God Blessed Texas

Meeting New People

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Bella POV:

I cannot believe that Alice saw us living here, in the middle of freaking no where. Why in god's name would we move here? There wasn't anything for miles. Just a bunch of corn. "Mom, where are we anyway?" I was genuinely curious, since I fell asleep after we got our rental cars in Chicago. It was weird though, Edward was anxious to get out of Chicago. He was practically sprinting out to the rental cars. I asked mom about it and she just told me that he used to live in Chicago when he was human. It brought back bad memories.

That was understandable. Even though I barely remember living in Houston, I don't think I would be able to go back to where I used to live. I remember what that witch did to my father in front of me. It will always stay in the back of my mind for as long as I live. But I do have to admit, the longer I live with the Cullens, the more I start to forget about my dad and mom. I still remember what he looked like, and how he acted, but I'm starting to forget the way his voice sounded. One of the things that I remember most was how he looked when Maria attacked him. Yes, he was scared, but he didn't show it. I guess that's where I get it.

All of a sudden my phone started buzzing in my pocket. I could hear a muffled version of "Viva la Vida" by my favorite band, Coldplay playing. That was Jayme's text tone. I grabbed the cell phone out of my pocket and flipped open the phone to see what she had to say.

From: Jayme

bells, how iz lame valley? i miz u foo!

I rolled my eyes at that. Only Jayme would try and be gangster in a text message.


jay, im fine. we havent even made it yet. almost there. i miz u 2 fooso wat iz every1 sayin bout me?

I lifted my head and saw a sign that said, "East Valley 10 mi" Thank go we were getting closer.

From: Jayme

They playa hatin foo! lol jk they're wonderin y u left after christian left.sum r sayin u 2 r gettin married.

Well that's just great. I rolled my eyes and Daisy let out a bark. I unzipped the carrier and picked her up. She was still small for a eleven-month old puppy. Alice thought that maybe she was a miniature beagle. That would be kind of cool I guess.

From: Bella

u betta be kiddin foo! lol daisy says hi by the way.nope, me n christian rn't gettin married.

It was amazing how fast rumors can start once you leave a school. Especially when you leave so suddenly like we did.

From: Jayme

i am kiddin...g2g teach is makin rounds. txt me l8r!

I texted back "k" and shut my phone and put it back in my pocket. Just as I did so it buzzed, and I heard 'The Pink Panther' theme playing. That was my generic text tone. I flipped it back open and saw that the text was from Alice.

From: Alice

hey Bells, don't worry you're gonna luv the new house.I saw it! *squeals* By the way I'll cover for you when youwant 2 sneak out later ;)

I always did enjoy Aunt Alice's visions. Ok, almost always liked them. I only liked them when they came in handy for me. Ok, I know that sounds selfish, but you have to admit, knowing what you're getting for your birthdays, or when someone is going to surprise you when you don't like surprises comes in very handy.

Before long I started seeing houses every few feet. We must be getting closer to East Valley. And every house seemed to have a corn field nearby. They weren't kidding when they said Iowa is known for their corn fields. The farther we drove, the more corn fields we passed. I rolled down the window to get a better look at the town. I could smell all different types of smells. Some had a bitter smell, while others were like a sweet smell. It was weird, there was a smell that I couldn't place. It was mixture of honey, sugar, cinnamon, and something spicy. It was coming from that smoke cloud past those trees, which we were fast approaching.

"Mom, Jasper, where's that smoke coming from?" I said as I pointed in that direction. I asked them, because I knew that vampires have heightened vision compared to a human's. "Looks like someone's cooking out darlin'. Nothin to worry bout."

I just nodded my head and turned my attention back to my cell phone. I was playing a game on it when I felt a poke in my side. I of course jumped, and saw that it was Jasper. He motioned for me to look out my window. "That's where we'll be going to school." I looked at was shocked. This high school could fit in my middle school's cafeteria, it was so small. But then, who am I to judge.

