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We Need To Talk

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Jasper POV: ( before Bella's birthday party)

"How do we even know she's going to like this surprise party? I thought she hated surprises." Emmett had a point, Bella hated surprises, she especially hated when she was the center of attention. I think it made her feel intimidated, or something close to that nature.

Alice was acting more and more strange lately. It was like she was keeping something from me, something that she didn't want me to know. All I could get from her emotions were that she was intent on keeping whatever she was hiding a secret.

"Alice, when will Bella be home?" Carlisle asked as he was hanging up some streamer that Esme was handing him. "She'll be back in about fifteen minutes…..oh no!"

We all turned our attention to Alice. She had the glazed look in her eyes. She was having a vision. I had gotten so used to Alice's visions that I could almost tell when she was going to have one even before she did, but then we spent a lot of time together as well; almost too much time. I didn't get to spend much time with Bella as she was growing up as I wish I could've. I didn't blame anyone though really. I just wish I could've spent more time with her.

"What's wrong Alice? What did you see sweetheart?"

"I saw Ross, he was with Bella and Jayme, and with someone who looked similar to him. When Ross got there he attacked the stranger. I can't tell why, but something felt wrong about the whole situation."

I needed to go and protect Bella from Ross' recklessness. Something felt off, I just couldn't put my finger on it.

"It wouldn't be wise to go off and try to play hero Jasper. Let Bella calm the situation. I've seen it and she'll be able. You and your family don't really give her enough credit. Crystal, go ahead and call and let Bella know that Ross will be showing up pretty soon."

Who in the hell does Beau think he is?! How dare he even think I would overreact? I know how to control emotions, especially my own. Emmett nudged me in my side, causing me to snap out of my thoughts. "Dude, you're starting to project your anger, you need to chillax." This was one of many things I hated about my 'curse', or 'gift' as Alice and Carlisle called them. I hated being able to know what everyone is feeling. Especially when Rosalie and Emmett would feel 'lust' for one another, it made me want to vomit.

"Bella? Oh thank god I got a hold of you. You need to make sure that Ross doesn't hurt Reid!"

Thank god Crystal was able to get a hold of Bella. I can't believe Ross would let his past get in the way of his judgment, and Bella safety. If he really cared about Bella he would go off half-cocked because of a vision that Alice had. He better have a good reason.

"Wait, how do you know about Reid? Jayme and I just met him."

Thank goodness for my sensitive hearing, I could tell that it was in fact Bella on the phone. I could sense that she was nervous, but calm all at the same time. That was new to me, I've never been very good at sensing emotions over a phone call. I guess spending so much time around Bella, I was able to be attuned to her, but I wasn't like that with anyone else in my family; not even to Alice.

"Oh ok, tell Alice I said thanks." She must've caught on that Alice had had a vision. I loved how observant she had become. I still remembered when she caught onto what we are at a very young age. That's when the whole mess with Holly came about. I still remember when we thought that we got rid of her back in Ireland, but she resurfaced back in New York, and with a few more tricks.

She almost got Bella, but thankfully Ross and I made it to her just in time.

"Oh, it wasn't Alice, it was Beau. Alice saw that Ross was going to attack someone, but Beau knew the name person that he was going to attack."

"Thanks Crystal for the heads up. Did either Beau or Alice see anything else?"

"Just make sure you can control Ross. Beau said that he's going to be pretty mad at him. Oh and Bella?"


"Take care of yourself."

I was somewhat calmer after informing her about what has happened.

"Well, I think we should continue to decorate for Bella's party. It will help keep our minds occupied." For once I was all for what Carlisle had planned. I needed something to keep me somewhat sane while Bella was out with Ross and this other character.

"She's going to be fine Jasper, she's a big girl." I attempted to smile at Alice's attempt to cheer me up, but I couldn't help but think that something wasn't right about the situation. I couldn't put my finger on it, but I knew something wasn't right.

"Jazzy, can I see you in the other room?"

I followed Alice upstairs and into my study. Something in the tone of her voice was making me nervous, and I don't normally feel nervous, well, at least this nervous. If I were human right now, I'd be pretty close to throwing up.

"Jazzy, I have a confession to make. See, you know I love you with all my heart right?"

I was confused but I nodded my head yes. "Of course you love me, and I love you too." Why was she acting like this? She knew that I loved her, she knew that she and I were meant for each other. Was she hiding something from me?

