God Blessed Texas

Happily Ever After?

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Previously on God Blessed Texas

I sighed and walked over to my bookcase and thumbed through my collection. I picked up my favorite book, Wuthering Heights, and decided to reread it for a fourth time. In less than fourteen hours I would soon become Mrs. Jasper Whitlock.

Yeah, that had a very nice ring to it.

Bella POV:

This was it; I had my dress on and Alice and Rosalie were applying some finishing touches to my dress and makeup. I chewed my bottom lip as I slowly realized that this was actually happening, I was going to marry the man I loved, the man that saved me all those years ago, and helped me in my transformation. Then there was my gift, a gift that resembled his, but it wasn't identical.

I glanced at myself in the mirror, a feat I had been trying to avoid actually; what I saw pleasantly surprised me; Alice had wanted me to wear my hair up, but I much rather would've like it down, I caved and allowed her to at least some of my hair pulled back. I was amazed at the curls in my hair, they were like chocolate ringlets, and the way they framed my face was breathtaking, even to me. I couldn't even begin to fathom at how Alice had managed to take my plain looks and turn me into this thing of beauty I saw before me.

"Bella, you look beautiful, I can't wait to see Jasper's face when he gets a look at you." Jayme said as she walked over to give me a hug. Alice scolded her and warned that to not damage my dress. The dress; that was another thing that took my breath away, this wasn't the dress that I had agreed on, that I had tried on for the final alterations; this dress was much more, me. It was more modest, and not so revealing. The dress had a straight neckline, small capped sleeves, but it still had the A-line dress feel I was wanting.

"Before you say anything Bella, that dress wasn't the one, this one is much better, I saw you looking at the magazines I gave you, and I know that you were trying to only humor me, I made sure that you would get at least one thing that you picked out all on your own." Alice said as she grinned ear to ear as she reached around to put a necklace on for me. I was too stunned to say a word, but just smiled at her in the reflection and stroked the fabric, it was soft silk, and then I glanced up to the top of my head as Rose reached up to put a small tiara over the half bun in my hair that had the vale attached.

Then it really hit me, the bridesmaids dresses were different too, they weren't the pastel pink dresses with the brown ribbon around the waist, no, these were forest green dress with a bateau neckline, cocktail length, and I couldn't help but grin ear to ear and felt myself start to tear up, another part of Alice's little gift to me. She added that she loved that I had let her plan the wedding, but that I had the final say in what everyone wore, and added that I had some pretty good tastes considering I preferred to wear jeans. I just smiled and remained silent. I wasn't sure what to say, I mean, I was so taken off guard that I wasn't sure what to say. Part of me was a tad annoyed that I had gone through all that trouble of alterations and picking out dresses only to have Alice change everything, but I reminded myself that Alice always had a reason for everything, even if the person doesn't know it.

"Alice, I love it, I love the dress, the bridesmaid dresses, and I love everything, thank you so much for doing this all for me." I gratefully thanked her and took her into a hug and squeezed tight. As I fought back tears of laughter Alice choked out that I was crushing her; one of the downsides that come with still being a newborn vampire.

As we finished up getting ready Beau popped his head in and said that someone wanted to come and say hello to the bride. I was about to ask who as I walked over to him, and stopped dead in my tracks. I was so unbelievably ecstatic that I had forgotten I was in three-inch high heels and ran over to hug my best friend, Ross. Also, I had forgotten that I was still a newborn, with the strength of one when I felt him gasp a bit from my iron grip.

"Well, vampire suits you well Bells, you look amazing, Jasper is one lucky guy." Ross said with a sly crooked smile. I had missed him a lot, and he had missed me just as much. He went on to say that Crystal, him and the others had traveled around and finally decided to settle down in a small town outside of Lafayette, Indiana. We caught each other up and it was as if he never left.

"So um, is anyone doing the honors of giving you away?" Ross asked as he searched the room, and saw no one but us girls in here. I informed him that I wasn't entirely sure I wanted someone to walk me down the aisle. "Aw, come on Bella, if you're going through all this trouble of having a 'human' wedding and the fancy white dress, you gotta have someone walk you down the aisle." He had a point, and I called him on it and asked if he was offering, but before he could answer his brother, Reid came in looking almost exactly like Ross. They had the same suit and same messy hair that managed to look well put together at the same time.

