God Blessed Texas

I Love You, You Idiot!

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Bella POV:

I couldn't help but laugh when we finally got home and mom saw the damage Haley had in fact done to his priceless car.

"What the hell did you do Jasper? Did you just decide to total your car, that you spent a good chunk of change on, and decide to put Bella in danger as well?"

I started cracking up laughing my head off. I knew Rosalie, and if you either one, wrecked one of the cars, or you threatened her baby; otherwise known as me, well most of the time it meant me.

"And you," mom said as she pointed her finger directly at me. Her facial expression was that of a scowl. I hated it when she looked at me like that. She would get that look in her eye that meant that either you were in trouble or that someone else was going to be. "why didn't you try to call me when it happened? You know how I am about cars and your safety." Mom said as she took me into a half hug.

I apologized and gave her a kiss on the cheek and walked out of the room and upstairs to my own room.

When I got back up there I saw Dani sitting at my desk and watching some weird video on YouTube. I cleared my throat to let her know I was in here. "Oh Bella, you scared me." Dani said in a mocking tone. "Hardy har har Dani, you're a vampire, I know this and I'd hope you know this too." I said to her as I plopped down on my bed. Almost instantly Daisy hopped up on my bed and plopped down on my lap.

"So why are you in my room, and on my computer?" I asked as I started absent-mindedly stroking Daisy. "I need your help." I waited for her to explain what she needed, but she just went back to watching the video. "Hello, what do you need help with?!" I said as I waved my arms to grab her attention. "As you may know, Emmett McCarty pulled a prank on me. I say that if its war Emmett wants, then its war he's going to get." Dani said as she cackled evilly. I raised an eyebrow in confusion and slowly backed away from her.

"Chillax Bells, it's only a prank war. Besides, I just want you to be the diversion while the real plan is being set up for him to fall into." I didn't know if I should do this, but then I thought about it and Emmett has caused some trouble lately. I mean there was one time where he got Edward to believe that his piano was stolen in the middle of the night. Emmett can be very convincing when he wanted to be. The whole 'stupid big brother vampire' thing was most of the time an act.

I chewed on my bottom lip as I decided if I was going to 'join the dark side' and choose a side in the prank war or just stay neutral.

"Dani, I don't want to choose sides. I love you as a sister, and I love Emmett as a brother and I don't want to choose so I am staying neutral. Just call me Team Switzerland." I said with a cheeky grin.

"Fine whatever, Just make sure you're not around Emmett too awful much, I don't want you getting hurt, then having Rosalie on my ass." Dani said with a grin and then she gave me a hug and she zipped out of the room. I got on the computer and started to check my emails. I had about a dozen from Jayme.

The ones from Jayme were mainly her saying that she enjoyed coming to visit me, and that she wishes she could've stayed longer, but her mom wanted her back home as soon as possible. I guess being a single mom with a daughter in high school, twin boys that are constantly getting into trouble at school, and a toddler that's running all over the house is a bit stressful on just one person. Now, Jayme's mom isn't divorced or anything like that. Jayme's dad is always out of town on business trips for his company. And ever since he got promoted the hours had just gotten worse. Some of the emails Jayme sent me was her telling me about how her mom and dad wouldn't stop arguing.

I was thankful that I had a mom that loved me, and would die for me; if it meant that I would be safe. I on the other hand didn't like the idea of my mother dying. I loved her I grew up with her love and her sense of humor. She had been there for me ever since Jasper rescued me from my house. I still miss Houston, but I know that it's not the 'best' place for a family of vegetarian vampires to try and blend in. I mean, they would draw a lot of attention to themselves by sparkling everywhere they would go. I course would pale in comparison to them if I were to stand next to them.

"Bella Marie Swan, stop the self sabotaging right now! I don't have time to deal with that, I agreed to clean Rosalie and Emmett's room for a whole month so Rosalie could fix my car without getting another lecture in the meantime." Jasper said as he passed my room carrying a bucket filled with cleaning supplies. Surprisingly enough, I didn't see Alice trailing behind him with some sort of object to try and help him. Come to think of it I hadn't really seen that much of Alice in a while. I wonder where she could've been. I mean I remember growing up that Alice and Jasper were barely inseparable. Now lately I barely see them together, and when I do I don't hardly see them cuddling like I see Arianna and Edward, Carlisle and Esme, and Mom and Emmett. In fact whenever I saw Alice I saw her talking with Beau. Now, why was I happy that Alice found an interest in someone else, and left Jasper all alone? I couldn't really put my finger on it, but something about that situation made me feel all warm inside.

Wait!! Why was I feeling this way all of a sudden? My thoughts were interrupted by a loud ping and I turned to see that Jayme sent me a message on the Facebook chat.

Jayme Leigh: Hey Bells, I miss you like a fat kid misses cake. I had a blast at the party by the way. Plus, I can't stop thinking about that Reid guy. I mean no other guy had ever looked at me the way Reid did.

I tensed a bit as I read that. I knew the real reason that Reid was probably looking at Jayme that way. Reid was a vampire, and I wasn't too sure that he was a vegetarian at that.

