God Blessed Texas

New Home & Big Surprises

Jasper POV:

I still cannot believe that Bella wanted me to spend the night with her in her room. I know that I saved her from Maria and all, but I wasn't her 'designated parent'. That was Rosalie's spot in Bella's life. But I guess she felt safe with me. That made me feel good. Like I had a purpose, and not just the one who everyone had to watch to make sure I didn't lose control.

Even my own wife, Alice, was afraid. Not of me, but for me. I'm glad that she cares, but it makes me feel as if I don't have much control, when Bella is a prime example of the complete opposite.

"No mommy......don't take daddy with you....I'll miss him......OK mommy......I love you...."

She talked in her sleep? That was an interesting twist to the little sleeping angel.

I looked over at the clock on her night stand. it was almost four in the morning. It was time for us all to leave and get on a plane to Ireland. I quietly slipped out of Bella's bed and went back to my room and gathered my things. I brought them down and sat them in the foyer. Rose went up to get Bella. I heard mumbling when Rose went in to get her up.

"But momma, it's not even light outside. Why do I need to get up?" I couldn't help but chuckle at this. It was obvious that Bella wasn't a morning person. "Honey, remember when I told you that we would be moving to Ireland, well we're going today. You need to get changed and then we can go to the airport."

I heard, what sounded like, Bella groaning. I take it that Bella isn't a morning person. Rose came back down the stairs with a sleeping Bella in her arms. "Aww she's so adorable Rosie, can I hold her?" This was something new with Emmett. He was actually really gentle with her. She didn't even wake up when Rose handed him to her. If I didn't know any better I would think that Emmett likes having the 'daddy' role with Bella.

And that would leave me as 'the protector' as Alice put it. She saw that that was what Bella will end up calling me.

"OK, guys we need to get to the airport soon. By the time we get there we're going to have to run human speed to make it to our plane. Even then we're cutting it close." We ran at our normal pace and got our bags all packed into our cars we would be taking to the airport. We had accumulated enough money to pay for the monthly fee while we were out of the country. That's when it hit me.

"I just thought of something, we all have passports, but Bella doesn't. What are we going to do?!"

That's when I remembered that I could contact Jenks. He was always quick when it came to forgeries. I would call on the way there and hopefully it would be waiting for us when we arried at the airport.

If not I would stay with Bella until I was able to get one. I wouldn't leave her behind, and I know that my family wouldn't either. I asked Alice if she saw everything working out. She told me that the passport would be waiting for me at our gate.

I was relieved, that was one less thing we would have to worry about.


When we got to the airport, we had to run at human speed to get towards our gate. On the way we had to go through tight security. We finally made it to our gate and as perdicted, Bella's passport was waiting for us when we were loading. Once on the plane, according to our tickets Rose and Alice sat together, then behind them was Bella and I, and Emmett and Edward sat together. Carlisle and Esme were lucky enough to somehow get bumped up to first class.

I shook my head at that. I would never understand how whenever we had to fly somewhere Carlisle and Esme would somehow get first class. It didn't bother me, but it did bother Emmett it seemed like. Which I could sense with his emotions.

I sent him calming waves, which it seemed to annoy him even more. "Man, why does this always happen to us? I mean we deserve first class too right? It's just not fair." I sent him more calming waves, and a few lethargic ones. He started to get a bit 'tired'. Rosalie turned around and thanked me with a wink. Bella was still asleep through all of this commotion.

It was going to be a long flight. I could tell that much, and I didn't need Alice to tell me this. It was just a feeling I had. I assume after spending over a hundred of years with Alice, she was able to rub off on me.

"Jasper.......don't let the plane fall.........you smell like peaches.......make the plane stop moving...."

More sleep talking. I apparentally smelt like peaches to Bella, and she was reliving the plane ride she had on the way to Forks. Her emotions started to go haywire. She was calm, but she started feelig scared, nervous, anxious, and then she went straight to fear.

"Jasper, you need to wake her up. She's having a nightmare!" I gently shook her awake. She looked around, startled. "Where are we? Why are we on a plane? Oh my gosh we're going to crash again."

I sent her wave after wave of calm and that seemed to do the trick. "Bella, we're going to Ireland. Remember Rosalie talked to you about this. The weather is nice and sunny, there isn't suppose to be a thunderstorm like our last flight, we're going to be just fine."

This seemed to calm her down a bit. She snuggled into my side. After I talked her down, her emotions were starting to go back tomorrow. So to lighten the mood I decided to ask her about the peaches comment.

"So Bella, I hear you think I smell like peaches, do you know why that is?" I said with a smirk on my face. She started to blush. It was so cute that she was embarrassed, her emotions showed that much.

"I talked in my sleep didn't I? Daddy says I do that a lot, especially when I'm under stress, whatever that means." She chewed on her bottom lip as she spoke. This was a clear sign that she was embarrassed that I had caught her.

"Speaking of sleep, how come I never see you, mommy, or anyone else in your family go to sleep? You guys never look tired, you all must get tired at some point, right?" I didn't know how to answer that question. I mean, how do you tell a five year old that you don't sleep, without letting them know that you are a blood-drinking vampire? I would have to bring this to Carlisle's attention. That Bella was too observent to just downplay this for much longer.

"Hunny, we do sleep, we go to sleep a little bit after you do. So to answer your question we do sleep." Thank goodness Rose piped in, when she did. I had no clue how to get off the hook, without it being completely obvious I was lying. I couldn't really lie to Bella, something inside me told me that I wanted to be completely honest with her at all times. It was strange, I couldn't explain it, but I liked it.