"Alice, Bella wants to talk to you. I filled her in on Ross's past. Let me tell you, it's a doosie. I'll tell you about it later."

Alice had a sparkling glint in her eyes, which were non-existent tears, but she wiped her eyes anyway. That was one of the drawbacks to being a vampire, you would never be able to shed any actual tears. She took the phone from Beau's hand and put it up to her ear. What did she want to tell me that was so important? Now I was really starting to want to know what was going on with her.

"This is me Angel, what do you need?" Alice said as she continued to wipe tears from her eyes that were still coming. Whatever she wanted to tell me, had her really upset. I sent her calming waves. She turned to glance at me with her topaz eyes and gave me a warm smile, but I could still see a few tears.

"Do you see Reid as a vampire? I mean something doesn't add up."

Alice's eyes glaze over for a minute. It sometimes scared me when her topaz eyes would go to an almost milky white color.

"Bells, if you're thinking what I think you're thinking, then I think you're right. Reid is lying. He's a vampire."

This made me even more worried now. Here Bella was out with an unknown vampire, and a cocky vampire who thought he could protect anyone he sets his mind to. Instinctively I started to growl just thinking of all the bad outcomes of what could happen to Bella.

Then I felt a light touch on my shoulder. I turned to see that Alice had put her pale hand on my shoulder and just gave me a meek smile. "She'll be fine Jasper. She's a Cullen after all, right?" She said with a wink. She had a point, she was one of us, even if she wasn't a vampire, and she was and always will be part of this family. "We better get back downstairs and finish helping decorate for Bella's party. I see them returning home in about ten minutes."

Leave it to Alice to ease the tension of what's going on with a party, especially Bella's party. Alice and Beau left my over crowded study, but I chose to stay behind . I wanted to take some time alone to think about what Alice was trying to tell me. She's never that emotional, she's always so bubbly, and hyper. She knows how to make everyone smile.

"Jasper, you better get down here." Alice said just as I heard the car coming up the gravel drive. I took a deep breath and zipped downstairs and saw the finished product of Alice's handy work. I knew that Bella would like it. There were a lot of green and blue streamers, Bella's favorite colors.

We were all doing last minute details, when I heard a car door slam shut.

"What smells so good?" It was obviously Jayme's voice. Bella's voice had a more….angelic tone to it. Every time she spoke it was as if the angels were singing. Wait, why was I thinking this way about Bella? I was supposed to be love with Alice. No, I mean I am in love with Alice, and am happily married to her.

We gathered around the foyer as we heard the door knob jiggle as it was being opened.

"On three we yell surprise…..1..2…3…"


We all yelled, including Jayme. She had been in on the surprise part of the party, she wanted to be a part of Bella's party as much as possible. Bella jumped a bit at the sudden noise. She smiled, but I could sense that she was a bit annoyed, embarrassment, and was that…..sadness? Why would she feel any sadness? This party was for her, and to celebrate the day of her birth.

I had to know why she felt this way. I zipped over to her to see what was wrong. "What's the matter darlin', I thought you would've liked the surprise party." I then cradled her cheek in my hand, and at the sudden touch I felt an electric spark between my hand and her cheek. She must've felt it too because I could hear her heart skip a few beats. I made her heart skip a few beats? That was somewhat poetic, and rather endearing. I smiled to myself, but I couldn't let anyone else know what I was feeling. I shouldn't even be feeling this feeling.

Alice POV (only for a few paragraphs):

I should've been jealous the way Jasper was looking at Bella, but all I felt was happiness, for the both of them, that they had been able to find such happiness. I mean, Jasper of course was happy and in love with me too, we apparently we not soul mates. Jasper was lucky enough to find his at such a young age, I found mine as well, and it's just that Beau hasn't figured that out yet.

"Bella, Bella, are you alright?" Jasper said as he looked into her eyes, I couldn't help but feel happy that they had been able to find each other, even if neither of them knew it yet. I guess this was one of the perks of being a psychic, you could help people find who they will spend the rest of their life with, and Jasper and Bella were no exception.

"Y-yes, I'm fine. You guys got me good." She said with a smile that looked pretty fake. I could tell that she was upset about something, and I didn't need to be Jasper to figure that out. What that was, I couldn't be sure.

Jasper POV:

I could tell that Bella wasn't telling the truth when she said that she was fine.

"Happy birthday Bella."

