All My Life

Too Many Boys, Not Enough Time

Bella POV:

I could not get out of American History fast enough. I hated the fact that I had to be surrounded by a bunch of hormonal guys and couldn't keep their comments to themselves. This was one of the few times I was thankful I didn't have Angela's gift.

"H-hi, my name's Conner Newton, and I was wondering if you needed help getting to your next class?" why did his last name sound so familiar to me? Ben whispered to me that his grandfather was Mike Newton.

Mike Newton! That same guy from when I first came to Forks High School, and he offered to show me around. Not to mention he asked me to prom. Along with Tyler Crowley and Eric Yorkie. It was somewhat strange that coming back to my hometown would bring back all my human memories. I should've come back home sooner, but then I remembered that that wouldn't have been possible. All the people I grew up with would still recognize Angela, Ben and I.

"Forget Mike Bella, hi, the name is-"

"Buzz off Yorkie, I already called dibs on showing the pretty lady around."

"Whatever Conner, I am the 'eyes and ears' of this school."

I tried to inform them that I was still standing there, but gave up and walked off to my next class, Independent Reading. Now, that was a class I could get excited about, I loved to read, and apparently that that's what I would be doing in this class.

"Hi, my name's Kendall Jennings, you're part of the new kids that moved here recently aren't you?" She said with sincerity. I didn't want to get too close, but something told me that I could trust her. I nodded my head yes, and told her the story about how we came to live here. She seem genuinely interested and I could see myself getting to know her better.

Nothing too exciting happened for the rest of the period, except Kendall and I started exchanging notes during class. I found out that she was also the new kid here at school, at least until my family and I moved here, so in a way it got her out of the unwanted spotlight . I could definitely tell that I was going to like this girl a lot.

Before I knew it though it was time for third period choir. I took my time getting there, I didn't want to seem eager to get to the next class, plus I was 'new' and wanted to let everyone think I didn't know where everything was, when in fact, I knew where everything was because nothing has changed in over seventy years.

"Hi, my name's Casey Newton. I bet you've met my older brother Conner, he can be such an idiot sometimes. I mean, he just doesn't know when to shut up ya know?" This girl was definitely related to Conner, they both didn't know how to be quiet. I did my best to pretend like I was listening , and it apparently worked. Even when I looked away from her she continued to talk. Then this platinum blond haired girl came walking in after the bell rang.

"Nice of you to join us Adrian."

"If you're wondering why she was late, it's because she's dating my brother, and she thinks that she can show up whenever she pleases because her grandmother owns the local bank. Maybe you heard about her, I mean everyone knows everyone here in forks, her name is Lauren Crowley. Her grandma and my grandma used to be best friends."

No…that meant her grandmother was none other than Jessica Stanley. The same girl that pretended to be my best friend, but we slowly grew apart. Why was that? Oh, that was because I spent most of my time with…with…why couldn't I remember their names? I could somewhat remember their faces, but I could not for the life of me remember what their names were.

"Ok class, first I would like to welcome a new student today. Bella Hamilton, would you come up and introduce yourself for the class?"

Great, just what I needed. I hated speaking in front a large groups of people, especially when it was a bunch of girls who were around my age, well my human age, and they are worse than human boys, well most of the time.

I made my introduction short and sweet, and took my place back next to Casey. I could tell that a lot of the girls were thankful that they didn't have to put up with anymore stuff. The only one that seem genuinely interested in my family's history, but then so did Jessica, and we all know how well that turned out.

Thankfully it was the first day of school so we didn't get to sing. I rechecked my schedule and saw that I had mythology next, then I would have C lunch with Hope and Angela.

"Good morning class, I trust that you all had an enjoyable summer. Now, to start things off I am going to skip all the boring introductions and get right into folklore. Mainly being werewolves, and vampires. Now, I'm going to pass around the sign-in sheet, and then pick up the book that has the corresponding number on it next to your name."

Once the paper got around to me, I saw that I was number thirteen. Hah, I was a vampire, and I of course had 'unlucky number thirteen.' I could feel the irony flowing around me.

"Looks like we have a class together gorgeous." I cringed as I remembered that voice. I turned to see none other than Conner Newton. He was almost as bad as his grandfather, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized Mike actually wasn't that bad, he was a sweet guy, I just wasn't into him. "I don't think your girlfriend would like you talking to me Conner." This obviously took him by surprise, and I couldn't help but chuckle softly. "How did you know I had a girlfriend?" Conner said with a bit of worry laced in his tone. "Your sister told me, her name's Adrian." Conner sunk his head in defeat. "That little brat spoiled everything." He mumbled under his breath, but with my sensitive hearing I was able to hear it.

"You know, it's not very nice to talk about your sister that way, besides, I think you are just scared of getting too 'serious' with her. I don't want to be the reason you 'ruin' everything." Conner just stood there stunned by my words. He finally grabbed his book and went to go sit back down.

"It was nice of you to let Newton down gently." Said a sudden voice from behind me. I turned to see that it was that same kid with the last name 'Yorkie'. I didn't want to be rude, but I hated to point out that I didn't even know his name.

"Aiden Yorkie, why don't you fill us in on today's lesson since you apparently already know all this well enough." If I were human right now I would be very red right now. First, from embarrassment, and second, from laughter. That instantly shut him up, and he stopped talking almost immediately.

Thankfully, the rest of the school day went by without a hitch. I just hoped that it would stay that way while we stayed here.

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