God Blessed Texas


A/N: Here it is! The final chapter aka The Epilogue! Hope this brings everything to a close, and be assured everyone has their happy ending, and make sure to read the author's note at the bottom for some good news relating to this story. Happy Reading!

Bella POV:

I still can't believe that it's been over ten years since I found the man I wanted to spend the rest of my existence with. If you would've told me when I was five that I would one day marry a man and have a loving family, that all happened to be vampires, I wouldn't believe you for a second. I know that I've lived with the Cullens since I was a very young girl, but still I don't think I ever really thought about it until I was about sixteen. It all came to a revelation that I would either opt to stay human, grow old and die while my family lived on, or change and become an immortal being. No one could've predicted, not even Alice nor Beau, that the decision wouldn't solely be up to me. The decision should've been up to me, but when the Voltori found out, thanks to Maria, that I was human, and that I was living with vampires they weren't pleased.

After everything that happened with the Voltori and its select guard, we decided that it was the best time to pick up everything and move to another city. We had it narrowed down between going back to Forks, Houston, or moving back to Ireland. Part of me wanted to move back home to Houston, but we couldn't be sure that the weather would be ideal for our cover as a 'human' adoptive family. I'm sure that it would've appeared strange that we barely showed up to school. I know some kids are homeschooled, but Edward brought up the possibility that that would make rumors fly even more than they already would. Around that same time Jayme heard that we were moving, and offered up the idea that we move closer to where she was, so that way we could meet her new boyfriend.

Plus she wanted to spend more time with me. We all knew, without the help of Alice or Beau, that her 'boyfriend' was actually Reid. It was nice that they ended up together. I had a feeling that they would seeing as how protective Reid was of her the day of my wedding at the reception.

Five years before we even started thinking about moving anywhere, we heard that Jayme had gotten her Bachelor's Degree in Veterinary Medicine. She now was preparing to become registered so that she could practice medicine. We also later received an invitation in the mail to the wedding of 'Reid Daniels and Jayme Lee Taylor'. I was chosen to be Jayme's maid of honor, I wasn't quite sure I felt about it, I mean, yes, we both went to school together and have been close friends as long as I could remember. But that wasn't even the real reason I was nervous, I was nervous because all of the humans that would be there. Arianna was slowly getting used to animal blood, but she still had cravings for human blood every so often. Jayme had three other bridesmaids, all women she went to school with. I still remembered that day, and all the anxiety running through the church. It was very hard for me to remain in control of myself with the emotions that were all over the place. Both Reid and Jayme were getting antsy and wanted to get this over with. Thankfully neither one had gotten cold feet about it. I was in a very good mood, mostly because thanks to Jasper I had finally gotten control over my ability to read and feel a person's emotions. You're probably wondering if Jayme knew the truth that Reid was actually a vampire, and the answer to that was yes. She knew and was completely ok with it. That was mainly because she had always suspected that I, along with my family, was different.

A few months after the wedding we lost contact with them, come to find out that Jayme had been changed, but not before giving birth to a baby. To say that we were all a bit surprised was a bit of an understatement. Who knew that it was possible for a vampire and human to conceive a child, but our previous ideas were proven wrong. We had learned that they had had a boy, and named him Bradley. We waited until Jayme and Reid said that it was ok to visit them, and when we got there we were in for a big surprise; baby Bradley wasn't exactly a baby when we got there. It had been a few weeks, but Bradley looked to be almost a stunning four years old. We were skeptical at first, at whether or not this child was an immortal child. Carlisle had given us the brief history as to what an immortal child was, and that it had been declared a crime punishable by death of the child, and the creator of the abomination. See, immortal children are forever frozen at the age they are turned. They lack the understanding of practicing discretion when it comes to hunting.

When we got the all clear to visit, we were able to spend the next couple months with Reid and Jayme in their little cottage house. The house was out in Indiana country farmland. When we got there we saw that Bradley didn't have any special talent, but the same couldn't be said for Jayme. She was always very calm and collected type of person, and this transferred to her vampire form as well. Jayme had the ability to persuade someone to what she wanted. Also, since she was able to fully comprehend what her gift was, she had no trouble controlling it. Oddly enough she was able to use it only using it when she absolutely had to; which mainly was for when she would be talking to clients who didn't want to get a specific test done on their pet that needed to be done.

