God Blessed Texas

Beginning of the End?

Bella POV:

I couldn't wait to get home and see the rest of my family. I started to fidget in my seat on the plane as I glanced outside my window. All I could see were clouds below us. Not much of a view I suppose, but I was happy to be on my way home.

Now don't get me wrong, I loved that I went on this special trip with Jasper and even met some of his friends from his human life way, which was so surreal I almost had to pinch myself. Charles and Jasper were friends back then, but their competiveness got in the way of that and nearly led to an all-out brawl over two hundred years later after the fact.

I glanced down at my lap and just grinned like a fool. I was engaged to a man I loved and the ring couldn't be more perfect, I still replayed how Jasper proposed to me in that quaint little meadow that was mine, both in my heart and in reality. Jasper managed to get papers drawn up in my name that that little piece of land would always belong to me.

I was a little girl when I stumbled upon that too. In fact, that was the same day that I found out that the family that took me in as their own, were in fact, vampires. Ironic thing was that I wasn't afraid that they were vampires, I was just mad that they hadn't told me from the beginning. I mean, I had a working knowledge of vampires, considering one of them killed my dad in front of me and nearly killed me too, but Jasper came to my rescue.

I couldn't believe, thinking back, how I was oddly comfortable living with the same kind of creatures that had I murdered my biological father, then I reminded myself that my family was nothing like that female vampire in more ways than one.

"'Mind telling me what is going on in that head of you darlin'? You have me on a rollercoaster of emotions." Jasper teased as he patted my thigh to calm me as he chuckled. I explained that I was just thinking about how my life turned out. Just then I could see that he was worried about my answer, but I quickly eased his thoughts when I said that I couldn't ask for a better one, and added that I was also lucky to soon be able to call myself 'Mrs. Jasper Whitlock'.

"Attention Passengers, we will be making our decent into Denver, Colorado, please put your trays and seats in the upright position and prepare for landing; Thank you for flying Delta Airlines."

I was so relieved that we were even closer now. It had been hours since we took off from Dublin and landed in Washington D.C. to switch to another plane to fly us all the way to Denver, Colorado and finally after crossing over six time zones we were about to go pick up Jasper's car and head back home. I couldn't wait to see my family and hug all of them too. I was a little worried though, lord knows that Alice probably had the vision of what happened in Charles' home and the threat that Loki and the other members of the guard made.

This most likely meant that I probably would barely be allowed to leave the house, let alone go to school; I could see how over protective they all would get and demand that I stay home and that Esme could homeschool me.

Just then I felt an instant sense of calm and quickly to look at Jasper and gave him a thankful smile. I leaned my head against his shoulder to let him know that I appreciated it.

"So how over protective do you think they all will be when we get back home?"

"I think it's safe to say that, yeah, they're going to all be on high alert, me included Bella. You're my life, my future wife; they'd have to get through all of us before they harmed a single hair on you." Jasper whispered as he tried to keep his composure. I couldn't help but shed a tear and smile up at him, and before he could prepare himself I quickly leaned over and gave him a kiss.

We finally landed and were allowed to get our carryon bags and made our way off the plane and through the terminal to get our bags from baggage claim. So far, thankfully, I haven't felt the effects of jet lag yet, but my legs sure felt odd after all the walking and then sitting we did to get here.

"So how about after we get our bags, we get us a bite to eat, mainly you, I could hear the soft rumblings of your stomach all the way in the bathroom on the planes." Jasper said with his stupid grin that made me weak at the knees and couldn't help but concede to him and agree. I decided that we could get something on the way home and we could stop halfway home for him to get something to 'eat' too.

I could see it in his eyes; his topaz-colored eyes were starting to show hints of black in them and plus he was starting to get dark circles under his eyes. Thankfully, he had gotten better control of his thirst since spending time with me and my friends that would come over to hang out or even spend the night.

We made a bee-line to the desk to sign paperwork and pay the fee to get his car keys back. We had to take the shuttle, which was evidently slower than molasses. At least according to Jasper, who whispered it to me, and I couldn't help but laugh. It possibly was slow for him. I felt somewhat bad though. See, as I've come to know, is that with vampires, it was all about speed, the faster the better. I guess that's why Jasper and everyone has expensive cars that were made to go fast. Oddly enough, none of them ever got a speeding ticket, and if they got pulled over they would talk their way out of it, but then there was the time that mom got pulled over, but didn't have to even open her mouth, all she had to do was flip her golden curls over her shoulder and flutter her eyelashes at him and he was like butter.

