God Blessed Texas

First Night At New Home

Jasper POV:

I was relieved when we finally got back to Forks. I desperately needed to hunt. It just occurred to me that I hadn't hunted the entire time I was with Bella.

That shocked me and made me feel that maybe my blood lust was getting under control. It took it long enough. When we arrived at the house I could sense that everyone was genuinely intrigued and excited to meet Bella.

We got out of the car and Bella grabbed her backpack and started to walk around to the front of the car and was 'attacked' by Alice. Close behind her were Rosalie, Esme, and Emmett. Edward was trailing behind them. His emotions were all over the place. I looked at him with a questioning look. He ignored me and didn't look away from Bella.

Edward, control yourself! Bella is starting to get uncomfortable.

He shook his head and continued to look at Bella. I could sense that he was getting 'thirsty'. I sent him calming waves and that seemed to do the trick. He realized what he was doing and took off towards the woods behind the house. Making sure that he was at a human pace so Bella wouldn't notice.

"Jasper, why did your other brother run away? Did I do something wrong?"

I told her that He was putting some finishing touches on her room and he wanted to do it before you went to see it.

I could tell that she didn't fully believe me. I could sense it in her emotions, and then I knew that it would be hard to try and keep our secret from her while she stayed here.

"Bella, do you want to go see your room? I have a feeling that you're going to love it."

Alice got the idea to decorate her room and of course Esme helped. Rosalie and Emmett went to the store to stock up on groceries. Esme whispered to me that Edward did nothing, he still thought that it was a bad idea to have a human living with us.

This was also from the man who just ran away from her.

Alice grabbed Bella's hand and started off towards the house. Rosalie was right behind them. Esme went and said hello to Carlisle and they went to prepare a snack for Bella. Emmett stuck around and was still standing by the car.

"Dude, I thought Edward always had the most control over his thirst. I never thought I'd see the day where he almost loses it, and over a little girl."

I rolled my eyes and helped Carlisle bring in the suitcases.

Alice told me that I would have to bring all of Bella's clothes with me. She obviously wanted to see if she would have to go shopping or not. I was glad that I wasn't allowed to go on the shopping trips. Mainly because shopping was never really my thing. Which was obviously why no men were allowed.

We walked at a human pace to Bella wouldn't get any more suspicious like she already was.

"Son, I assume since you're having everyone walk at a slower pace she has no idea what we are. That is totally fine, but from what I saw when she was looking at Bella she already knows somethings different with our eyes. So, it's not long before she knows about our little secret. Do you think she'll be able to handle it?"

"Carlisle, she wasn't afraid of Maria, hell, from what Alice saw she tried to get her off of her own father. I think the little squirt will handle the truth rather well."

Emmett was right, she wasn't afraid of Maria, she even tried to get her off her father.

'Leave my daddy alone'

I still remember those words, she wasn't even intimidated by her. That amazed me. It even took Maria off guard. I could sense it in her emotions.

"Yo Jasper, Alice is wanting you to help Bella feel more at home in her room. Apparently she isn't feeling the pink pretty pretty princess feel of the room."

I chuckled to myself, and Emmett joined in. I learned a lot earlier that Bella isn't your typical five year old girl. I mean she wasn't afraid of vampires, but then again, she didn't know what we were. But if things kept going like they were she would find out sooner or later. I just hope she understands why had to keep it a secret from her.

I ran at vampire speed up the stairs and walked at a slower human pace and went to her room. I walked in and I immediately started laughing. Bella had ripped off the power pink bed sheets and comforter off the bed and it was now on the floor. She ripped down the sheer pink canopy covering and it was in the same pile as the sheets and comforter. I guess it's safe to say that she doesn't like the color pink.

"Bella, is there something wrong with the sheets?"

She looked up at me and looked both relieved, and embarrassed. "I didn't mean to...I just don't like pink all that much."

I chuckled softly to myself. "Bells, it's fine, but next time just tell us next time. That way, we will just get a different one for you to use."

"Is there a certain type of design you like better Bella?"

Rosalie was being oddly nice to this little girl. Then I remembered that she had always wanted to have children, but after the incident with her fiance and Carlisle having to change her she was unable to ever bare children. I assume that taking care of Bella was the next best thing.

"I like the color green, I am sorry for messing up your sheets. I hope you two aren't mad at me."

"Hon, we're not mad at you, but just let us know next time." Rosalie smiled at Bella, and her and Alice were out of the room and off to go shopping. Which left mostly the men alone with Bella. I wasn't too worried about anything happening, except I hoped that Edward would apologize to Bella for freaking her out. I was still stunned and confused as to why I'm not attracted to her blood, like other humans.

Then I remembered that Bella wasn't like other humans we've interacted with. I mean usually whenever someone sees us they turn around and start walking in the opposite direction. So we usually keep to ourselves. No one really talks to us, and we like it that way...to an extent.

We've lived among humans for quite some time and we've grown accustom to the way they act that we sometimes forget that we don't really need to eat, sleep, or even breathe. I think, if I had to single out one person who takes this 'way of life' the hardest would in fact be Rosalie. I mean she didn't choose this life, but then again did any of us? I mean Edward was changed because it was his dying mother's last wish, Esme was changed because she tried to commit suicide due to the loss of her son, Rosalie was beaten and left for dead by her fiance, and Emmett was mauled almost to death by a grizzly bear.

