God Blessed Texas

New Beginnings

A/N: So how did you all like the last chapter? Thank you to those who reviewed, and My Eyez Are Watching Everyone You inspired me to get right back to writing the next chapter and quickly get this chapter up and I hope you all enjoy this!

And yes, Bella's transformation may seem a bit 'short' but she laid unconscious for a long time, and the venom was 'just' enough that it caused her transformation which is why the fire burned inside her then dissipated and came back causing her to change.

Previously on God Blessed Texas

As my heart rate increased I felt myself gasping even more for air as if I were a fish out of water. I started to sob, but they just came out as more gasps for air.

Then as quickly as it came it stopped, everything stopped.

Was I…dead?

Bella POV:


That's all I heard, no voices, no talking. For a moment I thought that I was dead, but then I felt my eyes flutter open. I saw a bright white light, but as my eyes adjusted to the lighting I saw what looked like my ceiling. The more I concentrated on the ceiling the more I saw all the details in it. There were a few cracks here and there, but they weren't that noticeable.

I slowly turned my head and looked out my window. I could hear the birds chirping outside, but from what I could see, the birds were nowhere near our house. That was strange, since when was I able to hear things that were yards, maybe even miles away from me, not to mention that I was inside and could hear them as if I were outside.

That's when it came rushing back to me. Jasper and I were on our way back from our little vacation, which involved a run-in with some of the Voltori guard, but other than that it was a good vacation. While on our way home Jasper had to stop and go off to hunt. That's when I got a call from Alice and she told me to get in the driver's seat and drive home; only thing was, I wasn't fast enough and a nomadic vampire traveling alone had caught my scent apparently and decided to play with me as if I were his own little toy. He nearly broke me, but then I remember that there was an intense pain, then it subsided for a good few hours, but came back with a vengeance and then…nothing.

I sat up in my bed, but it was almost too fast, but I wasn't made dizzy by the sudden moment. Everything was the same. I felt, I'm not quite sure how I felt, the emotions were all over the place and it was so confusing.

"Bella, we can explain everything. If you like we can go downstairs." Carlisle said carefully from the doorway. If I hadn't known any better I could sense that he was being cautious with me, as if I were breakable, no, so not to provoke me. Was I a monster now? Was I going to have to be contained? I wasn't quite sure, but I was flooded with different sensations. It was all foreign to me, but I felt relief, sadness, love, anger, and…guilt? Who would feel guilty? The more I concentrated on that I could sense who it was coming from.

It was Jasper.

How could he feel guilt, he didn't do anything wrong. Before I knew what I was doing I stormed out of my room and stalked over to where Jasper was sulking on the back porch. I stood right in front of him and confronted his feelings and asked him why he felt guilty and what for. This seemed to get his attention and guilt was replaced with amazement. I tilted my head to the side, because the more I focused on this particular emotion I realized that he was amazed that I in fact lived and the guilt was that he let this happen to me, and that he thought he was too late to save me.

"Jasper Whitlock do not think for a second that any of this," I said as I gestured to my body referencing the fact that I had been changed into a vampire. "is your fault; I am now what I've always wanted. A vampire, so now I can live with you for eternity." I said as tears formed in the rim of my eyes, but not from sadness, I finally got my wish. I just wish that it didn't have to have come from me being attacked by another vampire.

My senses were all in overdrive. I could smell the cologne that Jasper wore. I could smell everything; even grass had a certain smell, and each flower's scent was unique and powerful. Then there was this one scent, it was so overpowering that I felt my mouth start to fill with water – no venom- and I had to follow it. I left Jasper just standing there and I sniffed and follow the trail and saw that it was leading me to Arianna. Her scent reminded me of Raspberries and lilacs, it was so intoxicating. Her back was to me, which was perfect! I slinked my way over to me, and made sure that she couldn't hear me coming. I was nearing her luscious neck and all at once I came to my senses. What was I thinking? Arianna was my friend, why did I want to 'eat' her? I felt so ashamed and took off back outside and off into the wilderness. I couldn't be anywhere near her right now. I needed to get a clear head and hunt.

Wait, didn't Jasper say that when he used to train newborn vampires that they were stronger for the first few months and harder to control?

That explains my lack of restraint when it came to the scent of Arianna. How could I be so stupid? I mean I've never smelled anything so sweet and succulent before. I guess that was due to my enhanced senses. I ran my fingers through my hair as I paced in a circle trying to gather my thoughts and get ahold of myself. I have never felt so confused and helpless all at once before, and it was so intense it scared me.

Just as I started to make my third lap of the circular rut I had made for myself I heard a twig snap a few feet from me. I jerked my head up and scanned the surrounding area. I could hear two sets of footsteps, and they were nearing my location. I could sense that whoever it was felt uneasy, and I was also feeling that they were also concerned. I wasn't able to tell who it was, but all at once I felt myself stiffen and crouched into a defensive position and waited to be greeted with what was lurking in the distance between all the different trees.

