God Blessed Texas

We're Moving Where?

Rosalie POV:

It had been over a week since Bella was diagnosed with strep. She was starting to feel better. I was thankful for that, but I would have to go back to school today. Esme would be taking care of her today. I couldn't help but feel a bit of jealousy. I knew that i would have to go to school to keep up appearences, but I couldn't stand leaving Bella. She was like my daughter. Hell, she was my daughter.

"Rosie, Bells will be fine. Esme will take good care of her."

"That's what I'm afraid of." I whispered to Emmett. I knew Bella thought of me as her mother, but what if she likes Esme better?

She thinks of you as her mother Rosalie, I don't think she can, or that she would shut that on and off.

I thanked Edward. This was rather odd though, we never really got along with one another. We usually just tolerated each other. I could actually get used to this. Arguing was getting rather tiresome for me.

We arrived to class somewhat early, what with Edward 'speeding' down the highway at over a hundred miles per hour. We got there and of course we got the usual stares and there were some glares from people.

"Rosalie, relax, your emotions are all over the place. You're giving me a headache, and we don't even get them."

I tooke a breath and calmed myself. I don't understand, I'm never this out of control with my emotions. I guess I've just been a bit preoccupied with looking after Bella to even notice anything else. It just felt normal and second nature to be taking care of Bella like she was my own real daughter. This must be how Esme felt when she had Samuel, even though she didn't get to spend much time with him. I never knew what it felt like to lose a child, and I hoped that I would never get to feel that way with Bella. She was my daugher in the emotional sense, but of course not the physical sense. But I wouldn't let that stop me from loving her like my own.

School felt as if it had been draggin on and on, more that usual today. I guess it was because my mind was preoccupied with Bella and hoping that she was ok.

Then it was the last class of the day, History. I had that class with Jasper and we were studying the civil war. Let's just say that Jasper had to control himself when the history teacher would tell incorrect information about the confederate army. I chuckled softly so that no one could hear me, but I couldn't hide it from Jasper. He shot me a death look and i stopped laughing...for a few seconds anyway. He was getting upset over just small details, he was overreacting I thought.

"Miss Hale, you're needed at home right away, your mother is picking you up. I'm sure your brother can bring you your homework."

I instantly panicked. Was Bella alright? Did she get hurt? Is she even sicker than before?

All these questions were running through my mind as I got my things and made my way to the front of the school. Once I got there I saw a blue mini cooper pull up and in the backseat I saw Bella. Her expression changed from annoyed to happiness once her eyes landed on me.

"Thank goodness you got my message Rose. Bella, here, wouldn't stop throwing a tantrum until I brought 'momma' to her."

I couldn't help but laugh. Who knew Bella could be this way, I would have to keep this in mind for future reference. I didn't know that Bella had that in her.

I got in the car with Esme and we drove off with Bella towards home. Once we were home i got Bella out of her booster seat and she ran inside. I couldn't quite understand why she wanted me home with her. I mean, Esme was just as nice as I was with children. I know he thinks of me as her mother, but I'm not the only person who can take care of her. I guess I would have to explain this to Bella once I got inside.

"I'm so sorry Esme, I'll go talk to Bella and explain, that she shouldn't have acted that way towards you." Which was completely true. Bella shouldn't act that way.

"Now Rosalie, don't be too hard on her. She lost both parents rather young. I assume she doesn't want to feel like she's losing another by you yelling at her."

Well I never thought of that. I wanted to scream. Who would've thought that motherhood could be so complicated. I then laughed to myself. I wanted a child all this time and when I finally was able to have one I was sort of regretting it. Not that I don't love Bella, I do, but everything is so complicated. I have to make sure I say what I want to say so that she understands that she shouldn't act this way, but at the same tim I have to make sure that I don't make her even more upset.

I wanted to pull my hair out, but I decided against that. I wouldn't look good with a bald head. Besides it's too hot to wear sun hats. I sighed and decided that I would go up and talk to Bella. Once I got up to her room she was watching one of her NCIS shows again. I walked in and said, "Bella, hunny we need to talk about what happened earlier."

"Shh mommy, this is my favorite part of the show. Agent Gibbs is about to make the subject tell them that he was the one that actually killed that man."

I was starting to get annoyed. I grabbed the remote from the top of the television and I hit pause. "No hun, we need to talk now. Now, why were so much trouble with Esme?"

She started chewing her bottom lip, which meant that she was thinking. "I don't know momma, I guess 'cause she's not my mommy I don't have ta listen to her."

I sighed a bit. I was afraid that this might happen. "Bella, just because Esme isn't your mom doesn't mean that you can ignore what she tells you. If she's watching you, you need to listen to what she says."

"But momma, Esme isn't my mommy, you're my mommy."

