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Do We Have To Go To School?

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Bella POV:

It had been about ten years since Owen became part of our coven. I had saved Owen for the second time, unfortunately the second time ended his life, so to speak. The first time was from alcohol poisoning, and then he was mauled by a bear, which almost cost him his life. I remember when I found him, he was covered in deep gashes with blood oozing out of them, before he succumbed to unconsciousness. To add more grief to the situation, his fiance, Stephenie, was killed by the bear, she had many broken bones, and had lost a lot of blood. I wish I would've been able to get to her in time, she had seemed like a wonderful woman. I met her when she came rushing in to see if her, then boyfriend, was ok or not. His buddies however didn't seem as worried, like this was a normal occurrence for them.

I wasn't sure if I could give him the news about Stephenie, but as it turned out I didn't have to, it was one of the few human memories he vividly remembers.

"Do you know if Owen is feeling the need to hunt? He's been awfully quiet lately. It's not that common to isolate one's self from people." I said to Angela, she and I were apparently friends in my past human life, but had grown closer in this vampiric life. I learned that vampires' emotions are usually more prominent that that of a normal human being, which would explain why Ben and Angela feel so protective of one another. They are mates, and they loved each other in their human lives, and that just amplified in their vampiric ones as well.

"Well, we're not exactly people, Bella."

I let out an annoyed sigh, but Hope did have a point, even if it was a smart ass one.

When it came to hunting, Owen wasn't allowed to hunt alone still, it didn't matter if his eyes were starting to change to the vegetarian topaz color, he was still too unstable. He had become like a zombie after being turned. I sometimes thought he blamed me for being able to save only him, and not his fiance too. Angela told me otherwise, he only felt grief, not resentment. It was a refief to hear that, but at the same time, I still felt responsible for his unhappiness. I guess it came with being the one to change someone into a vampire, you'll always carry that guilt with you no matter how happy you are.

"You really need to stop blaming yourself Bella, I can sense so much self hate coming from you that you're starting to make me feel depressed. Plus, I think Owen's come a long way. I think it's time that he's allowed to go hunting by himself, he's close to no longer being a newborn vampire. His eyes are very close to topaz."

I hadn't really taken the time to actually look at him that closely. I'd been preoccupied with trying to learn about my past human life, and I was also trying to figure out how and why I had blocked this Edward person from my memory almost completely. Just the mention still caused my unbeating heart to ache with pain. What did this man do to cause me so much pain?

"Do we really have to go to public school? Can't we just be homeschool?" I just shook my head no, and told Hope and the others that in order to keep up appearances we had to go to school. They reluctantly agreed, so it was settled, we would be attending Forks high school. And Faith, Hope, Bryce and Tony would be posing as sophomores, and Angela, Ben and I would be Juniors. Anabel, and Owen, when he was up to it, would be our 'parents'. Speaking of Anabel and Owen, they had been growing closer together lately. I guess when a beautiful vampire saves your life it's pretty easy to fall in love, but from Angela could gather from his emotions, Owen wasn't sure if he was ready or not to try and be with another person, but from Owen has shared with us, he doesn't have very many of Stephenie, so it had become easy for Anabel and him to get to know each other.

"Ok, if we're going to school, who's car are we taking?"

"Well, how about I'll drive Angela and Ben in my Honda Civic, and either you, Hope, Bryce, or Tony could drive one of your cars."

Faith really seemed to like this idea, she had just recently purchased a Ford Mustang, only drawback to that was that it didn't seat four people. She subconsciously started to curl a lock of her blond hair around her finger as she was thinking.

"I can drive my new Ford Mustang, I just had it washed. So it's nice and shiny for school." Faith said as she jumped up and down impatiently.

"Are you trying to reveal our secret with that eye sore?! I say we take my PT Cruiser, it's a lot more common." I had to agree with Hope, even though I did like Faith's car, it didn't really match what we were thinking to drive to school. Besides, if we drove cars that were too expensive it would draw unwanted attention to us, and then the questions would start, "How can they afford such expensive cats?, "Why do they look similar if they're adopted?" , and "How come they still look so young, and it's been ten years?" That last one would lead to unwanted consequences.

"I really don't care what you drive, as long as you four go to school!"