"Well, if you like I could give you away Bella." Reid said with a genuine smile. I nodded and accepted. Ross just shrugged and joked that Reid better be on his best behavior, seeing as Jasper would see if Reid would try and cop a feel. I rolled my eyes as well and said that it wouldn't be Jasper he'd have to worry about, as I gave Reid a knowing look that he'd better watch his roaming hands.

The music immediately changed to Canon in D, the signal that they were ready for us. Jayme handed me my bouquet, and made eye contact with Reid. I couldn't help but feel that Jayme, in fact, had a crush on Reid, and as for the vampire staring at my friend I couldn't get an accurate read on what he was feeling, it hinted at the mutual feelings Jayme had, but I wasn't about to try and decode it now. Everyone got into their designated positions in line and the doors opened. From what I could see at the very back of the line, the ceiling looked like something out of Midsummer Night's Dream or something, I mean there were flowers, foliage everywhere, even the ceiling had flowers and green vines intertwined and draped along the inside of the church we were at.

That's just it, I had almost forgotten that we were even at a church at the way that Alice and Rosalie had this place decorated, I can see why Alice kept the real dresses a secret, they went perfectly with how everything looked.

When it was finally time for me to make my walk down the aisle everyone stood up and turned to face me. The music abruptly stopped and shifted to the traditional bridal march. I took a deep breath and both Reid and I started our way down the aisle.

"If you're having second thoughts, we can turn around right now." Reid playfully whispered to me, so that I was the only one that could hear. I didn't dignify that with a response, but instead I just jabbed him in the side with my elbow that was closest to him, I smirked to myself when I heard him wince. The music slowly died down when we approached the alter. Unlike how he was on the way down Reid was completely different person and turned me to face him and flipped my vale over my head and gave me a genuine happy smile and gently kissed my cheek then took his seat with his Ross and his coven.

Jasper walked to me and held out his hand for me to take, I gladly took it and we walked back up to the minister, which in this case was Carlisle. I was taken off guard when I felt Jayme reach around and take my bouquet from me, it made me realize how hard I had been gripping it.

Carlisle started off by reading from his booklet he had put together from all the research he had done for this wedding. Then came time to read the vows; Carlisle turned to me and asked me to start, I took a deep breath and let out slowly and decided to speak from my heart.

"Jasper, I feel as if I've known you all of my life, you've always been there for me, you've helped me become the person I wanted to be and so much more, you're like my best friend, I know that you love me and I love you. I don't think I could manage in this world without you. I hope to spend the rest of my days with you, and to quote a song that seems to be a theme of our love, 'I'll love you for a thousand years, and a thousand more.'". I finished and felt tears well up in my eyes. I couldn't believe how teary I was getting, I knew that I wouldn't cry any real tears, what I spoke was nothing but the truth.

Carlisle beamed at me and gently squeezed my hand knowingly and announced that Jasper had his own vows as well to say.

"Isabella Marie Swan, Bella, I as well feel as if we've known each other our whole lives. I feel as if you make me whole, complete. When I'm around you I know that I am good, and that I am not the monster I thought I was, you've changed me Bella, and for the Bella. I love you, and I cannot wait until I can call you my wife, my love, my Bella." Jasper finished. I saw that he had started to tear up as well. If I had still been human I would be sobbing like a baby right now, I couldn't produce real tears, and in this one time I was glad, I would've ended up looking like a raccoon. We exchanged rings and recited the vow to honor and cherish one another; I couldn't help but laugh to myself when I realized that Carlisle had purposely left out the 'til death do us part' part of the vows. That's when he pronounced us husband and wife and allowed us to kiss one another.

I assume that people cheered and applauded us, but I couldn't hear a thing, and I didn't care, all I cared about was that I was kissing Jasper, my love, my life, my mate. He and I officially belonged together, nothing would tear us apart. Once we broke the kiss we turned to wave to the crowd. Carlisle went on to announce that the reception would be held back at our house. There were a few pictures taken, trying to keep up the appearance of being a 'human' family on their wedding day.

Jayme may have been the only human in the wedding party, but there were still humans that were invited to the wedding, which would mean that I would have to pretend to eat the food Alice had ordered. Thankfully Alice kept the food supply at a minimum, that way it would look like we actually ate food.

The afternoon had transformed into evening and to accommodate for the change all of a sudden cute little lights that were strung along the reception area were lit to help illuminate the night. I couldn't help but smile a bit when I saw that Jayme and Reid were dancing together, I made sure to keep a closer eye on them, mainly on Reid. His eyes were still the color of crimson, but were slowly starting to have small flecks of gold in them, a sign that Reid was trying his best to stay on the 'vegetarian' diet.