Alice is one exception because she doesn't know when she was changed, just that she woke up from 'the blacknes', as she liked to call it and was a vampire. I was in the civil war and was stationed in Galveston. I also was the youngest Major ever in the confederate army since I was able to lie successfully about my age. On one of my assignments I was suppose to evacuate all women and children and send them off to Houston. This was in the 1860's.

On my way back to Galveston I was ambushed by three vampires that went by the names of Nettie, Lucy, and Maria. Maria was the one who changed me. She also helped me find my gift that she used to control all the newborns in her army.

After years of fighting or territory with Maria I left, I had heard from Peter, a friend of mine, that there was a coven who drank only animal blood. This was known as the 'vegetarian' diet. I ended up joining Peter and his mate, Charlotte and roamed for a few years. In 1948 I was just sitting in a diner in Philadelphia on a cold stormy night. That was the same night that I met Alice. I would never forget that day.

Of course I learned that she had visions of the future and they were subject to change. She saw us going to visit this coven of vampires up in the Olympian Peninsula that drank only animal blood. That was how Alice and I came to be where we are today.

"Hey Jasper, I'm gettin kinda hungry. What am I allowed to eat?"

I told her that I would go ask Esme to make her a small snack. She smiled up at me and I walked with her downstairs. I found it rather easy to walk with Bella at her pace. I could sense that Emmett found it difficult. I couldn't blame him. He loved to always be moving around, and even though he liked Bella, he thought that she moved too slow.

"Hello missy, my name's Esme if you didn't already know that. I hear that you're hungry, is there anything specific that sounds good to you?"

"Well my daddy use to make really good tomato pie. He got the recipe off of the food network's web site."

Esme smiled and I felt both waves of awe and love coming off of her as she went to go find the recipe for the pie. I decided to take this opportunity to excuse myself, but just as I was leaving thekitchen Edward came in from the other end and walked over and sat next Bella. I stiffened and walked back over to them and stood between the,. I had to take precautions.

I couldn't risk Bella getting hurt.

"Jasper, I'm fine now. I made sure to hunt extra long. Look in my eyes, they are just like yours. I came here to apologize to Bella personally."

He said this in a hushed whisper so that only I could hear.

I reluctantly believed him and moved out of the way.

I decided to go and see if Esme needed help.

As I was helping her prep the ingredients I heard Bella giggle and say that she knew that he really mad at her. If only she knew the true reason. I another reason that she shouldn't know just yet what we really are.

"Ok everyone the pie is ready, now be careful Bella cause it's still rather warm."

Bella inhaled the scent of the pie and I could sense that she really loved this kind of pie. But to me it just smelled rather revolting. But then again I really don't need to eat human food.

"Aren't you guys going to eat any?"

We stammered a bit and Edward chimed in saying, "We ate while you were upstairs in your room."

She didn't seem to buy that, but she accepte it anyway. This girl was too observant, that it was almost scary. I wondered what she was thinking, so I mentally asked Edward to read her thoughts. He focused in on her and was starting to give off a wave of frustration. He shook his head no. This was odd. But that meant that she has some sort of mental shield that hid her thoughts.

She was the lucky one out us all.

It wasn't until around 9:00 in the evening that Alice and Rosalie arrived home from shopping. They went straight up to Bella's room to redecorate. Bella, Emmett, and I were watching a NCIS episode that involved Tony and Ziva being trapped inside a industrial trailer. It was getting to the best part I was told, but we were all called up to Bella's new room.

We got to her room and Bella was speechless, but from what I could gather from her emotions was good. there was a green comforter with a plaid design, and green sheets.

Bella was all over the place telling us all how much she loved it. Alice then showed her her walk-in closet. Inside it there were two walls full of different clothes, and another dedicated to shoes. The last had different accessories. Bella started to yawn.

"Ok honey, looks like it's time for someone to take a bath and get to bed."

Rosalie apparently was taking over the motherly role, and we didn't see any reason to deny her that.

After Bella took her bath Alice helped her into her pajamas, which was a light green tank top, and light green pajama bottoms with dark green frogs on them. Rosalie tucked Bella in and we were walking towards the door when she said, "Jasper, can you give me a good night hug?" I nodded and said, "Sure thing darlin'." I walked back over and leaned down to give her a hug.

She smiled and then turned to Rose and asked, "Rosalie, could you tell me a bed time story? My daddy use to make them up for me. They usually involved Princess Bella."

"I would love to tell you a bed time story. Once upon a time there was a princess named Bella...."

I took that as my cue to leave. I had a feeling that Bella would change this family for the better.

I decided that I needed to hunt and I made my way through the house and out the back door.

A/N: Ok, so I know it's kinda a wierd place to stop, but you guys should all be happy that I updated quickly. I was going to update Lost Daughter of Russia first, but I wanted to get more chapters out for this story :D

If you can correctly tell me what NCIS stands for, OR what episode from NCIS I mentioned I will give you a shout out in the next chapter :D


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