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We Need To Talk

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Bella POV:

"How long has she been out for Bells? Faith and Hope didn't take this long to change."

"Well, in my personal opinion, since her body was so worn down from the cancer and the chemo trying to help her, it wore down her body. Which is causing her transformation to take longer."

It'd been almost four days since I brought Anabel back to our home. It had taken the twins only two days to change, which was actually rather quick, according to Angela and Ben. When I was changed I had no one around to help me. That's when I realized that I was actually a bit jealous of everyone here. But then I didn't have to relive it over and over like Faith and Hope had to.

"Hey, I think sleeping beauty is starting to wake up!"

We zipped back into her room and saw her eyes start to flutter open.

"Bout time she woke up, I was getting tired of waiting."

"You kept yourself occupied with Bryan for so long I'm surprised you know what today is." Hope smacked her sister and they were off rough housing. For a pair of sixteen year olds, they acted really immature at times. I put my thumband middle finger together in my mouth and whisteled to get their attention. "Ok, you two, go and see what Tony and Bryan are up to."

They didn't need to be told twice. Besides, the less people here the better. Then all of a sudden her eyes popped open and she leaped from her bed and was standing in a crouching position on the opposite of the room and started snarling at us.

"Angela, now would be a good time to send some calming waves to her. Now, before we become her dinner."

Anabel turned from crazed killer to the controlled, relaxed person I met in the hospital. Minus the whole dying from cancer thing. "Anabel, it's me Bella, do you remember who I am? Do you remember where you are?"

She took the time to look around at her surroundings, then looked back at me, Angela and Ben. "Bella? Is that really you? You look much more define, so beautiful. Why can I see so clearly now? I can see all the way across the field and see what my neighbors are up to. I never knew being a vampire was so cool. Wait, why does my throat feel scratchy?"

That was odd. For a newborn, she was surprisingly calm. But maybe Angela had something to do with it. I looked at her knowingly, and she shook her head no. Hmm, odd.

"Despite what you've probably heard about vampires, not all of us feed on humans. Like my coven here, we feed on animals. I can't even fathom what it would be like to feed on humans...again" I mumbled the last part, but I could see that she heard it. "What do you mean again, Bella?"

I explained my earlier days as a vampire, and how ashamed I was that I allowed myself to be so weak. "Bells, why are you blaming yourself? Remember how Hope and Faith almost killed each other? It's only natural that a newborn vampire react like they, you, and even Anabel."

Angela had a point, which I hated to admit. But at the same time I just decided to go with it. "Ok, fine."

"Hey speaking of admitting things, where's Faith? I want to apologize. That's one of my memories that I remember and I feel bad for not doing anything to help."

Just as I was about to say something Faith zipped in. "I'm listening."

I decided that we should give them some privacy. I motioned for everyone to leave. I wanted Anabel tell Faith what I knew that she wanted to hear. Besides, I needed to start looking into a new place for us to move to.

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