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You're Lying!

A/N: So sorry for not updating sooner I got caught up in school work. I've decided that I am going to make Maria suffer a bit longer, and what Bella saw was a body part being thrown into a make-shift fire, because she doesn't deserve that kind of courtesy :P lol btw the answer to the question was Mr. Emmett Cullen/McCarty. Hope you enjoy.

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Jasper POV:

Bella is hurt! I need to protect her!

That's what kept running though my head as I took in the scene before me. My primal instincts nearly got the best of me as soon as I got a whiff of the blood, but reminding myself that this blood belonged to Bella I immediately got a hold on my bloodlust and went directly for Maria's throat, but was stopped just short of my destined target. Edward had his grip on me.

"Let go Edward!" I growled as I struggled out of his grip. He may be faster, but he wasn't the strongest vampire in this coven, that was Emmett, and he was busy holding Maria by her throat.

"Give me a reason why we shouldn't tear you limb from limb right here and now?"

"I have information that I think you all might want to hear." Maria said in her normal tone. I could tell that she wanted something once she gave the information. That's just how she was, always has been and most likely always will be. She was like that when I was a part of her army back then, and was like that now.

"Start talking." Emmett said as he tightened his grip around her neck. Being around Maria for so long I could tell when her information was true or not, plus what with my gift and Maria's ability to sense the truth in conversations and to sense the truth in what people said, I decided to let the bitch talk.

"Now what do I get if I spill my juicy secrets? It looks all one-sided to me."


Maria was too smart to see past our idea. Then I reminded myself of her gift to sense the truth. Next thing I remember hearing was a high pitched scream. I focused in and saw Emmett ripped off Maria's arm at the shoulder and threw it into the fire. Causing purple smoke to come up from the bright orange flames that came from the make-shift fire we made in readiness of Maria's quick demise.

I could feel accomplishment and fright flow through the room. Maria deserved what she got and to be frightened!

"Start talking if you want to stay intact!" Rosalie snarled from behind Emmett. Like me, Rosalie was seconds from ripping Maria to shreds.

"Ok, ok, ok. As you've probably already heard, Aro knows about your little human pet." Everyone snarled at Maria's comment about Bella. Bella was family and never thought of as a pet. Speaking about Bella, I took this opportunity to check on Bella, but when I turned she was nowhere to be seen.

"Relax son, she's heavily medicated and up in her room." Carlisle said as I rushed upstairs to be with her, my family had the situation covered, I wanted to see Bella for myself. Once I got upstairs, I quietly and slowly opened her door and saw that she was asleep, and by the sound of her heart beat it was a deep sleep. I quietly and carefully got into the bed with her and sat next her. Her skin felt so warm and inviting. I sat up while I watched her even breathing. It was rather entrancing, but as I sat there I could hear the conversation still going on downstairs thanks to vampire sensitive hearing.

"Anyway, Aro told me that he would have to see the human 'pet', and after being in here I can sense he already visited you all."

I heard Rosalie scoff to the obvious state. I sent her a wave of content and calm. I needed to keep my cool while I was near Bella, I didn't want to start projecting everyone's emotions I was feeling onto her and cause her discomfort in any way.

"Something Aro purposely left out was that he plans to take your precious Bella and harness her gift for his own personal agenda."

My jaw dropped, we all knew that Aro, if provoked he would do whatever he though seemed fit, but he was bound by a law, a law that he and his brothers created. This law states: 'No vampire shall be forced to join another coven if unwilling to do so'. That and many others were practically written in stone.

"You're lying! That's against one of the vampire laws!" Carlisle said with an underlying tone of anger. Carlisle rarely got angry. Carlisle was an expert when it came to the vampire laws though; he had stayed with the Volturi for a short period of time, but quickly left, because of the unneeded bloodshed.

"I say we tear her limb from limb and throw her into the fire and burn her ashes!" Emmett snarled. I decided I wanted to be a part of this, and carefully got out of Bella's bed and hurried down stairs to help. The sooner we got rid of her, the sooner we would get on with our existence in peace. Just then I heard Bella shift in her bed. I hurried upstairs to check on her condition. Once I got to her bedside and saw that she was fine and that her emotions were in check I heard a blood-curdling shriek coming from downstairs. I could smell a potent mixture of ash, burning wood, and a musky perfume. All that belonged to what was left of Maria.

"How's squirt doing Jazz? Carlisle said that she has a broken leg, arm, and a possible concussion, but since Carlisle gave her drugs to help her sleep instead of keeping her awake, means that she obviously doesn't have a concussion." I chuckled softly; Esme's new job at the hospital gave her more medical insight each and every day.

"How's my baby doing?" Rosalie said as she shoved past Esme. "Sorry Esme…" Esme just smiled and nodded her head in acknowledgement. We all knew that Carlisle was an amazing doctor, but with Rosalie's protective nature in full effect we decided not to push her.

Before I knew it everyone was upstairs standing in Bella's room.

"Boys, go down and clean the mess up before I decide to 'ground' the three of you!" Esme said in a stern motherly tone. The kind of tone that you really never wanted to hear, because then you knew that if you didn't do as asked you would either get yelled at, or in a vampire's case, something much, much worse.

