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Happy Birthday Surprise, Bella

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Bella POV:

I was about to make something up when I saw Ross walking up behind Reid. I let out an involuntary gasp, causing both Jayme and Reid to turn around.

Jayme shrugged it off, but Reid looked as if he had seen a ghost.

I quickly got between the two of them. "R-Ross?"

"Hello Reid. What? You surprised to see me after all these months?"


This left Reid speechless. The more I looked back and forth at the two of them, the more they started looking alike. They both had dark brown hair, the sparkling lake blue eyes, and they even had the same half grin. If I didn't know any better I'd say that they were related.

They had inched closer and I was struggling to keep them away from each other. "What I'm surprised about was that you managed to find me brother. I thought that when you ran off with that blond haired babe. What was her name again? Was it Heidi, no it was Helga, oh wait, it was Holly. Yes, you had run off with a woman you barely knew and left me for good. Or So I had thought." So I was right. They were related.

But the more I looked at the two of them, the more they looked like twins. Of course Ross had a shaggy haired look compared to Reid's clean cut and shaved look. At least there was a way I could tell them apart.

Then it occurred to me, it was possible that Reid didn't know that his brother was a blood-drinking vampire. I mean instead of calling that bitch, Holly, a vampire he said 'blond babe. I took the opportunity to get a peek at what color his eyes were.

They were an icy blue. So it was possible he didn't know about vampires, but then I'm not a vampire, yet I know about them, as did Arianna. But me knowing about vampires got me in more trouble than I had realized. I wouldn't change anything though. I love my family.

"Reid, there's more to it than that. I wish I could tell you, but I can't. Sad thing is, you didn't even try looking for me."

Ok this confirmed my 'Reid not knowing' theory.

"Then why don't you explain Ross. I'm all ears! Oh, and I did look for you, but you were always good at never wanting to be found."

I was about to try and diffuse the situation when my cell phone started to buzz. It was Alice calling. I flipped open the phone.

"Alice, now isn't the best time. I'm kind of in the middle of something."

"This isn't Alice Bella, this is Beau. I wanted to give you a bit of background on the situation."

Well this was new. Beau never really said much so him calling using Alice's phone threw me off a bit. "Ok, I'm listening."

"Apparently when Reid and Ross were about your age, and both were still human a girl came between them. Reid saw her first, but wasn't interested, but once he knew that Ross was he wanted to try and see if he could have any chance. Something to do with Ross being a lady's man. Anyway, apparently Ross ended up winning and the girl, I think they said her name was Holly, ran away together. Reid tried to look for them both, but was unsuccessful."

It was Holly's mind control. Holly made it look like Ross fell for her and they ran away together. But then I remembered that I met Ross when I was about five years old. He was sixteen then, and still is sixteen. If Reid was his twin brother, then shouldn't he be about eleven years older? But he looked about Jayme's and my age.

"Beau, thank you for the information. It was very helpful, but could I please talk to Alice for a minute."

Something wasn't right about Reid.

"This is me angel, what do ya need?"

"Do you see Reid as a vampire? I mean something doesn't add up."

It didn't He'd have to be a vampire to still look this young after eleven years.

"Bells, if you're thinking what I think you're thinking. Then I think you're right. Reid is lying. He's a vampire."

Just then I heard laughter coming from behind me. I looked over my shoulder and saw that Reid was the one laughing.

"Well, it looks like you ruined my little surprise for brother dear, here. But then by the look of his eye color I would say that he is one too."

"One what?" I turned to look at Jayme. Oh my god, she didn't know about vampires. I didn't want her finding out this way. I would have to plead with Reid, and have him not reveal it until I was sure that Jayme would be able to handle it.

"Reid, Jayme doesn't know about vampires, can you please keep it a secret! I don't want her finding out this way." I said in a whispered tone. I checked my phone and saw that I was going to be late to dinner. I looked up at Reid and looked him in the eyes. I silently pleaded with him.

"Don't worry Bella, I won't tell your little friend about our secret. I'll leave that tasty treat to you." He whispered to me and stalked off over to Jayme and wrapped his arm around her.

"I think it's about time we get home before Rosalie and Esme beat us to death." Ross said as he walked over to me. "Do not trust a word he says Bella. I don't trust Reid." Oh that was comforting, I thought sarcastically to myself. Here Reid was wrapping his arm around my best friend, and I just found out that he was more than likely a vampire. The thing that threw me off was the color of his eyes.

"Hey Jayme, can I talk to Reid for a minute?" I said looking straight at her. Thank goodness she got the hint and jogged to catch up with Ross.