I was actually pleasantly surprised at Anabel's outburst. Hope and Faith needed to be put in their place, and our 'mother', was just the one to do it. After her outburst we hurried off to the garage and got in our cars and headed off to school. When we were almost to school I had just remembered that we didn't have our last name, or our stories down. I mentioned this to Angela and she called Hope's cell phone and we pulled into an empty parking lot. I got out of my silver Honda Civic and started to think of a cover story.

Once I had everyones attention I told them my plan. "Angela, Bryce, Tony, and my last name is Hamilton. We're brothers and sisters. Tony and Bryce are fraternal twins, and so are Angela and I. Ben is Hope and Faith's older brother. Your guys' last name is Jennings. Our parents are Anabel and Owen Montgomery. They adopted us. Do you think you guys can remember the story?"

Everyone shook their heads yes, and I was actually proud of myself, I was able to think of a cover story on the spot, and it actually sounded very plausible. When we were sure that everyone understood our story, we got back in our cars and headed off to school.

After merely a few minutes, being a vampire has it's perks, we arrived at the school. And from what little I remember, it hasn't changed a bit. The main building was made of brick, and the two secondary buildings were made of limestone. One thing that has changed, was that even more kids were attending Forks High School, because they had added additional parking spaces. I was lucky enough to find a rather close spot, but Faith had to park towards the back. I'm sure we were going to hear about it sooner or later. I think Faith was starting to get too used to having so much money. It was making her spoiled, I would have to try and do something about this, I would have to deal with this later though. Right now, we had to go enroll at school. I know that I should've done this earlier, but I had forgotten that we couldn't use our last names, especially since Angela, Ben and I were previous students. Yes, it was over sixty years ago, but our classmates would more likely remember us if we used our real last names.

As we walked in as a group we were the center of attention. Everyone stopped and turned to look at us. Even a few jaws dropped, both the guys and girls, as we walked. "Why is everyone staring at us? It's not like they haven't seen new kids at school before."

"Well we are new kids in school, and we're vampires Hope, what do you expect?" We're the image of beauty to these humans. Thats how we're able to draw in our prey."

"That's a dark way of looking at it, but Hope has a point, we're preditors, and we have to draw in our prey somehow." I slapped Bryce in the stomach which caused him to let out a grunt. After our walk the 'red carpet', we reached the guidence front office.

"Hello, is there something I could do for you?"

"Um, my name is Isabella Hamilton, and I'm here to enroll in school. So are my brothers and sister."

"Oh you're father called in earlier, he already enrolled you and your siblings, he also enrolled the Montgomerys too. You can pick up your schedules in the guidence office down the hall, and welcome to Forks High School." How did Owen know the last names we were going to use? I just came up with them, not thirty minutes ago, unless Owen could see the future. That was actually kind of cool to think about. The secretary said as she drooled over Bryce and Tony. I just let it slide, let her dream, I knew that she wouldn't pursue it since Bryce and Tony were 'minors'. Plus I saw a wedding ring on her left ring finger.

We left the office and again, everyone stopped to stare at us. This was getting ridiculous, I was almost reconsidering Faith's idea of homeschooling. "Bella, snap out of it, we're going in to get our schedules." Angela said as she snapped her fingers in front of my face. We walked in and I actually liked it, everyone was too busy to stop what they were doing to just stare at us. "Um, hi, my name is Isabella Hamilton, and I was told that we could come and pick up our schedules here." A lady with blond hair that was slowly turning white glanced up and looked over her glasses at us. and went straight for a file folder and all but threw it at me. "Here are the schedules for the Hamiltons, and the Montgomerys." She said not glancing once at us. I said a thank you and we left the office and I rummaged throught folder and handed out everyone's respectful schedules.

I had American History first period, Independent Reading second, Choir third, I had 'C' lunch, Mythology fourth, and finally I had girls P.E.

"Let me see your schedule Bella......Damn, we don't have any classes together, other than C lunch." said Hope

"I have 'A' lunch, does anyone else have that?" Bryce said as he was scanning down his sched.

"Me, and it looks like I have American History with you Bells." Ben said as he ran his hand through his black hair.

Faith and Tony had 'B' lunch, at least they could be together in one of their classes. It looked like I had C lunch with Angela, Hope I had 'C' lunch. Maybe we could all try and get the same lunch next trimester.


That was the warning Bell, we had only five minutes to get to class. We all went our separate ways, and Ben and I headed upstairs for American History, this should be interesting.

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