As Jasper and I were dancing together if felt a soft tap on my shoulder and turned to see Alice and Beau looking at us, and I could feel the fear and anxiety washing over me from them. Before I had a chance to try and ask them what was wrong Alice announced that she had seen Aro, Marcus, and Caius arriving here within the hour. Beau added that it was to personally extend their congratulations, and make sure that the news of my transformation was indeed a fact. That wasn't a big deal, they would take one look at me and my eyes and see that I was indeed human and they would be on their merry way.

Then it hit me, hit me like a ton of bricks, Jayme was here, she was human, if they had even a sneaking suspicion that she knew vampires existed she would be killed immediately without discussion. Then there was Arianna, Edward's secret mate, she was also human, and she, of course, knew about vampires, and that wasn't going to be good, for all of us. I started to ask if Ross and his coven could take Jayme and Arianna somewhere for a few hours, but was cut off by Alice saying that my plan, while being a very good idea, wouldn't work because there wasn't enough time.

But thankfully the party dwindled down to just me and my family, Arianna, Jayme, and Crystal and her coven along with good 'ol Reid, who by the way, seemed to have overheard our conversation and kept a close eye on Jayme while looking around to see if anyone would show up. My suspicions of his shared feelings of Jayme was truth, he wanted nothing but make sure that Jayme was safe.

"Man, Bells, this reception was so amazing, you all sure know how to throw a party. Why does everyone look so worried? It's a party not a funeral people." Jayme added as she looked around at us and saw our expressions, if only she knew the real reason as to why we looked so grim. In a matter of minutes the Voltori, who detested the knowledge of our existence be known to humans, would be here and see two humans mingling with vampires, and it would be painfully obvious that they knew our true secret.

"Hey, Jayme, why don't we go get some more drinks for the reception, I'm not ready for the party to end so soon." Reid said and Alice was about to try and explain casually as to why that would be a bad idea, but Beau talked over her and said that that would be a good idea. I had to agree, I mean what was the point of having my best friend sitting here just waiting to be killed, and not even realize why. I could hear Edward quietly arguing with Arianna back in the house, trying to get her to go with Reid and Jayme, but she wasn't having any of that, and didn't want to leave him, thinking that she would never see him again.

I had to admire her devotion to Edward, when the Voltori found out that Arianna was human and that she didn't act afraid or intimidated by them, that they would spare her, and let her live. I sensed that Edward didn't want to risk her life, but quickly gave in and allowed her to stay only if she agreed to stay towards the back of the room.

Jayme agreed happily and walked with Reid to his car, and before we knew it they were speeding down the driveway and off into the distance, once we were sure that they were far enough away we sighed with relief. Alice, Rosalie and I quickly started cleaning things up and making sure that there was no evidence of anything 'human' around.

It may not do much, seeing as Arianna was still here, but it would look less incriminating if we didn't have all this human food everywhere.

I had thrown away the last of the good when I heard quiet footsteps approaching from deep in the forest line behind the house, I wasn't the only one who heard it, everyone perked up when they could hear the quiet crush of leaves and very soft break of twigs, as if whoever it was, was walking on air.

Alice ordered me inside to change into my other dress, the dress that apparently was up in my room. I almost wanted to argue but remembered that I was still in my wedding dress, and if there was going to be a fight I would want to be wearing something else.

I rushed upstairs to change into the dress, which was a light green color, almost like a pastel shade and had the same neckline as the bridesmaid dresses, Bateau. Once I finished changing I zipped back down and when I got to everyone else I nearly jumped out of skin when I saw three men standing before us, from what I was told it looked to be Aro, Marcus, and Caius, the three vampires who were in charge of the Voltori, the 'royalty' of the vampire world.

Aro was the most terrifying, in the sense that he wore a sadistic smile, and carried himself in such a way that would scare anyone, even me, and I couldn't help but feel his emotions; intrigue, some anger, but mostly just curiosity, that was aimed towards me. Thankfully, from what I could sense, they had no idea about Arianna. I hoped to keep it that way.

