God Blessed Texas

Day Before the Wedding

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Previously On God Blessed Texas:

"That's true, but just think, once that's all over with the fun part begins and I get to announce to everyone that you are my wife and that I love you with all my heart." Jasper said as he smirked. I laughed and playfully kissed him on the lips.

We were about to kiss again when Alice barged in and squealed with happiness and dragged me away from Jasper and was yammering on about something to do with which theme we should do and that we needed to send out the invitations.

Needless to say, I think I may have inadvertently created a wedding monster.

Bella POV:

"Bella, now hold still, I know that it won't hurt if I accidentally stick you with a straight pin, but I want to make sure that I get all the measurements all right so that I can send them to the designer for your perfect dress." Alice trilled as she bounced around as she took some last measurements.

Ever since I had become a vampire, which had only been a few days ago, Alice was a little more reckless with me. I mean, she would yank me around as she dragged me from place to place. I knew that she had her own idea of what my wedding to Jasper would be like, but I guess I appreciated that she wanted my input on some things in the wedding, like whether or not I wanted it to be an indoor or outdoor wedding, which we both agreed depended whether or not the sun was out and shining, considering it was in the middle of summer.

Thankfully though, the only thing left to decide on was what the bridesmaid dresses would look like and how many the designer would have to make. I wasn't sure how many I wanted. I guess I wanted Alice, Rosalie, Crystal, and Jayme invited, but if I wanted her to come then I would definitely have to make sure that it was inside and that it wasn't a sunny day.

I mean I still remember when Jayme spent the night, a few years ago and she was nearly hurt by a vampire visiting us from the guard. I wasn't even sure she would accept the invite considering since that night I kind of lost touch with her. Who could blame her, I mean if I didn't already know vampires existed I would be the very same way.

"I'm sorry Alice, but how much longer do I have to pretend to be your life-size Barbie? I need to hunt." It was a valid argument, considering I was still a newborn and needed to feed more often, but this time I was using it as an excuse to get away from all the wedding planning. I wanted a simple wedding, just me, Jasper, our family and close friends, but the way Alice was going I would be walking down the aisle as if I were getting married to a prince or something; also, I could tell that Alice wasn't too pleased but excused me to allow me to go hunt and I silently thanked the heavens above as I raced out the door and into the woods. I felt so free and one with nature. I didn't have any emotions or thoughts to cloud my head; I just had my own thoughts and decided to take a walk through the woods. I know that the whole point of hunting is to be faster than your prey, but I wanted to try a different approach; be inconspicuous and not appear to be a threat.

I still had a lot to learn. I would start to close in on my prey, this time a mountain lion, and just as I was about to pounce on it, I stupidly stepped on a twig which echoed out around me and the lion quickly looked up and took off. I cursed myself for being so reckless, but shook it off because I didn't really need to hunt anyway I just wanted some time by myself and be alone. I was eager for all the wedding planning to wrap up and I could just put on my wedding dress, and become Mrs. Jasper Whitlock. I knew that weddings took a lot of planning and careful eye for detail, but the way this was going you would've thought that Alice was the one getting married. I knew she loved Beau a lot and I've seen how they act when they're together. I couldn't help but think about the idea of having a double wedding, but then there's the part where Beau hadn't even proposed to her, so that plan went out the window.

All these thoughts about weddings and who all was invited and who would be coming to the ceremony made me remember my real first best friend, Ross. It's been awhile since he and I've hung out, he met Crystal and left with them. I met Ross when I was living in Ireland for a few months. He was under the mind control of that witch Holly, and thankfully she was no longer an issue. Then there was the whole issue with Ross' brother Reid. I still remembered how I met Ross. He and I had met over in Ireland when I was younger. He had fallen head over heels in love with Holly, and she used that to her advantage. See, Holly was an evil vampire, and her 'gift' was the ability to control others with her mind. What I didn't know at first was that Ross was just a pawn to her to try and get to me. After a while Ross finally broke free of Holly's mind control and helped in destroying her so that she would no longer cause anyone any pain or harm.

After that, things were great, easy as pie, no issues no drama just calm country life out in Iowa. I went from Ireland, to New York City, then finally settling down in East Valley, Iowa out in the middle of nowhere. Ross and I were still best friends, and then when everything was all well and good and my best friend at the time, Jayme, came to visit a stranger came to visit and claimed that he knew Ross. It turns out that the stranger was Ross' estranged brother, Reid. Reid was interesting, turns out that while growing up him and Ross both competed at everything they could. If it were school-related or had to do with getting a girl they would compete to win. Beau had told me that he had learned, from his gift to look in future, as well as the past, that Ross and Reid had fought over Holly, and it ended up being Ross who won.