As we passed the high school, we were starting to get into plains and trees. There wasn't any houses for miles. Then it occurred to me that we didn't pass the middle school. Unless that meant that the high school back there was a junior-senior high school. Which meant that I wouldn't have as much privacy as I had back in New York.

New York was looking better and better as the moments passed. "Something troubling you darlin'?" I shook my head no. I didn't need to worry anyone. Besides, it was just me being used to a big crowded city. I also remembered living in Ireland. I loved my hidden place I found. Granted, it was because I was running away from home. But that was only because they kept an amzing secret from me. I know they did it to protect me, and I am grateful for that, but I just didn't like it that they lied to me.

Ok, enough down memory lane. I got another text from Alice.

From: Alice

look out your window in 3-2-1..now!

I looked up and gasped when I saw the most amazing house I have ever seen. It looked oe of the houses out of the movies. It was all white with four pillars holding up the huge front porch. Thank goodness that it was so secluded, because it looked so out of place compared to all the other houses we passed on our way to get here.

"Wow.....It's so big!"

That's the only sentence I could form to describe such an awesome house. "Way to form a good sentence, squirt." I rolled my eyes and got out of the car. It looked even better out of the car. This would have to be my favorite house, aside from the house in Ireland.

I walked around to the back of the car to grab my suitcase. Thanks to Alice, my one suitcase turned into three. Stupid shopping-addicted pixie and her sneaky ways. I lugged my bags to the house. The inside was even more breathtaking. I climbed up the staircase and plopped my things down on the first room that I could find.

Thanks to Alice, all of our things were shipped ahead of us so that all we would have to do is unpack everything. I decided to take Alice's advice and do some exploring. I left a not on my door saying that I went out to look around and snuck out the back door. Of course Daisy followed me out the door. She followed me everywhere I went. I think it was because she was lonely. Maybe I would have to see if I can convince Rose to by Daisy a 'friend'. She was almost three years old now.

"Daisy, do you think we'll find anything?" Daisy just gave a bark and kept following me. I liked talking to her, especially when my family was out hunting. It gave me some sense of not being completely alone. Not that they ever left me alone, I just meant whenever I was up in my room by myself, and it looks like I'll be playing with Daisy more often, at least until I started school on Monday. Then I would be the center of attention, more like unwanted attention.

I walked for what seemed like forever. All the trees and fields started to look the same. "Daisy, I think we're officially lost." Just then she started barking histerically. I looked around and didn't see anything. Then all of a sudden Daisy took off running. I of course chased after her. The more I ran the further into the woods I went. then all of a sudden though, there was a clearing.

In the clearing there was yet another amazingly looking house, but this one was made of wood, and what appeared to be stone. It looked like it was built into the side of a mountain. Then I smelt that odd smoke again. So this is where that weird-smelling smoke came from. I saw a rather large barn with a corral attached to it. They had horses!? This place was amazing. Then I heard a loud 'moo' from behind me and turned to see that there were also a lot of cattle off in the distance. This was like a real authentic farm. Minus the huge house in front of me.

"Excuse me, what are you doing here? Who are you?" I nearly jumped out of my skin. I turned to see, a gorgeous-looking woman-no- vampire. The skin, and the eyes were a dead give away. And from the look of the color of her eyes, she fed on animals too, like my family.

"My name is..uh..Bella, Bella Swan." Why was I so awkward around her? I've been around vampires since I was five, and been nearly killed by three of them.

"Well Bella Swan, how did you find this place? It's close to the Iowa border. From the looks of your clothing, you're a long way from New York, hun."

I wasn't in Iowa? I didn't know that I had wondered so far away from home, but then I guess we lived close to the border of Iowa. "If I'm not in Iowa, where am I?"

"You're in South Dakota. Oh, by the way, my name is Crystal Marie."

I liked that name. "Hi, well sorry to make things more awkward, but I know what you really are." Way to go Bella. Nice way to make the strong, fast vampire make you their meal. "How do you know about us? Wait, are you with that new vampire coven that moved in across the border? Beau told me he saw them coming and bringing a human with them, but I just didn't believe him. But I guess you're proof. Now don't get me wrong. I have nothing against you, I'm just wondering why a group of vampires would have a human traveling with them, and not be tempted."