I nodded my head and we headed downstairs quickly to clean up the mess…it would be as if nothing in the last half had happened.

Rosalie POV:

I can't believe Maria would like that! We all knew Aro, and how he, Marcus, and Caius lived by the rules they created. Besides, I didn't care if Jasper said she had the gift to sense the truth or not, Aro would not go back on this deal.

The more I thought about what Maria said, the more I started to second guess my first thought.

"Everything ok Rosalie?" I looked up to meet Esme's gaze. I let out a sigh and nodded my head. "I'm ok, just thinking about what Maria said. I don't think I could handle it if she was right, and Aro takes Bella to fulfill his own personal agenda.

"Rose, we've known each other for over seventy years, so I can tell when you're thinking about something and trying to hide it sweetheart."

I heaved a heavy sigh and began to explain to Esme my concerns about what Maria told us. Oddly enough Esme had the same thoughts as I did.

"…mom, is that you?" I froze and quickly turned my head towards my baby girl who was laying in her in bed. Her eyes struggled to open; whatever Carlisle gave her must've really knocked her out cold.

"Yes Belly Bean, momma's here." This made her smile, but I could tell that she was fighting to stay awake. "WH-where's Maria?" Even though she was tired I could tell that she was still worried. I knew that once I told her the good news she would smile and go back to sleep peacefully.

"Emmett, Edward and I got rid of her the only way you can get rid of a vampire baby." I knew that she knew what I was referring to and probably thanked me for sparing her the gruesome details.

Bella mumbled something that even with our sensitive hearing couldn't quite make out. "I think we should let her rest for now Rose she'll-"

"She'll wake up in four hours, twenty minutes, and forty-eight seconds from now." Alice said a bit too perky. I huffed a bit but reluctantly got up from my daughter's bed and we all quietly snuck out of her room to give her some peace and quiet.

Those four hours went by slower than it normally would, and of course as Alice predicted Bella woke up and blinked a few times to adjust her eyesight.

"Hello sleepy Bella, how are you feeling?"

"Like I was hit by a bus…why do I feel like I missed something incredibly important?"

We all stiffened at her observation. We were still getting used to the fact that Bella was more observant than regular humans. Remembering what Maria said, about Aro wanting to harness Bella's gift once she was turned, would her gift be like Alice's? This made my decision to try and keep her human made even more sense.

"Well you were thrown up against Edward's piano pretty hard; you smashed it to smithereens, which was frickin sweet!...err... I mean that was really terrible." Emmett added after I slapped his stomach. I mean I loved the goof ball, but he still sometimes was a bit disrespectful of the previous events that had happened downstairs.

"What Emmett is trying to say baby, is that we're just glad that you're ok, minus the whole broken arm and leg thing." I couldn't help but shake my head and roll my eyes. Alice meant well, but there was no real way to say that we were all happy that she was alive and well even though she was still hurt.

"How about we leave Bella alone so she can get some rest." Thank goodness for Esme's good sense of timing. Everyone left, but I stayed behind to tuck in my daughter, and to also make sure she was really ok. I could only imagine what was going through her mind right now.

"Mom, is what Maria said true? Does Aro really want me for my future gift?" If that bitch wasn't already dead I'd kill her myself. Suddenly though, I felt a calming sensation run through me and I knew that it came from Jasper. "I can't say for sure Belly Bean, I wish I knew, but then where's the fun in that then?" I attempted to chuckle, but it still sounded forced. I could tell that she didn't even believe me.

I let out a sigh. "Bella, there will be people who want you dead, and there will be people that love you. You've already found the people that love you unconditionally, and that would be your family. You got to stop focusing on the negative and realize that you have got something that most people couldn't even imagine of having." I knew that that sound a bit too 'Hallmark Special', but it was the complete truth.

"I understand that mom, I just wish that I could enjoy becoming like the rest of my family instead of feeling that I have to 'force' my family to do this."

Wait, what?

She wanted to become what we were? Monsters? She wanted to willingly become what I've always thought as a curse? But why would she want that? I knew that part of me was doing backflips of joy from hearing such news, but the sensible part was telling me that we still had to find a way to postpone the inevitable and try and save Bella from this.

I knew that I wasn't alone, we would just have to try and figure out a plan…no matter what it would take!

A/N: so what did you think? I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SO sorry for not updating sooner, I've been so caught up in school and finals, I am currently on a 2 week break from school so I should be able to pop out a few chapters for my lovely reviewers ;)

Again the whole killing Maria slowly idea is all thanks to Bates1995. As for the next chapter, I think 30 reviews sounds reasonable don't you? ;)


I'm sure all this sounds a little bizarre, coming from a vampire. But I'm hoping that there is still a point to this life, even for us. It's a long shot, I'll admit. By all accounts, we're damned regardless. But I hope, maybe foolishly, that we'll get some measure of credit for trying. (NM, Chp. 2 pg. 36)

**Also, stay tuned for a one shot called, Before He Cheats This is in the process, and will probably (hopefully) be a long one shot) ;)

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