Yeah, I wouldn't go straight to saying that Ross won, because what Ross won was the chance to be put under Holly's mind control and made to do her bidding. It didn't happen overnight, but thankfully after a while both Ross and Reid had made up with each other. Shortly after that Ross and Reid left with Crystal and her coven. That had been almost a full year ago I think. Not even a letter or postcard from him. I know I was five when I met him, and we had been friends a long time, and I knew that friends sometimes move away and lose contact, I would've thought that vampire friends would want to remain in touch.

I was thrust from my thoughts when I heard my cell phone buzz in my jeans pocket. I was impressed with my cell phone provider, even in when I was in the thick of the forest I still managed to get a signal all the way out here. I took it out and saw that it was a text message from Alice asking me if I had decided who all I wanted to be my bride's maids.

I texted her back letting her know that I wanted her, mom, Arianna, and Jayme if she was coming to the wedding. I added that if Ross was coming, and it was alright with Jasper I wanted him to be a groomsman. At this point I just hoped that he would show up to the wedding. He was and still is my friend after all.

It was a few hours later when I decided to make my way back to the house and try put up with Alice. I know I complain about how aggressive Alice can be when she's planning my wedding, but I honestly couldn't have been able to do all of this on my own. I was so thankful for her help. Since I didn't want to wait for the wedding Alice decided to use her gift and saw that we all had agreed on two weeks from now and that guests could arrive before then too. I made sure to be firm and tell Alice that I didn't want a big wedding, just a few friends and family at the ceremony. Jasper agreed completely.

I was looking forward to seeing all my friends that I had made while I've lived with my family and traveled the world, so to speak.

Jasper had been kept from knowing, but I made sure that Charles and his coven was invited to the wedding. It had taken them a few decades, but finally Charles and Jasper were both now civil towards each other and could be in the same room. They would still sometimes disagree, but according to James it was much easier to be around them now then back then.

I got inside and saw everyone off doing their own thing. Rosalie and Esme were helping Alice thumb through different bridal magazines, Carlisle and Jasper were in the study, Emmett was watching ESPN with Beau, and Edward was with Arianna upstairs listening to some of Edward's music from his collection. I swear that boy has almost every record ever made in time. I know I'm exaggerating, but he has three shelves full of music and the shelves run from the ceiling down to the floor. Oh and lord help you if you enter his room and take a CD or record and put it back in the wrong spot, he'll bite your head off, figuratively speaking of course. I could go in a number of directions as for passing time. I decided that I would go practice on the piano. I knew that it was actually Edward's but I had his permission, which wasn't a very common thing with him. He was always very particular about who touched his piano and music collection, and only let me because I knew how to properly use it and that I wouldn't cause any damage to it.

I sat down at the piano and lifted the cover off the keys and just stared down. It had been a while since I've actually played the piano, Edward had taught me when I was growing up, but that had been, what felt like a lifetime, was only a few years ago. I started off playing a colorful version of a song my 'first' mom played for me when I was little; I think she called it 'Heart and Soul'. I loved how with my new sensitive hearing I could hear all the notes resonate off the strings of the piano keys, and how they all flowed together.

Yes, being a vampire was going to be very fun and an interesting journey for me.

*~!~**~!~* Two Weeks Later *~!~**~!~*

"Bella, you need to hold still so I can do the final touches to your beautiful dress." Alice whines as she was making the final alterations for my dress. I couldn't believe that two weeks came so quick, and that we were able to find enough bridesmaids dresses in the design that Alice and I decided on, which was a spaghetti-strapped dress that was a light pastel pink with a dark chestnut ribbon around the bust that came to a bow in the back. Alice and I agreed that the colors would be pink, brown, white (of course), and black. My dress was a strapless white dress that was an A-line dress with a subtle sweetheart neckline. To tie with the bridesmaids' dresses I had a brown ribbon trim around my bust as well, but my dress didn't have a bow. I wasn't very comfortable wearing a strapless dress, so Alice caved and allowed me to have a half-size jacket/shawl to wear to cover my shoulders.

