God Blessed Texas

Together Til The End Of Time

A/N: So, thank you to all who reviewed, added me to your favorites, added this story to your favorites/alerts, and all the positive things you have to say for this story! :) It means a lot to me, and in this chapter we will finally understand why Arianna's eyes aren't your typical newborn-red color. Plus expect Bella to finally get help in controlling her gift that further developed in the last episode (and who knows, maybe she'll be able to project them like Jasper, but with a twist of course lol.)

Previously On God Blessed Texas

Tomorrow I would figure out a way to try and get a better handle on my newfound gift. Tonight, we would all go out and hunt to our unbeating heart's content. I think we deserve that much after what happened today.

Bella POV:

It's been weeks and I'm still no closer to controlling this stupid gift. Hell, I wouldn't even really call this a gift. We were all sitting in the living room gathered around the coffee table trying to decide the best way to help me gain control over my gift, and find a reasonable explanation as to why Arianna's eyes were already amber, and not the shade of crimson. We all were stunned when she awoke from her transformation and her eyes weren't your normal newborn vampire colored eyes.

Ugh, I wish everyone could keep their emotions in check. Ok, well I'm sure they are, but it feels as if they're shouting EVERYTHING they're feeling right at me.

I should be grateful I have a gift of any kind, because Carlisle says that it is actually very rare for a vampire to have a gift of any kind. His theory is that people's natural talents they have, like Jasper's charismatic tendencies, are enhanced/heightened after the transformation. I was always very aware of everyone's feelings, and facial expressions, so I guess that 'talent' and the fact that Jasper's venom coursed through my veins explains why my gift was nearly similar to his own. This gift though is more like a curse at this very moment. I know Jasper means well, but he already has control of his gift. Plus, he doesn't feel every little thing that everyone feels, bad or good. It drives me insane trying to shut it out. The more I try to shut them out the stronger the gift becomes, which frustrates me even further. Jasper has offered to help me, but I wanted someone who knew how to shut it off, and well, Jasper wasn't exactly the example of full control over his ability. I had thought about asking Edward to help me, but he had his hands full with Arianna.

She was the prime example as to what a newborn vampire is supposed to behave. Her thirst was always present, and even after hunting for entire afternoon she was still craving blood. To say that we were confused was putting it lightly.

Carlisle had a very interesting theory as to why Arianna's thirst was unending. See, there are cases, however rare, where the newborn vampire needs human blood to feel quenched and satisfied for the first couple months after the transformation. Edward wasn't happy with that little tidbit at all, and I didn't even have to use my gift to know that. Thankfully Jasper immediately sent a wave of calm towards him, he glared in Jasper's direction, but I sensed that he was grateful, at least for the moment.

"So, what you're saying is that the reason I'm acting this way is how a newborn should act? What about Bella? She was the complete opposite after her transformation, aside for when she nearly took a bite out of me that one time." I cringed a bit when I heard Arianna bring out that painful memory. But she was right and from that mistake, I had control over my thirst for blood. I found it odd that Arianna needed human blood, but it would answer a lot of questions we had as to why animal blood did absolutely nothing for her.

Now it was onto the next question: Why were Arianna's eyes the color of amber and not those of a newly changed vampire?

We all had our own theories as to why her eyes were a different shade of color, and they ranged from just being one of those unexplained events after a transformation, to maybe the venom had something to do with it (which Edward was none too pleased to hear). But I had a different idea about why her eyes were different, and this was mainly because when I looked over at her just now her eyes were no longer amber, they were the same shade as when she was human, chocolate. This piece of information only solidified my suspicions further. Arianna had the ability to change her eye color. I was also able to figure out why they changed suddenly as well, the anxiety pouring off of her was a dead giveaway.

She was feeling anxious with all of the attention pointed at her, and who could blame her, this is one trait that both she and I share. We both hate having attention, of any kind, directly on us. This was the reason she changed her eye color, she wanted everything to stop, to have everyone stop fussing over her.

"Will you guys leave me alone? So what if I can change my eye color and that I need human blood! Just leave me alone!" Everyone's attention now as directed at me. If blood were still flowing through my body, I knew that they would be pooling in my cheeks. I must have been channeling Arianna's feelings just then, because it was me who just had that outburst. I realized that I had stood up and immediately sat back down and hid my face in my palms. I let out a long soft sigh, and silently thanked Jasper as he laid a calming hand on my back. I relaxed further as I felt his fingertips tracing circles along my spine. I couldn't help but laugh silently to myself. Jasper was able to calm me down without even having to use his gift on me.

