God Blessed Texas

Oh The Possibilities

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Previously On God Blessed Texas

Having Arianna being changed so close to the deadline was starting to cause a lot of tension, meaning, that there was a possibility that there would be a fight between us, and the guard that would be here in two days. To say that we were worried, would be putting that lightly, very lightly.

I sighed and leaned back against the long couch and leaned against Jasper as I let my imagination run wild with all the horrible possibilities that could happen if Arianna took longer than two days.

Bella POV:

One day, one day until soldiers from the Voltori would show up to make sure that we had kept up our side of the deal, which Arianna was to be changed, and that way our existence would remain unknown to humans. I personally wanted the transformation to take its time. It didn't matter to me whether or not that there was a deadline. Arianna is my friend, and soon to be a part of this family, I didn't want anything rushed and end up having her hurt in the process.

Plus I wanted to stick it to the Voltori and have them wait on the change. They may be considered royalty among the vampire population, but I could care less who they were and what power they held. The way I saw it, the Voltori was nothing more than a coven of vampires that bullied other covens and made sure that they were the biggest threat to everyone, and it seemed that it would go one unless someone would stand up to them and call their bluff. It would definitely throw them for a loop and maybe then we would all live in peace and not have to look over our shoulders wondering when the next attack would be.

"Darlin', you still have your newborn strength, so do you mind letting my hand go before it turns to a pile of rocks." Jasper asked softly in my ear. I hadn't even realized I had such a tight grip on his hand, so I quickly let go and rested my hands safely in my lap and let out a breath of uneasiness. I hated just sitting here doing nothing waiting for time to tick by before we would know whether or not Arianna would pull through. Carlisle had previously mentioned in passing that there were some transformations in the past that were unsuccessful and that the people died from heart failure before the venom could do what it was supposed to do.

This was on all of our minds, and I could sense that it was especially on Edward's as I could feel all sorts of emotions radiating from him; there were waves of anxiety, exasperation, and there was even a hint of guilt as well. I'm assuming from my gift that Edward was blaming himself for the transformation taking so long, and that it shouldn't be taking this long. I really felt sorry for him, he had all of this self-loathing and a whole bunch of different negative feelings directed towards his self. There was no need for any of it, and I knew that we all have been trying to convince him otherwise, that there was no need to be constantly negative, and that he deserved to be happy for once. I smiled a bit when I felt Jasper send relaxing waves of energy to Edward, and I could feel that he was trying to shrug it off, but gave up and just turned to smile at Jasper half-heartedly in defeat, he was too exhausted to try and fight the good gesture.

"Oh no, oh no, oh no…." Alice said as she sprinted out of her spot next to Beau and started wearing a spot in the rug behind the couch. Something was definitely bothering her, and she was careful not to give too much away emotion for me or Jasper to get a read off of, and by the way Edward was glaring at her I gathered that she was keeping the secret from him mentally as well.

"Alice, what is it, please tell us. Is it the Voltori, are they coming, when will they arrive?" Carlisle asked hurriedly as he quickly glanced out the window on either side. We all couldn't see anything, which meant probably that they were nowhere near here yet. Alice went on to say that she had a vision of what could happen once the vampires who were from the Voltori arrived to see whether or not we had kept our promise.


Loki arrives along with Jane, Alec, Felix, and Demitri. When Carlisle calmly explains that Arianna is not up to visitors at the moment, Loki thinks that this is our way of defying the Voltori and stashing Arianna away somewhere they couldn't find her.

"Now, I am on strict orders from Caius to have tangible proof that you have gone through with what had been arranged, and if you do not we are obligated to take matters into our hands and find out the truth or not." Loki hissed as he stalked in further into the house. He resembles a bloodhound on a trail and he kept looking around trying to find some sort of way of knowing where Arianna was.

"We assure you that we have kept up our promise to keep our existence known from humans. Now if you would be so kind to leave we will send word when the transformation is complete." Carlisle said sternly. It was odd to see Carlisle upset, but this wasn't upset, it was nearing rage and fury.