"Bella honey, just because Esme isn't your mom doesn't mean you get to ignore what she says. Now Bella for the rest of the night I'm going to have to take away your NCIS dvd's. You can have them back in the morning."

"But momma-"

"No Bella, this will teach you that you need to obey what others say that watch over you when I'm away. Do you understand?"

Bella sighed a bit, and nodded her head. She didn't like it I could tell, but she went along with it anyway. I gathered up all her NCIS dvds and I put them in my room in my secret drawer, that I know Bella won't be able to get into.

I walked back to her room and she was face down and her head was in her pillow. I sat down on the bed and I could tell that she had been crying. I could tell it with her breathing. "Bella, I'm doing this because I hope this will teach you that you need to listen other people that aren't your mother. Also, later I want you to go downstairs and apologize to Esme."


"Bella, you need to apologize. Would you like it if someone was mean to you and they didn't apologize?" I heard a muffled yes. "Well do you want Esme to feel that way?" She shook her head no in her pillow. "Then you need to go apologize to Esme."

She sat up, her eyes were still a bit puffy from her crying. "Ok momma, I'll go tell Esme I'm sorry. Will I get my NCIS back?"

I nodded my head yes and said, "But you'll get them tomorrow, no sooner. Ok Belly Bean?"

That made her giggle. "I like that nickname, rosebud." This made me smile. I guess we now had our own nicknames now. I couldn't help but smile. Bella sat up and leaned over and gave me a hug. I hugged her back and she scampered off downstairs to apologize to Esme. As I walked back to my room I heard Bella's apology.

"Esme, I wanted to say I'm sorry, for not listening to you. Are you mad at me?"

"Of course not angel, I'm not mad at you. And thank you for apologizing. Will you listen to me next time." There was a slight pause, which I assume was Bella nodding her answer. "Well that's good baby doll, would you like to have a snack?" Again, another pause. This was one of those times when I wished I could read minds like Edward could. I wanted to go down there and find out things were

But I wanted Bella to learn to be nice, and not feel like she had to, because I was around. Then I heard the Volvo coming down the gravel drive. Thank goodness, now I could use Edward to get a better idea of how things are going.

"No Rosalie, this is something that I don't want to get in the middle of. If you want to know how she's doing you can either find out for youself, or use Jasper. I need to stay away from Bella for awhile, at least until I am certain that I can control my bloodlust around her. Besides, Jasper seems to be immune to her blood."

I hated it when Edward was right, he even had to add that last part about Jasper. That was rather odd. Usually Jasper was the one we had to be careful if we were around humans, but Edward was the one we would have to watch for.

You're not much help Eddie, but yes, I understand. What time will you be back so I can make sure that Bella is no where around you. I knew that I was being a bit rude, but I was trying to let Bella learn a lesson without me, and she was doing a lot better job than I was.

"Rosalie, you know that I don't like being called Eddie, I get that enough from Emmett. I'm not sure what time I'll be back from hunting, but I know I will stay away from Bella. Alice has seen it. speaking of the pixie, I'm suppose to let you know that-"

"You and I need to go shopping!" I turned and saw that Alice was standing in my doorway practically bouncing off the walls with excitement. "I had a vision and Bella is going to need a completely different wardrobe for where we're moving."

"Wait, I thought we were moving back to Houston so she can feel at home?" At least that was what we decided on when we had the 'family meeting'. "Alice, I thought we were moving to Houston, so that way we could leave Bella out of shopping since she doesn't seem to like shopping." This was true. I've tried to get her to go, but she ends up finding some way out of it.

"Where are we moving to that involves last minute shopping?"

There was a slight pause. I assume Alice wanted to create a dramatic effect, but all it was doing for me was just annoying me. I had other things to worry about right now. Would wherever we're going be safe enough for Bella? Would Bella even like where we move to? Will she even want to move? I guess these questions will be answered soon enough.

"We're moving to Ireland! I've checked and the weather is perfect to keep our cover, everyone will enjoy it, even little Bella. And might I add that you did a bang up job with the parental thing Rosalie. You're a good mother, so don't you forget it."

i couldnt help but smile. It was good to hear that I was in fact doing a good job and that I wasn't being too hard with her. Then it hit me, we'll be going to Ireland! We would be able to meet Maggie, Siobhan and Liam. They were the Irish coven we ran into while we were there a few years back. We had grown close, especially when it was an abnormal day there. Meaning, that it was sunny for weeks at a time. We had to stay with them for awhile, because our home wasn't quite finished, and if we went to a hotel we would look rather odd sparkling in the sunlight.

"How soon do we leave Alice?"