Bella Marie Swan:I miss you too douche (jk)….the party was awesome and I love my civic. I haven't really seen or talk to that Reid guy since you left.

I hated to lie to her, but my reasoning was true; I hadn't talked to Reid since that day. Now why did I feel so bad lying to her? Oh, I know why, it's because I am a caring person and don't really like to lie to someone.

Jayme Leigh: that's cool, 'sides I got a guy checking me out every day in my speech class.

I couldn't help but chuckle. Jayme always did bounce back when she was 'rejected' or just got bad news. I guess growing up with younger brothers and a growing toddler you learn to get used to some disappointment.

Bella Marie:lol that sounds like you Jay. So what is this special guy's name that has you so giddy? ;)

I loved teasing her. Especially when it had to do with a boy.

Jayme Leigh: His name is Mikhail. He's an exchange student from Russia. Someone explained that it translated to Mike in English. Isn't that a weird version of the name Mike? :D

I couldn't help but laugh, of course she would go for a foreign exchange student.

Jayme Leigh: Also, there's a new exchange student from Germany. Her name is Giselle. She has all the boys practically drooling over her….oops, gotta go mom's calling for me to help with the twins and Harley. TTYL Bells.

Jayme Leigh is now offline

I didn't even get a chance to comment on the new student, but I was over it quick. I logged off Facebook and shut my laptop. I picked up Daisy and plopped her in her plush cage.

I had just left my room when I heard the door open downstairs. I peeked over the banister and saw Haley walk in first, with Reid strolling in slowly behind her. I couldn't help but feel nothing but annoyance and anger when I saw him. I assume it's because he wanted to 'eat' my best friend. Other than that I really had nothing to be 'mad' at him about. That sucked for me, because that would mean I had to be on my best behavior, and that would be hard. I would have to possibly sit by Ross, so that way we would keep each other somewhat calm. But then I thought that that was now Crystal's job now and I would have to keep myself in check.

I was about to go back in my room when I saw Reid look up the stair case and make eye contact with me. He winked at me, and then walked to catch up with Haley. I just rolled my eyes and pushed myself up off the edge of the banister and slowly trudged down the stairs.

"Bella, you remember Haley and Reid, right?" I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms against my chest. I hated that I had to be so friendly with them. Reid just didn't seem to set well with me, and Haley just seemed too nice. I mean she rammed into the back of Jasper's car and didn't even offer to pay for damages. But then I thought about it and started to relax, and it helped that I could feel waves of calm run over me and I gave Jasper a smile and plopped down in a chair.

"Yes, I remember both of them. I also remember Reid hitting on my best friend, and almost eating her as well."

Haley turned and glared at Reid which made him squirm where he was sitting. Ok, maybe I would really like Haley. She wasn't the pushover I thought she would be with Reid. On the couch next to my chair I heard Ross chuckle under his breath, and then I heard him gasp. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Crystal smack him in the gut, which cut him off guard.

I snickered a bit and leaned back in my chair. "Bella, I want to apologize for Reid's actions around your friend. And he won't do it again right!" She emphasized to Reid as she glared at him. "Yes, dear." Reid said sarcastically. I couldn't help but laugh again. I guess I made my judgment of them too soon, because they seemed like nice people.

"Seems like one of us has more control than the other, right brother dear?" Ross said mockingly. Crystal smacked him again, but he didn't flinch. I still don't get why they argue so much, even after they haven't seen each other for so many years, and they finally have the chance to reconcile with one another. I wouldn't get the chance to do that with my birth mother and my dad. In fact, I hadn't thought much about them since I came to live with my new family. I wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing really. All I knew was that I was happy, and loved. That's all I wanted, and all I really needed.

"At least I didn't try to kill my best friend." Did Reid mean the time when Holly had mind control over him back when we lived in Ireland, and then attempted again when we were in New York? Holly, a vindictive vampire that didn't like to lose loved to make other vampires do her bidding. When I was younger, she had Ross try and kill me with her power, but thankfully he was able to break her hold over him. That was when he came to live with us. I was nearly six, and he was my best friend. I didn't want him to leave so I begged my family to let him come live with us.

"You bastard!" Ross yelled as he leapt from the couch and jumped over the coffee table and lunged for Reid's throat, but was pulled back by Emmett and Jasper. Crystal tried to calm him down, and it actually worked. She started whispering to him to calm down, and tell him that he wasn't like this, and that he needed to calm down.

"Thanks, Jasper." Ross said. I loved Jasper ability. He could calm any vampire or human if they were stressed or were out of control. I admired him for that too. In fact, when he held Ross back I couldn't help but worry for Jasper, I didn't want anything to happen to him. I mean, I didn't want anything to happen to Emmett either, but some kind of 'feeling' made me feel so strongly about his safety.

"Little brother, you really need to watch your temper. Seems some things never change, huh?" Reid said tauntingly to Ross. I couldn't take anymore I stood up and started to yell at Reid. "Why in hell do you think he has a temper Reid?! I mean, all you do is taunt, and piss him off! Why do you have to get a rise out of your brother?! I mean, you two haven't seen each other for years, and when you finally reunite, you two can barely stand each other!" I yelled at the top of my lungs, and as I got more and more frustrated, I got in Reid's face. I know that that wasn't the best thing to do when yelling at a vampire, but Reid really hit a nerve with me.

