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I Need Your Help Bella

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Bella POV:

It had been nearly three years since we moved to East Valley, Iowa. And Three years since I met another coven that resembled the Cullens so much. Danni and Emmett had become 'Partners In Mischievous Pranks', or P.I.M.P's as they called each other. We all just rolled our eyes. We eventually got used to how ridiculous they acted. And they both learned not to pull any pranks on me. And that was because I had two very protective vampires looking out for me, Rosalie and Jasper, to be exact.

Emmett knew never to make Rosalie mad, otherwise he wouldn't get any 'whoo-hoo' as Emmett had so bluntly put it. It was rather annoying how everyone still treated me like I was the young Bella that didn't know any better, but I wasn't anymore. I was observant, and knew more than they gave me credit for. The only one who didn't treat me like a child was Jasper. Whenever I thought that I was being talked down to, Jasper was right there to defend me. Well, most of the time. He didn't defend me if he thought that I would benefit from it.

"Bells, all us girls are going on a shopping trip, are you sure you don't want to come?" I never really liked shopping, at least not as much as Alice and momma. Well, I have never met anyone with the same enthusiasm for shopping as either of them. Danni and Kim decided to go shopping, Crystal Marie needed more persuasion. I told them that I was fine, and needed to do my homework. Which for me, translated into have an instant message convo with Jayme. I was happy that I was able to still be friends with Jayme, even though she was still in New York, we made it an effort to keep in contact.

We even arranged it where she can come and celebrate my sixteenth birthday with me. Carlisle and Esme offered to pay for her ticket. I was grateful for their generosity. Especially since I wasn't especially close with them as I wanted to be. And since most of my family would be out shopping, or hunting I would be able to spend some quality time with them. "Esme, whatcha cooking?" I said as I walked into the kitchen. I liked how ever since I came to them, she spent most of her days in the kitchen coming up with different new recipes for me to try. She always said that I was her test dummy since no one else in her family really ate human food. Almost all the meals she had me try were actually really good. Even the ones that looked uneatable.

"I see that Esme has you trying her new recipes. Got any room next to you?" I jumped a bit at the sudden voice. Even though I've been around vampires my whole life I still couldn't get used to the fact that they could sneak up on you without you even knowing. I turned my head and saw that the velvet voice belonged to Edward. I nodded my head yes. "Sorry, that I scared you. I had forgotten that you were human. See, since I've been around you your scent isn't as potent to me anymore. Now, for Arianna, that's a different story, which is why I'm here. I need to ask you a favor."

Wow, Edward was asking for my help. Not that I was surprised, but he seemed to keep his distance from me most of my time of knowing him. "Sure, what do you need help with?"

"I feel very....protective of Arianna, I don't know why, seeing as I barely know her. I need your help getting to know her. I've never been around a human that I actually felt this protective over. Other than you of course." He added the last part rather quickly. I guess it was to make sure he didn't hurt my feelings.

Arianna asked me recently why Edward looked at her funny. I just brushed it off saying that he always looked like that when he was thinking about something. She must've bought what I told her, because she didn't push the issue further. But now I knew why he was looking at her that way. Edward Anthony Cullen was in fact in love With Arianna Mae Burk. And Arianna was in love with Edward. It was so cute. The sad thing though was that they had no idea that the other one felt the same. I decided I would play matchmaker, no matter what they said, I could tell that they were in love with each other.

"Edward, I'll help you talk to Arianna, in fact I'll talk to her for you."

His expression turned from a cold one, to that of a warm crooked smile. "You'd really do that for me Bella? I mean I know that we barely talk, but I think you can relate to Arianna more than anyone else here." I assume he was referring to us both being human. I decided to ignore that comment and go off and find out where she went. Then it hit me, she was probably went shopping with Alice and all of them.

I sprinted off to the front of the house, and saw that they all were getting into their cars, and so was Arianna.

I couldn't believe that I was about to go shopping. I would turn into Alice, and everyone's personal Barbie doll. "Hey guys, wait up. I changed my mind, I want to go shopping." I was immediately bombarded with high-pitched squeals and giggles. Already I was starting to regret offering to help Edward. "Bella, you can sit next to Arianna." Perfect, I thought to myself. I could make small talk that I could transition into talking about Edward. When I got in the car Arianna was already in the car. That's vampires for you I guess.

"So what made you decide to go shopping with us girls anyway? And don't go and say it's because she wanted to, because from what Alice and Rosalie talk about, you don't like shopping all that much." Crap, I was caught. I needed to think of something to say. "Don't worry, whatever it is, I won't tell." God, if she only knew why I was here. Edward, you owe me big time. I don't need Alice to see that I'll be getting a new addition to my growing music collection. I have him to thank for that as well, because for the past ten years, I've gotten all different genres of music from Edward. The last CD I had gotten from him was Muse's newest album, that hadn't even hit record stores yet. That was one of the many perks I loved about having vampires as a family.