"Yes, you look beautiful as ever."

"You should open my gift first Bella." Emmett said with a big grin on his face. I raised an eyebrow at him, as did Bella. I've been around Emmett long enough to know when he had something up his sleeve. Even Dani was smiling at Bella, no, make that snickering. They had something up their sleeves, I just didn't know what exactly.

"Why should I open yours first Emmett? What did you do to it?" Bella said as she held Emmett at arm's length. He just started laughing again. I thought it'd be best to just ignore him, as best as I could./

"Enough funny business Em. It's time we opened all the presents." Alice said all bubbly. I chuckled to myself thinking about how she's able to have so much energy all the time. I mean I know that we don't need to sleep and things like that, but if it were me, I don't know how I could be so cheerful when I knew what was going to happen before it happened. Then it occurred to me, Beau could see the future too. I guess every vampire takes to their gift in different ways.

"Open Carlisle and Esme's gift first." Alice said as she handed her a small rectangular-shaped box with pink wrapping paper and it had a white ribbon tied around it. When Bella opened it I could see that she was stunned, and her emotions told me that she was so intrigued with the pendent . They had gotten Bella her a Cullen family crest that was attached to a gold plated necklace. She was studying the detail of the crest, and I was reminded of how observant she was growing up, hell, she found out what we really are at the age of five!

"It's the Cullen family crest dear, I think..I mean we think it's about time that you have a symbol showing that you're a true Cullen." I smiled at the gesture Carlisle and Esme made to Bella. She smiled even wider and her face got even brighter.

"I…I don't know what to say…other than, Thank you both so much." She said as she leaped and gave Carlisle and Esme a tight hug, well as tight as a human can give a vampire.

Then of course Alice shoved Emmett's present into Bella's arms. It was wrapped in South Park themed wrapping paper. I wasn't all too surprised, but then it's Emmett so that was to be expected. Bella ripped off the wrapping paper and opened the box, and inside of the box was another box. This went on for a couple more times until she finally found NCIS season 6 in the last box. I sensed that she was a little shocked. She was also wondering how did he know that she wanted that. It was a bit strange that I was able to get all that just from her emotions alone. I guess I was more attuned that I had originally thought. "Thank you so much Emmett, I love it." Bella said as she gave him a kiss on the cheek. And if vampires could blush Emmett would be a light pink. And I couldn't help but feel a bit jealous, I wish I could stop feeling this way, I was married to Alice for the love of god.

"Aw shucks Bella, it was nothing." Emmett said as he acted all shy, which we all knew was an act of course. Just then Dani elbowed him in the side, and since obviously he wasn't expecting it he flinched a bit. "Oh, and Dani helped me with the idea." He said as he turned to glare at her. Crystal ran into another room and came back in with a rather large box. It was about as tall as Bella, but it was as wide as a mirror. "This gift if from all of us to you Bella. You've been like family to us, and we just wanted to show you how much we care. Plus, I think Daisy would like this present too." Just then Daisy came running in and started barking. Rosalie picked her up and held her in her arms while Bella stood there and tried to figure out how to open the box.

Bella finally just ripped open the box and what was inside took her by surprise, from what I could get off her emotions. It was a collapsible dog bed for Daisy with a canopy cover. Also, there were books, and not just any books, they were first edition everything. These were collector's items, worth millions. Some of the books' pages looked so brittle, as if they were from the actual time they were originally published.

"Thank you all so much," She said as she hugged each of them.

"And Bella, now it's time for your final and the best present a sixteen year old girl could ask for. I think we should all head outside." Rosalie said as she walked out the door, leading everyone outside to the big front porch.

Bella seemed a bit anxious, so I sent her waves of calm and content. She glanced over to me and smiled a small smile. "Your present will be visible in 4……3…….2……1….now!" Alice said as she looked at the clock on her cell phone. Bella's heart beat started to accelerate, and her emotions were all over the place thinking about what this present could be. I sent her more calm waves, she just glanced at me and gave me a smirk as a thank you.

I was about to say something, but the orange car came to a screeching halt. No, scratch that, it was an orange 2010 Honda Civic. This was a brand new car, and I could sense content, and happiness, that I didn't have to send her way. Bella couldn't wipe the grin that was forming across her face. She was so thankful for the gift, and was walking around the car taking it all in, but then I sensed a little bit of doubt, about herself, from what I could tell.

