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Rosalie POV:

I cannot believe that this adorable little girl thought me as her mother. I couldn't be happier. I had always wanted to be able to have children, but since what happened with Royce I was sentenced to eternity as a vampire. But I wasn't miserable, I had Emmett to keep me company. But Bella changed all of that. She made me feel whole, and I would do all in my power to make sure that no harm would come to her.

"Bella, I think that it's time for you to go back to bed now."

I could tell that she was tired, but she wanted to stay up and watch more of her NCIS DvD's. I realized that I would either have to bargain with her, or threaten her with a shopping trip with Alice and I. I could already tell that Bella didn't like shopping much.

"Bella Swan, you better get to bed or you will have to go on a weekend shopping trip with Alice and I. Or you can go to bed now and tomorrow you can watch all the NCIS that you want."

She didn't even give it a second thought she jumped off the couch and ran upstairs to her room and shut the door. I chuckled a bit to myself, I didn't know I could be so persuasive. "Jeez Rosie, I knew you could be a bit strict darlin', but who knew you could bargain like that." If I could blush I would have. Jasper was like a brother to me. But years of shopping, you learn to bargain for a reasonable price. "Well Jazz, with years of shopping with Alice I learned to bargain for good prices, and well I just used that knowledge and used it on Bella."

I went up to my room and started getting my things together for school in the morning. I had grown tired of going to school, but we would be moving soon anyway. We had stayed here too long, Carlisle was starting to be under suspicion. Even some of our teachers were starting to notice something was up.

I heard a knock on the door and turned to see that Bella had cracked the door a bit and was peeking inside. "Momma....is it ok if I call you that? I was wondering if you could finish telling me that bedtime story that we never got to finish."

"Of course I can sweetheart, what story would you like to hear?" She smiled big and ran back to her room and grabbed a book out of her bag. It was a rather small book and when I saw the cover I about stopped my unneeded breathing. The tortoise and the Hare was my favorite bedtime story. I loved reading it. I loved the message it sent out. You didn't need to be the best or the fastest to get ahead in life. It's like the old saying, 'Slow and steady wins the race'.

I picked up the book and started from the beginning.

"Once upon a time there was this hare and a tortoise. The tortoise and the hare were walking along a dirt path, and the hare started to laugh at the slow tortoise. He knew that he could beat the tortoise in a race, so he decided to challenge the slow tortoise to a race. The first one who got to the finish line won. They started and the hare started sprinting off towards the finish, but the tortoise was off to a slow start."

"But I thought the tortoise won, he's not going to win if he's just walking instead of running momma."

"Well the hare decided that he had enough of a lead. He could see the finish line, so he decided to take a nap and when the tortoise got close he would sprint off and win. But what the hare didn't count on was the as he took his nap the tortoise ended up at the finish line before he did. The tortoise ended up winning the race. Do you know why he won and not the fast hare?"

"I think so Rosie, it was because the rabbit thought that since he was faster he would win, but he stopped while he was ahead and waited a bit. But the tortoise kept on going and didn't stop."

"Exactly Bells, have you heard of the saying, 'Slow and steady wins the race'? Well this story is a prime example of that. Even though the tortoise was slow, he kept on going, and he ended up winning."

With that I concluded the story and I tucked Bella into bed and kissed her goodnight. She would be home with Esme all day tomorrow, but once we moved she would be starting kindergarden when we got to wherever we decided to move.

"Rosalie, come downstairs so we can discuss the moving situation." ,said Carlisle. I didn't know that we would be discussing this so soon, Edward must've been listening to my thoughts.

"Sorry Rosalie, I can't turn it on and off on command."

I know that Edward, I'm not mad at you. It just caught me off guard.

"Ok, well now that we have Bella with us we have to make sure the place we pick is safe for children. Alice, have you seen anything in the future that will help us decide where to move to?"

"No, Carlisle, all I've seen is that we go to school as normal, and that Bella is in kindergarden. We are also able to stay for a rather long period of time. Longer than we have in others."

Well that was good to hear. I always hate having to keep moving because of what we are, but now that I have Bella with me I am willing to do what's best for her. It was the first time in a long time that I felt as if my vampire life had a purpose, and tha purpose was to take care of and raise Bella up right. That's when it came to me, why not move back to where Bella originally lived? Yes, it was sunny, but We could still go out when it was partly cloudy.

"Wow Rosalie, that was the first unselfish thing I think I heard you think in the longest time. I like that idea, but I don't know if the weather will be good enough. Alice, how does the weather look for Houston, Texas?"

I turned my attention to Alice, waiting to see what she would say about the weather. "Well I see some bright sunny days, but nothing where we can't go to school to keep up appearences."

"But what about Maria? I know that she wants revenge on me for stealing Bella away from her, what about the lingering problem with her?"

"Jazzy, I just checked that, and she is no where to be seen. She hasn't decided yet. Which could be a good thing. So relax. I don't see her coming to get Bella any time soon.'

I was thankful for that, I didn't want anyone to harm her.

"...mommy, I don't feel good."

My attention shot straight to Bella. I ran upstairs and went into her room and saw that she looked pale and was starting to sweat. I put my cold hand against her forehead and she felt warmer than normal. I called to Carlisle, but he was already up here and was walking into the room. I told him that she seemed to have a fever.

"Bella, sweetie, does anything hurt?"

"My throat is really sore, and it's hard for me to swallow."

Carlisle looked into her mouth and his expression wasn't all to good.

"She has strep throat. I'll check and see if she's allergic to penicillian, and if she's not she'll get 250mg for ten days, and she should be better by then." he whispered so only I could hear. "Bella, you have a sore throat and I'm going to give you medication for it, and you should be feeling better in about a week hun."

Bella smiled weakly at him and asked me, "Momma, can I have a glass of water?" I looked to Carlisle and he shook his head. I ran down and filled up a glass and gave it to her. While Carlisle checked on her allergies I would stay with Bella while she slept. I didn't want to leave her, especially now since she was sick.

Hopefully I would get the ok to stay home from school for the next couple of days so I could watch over Bella properly.

A/N: Thank you for reading and I apologize again for not updating promptly...i finished up Lost Daughter of Russia, launched the sequel, and I'm also Beta-reading for someone now. i will try to update in the next week at least.

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