"Well if Carlisle gives the okay for Bella to travel, we'll leave early tomorrow. Let me go ahead and check." While Alice was doing that I went downstairs and gave my husband a kiss and went to go check how Bella was doing, without lettig her know.

"Jasper, what are Bella's emotions right? And did Alice tell you the news? Who am I kidding, of course she would've already told you, she couldn't tell me fast enough."

"Well from what I can read I can see that she is happy, content, and feeling a bit of guilt. Why would Bella feel guilty?"

I let out an unneeded sigh and explained what had happened earlier. "Oh, so that's why you were called to leave class early. Bella will be fine. Guilt is there, but faintly. You're a good mother Rose."

Ok, I like hearing that, but it was getting a little annoying to keep hearing it. Maybe my emotions showed it or something. All of a sudden I felt a wave of calm. I looked at Jasper and thanked him.

I walked into the kitchen and saw Bella explaining something to Esme. "So see Esme, Tony is the guy on the show who makes everything fun. Gibbs is the one who's in charge of the team, Ziva is the one who's from some other country, and McGee is the guy who knows everything about computers. There's a doctor, named Ducky, but that's not his real name. His name is Donald Mallard, but I don't get why they call him 'Ducky'. Last but definitely is Abby, she's the scientist who finds all the scientific stuff and then tells Gibbs what she finds."

I giggled to myself, she was literally obsessed with this show. But I couldn't judge her, I am obsessed with shopping, but not as much as Alice. No one is as obsessed with shopping like Alice.

"Esme, can I talk with Bella alone please."

She nodded her head yes and walked into the living room. I'm sure she heard Alice's news from in here, due to the super hearing vampires have.

"Belly bean, do you know where Ireland is?" She sat and had a thoughtful look on her face. She started chewing on her lip. This meant that she was thinking hard. "Isn't it around the United Kingdom?"

This shocked me. Bella was only five years old, how was she able to know this? "Bella honey, that's correct. How did you know that?"

"My daddy use to show me different maps. He had all different kinds. Sophie, my babysitter says he liked to collect them."

That would explain a lot then. "Why do you want to know mommy?" Here goes nothing. "Well how would you feel about going there to live?"

She bit her bottom lip and a second later her face brightened with a big grin. I couldn't help but smile right along with her. Then took me by surprise and jumped into my arms and give me a big hug. "I've always wanted to go there mommy. I want to go."

"But first we better make sure you're healthy enough to travel young lady." I jumped a bit. I was so wrapped up in Bella I hadn't noticed Carlisle had arrived. I left Carlisle to check Bella out and I went upstairs to go up and pack.

After my four bags were packed I went to go start packing up Bella's things. I would have to make sure that I packed Bella's bed sheets. I didn't want a repeat of the first time we got the wrong bed sheets for Bella.

I sat down on the couch and turned on the television. I flipped though the channels and found 'What Not To Wear' was on. I liked Stacy and Clinton. And some of the things they say about certain clothing I have to agree. I like how they make an average person go from average to gorgeous in only an hour.

"Well I checked Bella out and I can say that she is in perfect condition to travel. I would even go as far to say that she no longer has strep. That was the quickest case I've ever seen. I see that you're already packed yours and Bella's things. Good thinking Rose." I thanked Carlisle and went in and as I was walking in I saw Bella yawn. I looked over to the clock and saw that it was about eight o' clock in the evening.

"Belly bean, I think it's time for a certain someone to go to bed now."

"But rosebud, I'm not tired." She yawned again. "Ok, I guess I'm a little sleepy. Am I allowed to have someone sleep with me?" I nodded. "Ok, I want Jasper to sleep with me. I don't know why, but he makes me feel safe."

I was a little hurt, but I understood why she would feel safe with him. He was, in fact, the one who saved her from that bitch Maria. I gave her the ok. I took her upstairs helped her take a bath, then I helped her into her pajamas and went to go find Jasper.

Jasper was in his study, and reading a book by the name of, "Complete Stories and Poems of Edgar Allen Poe". I'd always found his poems to be a bit dark for my liking, but that was just my opinion. "Jasper, Bella has requested that you stay with her tonight."

"But aren't you her mother?"

"Yes, but she wanted you to sleep with her. I am completely fine with it. I just want Bella to be happy."

"Oh ok, as long as you're ok with I'll do it."

I said my goodbyes and went back downstairs and watched more of 'What Not To Wear' on the DVR.

I wanted to get this move over with. I just hoped that Bella wasn't afraid of flying after what happened on her way here. I don't think she could handle another situation like that one.

A/N: Ok, so what do you all think? I was going to have them go to Houston so Bella would feel a bit more at home, but Nissa-Cullen pointed out a flaw and I thanked her and changed it to Ireland. I've always wanted to go, so I will need a bit of help making sure that all my details match.

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