God Blessed Texas

Lets Go Country Line Dancing!

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Bella POV:

It still felt a bit weird to confess my feelings for Jasper so soon, but it was true. I love Jasper Whitlock with my entire being, which was the only explanation as to why I have felt this way for so long, but had no idea how to figure out why I felt this way until I had been confronted by Jasper himself.

"Jasper, one thing still confuses me. If you've loved me for a while now, then how come you were with Alice, then all of a sudden she just left? Was I the one that caused you two to break up?" If this were true, then I would have to try and fix it. I mean, Alice and Jasper had been together for as long as I could remember.

"Bella Marie Swan, don't you dare blame yourself for Alice and I breakup. Alice had a vision. She saw you and me happy together. You apparently made me happy and brought out the best in me that she couldn't always do. Besides, she told me that she saw herself with Beau. And to be honest, I find it hard to force myself to stay away from you any longer." Jasper said to me as he locked his gaze with mine.

I still couldn't fathom that Jasper actually felt the same way about me, and that he'd felt that way for so long without even hinting to me. And I'm a bit surprised that I was the one who had to say it, I mean he is the empathy after all. You'd think he'd have picked on my conflicting emotions, and then maybe that's why he didn't say anything to me. I didn't fully understand that, but I didn't really want to question that. I knew that Jasper loved me and that was all that mattered.

"So how are we going to break it to the family Jasper? I mean, what are mom and everyone going to think?!" It was true. I realize that Alice already knew, and apparently was ok with the whole situation. I just didn't want mom to think different of me.

Just then everyone came piling in behind Alice, and started shouting congratulatory words to us both, Emmett patted Jasper on the back, Alice took me in a tight hug, and mumbled something that sounded like, "Finally..."

I was somewhat relieved. I guess it was because Alice really was ok with Jasper and I wanting to be together. As I was hugging Alice I saw mom glancing over at me with her arms crossed against her chest. Her expression was both relief and happiness.

"Mom, aren't you going to say anything?"

"Well all I really have to say is that it's about time you two realized how you felt about each other."

I was taken aback. Did everyone in my whole family know about Jasper's feelings besides me? I thought to myself as I looked around the room. Everyone couldn't stop smiling. I was somewhat embarrassed that I had been so blind compared to everyone else.

"So squirt, now that you and Jasper are finally together, I say that we treat you two to a Cullen family tradition."

I raised my eyebrow at Emmett and sank into Jasper's side in worry. I mean, yes, Emmett is a big teddy bear, but he's a teddy bear with a mischievous streak in him; something that apparently Dani had brought more out of when he hung around her.

"And what tradition would this be Emmett? This is the first I'm hearing of this." Carlisle said with bewilderment. Now, if Emmett were human, like me, then he would be blushing almost as red as I do. "Well…err…It's where we take the happy couple out to eat in a fancy restaurant." Emmett said. I knew that he had made that up on the spot, and I think Carlisle did too because he raised an eyebrow again at Emmett. Behind Emmett, I could see Edward chuckling. I suppose he read Emmett's mind and knew what he really had planned for me.

I was going to ask Edward what Emmett had planned, but I decided against it. I'm sure that it would be best if I didn't know.

"Smart choice Bella, because what Emmett had really planned was something that I'm sure would've made you blush redder than you have had before." Alice said to me. I guess she must've had a vision of what he had almost planned.

"So enough showing off your 'special gifts', let's go out and celebrate Jasper and Bella's newfound relationship." Esme said to us all. We grabbed our coats, since it was somewhat chilly outside right now. And my family needed to keep up the appearance of being normal. Just then I remembered that we lived in a small town, and there really wasn't anywhere fancy to go eat to celebrate the exciting news.

Ius890cv 8i89"So where are we going anyways? I mean, there's nothing really too fancy here."

"Bella, I'm surprised at you, we're not snobs you know, we can 'eat' anything, and anywhere we choose." Mom said with a sly grin. I guess I had gotten used to whenever we went out to eat somewhere on a special occasion we would go out somewhere where the only way to get a seat in the place was to call like weeks in advance.

Mom, Jasper, Alice, and I hopped in mom's Mercedes and Carlisle, Esme, Emmett and Edward drove Edward's Volvo. The Volvo followed us around town while we tried to look for something that sounded halfway decent to snack on. "Wait, what's that?" I pointed to off to the right. It was a barn-like structure and there was light illuminating from inside. I read the sign out front as we drove by and it said, "Hoedown Tonight! Everyone Invited!" I had never been that good at dancing, but for some reason I wanted to try and go and get more 'involved' with the community, since it felt like I kept to my family mostly. I've been going to school here for the past three years, and I hadn't made a single friend yet, well I suppose that had to do with the fact that I still had Jayme to talk to. I mean we talked nonstop over instant messaging and Skype video chats were awesome too.