"Ok, explain yourself! If you're a vampire, why aren't your eyes red, black or yellow?" I said in a harsh whisper, making sure that Jayme couldn't hear. "I have a gift. Well, more like two gifts. I can change my appearance, and I can sense others' gifts. Unfortunately brother dear over there doesn't seem to have a gift. You however, you confuse me. You're not a vampire, yet your mind has some sort of shield; blocking me from seeing anything, but then that might be your subtle gift."

This was news to me, but then that would explain why Edward couldn't read my mind. But then why could Jasper and Alice see my future? "If you're wondering why your friends can still use their gifts on you, it's because they don't directly affect your mind." Ok, this was getting annoying.

"If you know so much about me, please tell me more."

"No need to get your pants in a twist Bella, I'm just telling you what I know." Ok, Reid was really starting to piss me off, but I knew that Jayme liked him, so I had to be nice.

But the more I thought about what Beau told me about Ross and Reid, the more I understood why Reid was somewhat of a jerk when he was around Ross. So I suppose I would have to play nice.

I was about to open my mouth to say something, but we reached Ross's car. I hopped in the front seat with Ross. And Jayme hopped in the back.

"Aren't you coming with us?" I prayed that he would say no. I needed time to comprehend all what went on. I needed to see if I really hated him, or if I was just overwhelmed.

"No, I need to get home anyway. I'll see you around Jayme." He said with a wink. Oh boy did I want to throw up. After Reid said his goodbyes we sped off towards home. "Don't you think you're going a bit too fast Ross?" I said as I gripped the seat of the car. "What, are you kidding Bells, this is invigorating, I mean, talk about an adrenaline rush!" I rolled my eyes, Jayme was my complete opposite when it came to fun, but then I guess it's true what they say; Opposites attract.

I peeked at the odometer and saw that he was fastly approaching ninety miles an hour. I squeezed my eyes shut, and picture something else, maybe that would help me.

"We're here."

I slowly opened my eyes and saw that we were in fact back at home. I let out a sigh of relief and breathed in the fresh Iowa air. It smelt of corn, and Esme's cooking. I couldn't help but smile. Esme was the best cook. But then I always had her cooking so I was a bit biased.

"What smells so good?" I pulled Jayme in close to me and whispered, "It's Esme's cooking. She is the best cook I've ever known. She could open up her own restaurant." Jayme just rolled her eyes at me. I knew that she was thinking that she would have to 'see to believe'. I walked through the door and was stunned at how much different the foyer had changed.

What I was met with were loads of streamers, confetti on the floor, balloons tied into groups of threes. There were two green balloons tied with one white balloon in each group. On the dining room table there was a two-tier cake with white icing, and a green ribbon piping trim, and on top of that there was a little sign that said, 'Happy 16th Bella!' with a spiral tie-dye look as a background. Around the cake, there were over a dozen of gifts around it. One stood out in particular. It had green ribbon around an off-white wrapping paper. Simple, yet fancy all at once.


My entire family, including Jayme yelled. I couldn't help but jump a bit. They had obviously tricked me into thinking that it was going to be a small party, and a nice quiet dinner. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. My family loves to throw big extravagant parties. Mainly, on my behalf.

Everyone was standing in the living room in a half circle in front of me. Jasper was standing over by Rosalie and Emmett, Esme and Carlisle were standing in the center, Alice was to Esme's right next to Beau, Dani, Kim and Crystal. The only two people I didn't see in here were Edward and Arianna. It kind of hurt.

"What's the matter darlin'? I thought you would've liked the surprise party." Jasper said, and took two steps and immediately he was in front of me, looking me in the eyes. Searching for something, but when his hand touched my cheek I jolted a bit. It was as if I were shocked with an electric current. I felt the air in my chest stop for a moment.

Why was I feeling this way about Jasper? I mean, he's married to Alice, and he probably doesn't even feel the same way about me. Wait! What in the world was I thinking! I shouldn't be thinking this way. Jasper was just my adoptive brother, nothing more.

But I still couldn't explain why I felt that electric current like feeling when he touched me just now. I mean, he's touched me before, and I haven't felt this, why now?

"Bella, Bella, are you alright?"

"Y-yes, I'm fine, you guys got me good." I tried my best to show that I was just shocked. I even managed to get control over my emotions fast enough so that Jasper wouldn't notice, but I was wrong. Jasper gave me a confused look, but I chose to ignore his stare and walk over to mom and everyone else. I was met with a mixture of hugs and kisses.

"Happy birthday Bella"

"Yes, you look as beautiful as ever."