Then it is realized that Jasper is picking up on Edward's anger and projecting it around the entire living room causing everyone to become uncomfortable. Bella tries to calm Jasper in hopes that this will result in everyone calming down too, but instead Jasper lunges at Loki and tries to rip him to shreds; this caused Jane and Alec to start their own psychic attack with their powers of the illusion of pain and numbness. Meanwhile, Felix storms towards Edward, who is guarding the room Arianna is currently in, who speeds towards Felix and tries to snap his neck, but all that happens is that Edward is flung across the room, crashing into the coffee table.

Bella tries to make a beeline to the room that Edward was just previously guarding, but Demitri cuts her off and grabs her by the neck and tries to slam her down, but is able to squirm herself free and continues on her way to protect Arianna. She turns around to see the pandemonium erupting before her, and sees Emmett and Esme on the floor trying to suppress their groans of agony that were coming from Jane. 'Arianna will be safe.' Bella thinks and rushes over and tries to attack Jane to stop her concentration on two of her family members. Jane turned to glare intensely at Bella, angry that she had interrupted her fun, and tried in vain to inflict her type of pain on Bella, but to no avail. Then Jane remembered that Bella was unaffected by her brand of pain and instead took out her anger towards Bella physically by grabbing her by the neck. Just as Jane was about to snap Bella's neck like a twig Jasper charged over and tore Jane limb from limb. Alec let out a long loud dry sob of grief and glared hard at Jasper, who immediately fell where he stood and laid so still, he could've passed for a corpse.

Felix, also extremely angry, and happened to be fighting off Emmett, hauled off and ripped Emmett to shreds, Emmett, who was the strongest of the family, and Rosalie's mate, was gone. Two fires erupted and the fighting continued, both sides avenging the deaths of one of their own. Nothing good would come of this; this battle would end in nothing but loss for both sides.


"Ok, well then we'll just have to prepare for the worst then. Alice, do you know how much time we have before they arrive?" Carlisle calmly asked, mainly thanks to Jasper sending out wave after wave of calm and serenity, preparing us all to remain calm when Loki would arrive with others from the Voltori guard and try to provoke a fight. This is what they wanted, so that they had an excuse to use their gifts and talents to overpower us, just because we chose to go against what they feel should be done.

Edward was starting to pace back and forth in front of the room, the spare study, where Arianna was resting while the transformation continued. I could sense some emotion from her, but I wasn't able to get a reliable read on them. I knew though that she was not in any pain whatsoever, but that she felt very pleasant and, "light" as she put it. I assume that the morphine was doing what it was intended to do, and was keeping any pain from the fire of the venom at bay and stop any discomfort. I knew that from experience the pain from the 'fire' was almost too excruciating to bare, which was rather ironic, because, I had constantly -longed for the day that I would become a vampire and spend the rest of my days with the man, and family, that I loved and cared deeply for.

"Edward, it's normal to feel protective over Arianna, and what with Alice's vision we are all a bit worried about what will happen when the time comes, but know that all you can do is just stay calm and please, please, don't jump at the chance to tear into Loki. I've met him previously and he will not hesitate to put you in your place. Loki feels very…entitled." I said with warning. It was very true, I remember when I was with Japer in Ireland and visiting his friends and Loki made his self well known and what his views on humans knowing about Vampires were. Then there was the part when I had a nasty bruise on my jaw from where he had struck me with his hand across my face when I stood up and begged that they all leave Charles, James, Summer, Nadine and Jasper alone.

After I finally persuaded Edward that Arianna would be fine, and that he should go and hunt for a while. I added that the others should go as well, seeing as how according to Alice's vision they would arrive in a few hours. Jasper heatedly tried to persuade me otherwise, that they were all fine, but I knew otherwise. I could feel their hunger, I felt so 'thirsty' for blood being surrounded by them. I told him what I was feeling, and that there was nothing to convince me otherwise. I hated that I felt everything so deeply and vividly, as if I were the one who was experiencing it firsthand, because nothing was secret anymore with me around. I could feel and sense any secrets, little or small. I am ashamed to admit it, but I could also feel love and adoration, even when it wasn't directed towards me. I'm a slave to this gift, or a curse, I have not come across a way, any way, to try and shield myself from others, so that I cannot sense what they are feeling at all. As I've come to understand what exactly my gift is, and what it can do, I've noticed that when there is any conflict or excitement I feel the emotion tenfold over.

