God Blessed Texas

Can't Wait To Get Home

Jasper POV:

I cannot believe that this little girl was not afraid of me. She even tried to stand up to Maria. To her, Maria was no more than someone who was hurting her father. It amazed me that the whole time she was standing up to Maria, she wasn't giving off any sense of fear.

After saying a few nice words about her father Bella was craving something from Taco Bell. She wanted two chicken soft tacos, and one nachos and cheese. I told her that I had already ate so I didn't want anything thing.

We stopped in an empty parking lot for her to eat her food. After a few minutes Bella was finished and we were off to the airport.

We drove to the airport in Houston, and I got three plane tickets. That way we had a whole row to ourselves. I didn't want the little girl to feel crowded and feel nervous and uncomfortable.

Then it occurred to me. This little girl knew my name, but I had no clue what hers was. I decided to ask her. Hopefully she trusted me enough to tell me that much. "Darlin, I was just thinking. You know my name, but I have yet to learn yours. Would you mind telling me?"

She blushed a bit. It was adorable; I actually wanted to see more of that. "My name full name is Isabella Marie Swan, but I liked to be called Bella instead." If my translation was correct 'Bella' meant beautiful in Italian. This little girl was very adorable, and I didn't say that often. In my opinion, children altogether bothered me, but then that was probably due to the fact that I was one, of many vampires, that saw the result of making immortal children. That was an ugly time in history. I knew that they needed to be destroyed, yet Maria even tried to have them in her armies, but quickly had me destroyed them, because they're so hard to control, they don't fully understand the need to stay in the dark about what we are, all they see is red, blood.

Speaking of blood, I could smell her blood, and the smell was mouth-watering, but I willed myself not to cause any harm to her.

Mainly because she was only a child, and two being that I no longer wanted to be that monster I was all those years ago during the vampire wars. That was a dark time to me, and sadly I was cursed to keep those memories, Edward calls us 'easily distracted' and that may be true, but we don't ever forget, that's one of the curses about being 'eternally dead', you remember far more than you want to.

This was my chance to prove to the family, mainly Alice, that I can control my bloodlust. They look at me as if I am a ticking time bomb, and they just sit back and wait to see if I blow and we have to move away again. I wasn't bound to let that happen.

'Attention! Now boarding Flight 89 to Seattle, Washington. Attention! Now boarding Flight 89 to Seattle, Washington.'

That was our cue to leave, meaning that our plane was ready to take off. I got up and was walking towards the gate, when I looked down. Bella wasn't there. I looked back to where we were sitting, and saw that she had fallen asleep while we waited for our plane. I carefully picked her up, making sure to take extra care with her arm. I had made a make-shift splint on her arm. It would have to do until Michael was able to see her.

I picked her up and she rested her head on my shoulder, letting her uninjured arm dangle down. I had gotten a mixture of compassion and even some jealousy from random people as we walked towards the gate. Why would they be jealous of a little girl? I just hoped that the flight was a safe and quiet one. I knew that if she stayed calm her blood wouldn't pump faster, and her scent wouldn't affect me as bad.

We got on to plane, and were shown to where we would be sitting. I carefully put Bella down so she was next to the window and then I put her carryon luggage in the overhead compartment.

"Oh my, what a lovely little girl. Who's her mother?" I made up a story about how she was my cousin whose parents died in a horrible accident, and our family was the closest relatives. "Oh that is so sad, but I'm sure she'll be happy with you and your family." I could only hope so.

We took off and as we made our ascent I could see some younger children were somewhat afraid, but no Bella. Mainly because she

I overheard the flight attendants quietly discussing that our plane was heading into a small thunderstorm.

This meant that we would be in for some turbulence. I would have to control a lot of people's emotions, and that would include Bella. She had already been through so much. She didn't need to be afraid of a bumpy plane ride. I made sure Bella was safely secured in her seat and pulled the shade down so she wouldn't look outside.

"Attention passengers, there is a thunderstorm up head. Please fasten your seatbelts; we'll be expecting a little turbulence." And as if like magic the plane started to shake a bit. There were small squeals once in a while from the shaking, but when I looked to check on Bella she was still sound asleep.

I was both relieved and amazed that she managed to stay asleep while the plane was shaking around like a kid shaking a present on Christmas morning.

But I wasn't prepared or what happened next. Out of nowhere the plane dropped straight down, and that was enough of a jerk to wake up Bella. She sat up straight when she felt the plane shake. I could sense that she was scared. I sent calming waves to her. This helped a little bit. She wasn't shaking nearly as bad. "Jasper, are we gonna die?" That broke my undead heart. Of course we weren't going to die.

I wasn't going to let that happen. "No, Darlin' we aren't going to die. I won't let that happen." The plane jerked again. This was enough of a jerk to release the oxygen masks.

'Attention passengers. We are experiencing some harsh turbulence and strong storms. Please remain calm, the flight attendants will show you how to correctly and safely put your oxygen mask on.'

