God Blessed Texas

Will You Marry Me?

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Bella POV:

It had been a few months since Maria was ripped to shreds, and a few days since my own mother didn't want me to be changed, frankly, I think my entire family didn't want me to be changed.

But I didn't want to dwell on the negative, because Jasper was taking me out on some sort of surprise date. Wasn't much of a surprise, since Alice rushed in and starting rummaging through my closet. Now that wasn't all too different for her to do, but she was humming and finding outfits that I wouldn't normally wear.

"Alice, what are you doing?" I asked as I sat up in my bed to get a better look at what exactly she was doing.

"I'm just doing what I do every school morning for you silly Bella, I'm coordinating your outfit." Alice said as she started holding different shirts and skirts together to see if they complimented each other enough or not. Then I remembered that today was Saturday. Alice and I made an agreement when I first started high school, that she would get to dress me on school days, but when it came to the weekend I wore whatever I wanted.

"Nice try Alice, today's Saturday, so spill it. Why are you REALLY going through my closet?"

I could sense that Alice really wanted to tell me, but something, or someone, was compelling her to keep it a secret.

"I'm sorry Bella, I've been sworn to secrecy. What I can say is that you should wear…this!" Alice said with a big smile on her face. She held up a pair of jeans and a cute green baby doll shirt. Alice put that outfit back and held up a jean jacket and a pair of hiking boots.

"I normally don't allow people in this family to wear such ugly boots, but where you're going to go tonight you're going to need it."

Ok so this helped me narrow down the possible location Jasper was going to take me t. I guess I will just have to wait and see where that specific location will be. Now the hard part would have to wait and worry where the special place Jasper was going to take me.

I just finished changing into my "Alice-approved" outfit when my mom walked in. I smiled at her as she gracefully walked in. The expression on her face soft and caring. As I was lacing up my boots I saw her look at the pictures I had on my end table close to my bed. One was of Ross and Crustal on their wedding day. It was still somewhat painful that Ross left with Crystal and her Coven. The only ones who stayed behind here with us were Beau and Arianna, but that was only because Edward and Alice didn't want to leave. Arianna was ok with it and Beau loved Alice so much that he would do practically anything she would ask him to do.

"I know that he was and is your best friend sweetie, but it was his choice to leave. I mean he truly cares for Crystal."

"I know that mom, in a roundabout way I am in the same situation. I love my family, I would do anything for you guys, you know that, so why do I not have a say in whether or not I stay human or not?"

"Bella, this situation is completely different. Crystal and Ross are vampires already. We never had a choice; we never had anyone to fight for us. I am not going to let you end your human life just because of some ridiculous agreement we made with the Volturi."

I let out a sigh and plopped down on the bed next to my mom. I understood what she was saying, but if I didn't become a vampire too, then I would lose my whole family, the people I care about. Aro said that I would be killed along with my family for harboring a human that knew about the vampire world or just my family would be killed and I would remain a vampire but with no family. I did not want either scenario to happen.

"Mom, you do realize that if I am kept human, you and everyone else will be killed for keeping a human with you. I don't want that to happen, please, I want you to want this for me too mom." I said as I started to sob uncontrollably. I quickly took my mom into a hug and kept crying on her shoulder.

I hated crying in front of other people, but this was such an emotional subject for me. I finally stopped myself from crying and pushed myself off of her and reached over behind my mom and grabbed a handful of tissues. I handed some to my mom and kept some for myself. I wiped away my tears then proceeded to blow my stopped up nose; which always seemed to happen whenever I cry too long, too hard, or both at the same time.

"Baby, I understand how you're feeling right now, but have you really thought about what you'll be giving up if you decide to go through with it?" My mom said as her eyes started to tear up, but no tears every fell.

"Yes, I have mom, but if I stay human I'll lose you, and have no one to call family. I would grow old and probably end up alone." I knew that I hit a nerve with her, but it needed to be said. My mom pinched the bridge of her nose between her thumb, index finger and middle finger as she sighed.

"I guess I just want what I think is best for you, but I now know that you are old enough to start making your own decisions, even the 'life-changing' ones." I smiled a bit and leaned back over and gave her a tight hug. Even though she didn't out right say it, I knew that I had finally, after so many weeks, I had her blessing.

"Bella, Jasper's downstairs." Esme said as she poked her head in my room. My mom stood up and gently pulled up from the bed, and gently walked me to my vanity mirror so that we were standing side by side. Compared to her I looked as plain as a piece of brown cardboard. "I want you to have something that belonged to my grandmother, which she gave to my mother, who gave it to me and now I'm giving it to you Bella." My mom said while trying not to tear up; she pulled out a small blue velvet drawstring bad with gold tassels. My mom opened the bag and pulled out the most beautiful necklace I have ever seen. The necklace looked as if it was carved from stone, but it was a beautiful metal and was jewel incrusted with what looked to be emeralds and green diamonds.

"M-mom, it's so beautiful, are you sure you trust me with something that is so meaningful to your family?"