"This is the most beautiful car ever you guys, but I don't even have my license yet." she said as she walked around to the driver's side door. Then Edward popped out of the car and zipped to the trunk and pulled out what looked like to be a wheelchair, then zipped over to the passenger side. He then helped Arianna out of the car and into her wheelchair. "So, what do you think Bells?"

Bella didn't say much, I felt guilt, but at the same time she was happy that she had received the card.

"Isabella Marie Swan, why in the Lord's name are you feeling guilty for? Today is all about you, it's your birthday!"

She couldn't help but blush. I knew that she hated it when we used her full name against her.

"It's just that you guys spent way too much money on me, and I don't deserve all of this attention." She said as she blushed again. For some reason I liked to see her blush. Bella touched her face and felt that she was getting a bit warm. "Go on Bella, go sit in it." Rosalie urged her, since she was just standing there motionless.

Bella walked over to the car, not trusting her legs to run apparently, and opened the car door and sat down in her brand new car. Bella hollered for Jayme to come and get in. She didn't need to be told twice, and came running and hopped in beside her.

"I cannot believe that your family all pitched in and were able to buy such a sweet ride, Bells. I am totally jealous now." She said with mocking tone to let Bella know that she wasn't really mad at her from what I could hear..

"Ok, you two, let's go in and have some cake and dinner before it gets too stale." Esme said while motioning for all of us to come in.


After Bella's birthday dinner we sat around and watched TV. Mainly we watched Bella's new NCIS season. I was actually getting into this series, it was a very good series, I liked all the main characters, but I think I liked Ducky most of all. I loved to hear all his monologues. They were all rather interesting to hear.

"I still don't get why she loves this show so much, I mean Abby's style could use some work." Alice said playfully. Abby's style was all her own, she dressed the way she wanted, and didn't really listen to what anyone else said about her style.

"What's not to get Ally? I happen to like her style, well, except for the black lipstick, that's a bit too far." Dani said as she was eating from a bowl of popcorn.

"Bella, it's getting late, maybe you and Jayme should get some sleep, I'm sure you two have big plans for tomorrow." Rosalie said in her motherly tone, which was also to let her know that it was time for us to go hunting and that Bella should get Jayme upstairs and out of sight.

Bella rolled her eyes and motioned for Jayme to go follow her upstairs.

"So what's your problem with that Reid guy anyway?" Jayme said a she followed up the stairs

"W-what do you mean?" Bella was sure to be caught. She always stutters a bit when she was trying to lie. I guess you could say that that's a good thing, but I think Bella would disagree.

"You know what exactly what I mean Bella Swan. You and I both know that you suck at lying."

We heard Bella let out a sigh, and wrestle with what she was trying to say.

"It's nothing really. I just don't trust him. I mean, he seemed really attached to you right away."

"Bella, don't worry, I'm a big girl, and it's not like I'm going to run off and marry the man. I just thought he was cute. I don't have any plans other than getting to know him."

From what I could tell, she relaxed a bit after hearing that. She was glad that Jayme wasn't going to go run off with this Reid person. I was glad too, I was glad they both were back home and safe from danger.


After awhile of talking and watching television, Dani, Beau, Crystal, Arianna, and Kim said their goodbyes and got in their cars and left for their own home across the Iowa state lines into South Dakota.

"Ok, since the girls are upstairs, I think it's time that we all hunt. Emmett, Esme, Edward and I will go first. Then we'll switch off. We shouldn't be gone too long." Rosalie said to the rest of us.

After they left into the woods, I turned on the television, and Alice turned it back off.

"Jazzy, I would like to finish what I was going to say earlier…"

I gave her a confused look, but nodded my head. "Ok Alice, go ahead." Tears started to form around the brim of her eyes again.

"I love you with all my heart, and I know that you love me too. It's….it's just I had a vision a few months back, and well, I saw you and I with different people."

I was confused, what did Alice mean by that? Who did she see me with that would cause her this much pain. "W-who did you see me happy with Alice?! What aren't you telling me? You've never kept any of your visions from me, why start now?" I came off madder than I really was, but I just wanted answers. "What I saw Jasper, was you and Bella together, and happily in love. So much so that it pales in comparison to our love. I will always love you Jasper, you know that right?" I was about deny everything she said just then.