"I know I need to hold still Alice, but I'm just getting butterflies I suppose." I said as I fiddled with the ribbon trim on my dress. I wasn't having cold feet, but I think what was going on, was that I was feeding off of everyone else's emotions and it was causing me to have anxiety. I knew that I wanted to marry Jasper and noting could ever change my mind from that.

Finally Alice was finishing taking my dress in, and it looked so gorgeous that I didn't want to ever take it off; I wanted to wear it all day. Tomorrow was the ceremony, so I would have all day tomorrow to wear it. I sighed as Rosalie helped me out of my dress and I got back into my regular clothes. Thankfully I wasn't given a bachelorette party, I didn't want one. Emmett, on the other hand, wanted to give Jasper one, but mom thankfully reassured me that this type of bachelor party would only consist of a late night hunt, which would end up in a contest between him and Jasper. Meaning, who could get the most animals.

Some of the guests came a day early, including Carlisle's friends that were from up in Alaska. I think I remember hearing him refer to them as the 'Denali' coven. Also, I heard that Eleazar, the leader, had an intriguing gift; he could sense what gifts, if any, a vampire possessed. He was the sole vampire in that coven who had a power, the others, his mate, Carmen, and the three sisters; Tonya, Irina, and Kate. All three had beautiful blonde hair and topaz-colored eyes. I was especially happy when I saw that Charles, James, Cassandra, and Nadine, the vampires from Ireland. Oops, I meant 'Summer'; Cassandra preferred to be called Summer, which is the name she got during her time as a 'hippy' person.

I was so excited to see that they had accepted the invitation, and that they had even been able to attend. I still somewhat blamed myself for wrecking their home when some of the Voltori guard decided to make an unannounced house visit.

I think I stunned all four of them when they got a good look at me. The last time they had saw me I was human and had a heartbeat. I could sense that they were surprised, and then immediately happy for me.

They wouldn't be so 'happy' if they knew the circumstances that occurred for me to be changed.

"Hello Bella, it is so good to see you! Thank you so much for inviting us to your wedding." Nadine said as she took me into a quick hug, and squeezed. That's when I remembered if I were still human this kind of hug would've nearly crushed me, but now, it felt like a normal 'human' hug. I smiled and nodded my head.

Summer was bold enough to ask when I was changed. I fumbled for an answer. I could feel that Alice and the others were hesitant to go into detail about my circumstances, but I considered them family and explained what happened when we were returning home from our trip. This caused both Summer and Nadine to gasp from shock. I noticed that both Charles and James stiffened a bit. James made a comment that he hoped the rotten vampire got what he deserved. I couldn't help but chuckle a bit. I explained that Jasper and the others that arrived were able to dispose of the vampire appropriately and that he would no longer cause any harm. This seemed to appease James and Charles' anger.

Alice showed were they could relax if they pleased, and gave them a quick tour of the house. Since there would be guests that would be here over night, Alice thought it'd be best to move around and I would be sharing a room with her and Rosalie. Beau, Emmett Jasper and Edward would share a room, and Arianna would have her own room, except the fact she would be sleeping with Jayme.

Yes, Jayme would be coming to my wedding, my wedding that would be full of vampires. I knew that would be risky, but I had faith and even Alice made sure to look ahead and was sure that nothing would happen to either one. Now, you all are probably wondering, "Why do vampires need to 'share rooms'? it's not like you will be sleeping or anything. Well, that was to keep up appearances when my friend Jayme would be here. She still didn't know the secret, even though she nearly did back when she spent the night at my house.

Crystal and her coven, which had traveled all over the globe it seemed, had finally settled down in a small village outside of the big city of London. Yes, London, England. They wouldn't be 'staying' the night, but would be there for the wedding ceremony and reception. I couldn't wait until all of my family was here for my big day, and then I could see if Ross could stay a little longer than just my wedding day. Jasper and I both agreed to hold off on our honeymoon, we had already had a big trip for when he proposed to me, and I wasn't up to going across country again.

Yes, I was a big chicken when it came to traveling; mainly because it seemed liked I was being watched over by the Voltori, and their guard. They always wanted to cause trouble and I had had my fill of trouble with them.

After a few hours and we all go settled in I heard a knock at the door. I could feel it was Jayme. I squealed and hurried down and answered the door before anyone else could. We emailed sometimes to keep in touch, but it had been forever since we talked. We spent nearly every day together as friends and then our junior year of school, she had to move. They were going back to her dad's hometown, Columbus, Indiana. I was officially eighteen when I 'changed' and had already graduated high school. Jayme got accepted into Purdue University and was on break; perfect timing for my wedding!