He was right Bella, you need to let Jasper help you, and he's the only one who fully understands why feeling everyone's emotions all the time can be so exhausting.


I couldn't argue with that sudden epiphany, I would have to let Jasper help me, no matter how much I wanted to try and figure the out the solution all on my own.

Once that whole incident blew over, Carlisle offered that we all take a break and maybe bring this up at a later time, and until they could find a better solution it was decided that Carlisle would bring home one or two bags of O-negative blood from the hospital after his shift was over. It was also decided that she would have to drink the blood alone in a different room so that we wouldn't be tempted to 'fight' her for the blood. I couldn't help but feel annoyed at that last statement, mostly because it was directed mainly at Jasper. No matter how much he had improved, he would always be labeled as the vampire who couldn't control himself. Why couldn't they see the man I saw? The man I saw was not a monster; he is the most passionate, the most caring, and the most honest person I've ever met. The only other person in this world who could compare to him would be my dad. If only he were still alive. I know that he wouldn't be able to know what I was now, or what my family really is, but almost all the good qualities in Jasper my dad shared with him.

After everyone else went off and started doing their own separate things I softly asked Jasper if he still felt like helping me with managing my gift better. When I saw the corner of his lips curl into a smile I knew I had my answer.

"I knew you would come to your senses on your own darlin'." Jasper said with a smirk. I rolled my eyes and playfully pushed on him. To say he was cocky was an understatement, but I could tell that he was honored that I wanted his help, and that he felt even more love towards me. I wasn't sure if it were my own feelings of love, or mine and his combined, but the next thing I knew I was in Jasper's lap and our lips were locked on one another's. I didn't want to try and over think this situation, I just knew what I wanted, and that was Jasper.

I ran my fingers through his scraggly light brown hair and couldn't help but latch on tight and pull gently on it. I was encouraged when I heard a low growl come from his throat. I grinned when I heard his growl turn into a moan when my lips trailed along his jaw and down to his neck.

I was tired of worrying over this gift; something came over me, something that relaxed me to the point of just letting go. Then I felt love, passion, and lured to Jasper.

"Darlin' maybe we should take this to our room. " Jasper said with harsh whisper as he kissed me with such passion that I swear it took my breath away. "I just don't want us to go so far out in the open, I want you all to myself." He finished as he quickly stood up, still holding me facing him. I couldn't help but grin and gladly go along with whatever was going to happen. When we finally made it upstairs and into his bed we rolled around, first Jasper was over me, then I was over him, all while our lips never left the other.

I let out a soft moan when I felt Jasper's hand slide up my thigh and rest on my right hip. It felt as if my entire body was on fire, and I didn't mind one bit. Everywhere he touched felt warm with desire. I whined a bit when his touch left my body, but silently cheered when his touch returned. I could stay like this forever. Forever in his arms, forever with him, all I knew was that my love for Jasper was never-ending, and I am perfectly fine with that.

Just as things between Jasper and I started to get more intimate, we stopped immediately when we heard a crash come from downstairs. Jasper and I both straightened our clothes then hurried downstairs to see what was going on. When we got to the top of the stairs we saw Edward picking himself up from off the floor. We hurried down the stairs and saw Arianna running out the side door and into the forest behind the house. All I could sense from either one was that there was sadness and one of them was ashamed. I couldn't tell who it was, but my best guess was that it was Arianna. Jasper helped Edward off the ground, and after helping him up, he helped brush off the glass shards from Edward's clothes. From what Edward told us he was trying to ask Arianna when she thought she would like to try hunting animals again and when she refused the idea, and that she felt better with the human blood Arianna lost her temper and shoved Edward back, which sent him flying back onto the glass coffee table.

So the sadness is from both of them, and Arianna is feeling ashamed for losing her cool.

Edward started to go off and find Arianna, but I told him that would be a bad idea, so I offered to go and find her. I hurried out the door and followed her scent. She didn't get too far, just a few hundred feet. She was sitting on an old tree stump with her legs tucked up to her chest. I could hear her softly crying as I got closer and closer. She was crying because she was upset that she let her emotions get the best of her and that she was surprised – no – scared was the better word to describe her feeling at this moment.

"Arianna, it's me Bella, Edward's ok, you didn't hurt him. Why don't you come back to the house with me? You can tell me what happened on the way there." I tried to sound calm and understanding in hopes that she would agree with me and she would come back and everything could be right as rain and Jasper and I could get back to where we left off at. That might sound a bit selfish of me, but I was perfectly ok with it right now.