"Thank god." Jasper muttered when he saw that the driver dropped them off in their lot and waited for us to get off the bus and walked around the front of the bus to the other side before driving off to drop off other passengers too.

"Man, I never knew you vampire types were so impatient" I teased softly so that no one walking around could hear. I giggled when I saw Jasper pretend to be hurt my accusation. "Well, if you must know, yes I am in a hurry, because I just read a text from Alice, and she wanted us home ASAP, I can only assume it's due to what happened on our mini vacation." Jasper said sounding defeated. I couldn't help but feel like he blamed himself for what happened.

"Jazz, don't you for a second go and start blaming yourself it's not your fault and you know it. It would happen eventually. I mean, we have to, to avoid the possible alternative if we don't." I said as I tried to tell him the promise we made. That if we ever got married, and I said yes, that he would change me. That's what I wanted, I didn't need any time. I knew from the moment I started to have romantic feelings towards Jasper, I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him; figuratively speaking of course. I would have many lifetimes with him if I had my way.

Then that got my thinking; Edward and Arianna have been dating for a long time actually, about the same amount as Jasper and I, maybe even a bit longer. I wondered if Edward was just as hesitant to change Arianna as Jasper was to change me. According to Carlisle, once a vampire bites a human and has the taste of human blood on his lips it's hard to have the strength to stop.

I wasn't worried; I knew that Jasper would stop. People underestimated him and his new found strength and self-control when it came to being around humans. Hopefully after spending a few weeks alone with me and seeing that I was still human and ALIVE, that they would see the same Jasper Whitlock I see every day.

"Ok, so what do you want to eat so we can get this show on the road?" Jasper growled at me. He wasn't angry, but I could sense that his eyes were getting darker by the second and I quickly blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

I asked to just wait until we got home. I would be fine, but I could tell that he wanted to argue with me. So I had to mention his changing eye color and he just nodded and sped out of the parking lot as I fumbled to find the seat belt and buckle myself up.

About halfway from home Jasper pulled off to the side of the road and left without a single word and darted out into the wilderness and I knew to shut his door and lock the doors and just wait for him to come back. I knew the drill, and just decided to turn to my favorite station and relax in my seat. Right now, would be the perfect time for a short nap. I closed my eyes and decided to doze off.


I softly cursed that my phone had been on vibrate, and flipped it open to see who had left me a message. But instead of a message it was a phone call from Alice. I sighed and guessed that she was getting impatient with us getting home.

You would've thought that, what with her and Beau being psychic they would be able to see ahead enough that Jasper was going for a quick hunt and then we would be back on track and be home.

"Alice, relax we're almost ho – "

"Bella, you need to get home now; slide over into the driver's seat and drive, thankfully Jasper took his phone and I already told him. Now get in the driver's seat and GO!" Alice screeched at me so loud that I jerked the phone away from my ear.

Before I could even try and argue with her and ask her why she was being so paranoid, out of the corner of my eye I saw a stranger standing outside my window. Thankfully I didn't scream, but noticed that there was no way for this person to be out here outside Jasper's car in the middle of nowhere…unless...

In overdrive I hopped over to the driver's side of the car and quickly got it into gear and slammed on the accelerator and took off down the highway towards home. I kept checking my rear view mirror to see if he was there, but he was nowhere to be seen. I sighed with relief. A passing sign said that home was only ten more miles.

You're almost there Bella, don't slow down now!

I said to myself as I kept the accelerator to the floor and sped on. Maybe I just was imagining things and my jet lag was causing hallucinations.

Wait, what was that up ahead?

I asked myself as I squinted to see what was up ahead. That same person was there, but this time he was standing in the middle of the road facing me! I slammed my breaks and braced for impact, but at the last minute I panicked and swerved to try and miss him; big mistake.

This caused the car to do a barrel roll, flip over four times, and stupid me, i was too scared to put my seat belt on. Once the car finally stopped and was upside down I tried to move out of the driver's window, but let out a yelp as I tried moving my leg. I glanced down and saw that the same unknown man was coming towards me, and I had no way to try to escape.