"Sweet, let's go in guys. I wanna try out my country line dancing." Emmett said over the speaker phone. That was Alice's idea so we could throw ideas back and forth over the phone and not have to stop and talk every few miles. It was actually pretty smart. It was unanimous then, we would be going to our very first 'Hoedown'.

Once we pulled up and got out of our cars we heard 'Good Time' start up and I dragged Jasper in because I loved Alan Jackson, and I loved this song and I wanted to attempt line dancing.

"Bella, do you even know how to line dance, besides, I thought you didn't like to dance. What brought this on?" Honestly, I wasn't sure why, I guess it had to do with the fact that I was finally with a guy that I loved and that I knew loved me back. I just wanted to go out and have a good time. This song was just what I needed too.

Work, work all week longPunchin' that clock from dusk till dawn.Countin' the days till Friday nightThat's when all the conditions are right.For a good timeI need a good time.

I grabbed Jasper and hopped into a line and slowly got the hang of the dance moves and if I didn't know any better I'd say that Jasper has been line dancing before.

Yea, I've been workin' all weekAnd I'm tired and I don't wanna sleepI wanna have funIt's time for a good time

I cashed my check, cleaned my truckPut on my hat, forgot about workSun goin' down, headin' across townPick up my baby and turn it aroundGood time,Aahh, I need a good time

I've been workin' all weekAnd I'm tired and I don't wanna sleepI wanna have funTime for a good time


Pig in the ground, beer on iceJust like ole Hank taught us aboutSingin' along, Bocephus songsRowdy friends all night longGood timeLord, we're having a good time,

We were getting into the music now. We were dancing and Jasper took me by the hand and spun me a bit and we went back to dancing. "Who would've thought you'd have been so light on your feet Bella. You're an amazing dancer." Jasper said to me as we kept on dancing to the beat.

And might I add that the song is quite catchy. I couldn't help but start singing along with the music. Everyone started in singing at the chorus as well it was so surreal, but amazing all at once.

Yea, I've been workin' all weekAnd I'm tired and I don't wanna sleepI wanna have funIt's time for a good time


Heel toe dosey doeScootin' our boots, swingin' doorsB & D Kix and DunnHonkin' tonk heaven, Double shotgunGood time,Lord, we're havin' a good time

Cause I've been workin' all weekAnd I'm tired and I don't wanna sleepI wanna have funIt's time for a good time

Shot of Tequila, beer on tapSweet southern woman set on my lapG with an O, O with a DT with an I and an M and an EAnd a good timeShhheww, good timeI've been workin' all weekAnd I'm tired and I don't wanna sleepI wanna have funIt's time for a good time

Ahh, turn it up now.

A Shot of Tequila.Beer on tap.A good looking woman.To set on my lap.

A G with an O, an O with a DA T with an I an M with an EThat spells good timeA good time

It seemed like we have been dancing forever, but I wasn't about to complain. I was having a blast with my family and the man that I love. And from what I could see, they were having just as much fun as I was.

I looked over towards Mom and Emmett and saw that they were standing side by side and I could see that Emmett was having some difficulties with the dance steps, and so mom stopped and slowly showed him each dance step, and then Emmett was back to dancing again.

"YeeHaw!!" Emmett screamed as he started dancing again. He could pass for a true 'country bumkin' if he felt like it, that's how good he was at dancing now.

"You're a natural Em." I yell over to him as I was dancing next to Jasper.

Ohh, I've been workin' all weekAnd I'm tired and I don't wanna sleepI wanna have funTime for a good time.

Twelve o'clock, two o'clock three o'clock fourFive o'clock we know were that's gonna goClosing the door, shuttin' em downHead for that Waffle House way across townGood timeOhh, we're havin' a good time.Ohh, I've been workin' all weekAnd I'm tired and I don't wanna sleepI wanna have funIt's time for a good time

Ohh, I've been workin' all weekAnd I'm tired and I don't wanna sleepI wanna have funIt's time for a good time

Ohh, I've been workin' all weekAnd I'm tired and I don't wanna sleepI wanna have funIt's time for a good time

Ohh, yea, a good time.

I need a good time.

Yea, a good time

Once that song was over everyone stopped in their tracks and started applauding and hooting and hollering as the band did a little improve ending.

I was about to go take a seat with Jasper, but he grabbed me by the arm gently to stop me. "Bella, where are you going? There's still time for dancing. "

I was about to protest, but then "Cowboy Take Me Away" by the Dixie Chicks started playing. I know that they had caught a lot of flack lately with their lead singer, but I didn't care about that, what I cared about were their songs.