I instinctively backed away from the vampire. I didn't think she'd hurt me, but I couldn't take my chances, especially after Maria, Holly, and that redhead tried to kill me. I knew not to be to friendly to other vampires.

"Crystal, stop scaring the poor girl, hi I'm Arianna." This girl was in a wheelchair. The odd thing is, she didn't have the topaz or red eyes of a vampire, yet she was with them. I chuckled to myself. I was one to talk. I was in a house full of vampires too, maybe she was in the same situation as me. And by that I mean that she lost her parents too.

"Sorry about that kid, didn't mean to scare you. You just took me by surprise. Come, let me introduce you to the others." I chewed on my lip and nodded my head. Daisy was jumping and barking around my feet. I scooped her up so she wouldn't get lost. She was like my little baby. When we went inside it was just a beautiful. There were three other female vampires sitting in, what looked to be the living room. Then there was a lone guy sitting in the kitchen reading the newspaper.

"Everyone, I'd like you to meet Ari's new friend. This is Bella, and her ittle dog Daisy." They all waved, but one vampire ran up and gave me a hug that nearly knocked me over. She'd give Emmett a run for his money on how strong her hug was. "Danni! Let the poor human child breathe, you're going to suffocate her!"

When she finally let me go I felt light headed. I guess that was all the blood rushing back into my body.

Then out of no where a bowl of candy and sweets popped onto the end table next to me. "Think of the treats as a 'I'm sorry for squeezing you!' kind of gift." That was freaking amazing! she could make candy and sweet treats appear out of no where! I am definitely coming here more often. That is, if mom and the others don't ground me for long.

"Hello, my name is Kimberly, but I prefer Kim." I walked over to the woman who had long brown hair , Her face reminded me of Holly, but Kim was noting like Holly, and besides, Holly was dead and gone. Then all of a sudden the 'Pink Panther theme' played from inside my pocket.

"Yo, girlie, I think you're pants are trying to tell you somethin." Kim said as she pointed to my pocket that had my cell phone in it. That meant I had another text.

From: Alice

Where in the hell did you go? I tried lookin into ur future and youdisappeared for over an hour! Where are you!!??

Oh boy, I was in trouble. I forgot to check in, not a good thing to do with a paranoid mother, and overprotective vampires. "I..uh...will be right back. I gotta make a phone call." I walked to the door and it opened on its own. I jerked back and turned back to face the coven of vampires. "Sorry, that's my handy gift, see, I can move things with my mind." That was cool. I was now jealous of Kim. Ok, focus Bella, you gotta go and reassure your family that you're in fact alive and well.

I nodded my head to her and stepped out and tried to find some cell signal. I was holding my cell up and finally found a signal.

"Bella Marie Swan, you better have a pretty damn good reason why you didn't answer your cell phone!" I cringed. I was starting to wonder why I called Rosalie instead of Alice. I mean I got the text from Alice, not mom.

"Mom, I'm safe. Daisy wondered off and I chased after her, and apparently crossed over into South Dakota. Why didn't anyone bother to tell me we lived so close to the border?"

"It didn't seem relevant to mention it. You had me worried. I thought Maria had found you! I mean, Alice saw you running then your future going black, that usually means one thing."

I hadn't thought about that.

"Mom, I didn't realize that. I'm sorry, but I'm fine. I even came across another vampire coven. They're like you guys. They only feed on animals."

"And how can you tell that?"

I rolled my eyes. Sometimes I swear they don't give me enough credit for figuring out their 'secret' at such an early age.

"Mom, they had the same color eyes as you guys do, so it's pretty obvious. And there's this human girl, her name's Arianna, she's in a wheelchair. She had brown hair and bright blue eyes." I wonder why she was in a wheelchair in the first place?