"I can't believe I lost my temper like that with him. I mean, all I wanted was to just take this whole new revelation with my dilemma. When he came at me with all these ideas of what to do, I didn't want to hear any more and next thing I knew I had just shoved Edward across the room and crashing into the coffee table. Bella, this whole thing is so scary, not being in control of your feelings, everything feels more heightened." Arianna said with a labored sigh. I could completely relate. I was still getting the hang of how I felt everything more intensely, and with the added stress of my gift wasn't helping anything either.

I explained my situation and that I myself was still getting used to everything and with my empathic gift. This seemed to help her calm down and agreed to come back with me to the house. As we walked back we talked about how everything had come to this, how I had become a vampire, how she had been paralyzed then 'forced' to become a vampire or be killed by the Voltori. In some ways Arianna and I were very similar. Her mother died when she was young and then when she was about eleven her father was killed in a drive by shooting. We learned that we were from the same area in Houston. It was strange that we grew up in about the same area, yet we never saw each other until I came here with my family. This whole incident brought us both closer, made our friendship stronger, we both could relate to one another better than the others in some cases.

I made my theory known to Arianna about her ability to make her eyes change colors, and she was very accepting. She couldn't feel them change, but knew that they did, they sometimes changed with her mood. I agreed with her theory and told her what I saw when everything got tense earlier today. Then we both agreed that her gift would be very helpful and allow us to assimilate and stay in a place longer. Though it was lucky of us to find this place, Iowa, but soon the time would come that people would start to get suspicious of us and why we haven't changed or aged much. That's how it always is. But now that Arianna had this gift, it was possible that she could project her gift on the rest of us. That was for a different time, a time where she wasn't still in need of human blood and still adjusting to her new heightened senses.

Finally we got back to the house, and I was first to go in and saw that, aside from the coffee table missing the glass, everything as it was before the outburst. Arianna slowly walked in behind me and peeked around me and searched in vain for Edward. Jasper was sitting on the couch and announced that he was up in his room sulking. He added that he was sure Edward wasn't mad at her at all, and that everything would be alright.

"Have you been talking to Beau or Alice again Jazzy?" I teased as I plopped down on the couch with him. Arianna hesitated for a few seconds before rushing upstairs to get the confrontation over with. "Actually, yes I have. Ally told me that she had a vision that you would get control over your gift, and that you were right about Arianna, her gift is to change her eye color. Beau had a vision further in the future and he saw us living in a different place, Bella how would you feel about moving back to Houston?"

I was stunned. I may have been born there, but I don't remember much from my childhood before he saved me from Maria. I knew that my mom had cancer and died when I was young, but that was about it.

Wouldn't it be risky if we moved back to Houston? I mean I guess it's been a long enough that no one would remember me, or my parents. Only problem with Houston was that it was prone to more sunshine than overcast. I told Jasper this and he nodded his head as he took in what I said. I told him that it would be a good place to visit, but I couldn't see us all living in there, we would hardly be able to go anywhere without shimmering like an overly decorated Christmas tree.

"Has it been long enough that we could go back to Forks? I liked it there, it was nice and cloudy, but still a few days when the sun comes out." I say with a genuine smile. Jasper took this into consideration and he promised that he would bring it up to Carlisle and the others to see what their take was. I sighed and nuzzled in closer to him, I liked the scent he had, it was so intoxicating, addicting if you will, and it's strange I know, but everything about him I loved.

I could stay this way, cuddled up next to him for the rest of my existence if I could.

A/N: Ok, so Jasper is going to help Bella with her gift (as we all already knew lol) who all saw this thing coming with Arianna and her gift? ;) I love all the feedback I've been getting and all the alerts and favorites fuel me to keep going, you have no idea! Plus, sadly will be the last chapter (aka the Epilogue) *sniff* *sniff*

This is my favorite story, and it's sad to see it come to a close, but I hope you all enjoyed this story. I've come to the decision that there won't be a sequel, BUT Reid and Jayme will be mentioned in the Epilogue. Basically the reason no sequel is because there are other stories I want to write, and I feel that since Edward and Bella and the other Cullen's won't be in the story that it shouldn't be posted, I'm sorry if you disagree, but it's how I feel. Trust me though the Epilogue will be good, and I will make sure to mention Reid and Jayme as much as I can. Again, THANK YOU ALL FOR ALL THE SUPPORT!

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