We all still couldn't wrap our heads around the fact that Jayme and Reid were able to conceive a child. Rosalie was jealous, she always wanted a child of her own, and now that I was all grown up she still had the need to be a mothering figure type. So Rosalie decided to spoil little Bradley during our visit. He loved all the attention he got from us, and loved hanging with Emmett; he was especially entertained by the fact that Emmett was so strong that he could break a boulder in two. Bradley even tried to break a few boulders himself, but he was unable to break them completely. It was still very impressive for a four year old hybrid, which was able to crack a boulder with their bare hand and not cry afterwards. The more time we spent with Jayme, Reid, and Bradley, the more we saw that Bradley was like a miniature Emmett. He would say the silliest things, then be completely serious the next. Reid told us the story of how he had explained everything to Jayme, about vampires, and in some places, werewolves. He also explained how we all needed to keep it a secret from her to protect her, as well as ourselves. She had her family, the family she always wanted. Sadly though she could never see her parents ever again since she was turned into a vampire; it was the price we had to pay if we had loved ones we had to leave behind.

When Jayme found out that she was pregnant, she and Reid hesitated to tell her parents the news. There wasn't a real good way to say that you were pregnant without accidentally confessing that the baby you had inside of you was a fast growing human-vampire hybrid inside of you. Sadly when she got further along in the pregnancy Jayme apparently was to the point that the baby was literally draining the life from her. What saved her from dying was Reid's quick thinking, he realized that the baby was part vampire, and what do all vampires need? Reid tried animal blood for the baby first, but Jayme wasn't able to keep that down, it was risky, but he was able to sneak a few blood bags from the local hospital. This seemed to do the trick, and Jayme was starting to look a bit better.

So when it was finally time to say our goodbyes and head off to our new home, it was bittersweet. I made sure to let Jayme know that vampirism looked good on her, which she gladly accepted and returned the compliment. I was glad that she wasn't mad at me for keeping this whole other world a secret from her. We finally arrived to our new home and it was time for Edward's and Arianna's honeymoon. They had married a few months before Jayme and Reid had, but decided to hold off on the honeymoon until we finally got to our new home. Which was in good 'ol Ireland; I was home. I loved this place, the scenery, the history, and especially my own piece of land that Jasper had bought for me. I visit that place a lot actually.

Since we've moved here Jasper and Charles have become more civil towards each other. I wouldn't say that they've completely forgiven one another, but they tolerate each other enough to go hunting together. Alice and Nadine love comparing outfits and fashion tips with each other. Cassandra, who prefers to be known as "Summer", and Rosalie share their love of working on cars and spend time in the garage tuning up all the cars and motorcycles we've collected over the years. They often have competitions with each other to find out who can change out a transmission the fastest. Rosalie is pretty good, but there were a few times Summer gave her a run for her money. Of course, Emmett being his normal self would take bets as to who would win. Let's just say that when Rosalie found out that he was placing bets over something that was mainly for fun it wasn't very pretty to see. Emmett was walking funny for the next few days.

As time went on I came to realize that I was a bit lonely, knowing that Jayme have Bradley, made me crave the warmth of a child of my very own. I know that that won't ever happen for me, but there was a simple answer for that. I talked it over with Jasper about it, and he's agreed to apply for adoption. It was the most amazing thing ever. I'm surprised we never thought of it sooner. But then remembered that what we are, and the possibility of the Voltori finding out our decision. Thankfully that wasn't going to be a problem. Carlisle had made an inquiry to the Voltori about our decision to adopt. Caius wasn't the least bit pleased, and accused us of trying to secretly start making immortal children to become more powerful. Aro was also a little worried for that reason too, but Marcus was the voice of reason and was in favor of us adopting, as long as we made sure to never make immortal children. After a few weeks of deliberating on the matter we received word that our wanting to adopt a human child was granted, but that if there was ever any word of immortal children roaming around we would all be destroyed. I never could really understand why the Voltori was so paranoid over our coven specifically. It wasn't like we were the only coven to challenge their authority.

