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Jasper POV: (starts a little before they go to Bella's house)

I can't believe I was doing this again. After I left Maria I promised myself that I wouldn't ever kill another human. Maria brought me back to her, because she had threatened to harm Alice. I wouldn't let that happen. (BTW, right now he's still with Alice. That will change later in the story) I cared for Alice deeply.

When I arrived back to Maria's headquarters I was met by a young looking vampire with red eyes. His emotions were all over the place. He must be a newborn. Maria was getting sloppy. Why would she put a newborn in charge of who was to guard the gate.

I shrugged this off and continued to walk towards her command central.

"Oh good, Jasper thank you for coming when you did."

I suppressed a growl. I only came because she threatened my mate. She knows that I care deeply for Alice.

"You know why I'm here Maria, what was so important that it involved threatening my wife?"

"I called you here Jasper because we are going back to your hometown. I've heard that there's this delicious-smelling human that I've heard so much about."

I was confused. This is what she wanted me for? "Maria, you're perfectly capable of getting a human all by yourself."

"That is where you're wrong Jasper, this isn't any normal human. Some of my men say that she is immune to their mental powers. I need to get a hold of this little human, and raise her as my own, then change her. This way I will have the strongest human known to vampire-kind."

I was a bit nervous. Why did she want me to go with her? She didn't need me. Just then my phone vibrated. I checked the caller ID and it said that Alice was calling. It must be important enough that she calls me with Maria just a few feet away.

"Jasper, I've what Maria is wanting. It's a little five year old girl. She lives alone with her dad. You are going to have to stop Maria from taking the little girl. In one of my many visions involving that vile woman she ends up not even changing the little girl, she kills her. You need to go with Maria and save the little girl."

I told her that I would. Apparently this little girl was important to Alice.

"Well Jasper, are you coming with me or not?"

"You've gotten your way once again Maria, I will accompany you to this little girl's house."

She didn't do anything other than grin.

I just hope I would be able to stop Maria and get out there alive.


After a few arguments between some of her newborns, Maria and I were on our way to Houston.

We were outside this rather small looking two-story house. There were no lights on in the house, but I could hear two distinct heartbeats inside.

"Well Jasper, we're here. You know what you're suppose to do."

I knew exactly what she wanted me to do. She wanted to get the man excited. Maria always loved it when she drained someone that their blood was moving fast. It gave her more of a 'thrill'. So, what I had to was make sure he kept feeling anxious.

Maria all but knocked down the front door. She wanted her presence known. Then the man came running down the stairs with a hunting rifle in his arms.

"Who are you and how did you get in my house?"

She quietly chuckled. Her gaze turned to a picture on the mantle of the fireplace. The picture was of a little girl being pushed on a swing with who I assumed was her mother.

"I think you should be more worried about what I can do to you! Oh, is this your wife? Pity she isn't here to see you."

I could feel his heart breaking all over again. I could only guess that his wife must've died recently. Maria was always the sadistic kind of person who loved causing pain.

"You hear that Jasper, I think I might have hit a nerve."

I wanted nothing more than to leave Maria and never come back, but Alice mentioned there was a little girl here. Something inside me told me that I had to stay. I would have to protect her.

"Maria, I think we should be going. I am getting tired of feeding off of humans, plus my wife is a vegetarian. I don't want to disappoint her by taking a human life."

Just then she grabbed this man by his hair and pulled his head back so that his neck was open to her teeth. She latched onto his neck and started to suck him dry.

Then out of no where the little girl, who I came to protect, ran over to Maria and was trying to get her to stop hurting her father apparently. The emotions I was getting from her were confusion, anger, and saddness. All of these emotions was getting to be too much for me.

She tried to hit Maria in the thigh, but Maria didn't even feel it. The expression on the girl's face was of confusion and saddness.

Maria finally let go of her father and wiped away the blood from her lips.

"Daddy, wake up! Wake up daddy!"

The sight of this broke my heart. Maria had gone to far. This little girl would be scarred for life because of what she did.

"Why, why did you hurt my daddy?"