I gave Rose a smile when she looked at me. She winked and turned back in her seat. We got on the plane at six o' clock in the morning, I checked my cell phone for the time and it showed almost noon. This plane ride was going rather fast, which was good. The less Bella was on the plane the better. I didn't want her to have another panic attack. I don't think we could handle it either.

I decided to take the time to look out the window and when I did I saw that we were still over the Atlantic Ocean, but with my vampire sight was able to see land a good three-hundred yards away. This plane ride went by almost to fast, I guess since we were preoccupied with Bella we lost track of time, which was good. This way Emmett would stop pouting about not being able to get into first-class with Carlisle and Esme.

Just then the 'fasten your seat belts' sign lit up. I sat Bella up and helped her buckle up.

'Attention passengers, we are approaching Dublin, Ireland. clear the isles and thank you for flying with Southwest Airlines.'

I checked out the window and I saw that we were flying over Cork, and would arrive in Dublin soon.


"Alice, so where is our house at exactly? We've been driving for hours now, and Bella already fell asleep."

"Jasper calm down, we got a house thats on a secluded part of Galway. I checked into the 'you-know-what' and we will be there in one more hour and thirty minutes."

I don't know if I could handle another hour in the car with all of my family. All these emotions were starting to get to me. Bella snuggled up into me and all my stress was gone. It was so weird, this never used to happen. It would take a lot of concentration from me to calm myself, but not with Bella. Just being around her made me feel at ease and calm.

"We're here!"

I looked out of the car window and what I saw even stunned me. It was a three-story stone castle-type house. It looked magnificent. It was something out of the middle ages. I would definitely have fun researching this house's history. It looked even older than I was. Not to call Carlisle old, but it had to have been built around the time Carlisle was alive. I use that word very loosely, because none of us were actually 'alive', besides Bella.

We got out of the car and started walking towards the house to get a better look. I handed Bella off to Rosalie. Which apparently woke Bella up. Rose put her down and Bela stretched out and looked around.

"So this is where I'm going to be living now?"

"Not just you sweetheart, all of us are going to live here too."

"I know that mommy, I'm not stupid. Am I allowed to watch my NCIS dvd's mommy, or am I still grounded?"

Bella tried to use a puppy dog face on Rose, but it would have to take more than that to get Rose to budge on a decision once she made up her mind. Just ask Emmett, he's an expert when it comes to that. He once went without 'whoo-hoo' for over a month. Using Emmett's words, 'It nearly killed him'. Which in reality nothing can really kill us, other than another vampire. Even then they have to tear us limb from limb and then burn our remains.

That was the only true way to get rid of us.

But on a lighter note the only vampires that had residence anywhere near us was Maggie, Siobhan, and Liam. They were also vegetarians. Fairly new to the diet, but they've had more time to adjust than I have. Carlisle said that they heard about the new diet and they came to him to figure it out, thats when they decided to try it out.

"Belly bean, why don't you go on ahead and find a room that you like the most, and Alice and I will come up and help you set up your room."

Bella smiled wide and ran ahead. This way some of us who weren't unpacking our things could go ahead and hunt. Then once one group was done, the others could switch off, and go hunt. We decided that Rosalie, Alice, and Esme would stay and help unpack and rearrange the house the way Esme wanted. She always seemed to have an eye for interior design.

As we were rearranging the living room we heard a thud from upstairs, which lead to a scream. Rosalie and I ran upstairs and was met with Bella running towards us.

"Mommy, can I keep it?!"

I was confused, as was Rosalie from her emotions and the expression on her face gave it away even more.

"Keep what?!" we said at the same time. We looked at each other when we did that, but now wasn't the time. "Bella, why don't you show mommy what you want to keep, then I'll think about it." I agreed, we had all our things shipped here, because this castle was suppose to be completely empty. We walked forever, at least at human speed, to Bella's room. Rose had to let her pick her own room. Her room was clear at the end of the hall on the second floor.

When we went into Bella's room we saw something under Bella's bed sheets moving. Bella started walking towards the sheets, but Rose, being the overprotective mother she is, grabed Bella by the arm and held her back. "Jazz, go pull the covers back." I rolled my eyes and I walked to the bed and grabbed a fistful of the sheets and quickly pulled back the sheets. If I were still human I would've jumped back a foot.

"How in god's name did this get in here?!"

"I have no idea, but Bella, are you sure that you want it?"

"Yes Jasper, mommy, I want it, and it's a girl because it doesn't have that dangly thing."

This both shocked us and took us off guard. I started laughing, and got a death glare and anger waves from Rosalie and I immediately stopped, but I couldn't help but chuckle at this. Bella was ful of surprises.

"Belly bean, how do you know that?"

What came out of Bella's mouth next both horrified me, but at the same time I couldn't help but crack up laughing.

"Well one day when I wanted to play with Emmett I went to your room and I saw you and him in there. You were under the covers, and Emmett was standing in front of the bed with no clothes on. He turned to the mirror and and I saw that dangly thing. His is bigger than my doggie that I had back with my daddy."

If Rosalie could blush she would be beet red right now. I on the other hand was on the floor over come with laughter. Bella just stood there confused and oblivious to what she just said and went on to say, "So mommy, can I keep her?"

A/N: Ok, i'm going to leave it there. So what do you think of Bella seeing Emmett and Rose about to do the deed? lol....i never had that happen with my mom and step dad, thank god....I tried to have Bella describe it like a five year old would...how did I do?

There will be a picture of the house on my profile under the story name. Also I will put up what cars, I will have the cullens driving.

And if you didn't catch it, Bella found a puppy in her room that somehow snuck into the house. ;)

So leave your reviews and let me know what you think of what Bella saw :P


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