God Blessed Texas

Now I Am Safe

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Bella POV:

When I woke up I looked around and saw that no one was around. I was in a dark room, the door was cracked slightly. I looked around and I saw all different look shadows. I sank under my covers and covered my head. I wasn't usually scared of the dark, but this was an entirely different house.

ThenI heard this low loud moaning coming from what sounded like outside my window. That did it. I ran out of my room and down the hall. On my way downstairs I ran into something hard and landed back on my bottom. I looked up from my spot on the floor and saw that it was Rosalie. I instantly calmed down. I didn't know why, but being around her I felt safe. I mean, I did with everyone, but with her I felt as if she would keep me even safer.

"Bella are you ok? What are you doing out of bed sweetheart?"

I explained why I was out of bed, and she went down her knees and gave me a hug. I jumped a bit when she did. She was very cold. It was like the time daddy let me go with him to work on christmas eve. It was so cold outside. Daddy had to give me his extra jacket he had on.

I decided that maybe Rosie was just cold, I get that way sometimes.

"Well then, should I take you through what all you need to know when staying in this house?"

I nodded yes, and she grabbed me by my hand and walked with me back to my room.

"Ok, so what scared you first honey?" I told her that when I woke up I saw a bunch of shadows. And that I heard moaning outside my window. She then looked out the window and turned back to me and said, "Silly Bella, that was only Emmett. He just had to much to eat. As for the shadows, just keep in mind that the shadows are in fact just objects in the room." I smiled up at her and gave her a hug. I don't know why, but giving Rosalie a hug just felt right.

She reminded me of my mommy. She even looked a lot like her. Mommy had blond hair, but since she had to take the medicine for her kidneys she cut it really short. Rosalie even acted a lot like a mommy. I knew that she's not my real mommy, but she's just so much like her.

I felt embarrassed that I thought that way, I mean Rosalie was probably too busy anyway.

"You ok sweetheart? You look like you're thinking about something. You can tell me."

I didn't know how to put it, so I just said it.

"Rosalie, you remind me of my mommy so much, I hope you don't mind if I sometimes accidentally call you mom do you?"

She was silent for a long time. I guess I made her unhappy. I ran from my room and down the stairs and out the door. I ignored Rosalie as she called after me, but as I went out the door I was grabbed by two big strong arms. I looked back and Emmett had grabbed me and had ahold of me around my waist.

Wo there squirt, where do you think you're going?"

I tried to squirm out of his grip, but I couldn't. He was really strong.

"Bella? Bella?!...oh there you are. Bella look at me."

I didn't, I was mad at her. But I was sad at the same time. She reminded me of my mommy so much, that it seemed right to call her that, but I guess I was wrong. I started to cry, I hated it when I cried.

"Aw Bella, you didn't give me enough time to think about what you told me, and also sweetie, you took me by surprise. I wouldn't mind if you thought of me as your mommy. I was just so excited and happy that you thought of me that way that it just surprised me."

I looked at her, did she really mean what she said? She really wanted to be my mom? I had almost forgotten what my mommy use to do. I mean before she went to go live with the angels she was in bed sleeping most of the time. I smiled up at her. Emmett let me go and I ran to her. I gave her a hug and I didn't want to let go. I had a mommy again. I knew now that I was safe.

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Also, the episode was Boxed In. It's the one where Ziva and Tony are at the Boat yard and are ambushed by gunfire and take cover in a box, but then are trapped inside :D

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