I wasn't sure if Maria should answer that, but she had beat me to it.

"Well dearie, I was thirsty. Your father served well as a snack. But I think I'm still thirsty."

Her emotions turned from amusement to hunger again. Apparently she couldn't ignore the smell of her blood. I was lucky enough to be holding my breath the entire time. Her eyes turned from the crimson they were, to the dark black coal that let other vampires know that they were hungry. I would have to bargain with Maria.

"Maria, you can't harm her! She's just a child!"

"Jasper, you know what we are, we are controlled by our thirsts. She calls to me, doesn't she call to you?"

I unintentially let go of the unneeded breath I had been holding and let her scent flow through my nose. It smelled of strawberries and freesia. I could feel my animalistic tendencies start to take over. I had to control it. I couldn't lose control around her. She had been through enough.

"No Maria, I won't let you harm this poor defensless little girl."

I ran over to the little girl and picked her up and started to run out of the house, but Maria tackled us and sent the little girl flying out of my arms and skidded to a stop against the fireplace. She cried out in apain. I looked over to her, she was holding her arm, she must've broken it.

I finally pushed Maria hard enough it sent her flying out of the house. I quickly picked up the girl and was about to leave when she came stumbling in.

You'll regret this Jasper Whitlock. I swear to you that I will have my revenge!" I growled at her, but quickly stopped. I looked into this little girl's eyes and saw confusion. She wasn't afraid, just confused. This little girl was very odd, most humans run the other way when they hear us growl, but not her. She was different.

My phone beeped. And this girl wiggled around, trying to get free. I finally let her go and I answered my phone.

"Jasper, is that little girl alright? I saw what Maria was going to to, but I didn't know when she would. I just hope-"

"Yes Alice, she's alright. Maria didn't harm her much. I think she broke her arm though. Do you think Carlisle will be able to take the time to look at her?"

"Oh of course, I already let him know. He'll be picking you two up at the Seattle airport. Oh, and another thing Jasper, there's only one way that little girl will go with you. I'm not sure what that is, but she'll let you know what that thing is."

"Oh ok Alice, I'll see you when I get back. Let Esme and Rosalie know ahead of time."

"Already done Jazzy."

I said my goodbyes to Alice and closed my phone. I apparently would have to bargain with this girl. I just have to make sure that this works in our favor. She apparently had no other family.

"Darlin', is it ok if I take you back with me to see my father? He's a doctor." She shook her head no. This wasn't going to well. What could I bargain that would make her want to go with me?

"He's very nice, I'm sure you'll like him. I promise if you don't like him I will bring you back to your daddy."

I could tell that i had her, but I could tell from her emotions that she knew her father was already dead.

"Ok, I'll go with you, but first can we put daddy next to mommy?"

That broke my heart. She wanted me to bury her father next her mother. This was the one thing Alice had mentioned. This was rather awkward.

I agreed. I asked her where her mother was buried.

"Daddy, says mommy is buried in the cemetery down the street. Daddy told mommy once that they had ajoined tombstones, whatever that means."

This was going to be somewhat easier than I thought. All I would have to do is bring a shovel, the body of her father, and the little girl.


After an hour of digging I carefully placed her father in the make-shift grave. I filled in the grave. I turned to the little girl, and asked if she had any last words to say to her father.

"Well, I just wanted daddy to know that I hope he'll be happy. He'd to me about how I couldn't see mommy just yet, but that daddy would tell her she said 'hi'."

That was horrible. This man was practically saying that he was going to kill himself anyway. Basically Maria did him a favor.

I quickly filled in the hole. I let the little girl have a few moments alone with her mother and father.

She ran over to me and hugged me with her good arm.

"Thank you for saving me from that mean lady, and thank you for not jsut taking me away. You're nice Jasper."

"How do you know my name?" I was genuinely confused.

"I heard that Maria lady call you that. Do you not want me calling you that?" Her face turned to sadness and I told her that that was fine. her expression immediately turned to happiness.

I just hope that she doesn't have to find out what we really are.

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