"So, Bella I saw you talking with Edward before I went outside. Did you talk about anything interesting?" I couldn't help but giggle a bit. She was fishing for information. This was going to be easier than I had originally planned. "No, he was just asking me if there was anything specific I wanted for my birthday. Nothing too special." I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw that she looked both disappointed and annoyed. I felt somewhat bad for doing this, but if I got her thinking about this enough, she would end up talking to Edward herself, and I can stop playing match maker and get back to planning on what to do when Jayme gets here in about a week.

There was quiet for almost all the rest of the time in the car. When we finally got to where we were going Arianna piped up and said, "So Edward didn't say anything about me? Nothing at all?" I shook my head no. "No, sorry....wait, he did say something about you." She perked up a bit when I said that. Man, I was beginning to be a bit too mean. "Something like that you had pretty hair." Well it was partly true, I had no clue though if that's what Edward really thought. When I said that, her expression turned that of disappoint. Ok, maybe that would get her to talk to him, but just to be sure I added, "I'm not completely certain about that, you might want to ask him yourself."

"Alice, where are we anyway?"

"Don't you recognize the Mall of America?"

"You drove all the way to Minnesota to go shopping?"

"Yes Crystal, I didn't see any malls worth going to in Iowa, or South Dakota." (a/n: no offense to those who live in Iowa, or South Dakota, I did this for the story)

Of course, Alice had to find one of the largest malls in the Continental United States. I offered to push Arianna, this way I could get to know more about her so I could report back to Edward. Oh boy, I was starting to get too into this.

"Oh look over there, a sale on shoes, and look, half off on everything in that store. I can tell that this is going to be a fun shopping trip."

Arianna whispered to me that we should try and sneak away. Since they were all occupied with shopping I yelled over to them that Arianna and I would be in the food court waiting on them. I offered to push her to the food court, but she slapped my hands away. She didn't like to feel helpless, even though she was in a wheelchair she didn't like feeling dependent on someone else to get around. I liked that about her. I guess we had something in common, minus the whole wheelchair thing.


"Please, call me Ari."

"Ok, Ari, why....umm I mean how....ugh...why..."

"How did I end up in this wheelchair?" I simply nodded my head yes. I tried to be subtle about it, but I assume she'd been asked so many times, she had picked up on 'the question'. "Well, I was in a car accident that totaled my car, and killed my older sister, Trinity. She was driving me home from a late drama club meeting and it started to rain. I don't think I have to go into details of what happened next." I didn't push the matter further. I felt that it was sweet how she trusted me enough to tell me what happened to her. Even for only knowing me for a few years. I guess when you're only family is vampires, you learn to be open with everything. Especially when some of them have special gifts.

Then all of a sudden my phone started to vibrate in my pocket. I had forgotten that I turned my phone down. I checked it and saw that I had a text message from Jayme. I loved that we were still keeping in touch even though we were in two different states.

From: Jayme

Hey Bells, wat's crak-a-lakin?miss ya tons foo! cnt wait for nxt wk 2 get here. We got a lot 2 catch up on.

I couldn't help but laugh. Jayme was still the funny random I met back in New York, and she hadn't changed a bit.

From: Bella

Hi Jay, I miss ya tons 2 foo! lol I cnt wait til nxt wk tooYou're gonna luv it here...I hope lol...jk jk I g2g but i till ttyl!

It was the truth too, because out of the corner of my eye I saw Alice and everyone coming our way with tons of bags in their hands. And that could only mean one thing. We would be going home early. At least that's what I hoped it meant. "Well it looks like we've hit all the stores we could today. What's say we go get something to eat for the humans." I couldn't but feel as if they felt obligated to do so, since Arianna and I were, well different, compared to them. What was I doing? I was over analying the situation again. I decided to take a breath and said, "What sounds good to you Arianna? I don't really have a preference."

"Me neither, I'm actually not very hungry." That made two of us. I was actually about to admit why I came on the shopping trip, but momma and everyone ruined it. I guess I would have to wait for the car ride home to even bother telling her. I agreed with Ari and offered up that we should just go home. Alice was of course suspicious, but agreed anyway and we were on our way home.

The car ride home went by faster than on the way there.

"Bella.....I couldn't help but think that maybe, you were being completely honest with me about what Edward told you." Well crap, I was caught. I thought about it for a minute and instead of playing mind games, I decided that I would just come out and say it.

"Ari, Edward feels very...protective of you. He's not sure why, but he does. I also think that he has feelings for you, feelings that I think you should hear from his mouth, and not mine." Wow, I think momma was starting to rub off on me, I've never been that blunt about anything before. Speaking about mom, I saw in the review mirror momma winked at me. I turned to see Ari's reaction, and she was blushing a bright shade of pink. Wow, Ari is so like me it's scary. We both blush bright pink and/or red when we're embarrassed. "Well...ummm, thank you for being honest Bella." She was legitimately surprised at my honesty and was at a loss for words.

I could only think of one thing, I would be getting a front row seat when Arianna and Edward have their 'talk'.

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