God Blessed Texas

Long Time No See

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Bella POV:

"Bella, calm down, her plane will arrive any minute. Your anxiety is making have a complex." I couldn't help it, my best friend from New York will be here any minute. It was like time was teasing me, making fun of me. Jayme always knew how to make me smile. She also knew how to cheer me up when I was either upset, or like now, anxious and causing people headaches.

"I'm sorry Jasper, I'm just so excited to see her. I haven't actually seen her in person for over three years. She said that she had a surprise to show me too."

"That would explain the anxiety, but Bella, please tone it down some."

I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. I sat down next to Jasper and tried to calm down, but I started tapping my foot on the floor. "What do you think the surprise is? I mean it's Jayme, she's always full of surprises." This caused Jasper to let out a groan, and got up and left. "I'm going to go get something to eat." I was about to tell him that he didn't 'eat', but thought it'd be best to just let him walk away. Apparently my emotions were too much for him to hand right now, which made me start to feel guilty.

But I knew that he didn't do it to be mean, he just needed a break from everyone's anxious emotions and their anger because they either missed their flights, they were on layover, or they had lost their baggage. I guess being an empath inside an airport wasn't the best idea on my part.

I pulled out my cell phone and saw that Jayme should've been here by now. Well I started getting nervous and anxious all over again. I flipped open my phone and started scrolling down through my contacts and up popped Jayme's name. I decided that I would send her a text message asking her where she was.

From: Bella

Hey chik, wher r u ?!!

Not even a minute later a text popped up.

From: Jayme

Dude, turn around. You never were that observant…lol jk

I stopped and slowly turned around and standing behind me was my one and only best friend, Jayme, standing in front of me with all her bags with her. I was stunned into silence.

"Y-your hair!" I know that it wasn't a complete sentence, but it was so…so unlike Jayme.

"Still see you need to work on your sentences, huh Bella." Jayme said with a big grin. "Yes, I've decided to go back to my natural length and color. Now will you please help your best friend with her bags?" I shrugged it off and helped her carry all five bags of hers.

"Explain why you have five bags, but you're only here for like a week. Have you ever heard of the term, 'over prepared'?"

"Yes, and I despise the term." She said with a lot of sarcasm. I just rolled my eyes, and attempted to pick up the bags. But I failed miserably. Thankfully Jasper came and helped us pick up all the bags. Actually he picked up the three heavy bags, and we carried the light ones.

"Has Jasper been working out? I mean, the airline people had a hard time putting them on the plane, and Jasper picks them up like their nothing."

I laughed and told her that, yes, he had been working out. She laughed some more and we headed out to the car.

Once we were in the car I asked Jasper if he would let me drive home. See, I've been practicing to get my license for awhile now. Alice had let me drive her yellow Porsche, as long as she was in the car with me. Since she could see if anything would happen to her 'baby'.

I actually did very well and Alice was somewhat shocked, because she said she had seen me crashing her baby and me getting into trouble, and I bet her that I wouldn't. I of course won and I wouldn't have to go with her and mom shopping, instead I would be home to go meet Jayme.

"So what have you been up to homie? I haven't seen you in three long freakin years! School has been a drag since you left. I mean there's nothing exciting there."

I laughed and told her the same thing happens here.

After we got to the house Jayme was speechless. Which for her, was out of the normal. "Jayme, you ok?" I said as I waved my hand in front of her face. Her jaw just dropped.

"Your. House. Is. Amazingly. Awesome!" She said raising her voice on the last word. I blushed and told her that Esme had designed it inside and out. I also mentioned that I helped her decorate the room she'd be staying in.

She raised an eyebrow at me. "Should I be worried or excited?" I playfully pushed her and led her inside. Then she stopped in the doorway when she saw the inside too. "You actually live here Bells? This house is amazing-" But she was cut off when Jasper accidentally ran into her from behind.

"Sorry kid, couldn't see where I was going with all these bags."

For the first time in the time I've known Jayme she actually blushed when Jasper apologized. She even tried to play it off as her fault, but Jasper wouldn't have any of that. He kept telling her it was his fault and that he was sorry.

I don't know why, but why did I feel so upset that Jayme was getting all of his attention all of a sudden? It didn't make any sense to me. I decided to shake it off and said, "Ok, you both are sorry now let's get her stuff upstairs."

"Whoa Bells, chillax, why are you in such a hurry?"

I let out an annoyed sigh, but she had a point. I didn't know why I was in a hurry, I just wanted to get this dang birthday party over with. I never really liked birthdays, but then that was because I hated being the center of attention.

"I'm not in a hurry, I just wanted to show you around town."

"Oh ok, where's the taxi?" I couldn't but burst out in laughter. "Jay, remember we're in a small town in Iowa."

"Yea, and?" Ok, I seriously forgot how dense she could be when she wasn't thinking clearly.

"And there are no taxies here." Her face went from confusion to that of realization. And for the first time in the time that I've known Jayme, she blushed. Blushed! She was always the one who kept her cool, and never really let anything get to her.

"I knew that, but shouldn't we get going? I want to see every little thing of loser valley." I gave her a look and she held up her hands in mock defeat. "Sorry, you know I can't help but wonder why you would want to move from awesome New York City to lame Iowa. Now don't get me wrong, I am all for peace and quiet, but isn't this going a bit far?" She said as she gestured around us.