"Well, look what we have here." The unknown man said as he inhaled deeply. I looked up and saw that this unknown man had to be a vampire. Now, I say this because of many reasons, but the main one was that I could see his eyes, and they were pitch black. "It looks like someone tried to escape, but got reckless and spilled some blood in the process." He sighed and crouched to get a closer look at me, but I refused to make eye contact and concentrated on trying to get out of the car and hoped to god that Jasper would get here and save me.

"Oh, now where do you think you're going? " The man said as he stepped on my arm to stop me. I tried jerking it away, but it wouldn't budge. "Oh isn't that sweet, you think you can actually try and get away from me." The man said as he lifted his foot and I immediately jerked my hand away.

If I didn't know better, I'd swear that this vampire was toying with me. I couldn't help but feel a bit queasy. Just then he took in another deep breath and grinned at me, and I was officially terrified. It wasn't your normal 'grin', no, this was more sinister and I was starting to feel scared and pleaded silently for help.

Out of nowhere, as I was almost out of the car he picked me up by my hair and I couldn't help but scream. I tried to suppress it, but my leg was throbbing with pain my left arm had cuts in it, and being pulled up by my hair like a rag doll didn't help anything.

"There, that's it. Scream, squirm. I like it when they writhe in pain. It makes it more entertaining for me." This vampire hissed at me and I just started to cry. I never cried, but I was so afraid that this would be the end. I wouldn't get to be with Jasper, that this vampire was going to kill me.

He all at once let go of me and I collapsed down onto the ground on top of all the scattered shards of glass and back away from him towards the car to try and prop myself up. That's when I got a good look at this vampire.

He had light brown hair, almost blonde, that was pulled back into a ponytail. He had no shoes, had faded jeans, and a brown leather jacket but no shirt. I gasped at the sudden sharp pain in my leg and grabbed it to try and lessen the searing hot pain.

"Oh, here this will help." All at once he slammed his bare foot down onto my leg and it instantly cracked and I couldn't help but let out a loud scream that echoed off into the distance. I could barely form words the pain was so bad.

"I want you to beg me to spare you. Beg!" he shouted down at me. I managed to scream back at him, forming no comprehendible words. This only encouraged him on and he reached down and grabbed me by the throat and picked me back up and reached for my arm that wasn't injured and shoved up my coat sleeve to expose my bare wrist.

I always wanted to be changed, but not like this. I had a feeling that he wouldn't leave me with enough blood to allow for it. I squeezed my eyes shut and prayed over and over for it to end and I screamed as his teeth pierced my skin and tried to fight him off and this only caused him to laugh more. He propped me against the car and released my neck and bit into my neck and I felt myself start to gasp for air.

It felt like eternity, I felt the world start to get a bit hazy, there was this dark rim around my vision, and a hard pressure against my neck, but then all at once the pressure was gone, and then numbness set it. Oh how I wished that the numbness had remained, because then there was an intense fire that consumed me. I wanted to desperately to let out scream, but nothing came out.

Since nothing was there to keep me upright I felt myself fall down to the ground, and waited for the impact, but felt nothing. I tried to focus on something, anything, and try and fight through the inferno that was burning inside of me.

That's when I heard familiar voices.




There were other voices as well, but I could only make out very few words. This burning fire inside of me was so hot, and I just wished to God that someone could put it and make it go away. I felt myself trying to cry, but it just came out as gasps for air.

"Bella, it's Carlisle, what's happening to you is the change to become a vampire. There is a lot of pain, but I'm about to give you a shot of morphine to dull the pain. Please hang on." He said as I tried my best to nod. I couldn't form any words, and anxiously waited for the morphine to kick in and make this insufferable pain go away.

I tried opening my eyes, but my vision was still blurry and I could feel myself fading. Was I dying? I didn't want to die; Carlisle said I was changing, but this didn't explain my fading vision and grasps on consciousness.

As I started to fade into the darkness, the fire was forced down and was less painful. I gladly accepted this, I had finally come to terms, if this was death, then I gladly welcomed it.

A/N: Ok, so what do you think?

Obviously Bella isn't going to die, she is just so traumatized from the attack, and then there's the fact that no one told her that the transformation would be so painful.

I apologize for having such a big gap between this chapter and my last. I had severe writer's block, for all of my stories, and I am just now getting out of the slump and back to writing! Now, if only my internet would work properly so I could upload my chapters and get my stories updated.

Oh and here's your next cookie question quote ;)

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"Do you think any of us want to look into his eyes for the next hundred years if he loses you?" – Twilight Chapter 20

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