"Belly! It's so good to see you! How have you been? Wow, who would've thought that the Iowa lifestyle would agree with you Bells, you look amazing, like a supermodel!" Jayme teased as she took a step back to get a better look at me. Little did she know, I was in fact a 'different' person now than I was when we last saw each other. I hated lying to her, but one main rule I knew all too well about being a vampire; No humans must know about vampires. I was the exception, even though the Voltori wasn't thrilled with it. Hopefully since I was changed that there would no longer be an issue with them and they would let us live our lives and be alone.

"I've been just great, how's college been for you?" I kind of envied her in that fact that she was able to go to college, but then I had no room to talk. I mean, I could go to college too, but right now I wasn't all that interested in that. I wasn't 'allowed' to be around humans just yet, only Arianna was the exception and now so was Jayme. Maybe if I was able to control myself around her for the next couple of days with her around I could reconsider it and go to college, preferably one that wasn't in a sunshiny place. I may go back to Washington state and go to one of the colleges there. It was almost always cloudy there.

"Ehh, it's been tolerable." Jayme said with a humorous smirk on her face. "All I ever do it seems is study and go to class, BUT there is the occasional party in the dorms. Sadly though, I'm not 'cool' enough to get invited." She added as she plopped down on the couch behind her. I couldn't help but laugh to myself. I mean, Jayme was always more observant than I was, and here I was a completely different person, in a way, than she was, plus she usually would've started in on me as if it were the Spanish inquisition. I 'plopped' down on the couch next to her. Jayme was flipping through channels when I heard Alice arguing with someone over the phone a few rooms away. It had something to do with the flower arrangements and what time they would get here tomorrow. It felt like she was yelling right in my ear, it was still hard to get used to that I could hear her yelling, but Jayme was clueless to that.

Jayme yawned a few times while we watched a Grey's Anatomy marathon, and after the final episode of the night I got Jayme away from the bag of popcorn and convinced her to go to bed. When I wasn't getting ready myself I had to come up with a quick excuse, something about the fact I wanted to make sure that she would get settled in alright.

I sighed when I heard her get into bed and soon fall right to sleep. I sighed with relief and was glad to know that I could stop the charade of being 'human'. I wasn't sure why all of a sudden it was so hard for me. I mean, I've only been a vampire for a few weeks, and a human for almost nineteen years. I guess being around Jayme brought back the human in me. I wasn't sure if that was good for me, or it would inhibit the mental portion of my transition. Was that even possible? I mean, I was no longer human, but my mind was still trying to cope with the sudden change.

I felt myself start to feel anxious, and all of a sudden I felt overwhelming sense of calm and soothing waves wash over me. I looked around and saw Jasper standing in the doorway. I sighed and felt myself smile a little at his face. I loved him, for many reasons of course, but whenever I would feel myself start to go off the deep end, emotionally anyway, he was right there to help me calm down and see more clearly.

"Darlin' everything ok? I could feel your anxiety all the way downstairs." Jasper said with a look of concern on his face. I nodded as I took in a deep breath. I eased his worries and just said that I was just having a freak-out moment, but I would be fine.

At least I think I will be. I mean, I'm sure these thoughts were just temporary, or better, a weird way of cold feet developing.

Jasper readily accepted this explanation and kissed me on the cheek.

"I wanted to give you one last kiss before the next one signifies the fact we are husband and wife." Jasper said with his crooked grin. It was so infectious that I felt myself smiling too. I was about to respond when Emmett came in with Beau and Edward and dragged him out.

"Don't worry Bella, we'll have him back in time for the wedding." Edward said with a smirk. I just laughed and rolled my eyes. I told them that they better get him back in time, otherwise they would have to deal with the evil wedding-crazed pixie.

"Oh, don't worry we will, we've seen how Alice can get we don't want any of that aimed at us." Beau said with his cute dimpled smile. I nodded and as quick as they showed up all the boys were out the door and into the woods.

I sighed and walked over to my bookcase and thumbed through my collection. I picked up my favorite book, Wuthering Heights, and decided to reread it for a fourth time. In less than fourteen hours I would soon become Mrs. Jasper Whitlock.

Yeah, that had a very nice ring to it.

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