God Blessed Texas

Is The End Near?

A/N: So thank you to all who've read and reviewed my last chapter and I'm happy for all the feedback and I hope you enjoy this chapter just as much. I plan to start off the chapter in Jasper's POV, because well right now as far as we know Bella is changing. There's also a surprise POV added so, enjoy ;)

Previous On God Blessed Texas

I tried opening my eyes, but my vision was still blurry and I could feel myself fading. Was I dying? I didn't want to die; Carlisle said I was changing, but this didn't explain my fading vision and grasps on consciousness.

As I started to fade into the darkness, the fire was forced down and was less painful. I gladly accepted this, I had finally come to terms, if this was death, then I gladly welcomed it.

Jasper POV:

If only I had gotten to her sooner

I mean I know that Alice called and warned me and told me to cut my hunt short, but I couldn't help myself and I had to kill two more deer. My damn thirst overpowered my judgment, and my beloved Bella may have paid the price for it.

As Rosalie and Emmett helped overthrow the rouge vampire, Carlisle was assessing Bella's injuries and I couldn't help but dry sob when I heard that this damned vampire had bitten her. I was supposed to be the one who would change her. I hadn't even had a chance to explain what all would happen during the process, give her mind time to process and mentally prepare for it.

All I saw was rage. I felt it as well as emitted it. I lost all control and pounced onto the monster and tore him limb from limb. After I finished that I noticed that everyone was looking at me and remained still. I had been known in the past to attack without notice, but this rage was contained and was directed at the monster that attacked Bella.

Once I took a few minutes to collect my emotions and calmed down I instructed for Rosalie and Emmett to build a fire, and Edward offered to burn the body. He told me to go be with Bella. I almost didn't want to see what had become of her, but against my better judgment I hurried over and saw Bella muttering something and jerking uncontrollably.

"The venom has already started to work, I'm sorry Jasper." Carlisle said solemnly. That set me off. I wasn't about to just idly sit by while I watch the woman I love go through a transformation with some other vampire's blood course through her.

I lunged towards Bella's convulsing body and raised an arm. I turned it palm up and took a deep breath.

Lord, if you have mercy, please give me the strength to stop.

I gently bit into her wrist and started to try and filter all of the venom out of her body, and as this was going on, Edward and Emmett tried to pull me away, but I shook them off. It may be an ill-fated attempt, but I was damned sure to try.

After what seemed like a lifetime, Carlisle put a hand on my shoulder to stop me, he quietly said that her blood smelled cleaner, but that there was some venom that I was not able to get. I took another breath and unlatched from Bella's wrist and carefully placed it back on her waist. I wasn't sure if I had stopped the transformation, but sadly we would have to wait until she woke up to be sure. One thing I was sure of was that she still had a strong heartbeat.

"It's done, I say we get out of here before we draw more attention and give the Volturi a reason to slaughter us all." Rosalie said as she walked over to Bella and started to pick her up. I snarled and ripped Bella from her grasp. I knew that she was only trying to be nice, and that Bella had been the child she always wanted, but Bella was my soon-to-be wife, and I wanted to carry her. Rosalie quickly let go and didn't put up a fight; she helped me get into the car without causing much discomfort for her. I caressed her body and impatiently waited for Edward to get into his Volvo and drive off, Rose got in next to me and Emmett up front. Alice rode back with Carlisle and we quickly raced back towards the safety of our home.


Bella was almost home when she was detained by that beast. Why did I have to hunt right then? If I hadn't had to stop and hunt, then Bella would still be awake and not lingering between life and in this case being undead.

"Jasper, don't you dare go and start blaming yourself. Bella is going to be just fine; we got to her in time. Plus, Carlisle said that you got most of the venom out of her system. I know it's not much, but she is going to be ok." I couldn't help but scoff at Edward's sad attempt at making me feel better. I know that he was trying to make me feel better, but he had no idea what I was going through. Yes, he had Arianna to think about, but she wasn't out on a deserted stretch of highway and attacked by a vampire and left for dead.

I didn't vocalize my opinion, but without meaning to I managed to emit a wave of irritation throughout the car. Rosalie gently touched my arm and I turned to look at her, but stopped when I saw that her eyes were rimmed with tears, tears that would never come. I sighed and retracted my anger. Rosalie was just as worried, they all were, I just had to maintain my sanity and just pray that my Bella would be alright.

Finally we arrived at the house and without moving Bella much I opened the door and reluctantly handed her off to Carlisle who stood to wait for me to quickly get out of the car and I took her back into my arms and zipped inside as Alice lead the way to Bella's room. It was her idea to lay her in her room, that way whenever she woke up she would be somewhere familiar. I didn't argue with that, and gently laid her down on her bed and was unwilling to leave the room. I was scared that she would need me, that she would wake up and be confused of her surroundings and hurt herself, or the worst possibility; that she was in fact dead, and that I had failed her. I don't think I could live with that outcome.

I couldn't think of it, I would lose it if I dwelled on it, not to mention that Bella would scold me for thinking such things.

That made me chuckle a little, she always did make me want to be a better person. I mean I was a southern gentleman, but even then I was a vampire and acted on impulses and thought later about it. Visualizing her alive and smiling, and breathing, was what I needed to do. I needed to be strong, I couldn't lose my control. I have worked for over two-hundred of years at maintaining my control, and all that it took was meeting my future wife, Bella, to give me the added strength to maintain the vegetarian lifestyle that I slowly grew accustomed to.

"She's going to make it Jasper, I can't see whether or not she remains human or becomes one of us, but I do know that she is going to be alright. I'm just as upset as you are. Just don't give up on what you've achieved, okay?" Alice said as she patted my arm to comfort me. I didn't want anyone's pity, they still saw the vampire who could barely control their thirst and was a danger to their exposure.