I was getting myself so upset that I nearly didn't even notice when Jasper sent me waves of calm and ease to relax me. I turned around and smiled sweetly to him and continued to go in to check on Arianna and wait for her to wake up.

When I opened the door I could sense emotions all over the place coming from Arianna. I sensed confusion, impatience, and at the same time she was feeling calm. Confusion, from what I could gather, was due to the face that she had no idea what was going on. Memory loss was a possible outcome of transformation into vampirism. Alice had that same outcome, but she has said in passing that she has flashes of her past, and that it was a lucky thing that she didn't remember fully what her past human life was like.

"Arianna, I'm not sure if you can hear what I'm saying, but know that we are all anxiously waiting for you to wake up; there is a possibility that things could come to a head if you don't wake up soon." I whispered to her in hopes that she would hear me, and that this would hurry the final parts of the transformation to finish.

Arianna's heart beat was quickening, the transformation had almost ran its full course. Soon the heart would slow down until it worn itself out and become forever motionless. I let out a soft sigh of relief and headed back out to the main room to await the arrival of our impending guests.

"Is everything alright darlin'?" Jasper asked as he took me into his arms and encased me in a much needed calming hug.

"Can you tell if she will be able to use her legs?" Emmett insensitively, but genuinely, asked from his spot on the couch next to Rosalie.

"Alice went into Carlisle's study to see if she can get a more precise fixation on when they would be here and how Arianna's future looks." Esme said kindly. I nodded and explained that Arianna was nearing the end of the transformation, that her heartbeat was faint, but beating feverishly.

I was about to scold everyone for not going off to hunt, even if the animal was just a rabbit or a passing feral cat, when there was a harsh pounding at the front door, we were all a bit taken off guard, but Carlisle walked over to answer the door. I felt intrigue and hostility almost immediately, and the emotions were not coming from inside the house. This could only mean that the Voltori guard had arrived and it was now the moment of truth; would we all end up in a horrible all out brawl, or would we be able to remain civil and refrain from conflict?

We could all see Carlisle stiffen a bit when he opened the door, another sign that it was in fact who we had all be dreading. I felt Jasper stiffen next to me, so I grabbed his hand and gently squeezed it to calm him down and to silently let him know everything would be ok.

"So, you know why we are all here, to see if you have held up your end of the bargain in transforming that vile human into one of us. Now, where is the little revolting human hiding?" Loki sneered as he held up his nose in disgust. He took this as an opportunity to look around the living room; surveying to see who all was here, I could feel that he was very angry when he saw no sign of Arianna among us.

"Please forgive us, her transformation came rather at the last minute, and she is nearing the end of her transformation." Carlisle said with genuine compassion. But Loki was unimpressed and walked further in and proceeded to look around every corner, trying to get a sense of where she was. I could feel Edward's anger start to get to the point of him wanting to attack Loki, and I feared Alice's awful vision would come true.

Emmett quickly reached Edward and held him back, making sure not to make the action too obvious. Jane glanced over to them suspiciously; she wasn't sure but thought that they were acting a bit odd. I sensed a lot of hostility from her, along with entitlement and arrogance. Then I remembered, when Carlisle had explained who the Voltori were, he mentioned that Aro had favored Jane, as if she were his true daughter.

"Things would go a lot smoother for you all if you just point me in the direction of which room Arianna is being concealed in." Loki hissed as he walked around the living room. Demitri, being a tracker, started looking around and sniffing around as if he were a bloodhound on the trail of a common criminal. Sadly, Edward gave it away when he darted for the door to the spare study Arianna was in; Demitri saw this and hollered for Loki to follow him and they zipped quickly by all of us and stood face to face with Edward, who was blocking their entrance.

"Jane, why don't you show our dear friend Edward what happens to vampires who stand in our way of we want." Loki seethed with his teeth bearing angrily at him, but this did not make Edward move from his spot. We all knew what Jane could do, and it wasn't very pretty. Jane grinned devilishly at Edward and stared intently at Edward. He fell to his knees where he stood and silently writhed in pain, which made no sense, because I swore I could hear someone screaming in agony. It took me a few minutes to realize that it was, in fact, me who was the one screaming in pain. It made no sense to me why I was feeling pain. Carlisle said that I had a mental shield, and I had found out that Jane's gift was to produce the illusion of pain.

