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Too Close For Comfort!

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Bella POV:

The plan would work perfectly, but I would have to make sure to hide it from Alice. I would try and find Maria, and if I were in trouble, Jasper would have to come and save me. I mean, if Jasper was going to try and keep me human, I might as well make it as hard on them as possible.

But then I thought about it some more and one, I was petrified of even attempting to face Maria, second being that I had no clue where to even start looking, and third was that I knew if I had done this reckless act I would be disappointing my family, and saddening them all. I would forever hate myself if I were to do such a horrible thing.

I got out of bed and decided to go get dressed for school, and face being a human for a little while longer.

"Bella, you better get a move on if you want to be on time to school." Mom said to me as I walked slowly down the stairs with my backpack on one shoulder. "Mom, do I have to go? I mean, you all are going hunting while I'm at school, and by the time you guys get back it'll be time for dinner. Can't I just go over and stay with Crystal and all them?" I said with pleading eyes. Mom thought about it for a second but decided against it.

"Bells, some of will be back by the time you get home from school, so you'll be fine. I've already checked ahead." Alice said as she tapped her temple. Sometimes my family's gifts got on my nerves, but I had to grow to love it.

At least it wouldn't look too odd that my family was gone except me since only Alice and Edward were still students in school with me. Emmett, Mom, and Jasper had already graduated and were off at college, or at least that was the cover story.

Honk! Honk!

That would be the school bus to take me off to my personal hell on earth, and hopefully it would go slightly faster today knowing that I would get to see my family again. The cover story today was that both Edward and Alice got food poisoning from eating chicken that was prepared poorly when we went out to eat last night.

I rushed off to catch the bus. I looked over my shoulder as I slowly trudged onto the transportation to my personal hell.


"Hey Bella, where's your hunky brother gone off too?"

"Yea where's smoking Alice?"

Those were only a few of the questions I was asked constantly all day. As you could probably already guess compared to my family, I was just plain ol' me. Now I wasn't jealous of the, I was just tired of being plain. But then the more I thought about it the more I realized I really didn't like being the center of attention, so I guess not being noticed constantly was a semi good thing.

I made the same old excuse that they were home sick and they seemed to slowly back off. I thanked the lord for my quick thinking, and for the idea from Alice about the food poisoning angle.

"Hey Bells, what was the homework assignment in Mrs. Hogan's anatomy class?" Lindsey said to me as we walked to our lockers. She was the closest person I had to a best friend here. I tended to keep to myself and my family mostly. I guess you could say that my family being gone 'forced' me to associate with people here more than I was used to.

"Uh, I think it was over chapter six, and I think that was over the integument systems. Oh and we're suppose to read over pages one hundred twenty-three to one hundred thirty." It wasn't all that much, but that may be because I skimmed through it before it was assigned since I had already had anatomy back in New York City.

"Thanks Bella, I can't believe the principal hasn't allowed you to skip a grade, it's like you already know what's going to covered. I mean, you have the highest grade in the class." I guess that was true, I never made much of it.

I thanked Lindsey and I went on my way towards my last class for the day, one that I really didn't like entirely, and that was chemistry. I was half way decent at math and conversions, but the 'science' behind it was a bit confusing to me. Now physics, I understood that a lot better. I really wasn't sure why, but it was.

And thankfully class was over before I knew it. I headed straight for my baby. I still couldn't believe that they had gotten me a Honda Civic. I hopped in and raced, staying under the speed limit, towards home. I didn't have much homework to do. Out of the five classes I had I had a test in three of them. So by the time I finished the last one my brain was practically fried.

I dropped my backpack off by the black couch that was near the island in the open kitchen area. I rummaged through the kitchen to try and find some kind of snack, and really wasn't all that hungry, so I just grabbed a stick of string cheese. I peeled back the plastic and switched on the television to see what all was on, and I had to say that for the hundreds of channel's we had there was absolutely nothing on.

I felt my pocket vibrate a bit and checked my phone and saw that it was a text from Alice.

From: Alicehey bells, finishin up w/ hunt b home soon. Ttyfn tc

I loved how even when they were off hunting one of them still took time out to make sure that I was doing alright and that I knew what was going on at all times.