"Well, you must be Bella, my, my, my Loki was right, your beauty is one to be rivaled. Not to mention that your 'family' had decided to take our advice and change you. Vampire suits you well, dearie." Aro said, and then paused as he walked up to me and took my hand and gently patted it. I wanted to jerk it away, and even slap him, but I didn't. I sensed Jasper was getting irritated the longer Aro held onto my hand. He closed his eyes, tight I might add, trying to 'see' something, but whatever it was, he wasn't seeing what he wanted because I could hear a low annoyed growl in his chest. He let go of my hand and I quickly backed up to stand next to Jasper. "Now Bella, tell me, why is it that I cannot see your thoughts, memories, or feelings?" Aro snarled at me, but if you saw his face you wouldn't agree, he may have been angry, but he did not appear that way. Carlisle had mentioned in passing that Aro had a special gift, like Edward, he could hear people's thoughts, but he would need to have physical contact with you. Edward had said that Aro's gift was much more powerful than his. Edward could hear occasional thoughts, but Aro could hear thoughts, see memories, and sense feelings as well. That made him all the more dangerous.

"Bella has a mental shield Aro, that's why you cannot hear or see anything about her." Carlisle calmly announced as he walked up to stand next to me and Jasper. I saw Aro's expression change almost immediately and looked back at me. I wasn't sure at this point whether or not to make eye contact with him, because the look he was giving made me squirm.

"Really, now that is an interesting twist of events isn't it? Tell me Bella, what exactly does your gift allow you to do." Aro said as he smiled fiendishly as he awaited an answer.

"Well, um, in all honesty I didn't know I had that gift, I mean, well, um…" I knew I was rambling but I wasn't all that sure what I wanted to say. I had never put much thought into the whole 'mental shield' thing, but then I guess it was true since Edward had never been able to hear what I was thinking, I think he said it sounded like a radio station that wouldn't even come in completely clear.

"Well Bella, do you have this shield or not?" Aro said, almost in a way that was dripping with annoyance mixed with a tad of curiosity.

"I was unaware that I had this shield until you brought it to my attention, I was only aware of the one gift I have." This peaked his attention and leaned in as a sign for me to continue. I gulped once and continued to tell him what exactly my gift was and how it worked.

"Wonderful, what an absolutely marvelous turn of events, here I was going to think that you only had the intriguing shield, but to add that you have secondary gift just makes it all the better." Aro cheered. It was scary how easily his mood swings were; one minute he would be edging on psychotic, the next he would act as if you've been friends for years. It was all completely unnerving to be honest.

"Now, Bella, I must ask you this, and I'm more than sure that young Alice, and Edward have mentioned in passing the open invitation we extend to you to join us in Volterra."

Whoa, my whole life growing up, since I was like five, I've lived with the fear that one day either Maria or the Voltori would find me and kill me or hurt my family. Now that I've been turned and this vampire with 'extraordinary gifts' I'm immediately exonerated of my breaking one of the most important rules of the Vampire community. It was a lot to take in, but I knew one thing for sure, and that was that I was not going to join the Voltori, I was going to stay with my family, and that's exactly what I explained to Aro, Caius, and Marcus.

I could tell that Aro was disappointed, but that wasn't the same for Caius, I sensed annoyance and disgust, mainly at the idea of declining to such a wonderful and prestigious offer, at least in his mind. Marcus, well from him I could barely feel any emotion emitting from him, all I could sense was melancholy, and just a hint of depression.

Things were going better than I had first thought they would, they were just about to leave when, out of nowhere, there was a light breeze that blew in from the open door leading to the backyard, and that's when I smelled it. The thing that we had hoped wouldn't happen.

What I had smelled was the scent, the scent of Arianna, the human scent of Arianna. To say that there was an uproar was a complete understatement.

Caius was the first to try and call for her to be slaughtered and disposed, and something to do with the rules, the same rules they seemed to discard for me a few minutes ago.

"She needs to be taken care of Aro, that, that human needs to be disposed of; she could be the human that would expose all of us, not to mention you all." Caius snarled as he pointed his finger at Arianna, who, from what I could tell looked like the color had disappeared from her face. I sensed fear, which was warranted in this situation. Just then, before any of us could react we were thrown out of the way between them and Arianna. Who had that kind of gift? Then I saw that Loki was standing behind them with that same stupid smirk on his face. I knew it was him, because the only other members of the guard here was Felix and Demitri, and I knew that neither one had that kind of ability. But before Caius could get his hands on Arianna's throat, Edward zipped over and stood between them.

"Aro, Caius don't you think that we've caused enough trouble?" Marcus wheezed from where he stood. For being a part of the most-feared coven out there, Marcus was the tamest of the three. "I say we just give them a deadline, like we gave Bella, I mean we are supposed to be examples of fairness and other nonsense." Marcus said with a hint of disinterest, even if his tone didn't sound sincere, his emotions spoke volumes.