Just then they broke through and I nearly pounced on them, but stopped myself when I saw that one of them was Jasper and that the other was Carlisle. I could sense that Rosalie and Emmett weren't far behind them. Obviously Alice and the others stayed back at the house. Good, that way I couldn't harm anyone. I was too dangerous right now to be anywhere near Arianna, I mean I nearly killed her and I'm pretty sure she didn't even know it until I raced out and caused all that commotion.

"Bella, darlin' we aren't upset, we just want to make sure you're ok." Jasper said soothingly and I gladly accepted the calming effects he was sending my way. I wasn't sure what to believe anymore. I mean I nearly killed one of my friends and they're acting as if it isn't a big deal, but it is. I've never ever felt that way before. I felt more calmness overcome me and I was so relaxed that I let them come even closer. Carlisle started to slowly inform me that my emotions would be harder to control now that I am one of them, but it wouldn't be impossible.

I heard what he was saying, but I couldn't help but be distracted by the sound of a snapping twig behind me. I turned and out in a clearing a few yards away I saw a ten-point buck standing near a small watering hole and hadn't spotted us yet. As Jasper and Carlisle went over to talk with Rosalie and Emmett I snuck off to stalk that delicious deer. It wasn't as intoxicatingly luscious as the smell of human blood, but it was still powerful. I swiftly moved between the trees and at the last second it heard me and started to run off, and I took off after it. I was able to catch it and once I had finished it off I wiped my chin and sighed with content. I thought more clearly now. I think it had to do with the fact that I had finally fed. Knowing that I was now ok to be around Arianna I walked back over to the group and informed them that I was ok now.

"You took on a buck that size on your own?" Emmett asked in amazement. I couldn't help but grin and nodded. Why did they doubt me? I mean, I know that I'm new to this way of life, but it just came natural to me. Emmett went on to say that Rosalie and Jasper had to be shown how to hunt; at least for Jasper he had a working idea.

Just then I felt that Carlisle was interested, and there was a hint of amazement as well.

"Why is everyone so shocked that I took down a deer all on my own?" I asked with a hint of annoyance.

"Bella, none of us voiced our astonishment, but we are all just surprised you're adjusting so well." Carlisle said calmly. That's when he started to really examine me. I was a bit nervous and felt a little uncomfortable at being looked at.

"Bella, I want you to try and tell me what I'm feeling." Carlisle asked me as he turned away from me. I focused on him and sensed that he felt proud that I was able to hunt on my own for being a newborn, intrigue that I may have a gift – wait – is that what this is, a gift? The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Why I could sense what everyone was feeling, and their reasoning behind it.

"Well, I sense that you're feeling proud, as well as intrigue." I said with a confident smirk on my face, and it got even bigger when I saw the shocked look on his face; looks like I was able to prove his theory right. Jasper looked surprised and happy. The more I concentrated on him the more that I saw that he was happy I was alive, and that he no longer felt guilt, just pure and deep love for me. It was so intense that I couldn't help but rush over to him and take him in a big hug, but pulled back when I heard him wince. Wait, I thought that now I was a vampire I was just as strong as they were, but I actually caused Jasper pain, well maybe a bit discomfort, but this was still weird for me. Rosalie said that the first few months I'll be stronger than they were, and that I would have to be more careful.

"Sweet, I bet even though you're stronger I can still beat you in an arm wrestling match squirt." Emmett teased as he walked over to a flat boulder and put his arm on it and motioned for me to come over and try and beat him. I couldn't help but try it. I mean, if I was stronger than they were I had a chance, even if Emmett was always the strongest of all of my family.

"You're so going down Emmett." I snickered and couldn't help but grin big. I wasn't all that confident that I was going to beat him, but if I was as strong as Rosalie said I was I think I stand a good chance. I sighed and put my arm down on the boulder and raised my arm, but leaving my elbow on the rock. I took Emmett's big hand and he counted down from three.

It was tough, he was still strong, but I that I was a tad stronger and for the first time I saw Emmett's arm start to shake trying to beat me. For a few seconds it looked like I was going to win, then it looked like Emmett was going to, but at the last minute I found the strength and slammed Emmett's hand down on the rock, causing it to crack a bit. I had in fact won. I beat him. I cheered and skipped over to Jasper and kissed him. I was just so happy, and I think it was also me feeling his delight, and the others as well that were there.

"Let's say that we get back to the house, and relax some." Jasper said as he held out his hand for me to take. I gladly accepted and we walked hand in hand back home, and over my shoulder I heard Emmett shout that he wanted a rematch one day, a day when I wasn't a newborn. He added that that had helped me cheat and that he was still the strongest. I heard Rosalie stroke his ego by agreeing with him. I could sense she was humoring him. I couldn't help but laugh as well. Jasper softly asked what I was laughing about; I just brushed it off as nothing. It was true, it was nothing. I just thought it was my gift acting up again.