From: Bellacool, ty 4 the update. dn't wrry bout me. I'll b fine ;)

Not even five seconds later I got a reply

From: Alicewe all wrry bout you. You can be a klutz at timez :P

I rolled my eyes and put my phone back in my pocket. I knew that I could be a klutz, and I had grown accustomed to that, and I also had to get used to some of my family giving me a hard time for it at times.

I finally found a channel that apparently had an all day Criminal Minds marathon and I would gladly watch it. I had come across it when I was searching for NCIS. Criminal Minds was another crime drama, but it had something 'different', something that drew me in and kept me hooked. I have to say that Morgan, and Garcia are two of my favorite characters. I liked Reid, but he tended to get on my nerves at times, but not in a bad way, it was mostly because he had a tendency to ramble to the point that people would have to yell to grab his attention so he'd be quiet.

"What an interesting show. I never understood why humans get so wrapped up in their television shows. It takes away from what's right in front of them." A sadistic voice said from behind the couch I was sitting on. I quickly turned my head to see my worst nightmare standing in the living room. She had shoulder-length black hair that in the light had a shiny tint to it. Then to top it all off she had the bright crimson eyes. "H-how did you find me?!"

"It was quite easy actually little one. I asked around town and they were more than willing to talk, especially a girl, I think she said her name was Lindsey, she was quite the talker too. She even begged for me to not hurt her. I allowed her that one request. She didn't even feel a thing." Maria said with a sadistic cackle.

It was the kind of laugh that someone would slowly back away from. Then it dawned on me that Lindsey, the closest thing I had to a friend in this town that was stuck in the middle of nowhere, was dead. And it was all because of me.

"W-why? Lindsey was innocent?"

"Was she? I mean, she was friends with you after all. You got away, lead a double life, lying to everyone you come into contact with, so she was in face in a roundabout way lying too. It was only fair I punish her for what she did."

"B-but she was innocent! Why not come after me?"

"Well dearie, that's why I'm here. Now where is the rest of your family?"


I jumped a bit. The voice I heard sounded like Jasper's, but Jasper was nowhere in sight.

"They're on their way back as we speak so you better leave if you want to live." I said with more confidence that I really had.

"Oh really, well then I think I'll wait and give them a show worth watching." Maria said as she gently plopped down on the couch I had just previously sat on.

Bargain with her!

Ok, the voice was really starting to freak me out, but for some reason I trusted the voice and did as it asked.

"If you leave, I promise you can have my blood when I turn 18 before the volturi can even get a hold of me." I knew that I was risking my own life, but I needed her to leave."

"Two years seems a long time to me, and I can be very impatient."

Just then Maria had zipped over to me to stand right in front of me, and with lightening fast reflexes she gripped me hard by my throat and slowly lifted me up. I struggled to lift myself a bit to try and grab some air so I wouldn't pass out.

"See, when I want something then I go after it. I don't like waiting around Bella. Last time I did that it cost me some delicious blood." Maria said as she looked me in the eyes, then it occurred to me that she had, in fact, meant me.

She slowly set me down on my feet but pulled me close and tilted my head to bare my neck and sink her teeth into me when there was a crashing sound. That's when everything seemed to happen so fast, because next thing I knew I was flying through the air and crashing into the black grand piano. I felt a searing pain in my left arm and right leg. I moaned a bit as I tried to move, and found that it hurt too much to even try and move my leg. My left arm I could still move it, but it was still sore.

I managed to adjust my vision enough to see Maria restrained at her neck against the opposite wall by Emmett, and Jasper was being held back by Edward and I could see that Edward was struggling a bit.

"Bella, are you able to move your leg at all?" I was a bit surprised when I heard Carlisle's sudden voice. I was unable to speak. I wasn't sure why. I assumed that he could see that too, because he instantly started looking me over.

"I'll have to get an x ray to make sure, but I think you might've fractured your radius, and I'm pretty sure you've broken your femur. Is there any other pains anywhere else?" I shook my head no, and I must've shaken my head too fast because I started feeling a bit lightheaded.

"Bella are you alright?" His voice was slowly starting to sound as if I were running away from him, it was getting harder and harder to hear him.

"Bella! Bella, I you're going into shock, you need to stay awake."

I tried to tell him that I just felt tired and that I would be ok, but nothing came out of my mouth. As I slowly started fading away I saw Emmett, Jasper, and Edward putting objects into a fire, and I saw purple smoke. That was the last thing I remember seeing as I finally gave in and let unconsciousness overtake me.

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