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No One Is Who They Seem

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Jasper POV:

Well I had no idea that Rosalie was so sneaky. Actually yes, I did know that. That's how she got Emmett to confess in front of her that he actually forget their anniversary, and had help from Esme. Rosalie knew this, because how else would Emmett know every little detail that Rosalie wanted. Emmett was good, but he wasn't that good.

Emmett's punishment was that he had to go without 'it' for a whole month, and for him, that's an eternity. We all have gotten used to her 'punishments'. We also knew that they are just to tease Emmett. What made it even better was that Emmett had no clue whatsoever.

After the that whole fiasco earlier, Alice and Rosalie were off on the computer doing online shopping. Ross and Emmett were dueling each other on Beatles RockBand, Carlisle and Esme were off by themselves, and Edward was shut up in his room working on his music. But instead of it sounding depressed and sad, it sounded more upbeat than what he had grown accustomed to.

Bella was up in her room. And from the sounds of it, she was on her laptop talking to some of her friends on the school chat room. No one bothered to even see how she was after what Rosalie did. I assume it's because Bella didn't show that she was upset, but I could tell that that wasn't the case. Her emotions were all over the place.

I decided that I would go up and talk to her. As I got closer to her room, I couldn't tell if I was hearing sobbing or laughter. I peeked my head in and saw that it was mixture of both.

"Bella? Is everything alright?"

As she turned around she was sniffling, and when her eyes met mine, they had a red-rim around them and were puffy. So what I was hearing was correct. She was upset.

"I-I-I'm fine Jazz....."

"You don't look fine." As soon as I said that I mentally smacked myself

"Thanks Jazz, just what a girl wants to hear." She said sarcastically. I rubbed the back of my neck and walked a little closer. I plopped down on her bed and stared at her. "Bells, you know that your momma, was just being her natural sneaky self. She didn't mean to upset you, I don't even think she knows that she made you upset."

She turned her head away from me and huffed. I took this as an opportunity to send her calming waves to try and relax her. "Not now Jazzy, I don't feel like relaxing." Bella went to the door of her room and held the door open. "Besides, I have to work on a project for English."

I let out a sigh and walked towards the door. Just as I was about to walk out the door I grabbed the door from Bella and shut the door. "I'm not going anywhere until I know that you're ok."

She rolled her eyes at me and turned her attention back to her computer. I was annoyed, so I walked over and shut the laptop and turned her chair to face me. "Bella Marie Swan, you gotta know that Rosalie and them didn't mean anything by it. You know that Rosalie has a sick sense of humor, and Alice is....well, Alice is just Alice. You know that they meant no harm whatsoever."

I started to sense her understanding and forgivness. I gave her a hug and walked out of the room.

"Wait Jasper."

I stopped in my tracks and poked my head back in the room. "Yea, Bells?"

"I know that you saved me from Maria back when I was five, but why do you care so much about how I'm feeling?"

That caught me off guard. I didn't know how to answer that one. It was because I guess saving her from Maria connected me to her somehow. It was like I had to make sure that she was safe and happy at all times.

"Well...I'm not quite sure Bella. I can't explain it, but I feel....protective of you. I don't know why, and I wish I could explain it to you."

"You don't have to, I get it. You're protectiveness is like 'a protective older brother I get it."

I didn't know why, but that kind of hurt when she thougt of me as an older brother, but I had no idea why that was.

"Bella! Oh my god Bella, ya there? open your laptop I got the juiciest news ever you gotta hear this!"

I couldn't help but chuckle. "Uh, Bella, I think you're laptop's talking to you." I gestured to the closed laptop, and made my way out of the room. I thought that Bella deserved some much needed privacy.


Bella POV:

As soon as Jasper left I got up and checked to make sure no one was waiting outside to surprise me. Once I was sure that no one was around, I closed my door and locked it, then turned my attention back to the beeping laptop.

"Bells?! Bella, you there?....oh good there you are! You'll never guess what I just heard!"

I couldn't help but laught. "What Jay? What's so important that you video chat me at eleven o' clock at night?"

"Well, I didn't want to spoil it, but Christian Mitchell is totally going to ask you if you want to go see a movie or something."

"Are you telling me that Christian Mitchell, one of the most popular boys in our grade wants to ask me, plain Bella Swan, out to a movie?! You gotta be pulling my leg or something Jayme Lee Taylor!"

"I am one hundred percent positive that Christian Mitchell is going to ask you out, Miss Swan. Oooooo you gotta let me come over and help you pick out the perfect outfit."

I couldn't help but blush. "Jay, we don't even know if he's really going to ask me out or not yet."

"Yea, so...."

"So, I don't feel like getting my hopes up and getting publicly rejected. Remember fifth grade and Rodney Metcalfe? He got teased so much he had to transfer schools."

"OK, I see your point.....BUT IT WOULD BE SOO COOL IF HE DOES ASK YOU OUT! You'd end up 'Miss Popularity', since you'd be dating 'Mr. Popularity'."

I let out a sigh. "Jayme, you know I hate being the center of attention......but it would be kind of cool dating one of the popular guys in school."

Just then I heard Alice call me downstairs. "Hey Jay, I gotta go. talk to you tomorrow at school."

I didn't give her time to respond, I logged out of the video chat and shut off my laptop. I headed downstairs, and as soon as I got to the foot of the stairs I was bombarded by Alice taking measurements. "Alice...is this really necessary? I know that you all overheard the conversation upstairs, but I don't even know if Christian is going to ask me out."

"Bella, Bella, Bella. You're forgetting that I'm the psychic in this family. I saw it, he's going to ask you out and he's going to take you to see that new movie, 'Paranormal Activity'. He thinks that you'll get scared and that way he'll get some 'shoulder action'."

"He better not, if he knows what's good for him." I couldn't help but laugh at how Emmett was playing 'protective older brother'. But something was telling that he wasn't playing. "Em, I'll be fine. You taught me how to defend myself well, besides I have a feeling that it's a whole group going, so it's not even a real 'date'."

Part of me was kind of sad that it wasn't really a 'real' date, but I didn't want to get my expectations too high.

"Belly Bean, don't like the idea of you going to a movie with some strange boy that we don't even know."

I let out a sigh and rolled my eyes. "Mom, I'll be fine. Besides, I'm sure that it was all a misunderstanding." I looked at the clock and saw that it was nearly midnight, so I said my good nights and headed up to bed.

I had gotten changed into my pajamas and was under my covers when I heard a soft knock on the door. "Come in." The door cracked open and in came Ross.

"Ross, what do you want? I need to go to bed."

He looked conflicted. Plus, he was starting to get dark circles under his eyes. "You need to go hunt, ya know." He just nodded his head. "Bells, I want you to know that I don't trust this Christian kid. I may be three years older than you, and in high school, but I feel protective of you."

"That's sweet Ross, but that's what Jasper, Emmett, and Edward are for. They're the intimidating older brothers."

"Then what does that make me? Chopped liver?" Where was this coming from? This didn't sound like my best friend, Ross. It couldn't have been Holly controlling him since he, Emmett, Jasper, and Edward got rid of her. "Ross, you're scaring me."

"Good, you need to be scared Bella. Something's off about Christian, and I seem to be the only one that sees it." I thought about it some more and I just nodded my head. "I'll keep that in mind tomorrow Ross, thank you though. Now will you let me sleep, and go hunt." I could tell that Ross didn't want to go, that's where he and I were a lot alike. We were both rather stubborn, when we didn't get our point across, or we were just cast aside.

"Remember, Bella, be on your guard tomorrow."

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