Why didn't she tell me all this when she first saw it? "I didn't tell you Jasper, because I knew that you didn't even know you felt that way about Bella, but I knew tonight was the best time to tell you because, well, because I saw the way you looked at her Jasper, and I saw nothing but care, and love in your eyes."

I was speechless, I have been feeling that way for a long time and didn't know it? How in the hell hadn't I seen this sooner? I hated to see Alice upset, but her emotions told me that she was relieved, not angry, or sad, she was relieved that I had been able to find someone who loved me and saw me for me.

The more I thought about it the more it made sense. Whenever I was around her, my thirst for human blood diminished almost completely. And when she looked at me, I'd all but melt where I stood if I weren't a vampire.

I couldn't help but feel somewhat guilty for doing this to Alice.

"I am not angry with you Jasper. I am nothing but happy that you were able to find someone that has been able to bring out the side that I knew was always there. I am also glad that it's Bella. You two deserve each other." Alice said with a small smile as she patted my hand with hers.

"Ah, ah, ah. We wouldn't want anything happening to your little sleeping friend here would we?" I started to growl. I knew that voice, what in god's name was Chelsea doing here…and Sebastian?! We still had two years until we had to decide what to do about Bella's humanity.

"Jasper, no! Chelsea isn't going to hurt her, besides that what they're expecting, we need to stay put until they leave. That bitch, Chelsea, and her dog, Sebastian, won't stay too much longer anyway."

I had to listen to Alice, I didn't want Chelsea to take Bella and friend, Jayme, hostage. I sat as still as I could on the couch. Thankfully, Alice kept me distracted by flipping on the television and switching it to the History Channel.

"Good girl, now, I am only hear to remind you that we have not forgotten about you Isabella Swan. You will be turned one way or another, so don't think otherwise." I wanted nothing better than to run up there and rip the both of them to shreds and burn their remains to ashes. "Now you can say something Isabella."

We heard Bella take a breath. "Get. Away. From. My. Friend!" She said enunciating every word. "I know that I have to be changed in two years, and I don't need you and 'Killer' over there reminding me. Now if you don't mind I need to go sleep, and I would prefer if you go out the way you came in."

I was happily surprised at how stern and forceful Bella sounded just now in the face of utter danger.

"Wow, little Isabella has a voice, well Aro will enjoy that. Come on Sebastian. We need to get back and get my twenty dollars from Jane."

Alice and I heard her open Bella's window, and Chelsea stormed out of Bella's room and went out the window. Sebastian followed her, but turned back apparently and growled at her. I grew stiff and wanted to run up there, but Alice was able to keep me calm. Bella let out a sigh and fell back onto her pillow.

"Bella, you have some explaining to do. Please tell me who in god's name just went out the window, and why do you need to be turned?!" Jayme said in an annoyed tone, which matched her emotions as well. I looked to Alice and she just nodded her head.

I zipped upstairs and didn't bother knocking, and ripped the door open.

"Would someone please explain to me what the hell just went on in here, and don't either of you lie to me!" I sent Jayme calming waves and she glared at me.

"What in the hell was that? Who are you people?! Bella, you better start talking, or I'm gone!"

She glanced over at me and I nodded my head. She might as well know about us, especially since she was Bella's best friend, and hopefully she would be able to keep a secret.

"I don't think I can tell you, Jayme."

"Why the hell not?! I thought we were friends Bells." Jayme said with the look of disgust on her face. "I can't tell you, because it's not my secret to tell." She said as she glanced over to me. I took an unneeded breath and plopped down next to Bella. "Do you believe in fairy tales Jayme?"

"What, like fairies, witches, warlocks, nymphs, things like that?" I laughed to myself, I would've thought she was smarter than this. "Ok maybe I should be more specific. I meant, do you believe in mythical creatures? Things like that."

"You mean like werewolves, vampires, unicorns, and things like that?" Jayme said as she scratched her head in confusion. "Yea, those kinds of things. I want to show you something…" I waited a few seconds and then whispered, "Alice, can you come here please." Jayme was about to say something but Alice must've caught onto what I was getting at because she zipped in and stood next to me. "W-what are you guys?"

"We're vampires Jayme, but don't worry, we only feed on animals. We don't drink human blood." Jayme just sat there with her mouth hanging open.

"Jayme, are you alright?" Jayme just sat there, then all of a sudden, Jayme's eyes rolled back and she passed out from apparent shock.

"Don't worry you two, she'll be fine, it's from the shock, she'll wake up in a few minutes."

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