle of girls who thought he practically looked like a movie star.

"Bella, you better get out there fast. The girls are about to mob Ross. I still don't understand what's so great about him." Did I forget this was another reason why I loved Jayme so much. She was one of the few girls here that didn't fall all over Ross at first sight.

I just nodded my head and jogged out the front door, where I saw a mob of girls surround Ross. I had to squeeze my way through to even get close to him. When they saw me they knew Ross had to leave. The crowd slowly disappeared and we were on our way to home.

"I think it'd be easier if I just rode the bus from now on Ross, this is getting ridiculous."

"Nonsense Bella, I like this attention. I didn't get this much attention when I was with Holly. She made sure of it with her power."

"Shh....not so loud Ross, we don't want everyone and their neighbors to hear you. You never know who's listening."

He rolled his eyes and gave me a wicked grin. I couldn't help but turn away and blush. I don't know why Ross is affecting me this way lately. I mean he's been one of my best friends since I was five. He was practically my brother.

We reached an intersection and had to wait for the signal that would allow us to walk across the busy traffic. The downside to walking home was whenever I would get out of school it was the time where everyone was either on lunch break, or on their way home. After a few minutes the crosswalk sign turned to let us know that we could cross.

I was walking and almost tripped over myself. I looked down and saw that I had a shoe string untied. I checked the light and saw that I still had twenty seconds left to bend down and tie my shoe. I looked around and everyone was stopped.

"Bella, are you sure that you want to do this in the middle of traffic?"

"Yes, if I don't I'll just trip over it and fall on my face. Beside I have twenty seconds to tie it really quick."

I bent down and started tying my shoe. In the distance I heard a loud screeching noise. I jerked my head up and saw a car driving recklessly and honking it's horn. Oh my god....it wasn't stopping. I hurried up and tied my shoe and stood up, but the car was slightly faster.

At the last minute though, Ross grabbed me and we both fell backwards. We were alright. I was thankful for two things though, and they were that Ross was there with me, and that he was a vampire with fast reflexes.

"What the hell were you thinking? I told you that you should just wait and tie your shoe once we cross the street, but no, you had to risk your life and tie it in the middle of traffic. You know you'd be dead if I wasn't here ya know."

All I could do was nod my head yes and keep walking. I guess I wasn't thinking clearly. Then a thought just occurred to me. I would be in for it when we would get home. I was dreading it.

A/N: Ok, so what did you all think? I know I was going to leave it with a cliff hanger, but I didn't feel like it ;) so you all should be thankful :P I hope you all understand that Bella is 12 and Ross is 16 and that this is a Bella/ Jasper romance ;)

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Ok, now for the next cookie question:

Sometimes I wondered if I was seeing the same things through my eyes that the rest of the world was seeing through theirs. Maybe there was a glitch in my brain. (Twilight, Chapter 1, pg.11)

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