"You should open my gift first Bella." Emmett said with a big grin on his face. I raised an eyebrow at him, he had something up his sleeve. Even Dani was smiling at me, no, make that laughing. They had something up their sleeves, I just didn't know what exactly.

"Why should I open yours first Emmett? What did you do to it?" I said as I held him at arm's length. He just started laughing again. I decided to just shake it off.

"Enough funny business Em. It's time we opened all the presents." Alice said all bubbly. I wonder how it's possible to have so much energy. I mean, she sees the future, I mean it would get old fast knowing what happens before it does. Then it occurred to me, that that's probably why Beau acts so withdrawn from everyone else. I was starting to have more respect for the strong silent vampire.

"Open Carlisle and Esme's gift first." Alice said as she handed me a small rectangular-shaped box with pink wrapping paper and it had a white ribbon tied around it. When I opened it I was stunned. They had gotten me a necklace with a strange looking pendent on it. As I rubbed my thumb across it I felt all the detailed etching.

"It's the Cullen family crest dear, I think..I mean we think it's about time that you have a symbol showing that you're a true Cullen." I was speechless. I knew that I was a Cullen, but for some reason, having this necklace was a symbol that I did, in fact, belong here.

"I…I don't know what to say…other than, Thank you both so much." I leaped and gave them a tight hug, well as tight as a human can give a vampire.

Then of course Alice shoved Emmett's present into my arms. It was wrapped in South Park themed wrapping paper. I should've been surprised, but then it's Emmett so I wasn't. I ripped it off the paper and opened the box, and inside of the box was another box. This went on for a couple more times until I came to find NCIS season 6 in the last box. I was shocked. How did he know that I wanted that? Yes, I'm addicted to NCIS, but I don't watch it as much as I used to. It was actually thoughtful of him. I couldn't help but smile when I saw it. "Thank you so much Emmett, I love it." I said then gave him a kiss on the cheek. And if vampires could blush Emmett would be a light pink.

"Aw shucks Bella, it was nothing." Just then Dani elbowed him in the side, and since obviously he wasn't expecting it he flinched a bit. "Oh, and Dani helped me with the idea." He said as he turned to glare at her. I thought I was done with the presents, but Crystal, Kim, and Beau had something that they wanted to give me. Crystal ran into another room and came back in with a rather large box. It was about as tall as I was, but it was as wide as a mirror. "This gift if from all of us to you Bella. You've been like family to us, and we just wanted to show you how much we care. Plus, I think Daisy would like this present too." Just then Daisy came running in and started barking. Mom picked her up and held her in her arms while I figured out how to open the box.

I finally just ripped open the box and what was inside took me by surprise. It was a collapsible dog bed for Daisy with a canopy cover. Also, there were books, and just any books, they were first edition everything. These were collector's items, worth millions. Some of the books' pages looked so brittle I didn't even want to touch them.

"Thank you all so much," I said as I hugged each of them. I hugged Crystal a bit longer than the others to show my thanks for the phone call earlier.

"And Bella, now it's time for your final and the best present a sixteen year old girl could ask for. I think we should all head outside."

That was weird, why did we need to go outside for my present? Unless my present was….no….it couldn't be. I was ushered outside by my entire family, and now extended family to the front porch. I didn't see anything outside. "Your present will be visible in 4……3…….2……1….now!" Just then I saw an orange dot coming over the horizon. As it inched closer I saw that it was getting ready to speed down our driveway. Was this my gift? No, they couldn't have bought me a car, and a new one at that.

I was about to say something, but the orange car came to a screeching halt. No, scratch that, it was an orange 2010 Honda Civic. This was a brand new car, and it was mine, all mine. I couldn't wipe the grin that I knew was forming across my face. It was the most beautiful thing I could've asked for, but then I thought about it, and I really didn't deserve a new car, I didn't even have my license yet.

"This is the most beautiful car ever you guys, but I don't even have my license yet." I said as I walked over to the car. Then Edward popped out of the car and zipped to the trunk and pulled out what looked like to be a wheelchair, then zip over to the passenger side. He then helped Arianna out of the car and into her wheelchair. I couldn't help but smile at the fact that they were able to make up. And if I didn't know any better I'd say that Edward just gave Ari a quick peck on the lips and pushed her up the rest of the driveway.

"So, what do you think Bells?"

I was speechless, I loved it. I loved the color, I loved the model, I loved that fact that it was all mine, but I couldn't help but feel guilty because it had to of cost a lot of money.

"Isabella Marie Swan, why in the Lord's name are you feeling guilty for? Today is all about you, it's your birthday!"

I couldn't help but blush. I hated it when they used my full name against me, especially when I was in 'trouble'.