I rolled my eyes and pulled her along out the door. I called out, "We'll be back later." I heard Rosalie yell after me that dinner would be at six 'o' clock.

"So what's for dinner?"

"Esme is making spaghetti salad and chicken grilled in Italian dressing."

"You're allowed to call your mom by her first name? I mentally smacked myself, she didn't know that I was 'adopted'. We've been friends since middle school, and I failed to tell her something this important. But in my defense I've never been in a place long enough to get as close as I did with Jayme. Just as I was about to explain my reasoning Jayme said, "That is so cool! I wish my mom and dad would let me do that, but if I did that I would end up in my room for the night." She had just given me a way out. I was going to take it, but then I thought about it and decided that I better come out and tell her the truth. I mean, she hasn't done anything that would make me 'have' to lie to her.

"Jayme, there's something I have to tell you. I don't know how you're going to take this so please let me explain."

"Later Bella, I want to see what this little town has to offer."

"Jayme, wait! Please, I really need to tell you this."

I hated yelling at her, but sometimes you had to yell to get your point across with her if she didn't pay attention. "Jay, the reason I'm allowed to call my mom Esme is because, well because I'm….adopted."

She just stood there with her hands crossed across her chest. "Was that suppose to upset me or surprise me Bella? I've known for awhile, you didn't have to tell me."

I was stunned, how could she have known? Could she be a vampire in disguise like that female vampire was pretending to be Christian. No, I was being paranoid. Jayme was my friend. Is my friend, she wasn't vampire.

"H-how did you figure it out? I haven't told anyone that I'm adopted."

"The eyes Bella, your eyes are a different color than theirs. Plus your complexion is different than theirs. You'd have to be a complete moron to think that you weren't adopted Bells." Ok I didn't think of that part. I should've given Jay more credit.

"Ok, if you knew why didn't you bring it up to me Jayme? I would've told you."

She raised an eyebrow at me. Jayme understood me more that I understood myself most times. "Do you honestly think if I came to you and said that, 'Hey Bella, I barely know you, but yea, I know you're adopted' would go over real well with you."

She had me there. "Ok, you have a point, but it's not fair that you knew all this time and I didn't."

"And whose fault is that Bella?" Crap, she got me again. "I hate it when you're right." She just smiled her teethy smile at me and skipped ahead of me. "It doesn't bother me when my little brother says it, it doesn't bother me now."

Jayme was walking backwards facing me, and was about to walk right into the back of someone. I tried to stop her, but she already backed into them and they both came crashing down to the ground.

"Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm a bit of a klutz sometimes…oh wow."

I couldn't help but laugh. I was laughing so hard that I had to put my hand over my mouth to try and hide my laughter. It was obvious that Jayme had some sort of crush on him. "I could say the same about you. What's your name sweetheart?" And in all the time that I've known Jayme she actually failed to make a complete sentence around this guy. I guess it was my civil duty to save her, plus I owed her one.

"This here is my best friend Jayme. And you are…?"

"The name's Reid, but your friend here can call me whatever she wants." He said with a wink. Oh boy I wanted to throw up. This guy was so annoying, yet he looked vaguely familiar. Something about the way his hair looked, the way he carried himself was familiar, even his voice sounded familiar.

Then all of a sudden my phone rang. I checked the caller ID and it showed that Crystal was calling. I hadn't given her my cell number, then I realized that Alice must've 'borrowed' it while I was asleep.


"Bella? Oh thank god I got a hold of you. You need to make sure that Ross doesn't hurt Reid!"

"Wait, how do you know about Reid? Jayme and I just met him."

It was like she was psychic, then that's when it clicked, Alice must've had a vision. She was always ahead of the game, even when you didn't know what the game was.

"Oh ok, tell Alice I said thanks."

"Oh, it wasn't Alice, it was Beau. Alice saw that Ross was going to attack someone, but Beau knew the name person that he was going to attack."

Ok I was starting to like Beau, even if he didn't say much, this would be very helpful. I had to get Jayme and Reid to a non-public place as soon as possible.

"Thanks Crystal for the heads up. Did either Beau or Alice see anything else?"

"Just make sure you can control Ross. Beau said that he's going to be pretty mad at him. Oh and Bella?"


"Take care of yourself."

I said my goodbyes and hung up my phone.

"Hey Jayme, let's go over to the park. I want to show you something I found just recently."

"Uh sure Bella." She said with confusion. "Reid, do you want to come with us? I mean, if that's alright with you Bells."

I nodded my head. Thankfully the park was a bit more secluded. "So what did you want to show me that was so important Bella."

I was about to make something up when I saw Ross walking up behind Reid. I let out an involuntary gasp, causing both Jayme and Reid to turn around.

Jayme shrugged it off, but Reid looked as if he had seen a ghost.

I quickly got between the two of them. "R-Ross?"

"Hello Reid. What? You surprised to see me after all these months?"

A/N: SO what did you guys think? Btw I would like to announce that the character Jayme is actually a faithful, and persistent, reader who goes by the PenName Bella Alice Rose. And since she was the one that originally inspired me to have Ross have a mate, and I completely forgot about her, I made it up and gave her someone very close to Ross. I gave her Reid, who you will find out just how close the two are in the next chapter :)

Cookie Question:

"She's one of us now." (Eclipse, pg285)

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