"Aro, if you allow this foul human to live, what's not to say that they do not go through with the transformation, what would that look like if we did that? We would appear to be 'soft' do you wa-" Aro cut Caius short by raising his hand to stop him. Aro went on to say that Marcus spoke truth, even if it wasn't what either he nor Caius wanted.

Aro went on to ask how long would be long enough to allow for 'the human' to be prepared for the transformation. I saw that Edward was about to ruin this and open his big mouth and try and stand up to them, but I didn't need to by psychic to know that that wasn't the best option. Carlisle cut in and said that they would need at least two to four months of preparations.

"Very well then, in four months from now I will have one of my guard come to make sure that you have kept up your promise, and if I find out otherwise, it won't end well for you all I'm afraid." Aro said with the same sadistic smile he had earlier.

And with that they left the same way they came in. We didn't even know what to do or say, Arianna was speechless, not to mention motionless. Edward tried to get her to say something, anything, but she wouldn't say a word. Beau said that she was probably just in shock, and to give her time to process everything that happened.

"Hey guys, sorry we're late, but Reid and I decided to do a little extra shopping before we came back – wait – why does it look like someone died, come on people this a wedding reception not a funeral, come one turn on some music and let's party." Jayme said as she raised her bags filled with drinks and party snacks. To say that this wasn't the best time was an understatement.

Edward made a lame ass excuse to go up to his room, Arianna muttered something like she needed to go to the bathroom, and left the rest of us standing there in our own stunned silence. This had just gone from bad to worse. Arianna may not have been that close, but I knew what she was going through, I went through the same thing, but I had much more time to grow accustom to the idea of one day becoming a vampire. Arianna did as well, I've heard her discuss it with Edward off and on, but I guess she never expected it to happen for quite some time.

Reid tried to quiet Jayme, but I walked over to her and explained that we had gotten all partied out, but would gladly like some drinks, and I told her where she could put the food and drinks in the kitchen. As soon as she left the room Reid asked what in the hell had gone on, seeing as how I was still alive and everything seemed intact for the most part.

Ross decided to explain what happened and what that meant for all of us involved if we didn't follow through.

"But can they even do that? I mean, yeah the girl is human and everything, but it's not like she's going to go off and tell everyone she sees that we exist." Reid said in a strained voice. He had a point, at least to me, but Crystal reminded him of the most important rule of all, and that was that no one must know that we are who we are, and if we break that rule we are liable for it.

Well, all I had to think and say on the matter was that A wedding is supposed to be a day of happiness and bliss, not having to decide to either go along with the Voltori's wishes, or to try and someone deceive them, and risk the possibility that we could be discovered and would pay the price, with our lives, well that was a lot, and now being on the other side of things, part of me wanted to prevent Arianna from being transformed, not because of what the Voltori said, but the constant need of having to feed and hunt, and who knew if she would have the same control I have; even though that that is very rare, if at all, to happen. Plus, who's to say that even if Arianna is changed, that Aro or Caius will still send his guard and try to slaughter us all to prove a point to the vampires, as to show what would happen if they were to try and expose themselves to humans.

"First of all Reid, keep your voice down, we don't want the h-u-m-a-n in the other room to hear this conversation, and second, we have four months to decide what to do, and ultimately I'm in favor of letting Arianna choose, and then once she does, leave the issue alone and let's go from there." I said softly so that only everyone in the living room could hear. I could tell that Reid wasn't happy with this turn of events, but didn't argue further.

"I agree with Bella, let this whole thing die down and wait a few days and then we can ask Arianna what she wants to do, because ultimately this is her decision, a decision she has to make on her own." Carlisle said as he took a seat on the couch behind him.

A few other heads nodded in agreement, and even a reluctant Reid agreed. Edward, well he didn't say a word, and he didn't have to, once he heard the idea he just stormed out of the house and into the woods, which to hunt is all I could suspect. People deal with their emotions in different ways; I guess this was his way of dealing.

After a short discussion we decided to try and just forget about the confrontation for now and try and put on a brave face while we waited for Arianna to decide what she wanted, and as Jayme came in with the drinks she had ready for us, we gladly accepted them, we may not like nor want 'human' drinks, but for now I was all content in pretending that I was human and enjoying the reception with my new husband by my side.

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