"Bella, this is Edward. Do not go anywhere. We're coming to get you."

That was odd, I mean, Edward never sounded so serious before. Then again, I hadn't spent much time with him, like I had with the rest of the family. I kind of felt bad for that. I would have to try and make an effort to get to know him better.

"Bella, Edward and Ross are coming, so do not panic."

"Why in the world would I panic mom? I'm in no danger! They're just like you guys, one big family."

"That's not what I mean sweetie."

"Hello there little child, what are you doing here all alone?"

"Uh, mom, I gotta go." I closed my phone and saw a woman with straight black hair that came down to her waist. Her bangs were a dark blue. "I don't know what you want, but my big brothers are coming soon."

"Oh don't worry, I'm not here to harm you. I've only come to warn you."

"Warn me about what?" That was odd, how does she know me enough to warn me. "Of your impending fate. My name is Chelsea, and I am with the Volturi. There have been rumors going around that their was a human in the care of the Cullens. I have been sent to check everything out. And it seems that with your previous conversation on your phone, Aro was correct."

I was stunned. Aro was one of the three vampires who were the head of the Volturi.

Just as I was about to say something Ross and and Edward were standing in front of me. Shielding me from Kim. They immediately started growling and went into defensive crouches.

"Now, now boys, Aro wouldn't like it if something happened to one of his prized possessions, now would he?" She said with all the venom she could muster. "I was only sent as a messenger."

"Then give the damn message and leave us the hell alone!" Ross said with annoyance.

The woman let out a chuckle as she shook her head. "The message, you impatient fool, is that Aro knows about the girl, and the one that's in the house behind you." She said as she motioned towards where Arianna was.

"How does he know about them? We made sure that we kept her a serect....unless...NO!"

What did Edward mean? Unless he read her mind.

"Yes, Maria went to Aro for help, but instead she ended up helping him. Aro saw what great power Bella will possess when she is turned, and has given you and your family an ultimatum; either someone in your family change Bella by her eighteenth birthday, or the Volturi will, and Aro will have a new addition to his collection."

Ross lept to pounce on her, but instead fell to the ground writhing in pain. I first thought that it was Chelsea doing it and I was begging her to stop, but I saw a man with chocolate-colored hair. He had it spiked up to sharp looking points.

"No one dares to try and harm my mate." This man looked even more scary than Chelsea did. Edward was frozen in place. Why wasn't he moving to try and help Ross? "Do you like my little power? I can make things move with my mind, and in this case, I'm preventing him from getting to your little friend over there."

I was getting angry. No one harms my family, especially at my expense. I ran to help Ross, but was pulled away by Crystal Marie. She pulled me behind her and lept onto the man.

"Sebastian, we must go. Aro will not like that we caused a fight."

As soon as she said that Ross stopped screaming, and was on the ground gasping for unneeded breaths. "Aw, but Indigo, I was having so much fun. At least let me try and hurt the little girl."

He looked in my direction. His gaze was intense, and I turned my head away, but I felt no pain. "I think it's best that you two leave now." And as quickly as they came they were gone.

Crystal went to Ross and helped him up. I thought it was kind of cute the way they looked at each other. And that was the first time I actually saw Ross smile, besides when he was around me. Which I was happy for him..both of them. Ross looked at her, that I knew meant that he deeply cared for. And when I say that I mean like a mate.

"My name's Crystal, and I think the rest of my family is going to want to meet you two. I still Can't believe Beau was right again."

"Right about what?" Ross said with a confused tone. "Oh nothing." Ok, Crystal was hiding something. I finally figured it out after a few minutes of thought. Beau was like Alice, and saw Ross coming, and apparently he and Crystal were going to be mates! I just hope everything goes well, and if they get married, I know that Alice will end up wanting to do the wedding.

A/N: Ok, so what do you all think? Sorry it took me so long to get this chapter out, but this is one of the longer chapters i've written. If you can't tell, Ross has finally found a mate. And the others who're in the new coven Bella met are from a vision Alice had, ;)

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