I said I wanna touch the earthI wanna break it in my handsI wanna grow something wild and unruly

I wanna sleep on the hard groundIn the comfort of your armsOn a pillow of blue bonnetsAnd a blanket made of stars

Oh it sounds good to me

I said cowboy take me awayFly this girl as high as you canInto the wild blueSet me free oh I prayCloser to Heaven aboveAnd closer to youCloser to you

I know that this wasn't a good song to slow dance to, but Jasper and I made it work. Besides, this song fit my mood right now. Being with Jasper made me feel even closer to who I was and who I was going to be.

I wanna walk and not runI wanna skip and not fallI wanna look at the horizonAnd not see a building standing tall

I wanna be the only oneFor miles and milesExcept for maybe youAnd your simple smile

Oh it sounds good to meYes it sounds so good to me

Cowboy take me awayFly this girl as high as you canInto the wild blueSet me free oh I prayCloser to Heaven aboveAnd closer to youCloser to you

I said I wanna touch the earthI wanna break it in my handsI wanna grow something wild and unrulyOh it sounds so good to me

Cowboy take me awayFly this girl as high as you canInto the wild blueSet me free oh I prayCloser to Heaven aboveAnd closer to youCloser to you

Closer to you

Cowboy take me away

Closer to you

Once the song was over I leaned my head on Jasper's shoulder. He smelled of peppermint, mixed with axe deodorant spray. It was weird, I didn't know that vampires needed to wear deodorant, but I then I guessed that it had to do with 'keeping up appearances' and seem normal.

"Jasper, can I ask you a question, and promise not to laugh" I said as I chewed on my bottom lip.

"Sure darlin' what do you want to know?" He said while staring into my eyes, and not just to keep eye contact, I could sense that he was deeply aware of what I was doing and I had his complete undivided attention.

"Well, I've been thinking, and well, why did you fall in love with me in the first place? I mean, I'm the plainest girl on the planet, no scratch that, the universe." I said then looked down to the ground with shame.

Jasper started chuckling a little. I playfully smacked his chest, "I told you not to laugh!" I said while trying not to laugh myself. "I can't help it darlin', you are nowhere near plain Isabella Marie Swan. You are the most beautiful and most intelligent human being I have met since the beginning of my existence. I want to spend the rest of your life with you."

The rest of my life?! Did that mean he wasn't planning on ever turning me? I mean, I just always thought that eventually I would be turned into a vampire. I mean, never want to leave my family, and being turned into a vampire were two things I was looking forward to.

I was not happy about this. I was going to let Jasper know this, and let him know loud and clear.

"Take cover Jasper, this might get ugly." Alice said as she walked past us towards the bathroom, once again, to keep up appearances.

"Jasper Harrison Whitlock! What did that last comment mean? Do not love me? I mean, I want to spend the rest of my existence with you! That means that I plan on becoming a vampire just like you." I said in a harsh whisper, so not to let anyone know what we were really talking about. "Besides, if you don't change me, I can ask someone else to you know, and if they say no, then I'll go and find a different vampire. But know this Jasper Whitlock, I plan on becoming a vampire one way or another! Mark my words Jasper Whitlock."

All Jasper did was just stand there and stare a hole in me. Was he angry with me? Did I go overboard again? What if my wanting to be a vampire would make him 'leave me'?


"Isabella Marie Swan, you know that I love you with all my being! I want to spend the rest of my existence with you too, and for the becoming a vampire, I just never really considered that you wanted to become a vampire. So please tone it down a bit sweetheart, I didn't know you were wanting to become a vampire. Give me some time to think about that and I will let you know my opinion on the matter."

Now I felt stupid. I knew that I was blushing since I could feel my cheeks start to get warm. I couldn't even look him in the eyes I was so embarrassed. Jasper lifted my head with his hand and made me look him in the eye.

"Bella, you know that I love you, and you do not need to feel embarrassment whatsoever. Just know that I love you and that's all that matters."

Just then Jasper pulled me in and our lips met in warm passionate bliss. I couldn't be any happier than I was in this moment.

I knew that Jasper loved me that was the main reason I had considered becoming a vampire as well. I would just have to figure out a way to convince Jasper that that was the right decision to make, then I remembered I would have to get the OK from mom, and with her track record of turning humans to vampires wasn't very good. I knew that she treasured that I was human, and I wasn't so sure if she wanted to let that go just yet.

Then all of a sudden an idea came to mind. I had the perfect plan.

A/N: Sorry for the minor cliffy, but I also want to take the time to apologize for not updating any of my stories forever. I have been stuck with lots of homework from school, and by the time I get done with hw and school it's time to get ready for bed. So now I have to write things out then type it up and then update stories. The next one will be All My Life. Hope you check it out :D

Cookie Question: I looked into his eyes, abruptly grasping that this was every bit as new to him as it was to me. As many years of unfathomable experience as he had, this was hard for him, too. (Twilight pg. 265)

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