"Silly Bella, you ARE my family." My mom said as she leaned over and hugged me. I felt loved and cared for, more now than ever. Mom moved my hair to the side and gently wrapped the long necklace around my neck then let it drape down as she closed the clasp.

I looked in the mirror and I liked what I saw. My mom was standing beside me smile, and I couldn't help but smile as well.

"I love it mom…thank you." I said then turned to hug her. I felt myself start to cry softly, but this time it was because I was happy. I stopped sudden and sniffled away the tears. "I guess I should get going mom." I said as I gathered up my things. "I love you." I said over my shoulder as I walked out of my room and towards the stairs. I slowly walked down them and saw Jasper speaking with Carlisle about something. Carlisle was the first to make eye contact with me and he smiled up at me, which of course I couldn't help but smile back at him. I even felt myself blush a bit. Jasper saw that Carlisle was no longer looking at him and he turned to see what he was looking at. When I saw him look at me I couldn't help but blush even brighter shade of red. I felt my heart skip a few beats and my breathing caught in my chest, leaving me breathless.

I could feel butterflies start to flutter around in my stomach, and I even felt giddy.

"You look breath-taking Darlin'."

"This coming from the dead boyfriend who hasn't had a real breath of fresh air since the civil war?" Emmett said as he grinned. I couldn't help but smile a bit at his attempt at poking fun at Jasper.

"Yes Emmett, I know that we don't actually breathe, it was a metaphor."

"Don't try and change the subject Jasper, I'm trying to make fun of you."

Edward and I couldn't help but shake our heads in sympathy. Emmett was smart when it came to hunting and sports, but when trying to do comebacks he still needed some work. Jasper decided to let it brush off and took my hand in his.

"Are you all ready to go Bella?" He asked as he looked me over. "Yes, I'm ready to go, now can you tell me where we're going?" Jasper gave me a crooked grin. "No silly Bella, I want this to be a surprise ok." He said with a bigger smile and even a wink. I let out a sigh and nodded my head as I smiled softly. I suppose this was where I would give in graciously and let him do whatever he had planned, even though the 'not knowing' part was starting to make me even more curious.

"When do you think you two will be back?" Esme asked as she leaned into Carlisle's hold on her. "Probably around Sunday late afternoon Esme, we'll be safe ok." He winked again and I couldn't help but grin as if I had passed gas. He seemed to always make me feel this way. I felt safe, loved, and that I could be myself around him. I know that I felt that way with my whole family, but it meant something completely different when I was with Jasper.

With that said jasper and I walked out to his car. Once we were in and buckled he gunned it down the gravel driveway kicking up some gravel pebbles as he sped off. "So are you really going to keep the destination of our date a secret he whole time, or are you going to give in and tell me?" Jasper didn't answer he just turned his gaze to me and grin ear to ear then wink at me. I couldn't help but sigh in annoyance, but with that grin on his face I couldn't stay mad.

"What I can say is that Alice is right, you are going to need those hiking boots."

I just sighed and watched as the farm scenery slowly faded into the darkness that was the night. A few hours later we were walking into an airport. Ok, now I was really curious where Jasper was taking me. I had only lived in Houston, New York City, and East Valley Iowa, and nothing really to go back to in any of those towns, so where was Jasper taking me?

"Ok Bella, now comes the complicated part, do you trust me?" Ok, now I was really starting to feel my stomach turn into knots and doing summersaults as we walked through the terminals to get to wherever we were headed. Jasper got to the ticket counter and grabbed our tickets and we were told to go ahead and board the plane.

Once we were seated Jasper got up from his designated seat. "Jasper, where are you going?" He ignored my question and went to the flight attendant standing next to the microphone. He was whispering something to her that was causing her to smile and even giggle. I couldn't help but feel somewhat jealous. I gripped the arms of the seat I was sitting in and I saw that my knuckles were turning white. I relaxed some when I saw Jasper walk back to his seat next to me and open the blind next to him to have a better view of the skyline when we took off.

"You seemed pretty chummy with the flight attendant up there…" I hated to sound obviously jealous but I couldn't help it he just seemed so chummy with her. "Awe Bella, you're cute when you get jealous like that. Your nose wrinkles and your face flush a bright shade of red." Jasper said as he touched my cheek. I could feel myself start to flush.

"Attention all passengers, we are now preparing to depart from the airport, I would like you all to please turn off all cell phones, beepers, pagers, and fasten your seat belts."

Then the instructional video started to play about all the emergency equipment and what to do in case of an evacuation. I decided to ignore the video and felt myself slowly fall asleep against Jasper's shoulder.

"Attention all passengers we have arrived, please put all trays and seats in their upright positions and thank you for flying Delta Airlines."

I awoke from my what seemed a nap, but turned out to be a twelve hour flight. TWELVE HOURS! Where in god's name were we? "Darlin, we're here." Jasper said as he quickly went to the isle and helped me out of my seat and we grabbed our carry-on luggage and headed off the plane. As I walked down the hallway to the terminal I saw what looked to be just a regular 'ol airport terminal; people walking around in a hurry nothing out of the ordinary. I started to wonder if we even left the airport back home.