Jasper was whispering to me that everything would be alright, but all I could focus on was all the pain I was feeling. It felt as if I were being burned alive, the pain was more intense than the fire I felt during my transformation. Jasper yelled for Loki to order Jane to stop her assault on Edward. With reluctance Loki ordered Jane to stop. All at once the pain was gone, and it was as if I had not been on the floor writhing in agony over the pain at all. Jasper carefully helped me to my feet and insisted that I lean against him. He added softly that he could feel my exhaustion for the incident. I was too tired to try and argue and allowed myself to relax against him.

"What's going on in here? I can hear you all yelling and screaming from inside the room."

We all stood stunned, because in front of us we saw none other than Arianna standing in the doorway to the study on her own two feet. She had been very beautiful before, but now that she was transformed she looked absolutely breathtaking. Her russet hair flowed down around her face, hugging her cheeks loosely. Everything about Arianna seemed to be intensified because of the transformation, but then that's what is supposed to happen, our beautiful looks are what draw in our prey. Her eyes, once a cobalt blue, now were a soft shade of amber, which was odd, because when a person is first is turned into a vampire their eyes are a shade of crimson. Because over time, in our case, our eyes slowly change from red to a nice shade of topaz, signifying that we do not drink human blood.

The face that Arianna's eyes were amber and not the typical eye color of a newborn was a bit odd to all of us.

Loki was speechless, which we were all secretly thankful for, and when he finally found his voice he shook his head to try and clear his thoughts. I could tell that he was disappointed that he and the others wouldn't get a chance to destroy us.

They didn't say much but they left unwillingly and Loki muttered that he was 'glad' that we had kept to our word and that he would let Aro know that the deed was done.

When they left we all breathed a sigh of relief, I was feeling a little better once they were gone, but I was still weak. I tried to stand on my own without help, and just as I started to inch closer to the couch I nearly fell where I stood. Obviously I was still weak from that freak incident with Jane. Jasper jumped to try and help me, but I shrugged him off and told him that I was fine, that I was just really tired. Edward just stood in place staring at Arianna with intense and genuine love and adoration. Rosalie complimented her on her outfit choice; secretly Alice had picked out her entire wardrobe and even styled her hair.

"I almost forgot what it felt like to walk on my own two legs without any help. I can't believe it I'm still in complete shock" Arianna said as she grinned ear to ear. I shared her enthusiasm, when I was turned it was as if my life had just begun. Edward was wrong, in this sense for Arianna and I, becoming a vampire was a whole new beginning for us. Arianna teased Edward, whose mouth was open with shock, plus I could tell that he was shocked at just how more beautiful Arianna was now. Then there's the whole part where Arianna was in control of her emotions and wasn't all over the place trying to get away like I first did when I was changed.

As things were starting to calm down and return to normal, for the most part, Emmett brought up the question we had all been wondering: "How was Jane's gift able to affect me when I had a mental shield, and that her gift didn't work on me when I was human."

Carlisle had a very interesting theory on what my gift was exactly. He had been observing me ever since I started showing signs of this gift, and he said that I had shown traits that were similar to that of Jasper's gift, to be able to read emotions and change a person's emotions, but that there were also some that were not the same. I was not able to change emotions, but I was able to sense how people were feeling, and why they were feeling the way they were. Then after today's incident with Jane and Edward, and how I was also affected, despite the fact that Jane's gift was directed at Edward and no one else in the room, Carlisle was certain that I was an empath, that I could feel other's emotions and why they were feeling them.

At least now I had a name to go with the 'gift' that practically overwhelmed me.

Now that we knew what my gift was exactly I had to now try and find a way to get control over my gift, somehow find a way to shut myself off from everyone emotionally. But for now we decided that it'd be best to take Arianna out of her first hunt, and show her what all to do. Tomorrow I would figure out a way to try and get a better handle on my newfound gift. Tonight, we would all go out and hunt to our unbeating heart's content. I think we deserve that much after what happened today.

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