I could sense it in their emotions. They were afraid that since Bella was hurt that I would lose my control and go off and slaughter helpless humans, but that wasn't the case, not anymore. I mastered my thirst and managed just fine. When were they going to stop comparing me to how I was and start seeing me for the changed man that I had become in the last couple of months?

I needed air (so to speak), I had already hunted, but didn't care; I needed time away from all of them. I hated that I would leave Bella, but she would want me to go hunt if she thought that I needed it, and I had to agree. As I made my way outside I was stopped by Emmett and Edward. I sensed that they were concerned for me, but I brushed it off and went out anyway and called over my shoulder that I was hunting and wanted to be alone. I added that I wanted them to call me the minute Bella was awake.

I just hoped that I was able to get to her in time and I saved her.

Bella POV:

It hurt. The fire made my body felt as if I was being burned alive, but as the pain numbed so did the fiery blaze inside of me. Then all at once there was a slight pinch on one of my arms. I couldn't be sure, but felt as if I was being bitten; again. I cringed and feared that my attacker had returned to finish me off and that I couldn't be saved.

But then I remembered that I heard familiar voices, voices that belonged to Carlisle, Alice, and Jasper. My Jasper, I hoped that he was ok. I know that he can take care of himself, but I still worried for him. I heard other voices there as well, but couldn't tell for sure. The sheer pain and slow burning sensation was too much. Even though it decreased some I still felt as if I were being burned alive.

Then all at once it was quiet. I heard hushed whispers but couldn't make out what was being said. I felt myself being lifted and wanted to cry, because my entire body felt electrically charged and any sudden movement caused pain, no matter if it were the tiniest. I couldn't help but whimper but I'm pretty sure that no one could even hear me.

Finally, after what felt like years to me I felt the car jolt forward to a stop. Were we home? Wait, where was i? Had I been kidnapped? My mind was all over the place I couldn't make heads or tails of where I was. I so wanted to scream out in frustration. I hated not knowing what was going, plus there was still a slow burning inside of me.

I was glad that the fire had dimmed some, but some still remained inside of me. I loathed that Jasper was not the one to change me, I mean, at least I thought I was changing. From what I've overheard over the years, the change is painful and burns you from the inside out. I felt the fire, but now what I felt was just pain but slightly numb. There were traces of fire, but nothing more.

I just wanted to wake up. I tried to will my eyes open, but nothing; nothing happened. Why wasn't I able to open my eyes? I started to panic. I felt my heart start to race uncontrollably. What was happening? I tried to calm myself but I was unable to.

I heard faint voices murmur about something, but they were speaking too soft and too fast for me to catch anything. I heard Carlisle voice try and calm me. He laid a hand on my shoulder and whispered that I was going to be alright, that I needed to calm down. I mentally nodded and tried to calm myself down and before I knew it I was calmer and my heartbeat returned to normal again.

"What happened Carlisle? What caused her heart to race so fast?" Rosalie asked in concern. If I were awake I would've told her that I was fine, but even then she knew that I would be lying. This was so very painful. I knew that I wouldn't be able to hide it, not from my family; they knew me too well.

"I'm not sure, it could be that her body is trying to deal with its wounds, could be that Jasper wasn't successful in sucking out enough venom from her body to stop the transformation in time, it could be a number of things. I will have to gather my equipment and run further tests to be sure."

Just great.

I was in limbo; I didn't know whether or not I going to become a vampire (which I desperately wanted), or remain human and severely injured and in pain.

"Where is Jasper? Please let him know what we plan to do, I know that he left the house, but I'm sure he would like an update." Carlisle added.

He left? He left while I'm laying here helpless in my own body and he left? I couldn't believe it. I would've thought that he would've stayed by my bedside and watch over me as he always had in the past.

"He said something about going out to hunt, and that he wanted to be alone, but that we could call him on his cell if anything changed." Alice whispered to Carlisle.

I wasn't quite sure why they were whispering, unless they thought that I could hear them while I laid unconscious and in turmoil over the fact that I hadn't a clue what was happening to me.

All at once the fire returned, and with a vengeance it came at me from nowhere and I'm pretty sure that I was literally screaming out in pain because I sure as hell was on the inside. I felt myself start to convulse again as the fire took hold of my entire body. I screamed for someone to stop it, to put out the fire and end this pain. I screamed again and I felt cold hands on my limbs keeping me down on the bed, so not to hurt myself in the process. I felt myself gasping for air, but each gasp was never enough.

"Carlisle what's going on? What's happening to her?" Rosalie shrieked, but I was unsure where from. I tried to open my eyes, even though I was able to a little my vision was still blurred and was rimmed with fire. I screamed for someone to stop the pain.

I heard Carlisle yell for Alice to get Jasper on his cell and tell him to back here immediately. "Bella, you're going to be just fine, I'm going to help you. I'm going to help take the pain away." Carlisle said to me in a soothing voice. I still was convulsing and whimpering in pain and I just wanted it to all go away for this to stop.

"Her heart is racing again Carlisle, and it doesn't sound like it's slowing any." Rosalie said panicky I could hear that she was trying to keep it together, for me, but was doing a terrible job. Hearing my family worry over me made everything just that much more worse for me.

As my heart rate increased I felt myself gasping even more for air as if I were a fish out of water. I started to sob, but they just came out as more gasps for air.

Then as quickly as it came it stopped, everything stopped.

Was I…dead?

A/N: So what do you guys think? ;) Btw Jasper's venom, however unintentionally, entered Bella's bloodstream while he tried to suck out the rouge vampire's venom. He doesn't know this right now, but soon they will all know and YES Bella is finally changed, and as for the Voltori, they will of course make their appearance soon enough. So don't think that this story is over soon, I see a few more chapters in this story's future lol.

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