I was about to ask Jasper that same question, but then I saw a big poster that was green with gold lettering that read "Welcome to Ireland!" My jaw dropped, this had to have been a mistake. Why were we Ireland? The last time I was here I was like five or six, I'm really not sure. What I was sure of was that now something was going to happen.

"Jasper Whitlock, you better tell me what you have up your sleeve right this minute."

Just then Jasper grinned ear to ear, if he grinned any wider he could've broken something. Instead of saying a word he took me by my hand and guided me to the car waiting just outside the terminal. It wasn't a taxi like I was expecting, the car was a very nice rental car. If I hadn't seen the little label saying 'enterprise' I would've mistaken it for an exact replica of Jasper's car from home.

"If I tell you 'Bella Swan' then it would ruin the surprise." Jasper said with a smirk and wink as he opened the passenger door for me. I couldn't help myself, I had to blush. He knew how to make me blush without any effort at all, and that frustrated me even more.

Once we got in the car we started driving for what seemed like forever, and soon a house that seemed all but a dream to me was slowly coming into view. This house was the house that I grew up in after being saved by Jasper in Texas. "Is this what I think it is Jazz? The house hasn't changed much at all." I said while I smiled. I had a lot of good times here, but as well as some scary ones as well. One of them being that I was being hunted by Heidi, James, Victoria, and at the time so was Ross. At the time Ross was my friend, and I had no idea that he was being controlled by Heidi. But then I remembered when I first found out that my family, who I love dearly, was far from normal; my family was a coven of vampires.

I remember that I had ran away, not because I was scared that they were vampires, but that they didn't tell me they were vampires to begin with. I chuckled to myself at that last thought.

"What's so funny darlin'?" Jasper said as we kept driving down the road. "Nothing much, just remembering when I first was told that you all were vampires." I said as I started to laugh again. Jasper, of course, looked at me and gave me his signature smirk as he kept speeding down the road, and before I knew it the road turned into a dirt path. "Ok Jazz you have to tell me now, where are you taking me, and should I be worried?" I asked as I started to giggle to make sure that he knew I was kidding.

I took in my surroundings and the scenery slowly started to become more familiar to me. That's when I saw it; the place where I had stopped when I was little; the place that was so mesmerizing, my waterfall.

"Is this what I think it is Jasper?" I said as I took in the view that was around me. It was just as I remembered it. It had a small waterfall, lots of vegetation, and there are even more flowers than I remembered. "It is exactly what you think it is darlin', it's your waterfall."

"It's not mine technically Jasper, it belongs to nature." I knew that was cliché to say, but it was true, no one owned it, it wasn't on anyone's property.

"Well, not any more Bella, now, it belongs to you." Jasper said as he pulled out a rolled piece of paper. I was stunned, it couldn't be; it couldn't be that he actually bought this piece of land for me. I unrolled the paper and I could feel my jaw hit the ground. Jasper had done exactly what I had thought, he bought this land and I was holding the paper that proved it. I looked at the piece of paper again, and then at Jasper; I was completely speechless, not able to form a single sentence. I slowly started to grin and giggle, I think it was due from shock. "Bella, are you alright? Your emotions are all over the place, I can't get a stable reading on them darlin'."

"I think it's because I'm happy, excited, shocked and others all rolled into one." I said to Jasper, and before I knew it he closed the distance that was previously between us. I looked into his eyes and saw that they were a topaz color, but something else was hidden in them as well. Jasper's lips then met mine with urgency and fiery passion. I nearly dropped the paper from how fiercely he started kissing me. It was as if he wasn't ever going to see me again, but I knew that that wasn't true. Jasper wouldn't ever leave me…at least I'm pretty sure that he would never leave me.

Ok enough self-doubt Bella, Jasper loves you and would never do anything to hurt you.

"Bella, everything all right? Your emotions shifted suddenly." I let out a sigh. I let him know that I was all right and just happy that I would always know that I had my waterfall with me.

"Bella, you know I love you right?"

"What a silly question to ask me Jasper, of course I know you love me." I started to panic a bit, but willed myself to stay calm so I would not alarm him. I didn't want him to know that he was making me a bit nervous.

"Bella, I've always loved you, when I first looked at you as a young woman. I know that now you are almost eighteen now and well…" Just then Jasper hale got down on one knee. I swear to god my heart stopped beating as I realized what he was going to ask me.

"Bella Marie Swan, will you do me the honor of accepting my hand in marriage?" I was speechless, not sure what to say. I couldn't even move anything, then as if my reaction I held out my hand and saw Jasper slide the ring onto my ring finger symbolizing that I would spend the rest of my life with him. I could feel myself start to grin ear to ear and next thing I know I practically run to him and jump to give him a hug. I pulled my head back and instinctively our lips met and we kissed with so much heated passion I swear I was going to need a cold shower after this.

Once we broke the kiss Jasper was grinning as well. "Darlin' suppose we should head back to the hotel?" Jasper said as he took me by the hand and lead me back to the car. I was still unable to form any sentences, but I let myself follow him. I was happy…no…ecstatic that I would soon be Mrs. Jasper Whitlock!

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