"You better watch yourself little girl." Reid said to me. If I didn't know better, I would've thought he was threatening me. I couldn't help myself I wanted to give him a taste of his own medicine. "Or what? You're going to hurt me, or worse….bite me?" I said sarcastically as I waved my hands in mock worry.

I heard Emmett chuckle softly. I guess he was starting to rub off me, I mean, I wouldn't normally try and piss off a strange vampire, especially one that apparently had anger issues too.

"If I need to, I will." Reid said as he stood up and towered over me, making me to have to take a step back he got so close. Reid was so close, that I could see his eyes turn to a dark cold black color. I think I went a bit too far. I was frozen in place. I couldn't move. Reid must've sensed my panic because he started to snicker.

Almost instantly my vision of Reid was blocked that of Jasper. Wasn't he over by Carlisle and Esme? But then I remembered that he has lightening fast reflexes. Haley thumped Reid on the back of the head and started whispering harshly to him.

Jasper then turned to face me and looking at me, making sure I was alright. What was that in his eyes? Was that l-love? I know that he loved me, but the way he was looking at me, was the way I saw Emmett and Rosalie look at each other. The more I thought about it; that was the same way I saw Alice look at Beau.

"Are you alright Bella?" I couldn't form a sentence. Jasper looked at me just now, the way someone would look at someone they loved. Not the way I thought I loved him. He looked at me like I was the only one that mattered. I couldn't but feel the same way. That's when it finally hit me. Ever since I started getting weird feelings about Jasper, I was actually starting to fall for Jasper. Yes, I was sure of it. I was, and forever will be, in love with Jasper Whitlock.

"I'm fine Jasper, thank you. I um, have something to tell you. Can we talk in private?" I said as I looked around the room. I know that it was a sudden request, and that it came out of nowhere. I just wanted to confront my feelings for Jasper and confess to him. I wasn't sure why I wanted to tell him. It was something inside me telling me that he felt the same way.

It was as if they knew what I wanted to talk about, because my entire family and Reid and Haley left the room.

"What is it darlin'? are you alright? You know you can tell me anything." Jasper said with confusion and worry laced within his voice.

"I-I'm fine. I wanted to say that I have feelings for you." That sounded so lame when I actually said it. It sounded better in my head. I hated when that would happen.

"Well darlin' I have feelings for you too, I mean we all have feelings." He said matter-of-factly. I mentally smacked myself. I was being too generic. I couldn't beat around the bush I suppose. "Jasper Whitlock, are your really this dense? I am in love with you, you idiot!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

Then I realized what I said and immediately turned a bright shade of red, and if Jasper were human, he would be blushing a bit too. I tried to ramble out an explanation, but I was shushed with a finger against my lips. I took a deep break and stopped talking.

What happened next was more magical than I could have ever imagined. Jasper leaned in and kissed me. I felt that same type of spark. I couldn't help but be urged on by this spark and we started kissing feverishly. Once he ended the kiss, I had to catch my breath I was so frantic with my kisses, it was as if he had been waiting a while to do that as I had been apparently too.

"Isabella Marie Swan. I hope you don't mind my forwardness, I was just so relieved to hear that you felt the same way I have been feeling." Jasper said with a big grin on his face. So he had been feeling the same way and didn't even bother to mention it to me?! Then I realized that that would've been an awkward conversation, especially if I had turned him down. But I know in my heart that I wouldn't have turned him down. Something had been brewing inside of me for awhile as well, I had just shrugged it off.

"Jasper, I don't mind you being forward. I am just glad that you feel the same way I do." When I said that he smiled even wider. Jasper then took me in a semi-tight hug and lifted me off the ground for a split second. "Just one question Jasper, why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"Well, I wasn't sure if you felt the same way, and I didn't want to make what relationship we had with each other an awkward one. Besides, if I would've told you that I love you, would you have believed me?"

He had a point. I don't think I would've taken him seriously, but that didn't matter, Jasper and I loved each other, and we had finally come to terms with them. Now all we had to do was figure out what we were going to tell the rest of the family.

A/N: So what do you think? I know that their 'confession' was a bit awkward, but that was what I was going for. I mean, they loved each other, but they both were afraid of rejection, I mean who isn't :P

Also, I am considering starting a companion to this story, it's not a sequel, and it would be like little extras that aren't in this story. It would be most likely called either God Blessed Texas: Extras or God Blessed Texas: Behind the Scenes. I want to know what you think of those titles and the idea of a story that has extras….also, it will be a bit interactive, you would review what you want to see, and I will devote a chapter to that idea.

Cookie Question:

"I can't imagine why that would be frustrating at all — just because someone refuses to tell you what they're thinking, even if all the while they're making cryptic little remarks specifically designed to keep you up at night wondering what they could possibly mean… now, why would that be frustrating?" (chapter 5, pg. 90)

Let me know what you think of the possible Extra's story ;) until then, I bid you all farewell :D

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