This was not good. I could feel everyone's emotions and they were all over the place. I sent as much calming waves as I could so they would relax and listen to the flight attendants.

I helped Bella with her mask, and to keep up appearances I put mine on as well. The plane started to shake again. Bella shrank in next to me. I tensed, but relaxed when I remembered that she was just afraid. I comforted her and took her into a half hug.

The plane dropped again. Bella was screaming for it to all stop, her eyes were squeezed shut. I kept whispering in her ear that 'she was going to be ok; we were all going to be ok.' This calmed her down a bit.

"How do you know? How do you know we're going to be ok Jasper?"

I was at a loss for words. I had no idea what to say. "I know Bella, because we're going to land soon. The pilot won't continue to fly in this storm."

This was true. No pilot in their right mind would continue to fly in this kind of weather, unless they had a death wish.

'Attention passengers, due to harsh turbulence and storms we will making an emergency landing in Denver, Colorado.'

I let out an unneeded breath of relief. This nightmare of a plane ride would be over soon.

I opened the blind and looked out the window and I could see the lights along the runway. I also saw that they had searchlights out so the pilot would know where they were.

We were instructed that we were allowed to take off our oxygen masks, but to leave our seatbelts on. Bella had fallen asleep against me again, so I gently took off her mask. We were starting to make our descent when there was a loud crack and a bright flash. Horror sunk in when I realized that our plane had been struck by lightning, meaning that we had no power, no electricity. The pilot was a sitting duck. All he could do was manually guide this plane in.

Then another thought hit me. Would we make it out of this alive?

I couldn't be sure, but just as we were about to crash the power came back on, not in time. We skidded into the runway and we could feel the plane start to slide to the right. It spun until we were facing in the opposite direction we came in. I looked down. Bella was still asleep. I made sure she was still breathing. She was, but I think she fainted from being overwhelmed with everything that has happened to her last night. Then add almost dying on a plane to Seattle.

I knew one thing for sure. Do not put me and Bella on another plane, put us on a bus if you have to.

Alice POV:

I was so excited to see the little girl that my Jasper saved from that bitch Maria. I even went out shopping for clothes and a new bed. She would have her own room. Esme turned the empty guest room into a room she would love. I knew that, mainly because I checked ahead. Sometimes my visions were a lifesaver, but at other times I would have a vision and then it would just stop.

Usually that meant they had changed their mind, but at other times this meant that they had died.

I knew one thing for sure, from what I saw that the young girl was going to eventually find out what we really are. I wasn't sure at what age she'd find out, but I knew it would be at a somewhat young age.

"Alice, do you know when Jasper and this little girl will arrive in Seattle?"

I looked into the future, and when I did so I started to get a vision


Jasper and the young girl were on a plane to Seattle.

All of a sudden there was what seemed to be turbulence.

They flew right into the storm.

The plane started to drop.

Then the vision went black.


No. No, Jasper and that little girl couldn't have died. Mainly because Jasper and all of us were vampires, we aren't able to die unless another vampire comes along and tear us to shreds then put them in a fire.

I sank to my knees on the floor where I stood and sobbed tearlessly. I just hoped that the little girl was ok.

"Alice, what's wrong? What did you see? Is Jasper alright? What about that little girl?"

I explained what I saw in my vision and I couldn't come up with a direct answer. I kept trying to look to make sure that they were ok, but I came up with nothing. Why did this have to happen? Why did this little girl have to suffer just because Maria wanted blood? If I ever saw her I would kill her personally. Because of her a little girl might be dead. If she wouldn't have gone to her house that little girl would have her father again.

All of a sudden my phone, that was on the couch across the room started to ring 'All I Ever Needed' by Bret Michaels. That was my ringtone I had for Jasper's cell phone!

I ran at vampire speed to my phone and quickly picked up. "Oh Jasper are you two alright I had a vision but it went black and I was so worried that-"

"Alice, we're both fine. We made an emergency landing in Denver. We're getting ready to get on a bus to Seattle. And Alice, we're fine, and I love-" He was cut off by a voice over the intercom announcing that his bus was getting ready to depart from the station. "Alice, go ahead and let-"

"Carlisle knows that you and the child will be coming by bus, already done Jazz; now you two be careful."

"Speaking of the little girl, her name is Bella. She's asleep and let Carlisle know that I went ahead and put her arm in a make-shift splint."

We exchanged goodbyes and I hung up my cell. I was so relieved. I collapsed onto the couch. Esme asked if that was Jasper, and I told her yes. I also told her that they both were, in fact, fine and that they were getting on a bus to take them to Seattle.

Esme offered to go ahead and call Carlisle to let him know that the Jasper and Bella would be a little later coming home than I had expected. That was always the annoying thing about my visions. These visions would change constantly, if the person changed their mind and changed course then so would their future, and that meant headache central for me. Thank goodness for shopping to get my mind off of the constant changing.

All I knew was that I was glad that they were alive.

I wanted what I saw in an earlier vision to come true.

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