"It's just that you guys spent way too much money on me, and I don't deserve all of this attention." I said as I blushed and felt my face start to get warm. "Go on Bella, go sit in it." Mom urged me as I just stood there motionless.

I walked over to the car, not trusting my legs to run, and opened the car door and sat down in my new car. It felt weird to say my new car, but in a good way. I hollered for Jayme to come and get in. She didn't need to be told twice, and came running and hopped in beside me.

"I cannot believe that your family all pitched in and were able to buy such a sweet ride Bells. I am totally jealous now." She said with mocking tone to let me know that she wasn't really mad at me.

"Ok, you two, let's go in and have some cake and dinner before it gets too stale."

I didn't need to be told twice and I hopped out of the car and hit the lock button twice to turn on the car alarm. And walked inside with Jayme by my side. Nothing could possibly go wrong.


"Bella, it's getting late, maybe you and Jayme should get some sleep, I'm sure you two have big plans for tomorrow." That was code for it was time for us to go upstairs so the family could go hunt without letting Jayme know what was going on.

I rolled my eyes and motioned for Jayme to come with me. I picked up Daisy and we went upstairs.

"So what's your problem with that Reid guy anyway?"

"W-what do you mean?" I knew I was busted. I could try and lie, but Jayme knew that I sucked at lying.

"You know what exactly what I mean Bella Swan. You and I both know that you suck at lying." Crap, she caught me. I would have to tell her the truth. Not the part about that my entire family are vampires, including Reid, just the part where I didn't like him. "It's nothing really. I just trust him. I mean, he seemed really attached to you right away."

"Bella, don't worry, I'm a big girl, and it's not like I'm going to run off and marry the man. I just thought he was cute. I don't have any plans other than getting to know him."

I guess that helped me relax a bit.


As the night went on and we sat up and watched a lot of TV, it was time to get some sleep and I tossed Jayme a few pillows and a blanket and laid my head down on the pillow. For a minute I thought that Daisy had disappeared again, but then I remembered that Jayme and I had put together her own dog bed and she was asleep inside of it. I loved that they remembered that my favorite color is green. It was a plush green bed with a sheer green canopy cover.

"Bella, it's a bit stuffy in here. Are you allowed to open your window at all?" I nodded my head and flipped on the light. I walked over to the window and peeked outside and saw Edward, Esme, Mom, and Emmett running out into the night. Apparently it was their turn to go hunting. I opened the window a few inches and saw that there was a small breeze. "Better Jayme?" She just nodded her head and I walked back over and flipped the light off and went back to bed.

Sleep came easy for me.

But then I heard a noise come from outside. My eyes snapped open and looked around the room without lifting my head. I didn't see anything. I heard the window slide up a bit more. I decided to be brave and sat up in my bed.

It took everything I had to keep from letting out a scream. Standing at the foot of my bed was my worst nightmare, well one of them at least.

I opened my mouth, but was stopped. "Ah, ah, ah. We wouldn't want anything happening to your little sleeping friend here would we?" The mysterious voice said as she pointed towards Jayme. Next to Jayme's head I saw two large feet. I followed the feet up and saw that it was that same man from when we first moved here to Iowa.

I shook my head no. "Good girl, now, I am only hear to remind you that we have not forgotten about you Isabella Swan. You will be turned one way or another, so don't think otherwise." I wanted to say something, anything, but I couldn't find my voice. "Now you can say something Isabella."

I took a breath. "Get. Away. From. My. Friend!" I said enunciating every word. "I know that I have to be changed in two years, and I don't need you and 'Killer' over there reminding me. Now if you don't mind I need to go sleep, and I would prefer if you go out the way you came in."

I was stunned with myself. I had said more than I had anticipated. I even sounded stronger than I actually felt. "Wow, little Isabella has a voice, well Aro will enjoy that. Come on Sebastian. We need to get back and get my twenty dollars from Jane." Chelsea stormed out of my room and went out the window. Sebastian followed her, but turned back to me and gave me an evil look and stormed out after his mate.

I threw my head back and let out a sigh. Some birthday this turned out to be. Everything was perfect, nothing went wrong, then I had to be reminded that I had only two more years of being human.

"Bella, you have some explaining to do. Please tell me who in god's name just went out the window, and why do you need to be turned?!"

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Cookie Question:

"As predators, we have a glut of weapons in our physical arsenal — much, much more than really necessary. The strength, the speed, the acute senses, not to mention those of us like Edward, Jasper, and I, who have extra senses as well. And then, like a carnivorous flower, we are physically attractive to our prey." (Twilight, pg.413)

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