What was my gift anyway? This made no sense to me, Jasper could read emotions, and so could I, but this had to be a different kind. I mean he could sense them, but I could sense them as well as decode what the meanings behind them were about. One thing was for sure, I wasn't able to adjust other's emotions, which I was glad for that at least.

When we got home and I walked in with Jasper I saw Edward standing in front of Arianna, as if to protect her, from me. I deserved that; I almost ate her as if she were lunch.

"She's not going to hurt her Edward, you don't need to – " I cut Jasper off. I explained that Edward had every right to protect her. I added that I was sorry, and made sure to direct that towards Arianna over Edward's broad shoulder. She added that she was never mad at me, and completely understood given the circumstance. Edward was still not taking any chances. I could feel the anger pouring out of him. But the more I stood there, the more I realized his anger was mostly at himself and not all directed to me. The anger was because he had left her to watch television while he went to go play on his piano. This whole self-loathing thing with him was a bit cliché in my book. He had no real reason to be this way. I gave a small smile when I felt Jasper send a soothing sense of being his way. Edward sighed and nodded. He went on to say that he was still wary of me being around Arianna, that I couldn't blame him of. I promised him that I would keep my distance until I got a better handle on my bloodlust. That seemed to make him feel a little better about the situation.

I let out a sigh and headed back up to my room. All the emotions were starting to weigh on my mind. How did Jasper deal with this on a daily basis? I just started with this and I nearly wanted to rip my hair out in frustration. Then I remembered that he spent a lot of time in his study reading, I guess I would have to find something that would help take my mind off all of the emotions. Wait, now that I thought about it, I was able to shut it off and on without any trouble. I thought highly strange given the fact that no one else was able to do the same. Edward could hear other people's thoughts, which is why he spent time alone every so often, Jasper spent his time in the study reading, and Alice had her shopping; all things to keep their minds off of the gift unless they needed it.

I heard quiet footsteps approaching my room, and from what I could sense it was Jasper. I couldn't help but smile and patiently waited. I held back a giggle when he knocked on my door, he was always such a gentleman; he had to of known I heard him coming down the hallway. I allowed him to come in and I could see that he was relieved, relieved that I was so accepting of this lifestyle, and relieved that I was alive. Before he could speak I shushed him with a finger to his lips. If he said anything he would ruin this moment. I leaned in and kissed him. I kissed him with so much passion, both mine and his. I guess this is what happens when you have two empaths together and feeding off of each other's emotions. I'm probably being crass for saying this, but I could get used to being married to Jasper Whitlock.

Our kissing escalated to him on top of me and we were caressing each other and his kisses trailed down to my neck. We were gasping and giggling like we were kids about to be caught by each other's parents. Then the next phrase that popped out of my mouth surprised even me.

"I want to get married now. I don't want to wait."

The look on Jasper's face was hard to read. I wasn't able to tell if he was happy or not, his emotions weren't giving me any clue as to what it was.

Jasper sat up quickly and looked over at me, as to see if I had in fact lost my mind. I started to feel stupid for blurting that out of nowhere. I mean even I surprised myself, where did that come from? I guess it was just a 'in the heat of the moment' type event when I was feeling both our emotions at the same time.

"Wow, um, well are you sure Bella?" Jasper asked as he searched for words to describe what he was feeling. I could sense that he wasn't too put off by what I said, as a matter of fact I sensed he was feeling the exact opposite, he was thrilled I was still considering marriage after what has happened.

"Of course I'm sure. I want to legally be Mrs. Jasper Whitlock, and I don't want to wait anymore." I said with a big grin on my face. It was true. I'm not sure what came over me, but I was sure that I wanted the wedding sooner and not wait around.

Just then we both heard a loud squeal come from downstairs. The squeal sounded a lot like Alice, and I just let out a long sigh. That's when I realized that I would have to sit through a bunch of fittings and go through all the bells and whistles with Alice and I would be held prisoner.

"I think someone just heard the news, and is overly excited for it." Jasper chuckled. I just rolled my eyes and nudged him.

"Of course you would be all smiles, you won't be put through all the torture I will when Alice gets her hands on me." I sighed. I loved Alice, but when it came to planning anything, party or not, she would go overboard, and even though I was a newborn and stronger than her, I knew that I wouldn't be able to use that as an excuse with her.

"That's true, but just think, once that's all over with the fun part begins and I get to announce to everyone that you are my wife and that I love you with all my heart." Jasper said as he smirked. I laughed and playfully kissed him on the lips. We were about to kiss again when Alice barged in and squealed with happiness and dragged me away from Jasper and was yammering on about something to do with which theme we should do and that we needed to send out the invitations.

Needless to say, I think I may have inadvertently created a wedding monster.

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