After we got the green light to adopt, Jasper was able to pull a few strings so that we were one of the first names on the list to adopt. Some would want either a boy or some would want a girl, but not me, I didn't mind whether or not the baby was a girl or boy. I just hoped that he or she was healthy. Nearly a year later we were able to adopt an adorable three year old girl from the local orphanage. She had the biggest blue eyes, and fiery red hair to match her piercing eyes. Her name is Ryanne, and she is more than I could ever ask for, and she is absolutely adorable.

Now, three years after adopting her, which would make her eight years old, and she still gives us a run for our money. Yes, she knows what we are, but she has no intentions of becoming one as well. We are perfectly ok with that, and know that it is her decision to make. We will not force it on her. Yes, she's only eight years old and still has a lot of time to figure everything out, but either way, I just want her to be happy.

Ryanne is now a cousin, Rosalie and Emmett followed our lead and adopted a set of twin boys from the same orphanage as we did. Liam and Aedan were six years old when Rosalie and Emmett adopted them. They love their 'daddy' and thankfully since they adopted him Emmett has grown up quite a bit, but that's not saying a lot actually. As for Alice and Beau, they are perfectly content with doting on Ryanne and the boys. They both seem themselves adopting children as well in the future, but not for quite a while really. Alice loves her shopping, and isn't quite ready for children. She has told me that if she ever decides to adopt a child she doesn't care about gender, but that she WILL take it shopping, and make sure he or she learns to love it just as much as her.

Aedan and Liam, their parents weren't ready for a multiple birth, and instead of aborting the pregnancy, or keeping one child they decided to give them up for adoption. Rosalie didn't want to burden them with this, at least until they were a bit older. Liam and Aedan's personalities were blatantly opposite from one another, except when they would scheme and pull pranks, mainly at my expense. See, they would purposely yell and scream around me, knowing full well what my gift is and how it worked. I swear there are times where one was throwing a fit and I didn't have my empathy in check that I wanted to go on the warpath right along with them. Thankfully Jasper is usually nearby and sends waves of calm to me to keep me sane.

A few months after Liam and Aedan came to live with us, Edward and Arianna returned from their honeymoon, still all mushy and loving on each other. Some people, well most people's honeymoons last a few months, but this was the first time where Edward and Arianna's lasted for three whole years! They took it as an opportunity to see the world. Which was odd considering Edward was always very cautious and never really liked to travel far from home unless it couldn't be helped. They traveled to Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Rio De Janeiro, and ended it by spending a few weeks in London before coming back home. As per Alice's orders Arianna was charged with buying a few outfits from each city they visited. It was Alice's way of getting her to expand her wardrobe, but we all knew it was just an excuse to get to play dress up with her, and I knew I would somehow end up joining in on the fun as well.

Now if you would've told me when I was growing up, that I would become a vampire, marry the love of my life, and later adopt a wonderful daughter, I would tell you that you need to get your head checked out. Even though I knew about vampires growing up I was just like Ryanne, I didn't want anything to do with vampirism, but as I got older, spent time with more and more time with my family, and fell in love with Jasper that changed everything. But then I remembered that I always did subconsciously want to become a vampire. I've come up with a theory of my very own on the subject; some people are born to be vampires, while others are not.

Life after the horrible visit with the Voltori was good. We never had to hear from them again, no uninvited guests, nothing. It was pure bliss. We loved the fact we had regained our privacy and that we could go on living our lives the way we wanted without the constant threat of it all coming to an end, putting our family in jeopardy. The fact that we didn't have to worry anymore was a plus. Now, all we had to worry about was what mess had Aedan and Liam gotten into and what clothes Ryanne wanted to wear to school. Yes, I could get use to this.

A/N: There you have it the epilogue to God Blessed Texas! I hope you've enjoyed this story, and please send me your thoughts about this story! :) Again thank you all for reading this story and encouraging me to finish this and see it to the end! Plus as I typed this epilogue I considered doing a one-shot sequel involving the Cullens and their adoptive children. Let me know what you think. Granted, it won't be for a while, but tell what you think about the idea!

**Oh and a quick pronunciation for both Aedan and Ryanne (Ryanne = "Ryan" & Aedan = "Aiden")

Let Me know if you want me to do a whole 'story' dedicated to one shots instead of a 'sequel' including the one with where we get to know the kids better, Edward and Arianna's honeymoon, and then a one shot about a day in the life with Jayme and Reid. (tell what you think about how they ended up)

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