All My Life

UnWelcomed Company

A/N: Sorry it took me so long to update, I've been so busy with school, and nowhere near my laptop to get this story on the computer, but I did have time to put it on paper so I am now getting time to put it on here. Hope you enjoy here is the next chapter of All My Life.

Bella POV:

Why in god's name was 'he' calling me?! How did he even get my number? I really shouldn't answer it. I mean, I've done the calculations and it's been over seventy years since all this started. Being back in Forks has been a key factor in recovering my human life memories that had long been a mystery to me.

But something told me that I should just answer the call and get it over with, because otherwise he wouldn't stop. "Bella, you have to know, I've never stopped loving you." What Edward was saying didn't make any sense. If he loved me, and I mean really loved me, then why did he leave me all alone and vulnerable to James and Victoria.

I had no clue why he wanted my forgiveness. He told me all those years ago that he didn't want me, that I wasn't good for him, and here's the kicker; he told me that he never really loved me. So what he was saying made no sense to me.

"Never stopped loving me?! Edward, I'm not stupid. I remember perfectly you telling me that I wasn't good for you, that you didn't want me, and that I didn't belong in 'your' world. Well, I guess that that point is moot.

"Bella, wait, I-"

"No Edward, I've waited over seventy years, and I'm tired of waiting. Goodbye Edward."

I slammed my phone shut and in the heat of the moment I threw it across the room, causing it to crash against the wall into small pieces. I cursed under my breath and raced to my room and slammed the door shut. I slammed it so hard that I thought that it would've come off its hinges.

I ran my fingers through my hair as I paced my room. As I paced I slowly started feeling that I wanted to forgive Edward, but then another part was still unbelievably angry at him. Then I started to remember all those months that I was held captive and tortured to near death. I prayed for death most days, but death never came to me. Now, death will never come.

"Bells, I know I don't know what went on all those years ago, but from the tone in Edward's voice, I could tell he sounded sincere about what he said. I'm sorry honey." Anabel said to me as she walked by my room.

I should have been mad that she listened in on the conversation, but then I remembered that vampires have overly sensitive hearing so it couldn't be helped. Then the more I thought about it the more I realized the tone in his voice did sound remorseful

"No!" I had to be strong. I wasn't about to allow Edward to break me like he did when I was human and fell easily for him. If he really did feel sorry and want to make amends, he would have to come over and practically beg for my forgiveness. Because I don't think I have it in me to have my heart broken all over again. I mean he left me, what's to say he won't up and leave me all over again.

"Whatcha doin Bella? I could hear your screaming and yelling all the way from out in the woods."

If I were still human I would've been beet red from blushing so much, but then Ben had a point, I was almost too loud for a 'normal' human.

"Sorry Ben, Edward called. I was in no mood to hear his bullshit.""It's all good Bells. I could tell that that's what was going on." Ben said with a grin and a wink.

I nodded my head in agreement and turned away to gather up the shattered remains that were my phone.

"Oh and Bella, if you don't mind e saying, I think you should give that Cullen kid a second chance. But that's just my opinion."

I just nodded my head, not trusting my own voice at the moment. Why was it that almost everyone lately wanted me to up and forgive him, but they don't know how he left things with me. He left me to be taken away by James and Victoria. I f he truly cared he would not have left me in the first place.

"Bella, Edward was sincere when he was on the phone. I could sense only remorse and sincere love and devotion. Now, I'm not forcing you to forgive him. I just want you to know the whole story."

I wanted to scream from the top of my lungs, but not for what Angela said to me. I wanted to scream because I knew that my coven was right and I was just too bullheaded to see it right now to even admit it. Then there was a part of me that still wanted to trust him, but I don't think I could take it if he left me again.

I left to go hunting and picked up one of my spare cell phones on the way out I keep in case of emergencies. I raced outside and into the forest to clear my head and to dull the growing aching sensation that I just now noticed in the back of my throat.

I loved the feeling I had when I was out hunting. When I was out here I felt at peace, as if I were the only one in existence, but then I was interrupted by an annoying ringing in my jean pocket. I pulled it out and checked the caller ID, but I didn't recognize the number. I was about to hang up, but something told me that I better answer it.

"Now Bella, you better listen, and listen good! I know what Edward did hurt you deeply, it hurt us too, but once we found out that Victoria had somehow brought James back from the after and came to kidnap you we hurried back to find you. So don't you even dare think we left you for dead Bella Swan." Alice all but screamed into the phone. If I were still human, that would've made me drop the phone while cringing, because unlike normal humans, our hearing is super sensitive, we can hear the softest noise, almost more better than a dog or cats.

"I get that you all searched for me, I overheard James and Victoria discussing where to move next. I'm just still so mad that he left me and told me that he didn't want me, then turns around and tells me that he never stopped loving me. I just think he's full of shit right now." Alice agreed that that was in poor taste on his part, but she was still adamant about the fact that they actually searched for me.

I hung up the phone and decided to finish my hunt. I needed to try and process what I was feeling now. This changed things. Even though I was angry still, some part of me told me that this would be an easy way to forgive him. But I should I even act as if nothing that has happened in the past seventy years? I wasn't going to give in.

But then the more I thought about it, the more I realized that my feelings never really truly went away. Is it possible that my subconscious somehow held all the love back, so all I felt was anger to cope with the aching hole in my chest that was filled with pain? I suppose that it's possible, but then that would be too easy and I could just take Edward back.

Once I finished with my hunt I hurried back to the house so I could relax some, even though being a vampire I really didn't need to.

"Bella, hope, Bryce, Tony, and I are going to go hunt now. Anabel and Owen are still at work." Faith said before she and everyone raced out the door. I decided to lounge around on the couch and watch some television. As I started surfing through the channels I hear a car turn down into the long drive. I checked the clock; Anabel and Owen weren't due home for another few hours, and Angela and Ben were having an afternoon out by themselves, so it couldn't be them.

With my sensitive hearing I could hear no footsteps, and no heartbeat. That could only mean one thing; there was a vampire here, one that I didn't recognize. The scent was that of a vampire I did not recognize. I instantly stiffened. That meant it was more than likely an enemy. Just then the front door burst open and standing in the doorway was none other than Victoria and James, but there was no Laurent. Knowing that he was no longer with them made me feel slightly better.

"Well looks like you were right James, she looks pretty good as a vampire." The redhead bitch said in a sadistically pleasant tone.

"Yea, I was wasn't I? She almost looks better than you do Vicky." I couldn't help but let out a snort of laughter, because Victoria's expression went from amusement to absolute hatred within a matter of seconds. I felt a bit wary, but I wasn't about to give them the satisfaction of them knowing they still intimidated me, even now that I was a strong vampire.

"Aw, isn't that cute…we still scare her James." Victoria said with a devilish grin on her face.

"Yes…I think you're right." James said as he looked me over then gave me a wink and a grin.

Then they slowly started to stalk over to me, causing me to slowly back way. As I backed away I heard a low growling noise, then I realized that the growling was coming from me. "Looks like Bella is braver than we originally gave her credit for. I guess we'll have to straighten that out." James said, then soon after Victoria leaped in the air and pounced on me. Thankfully, my reflexes were just as quick because as Victoria hit me, she was sent flying across the living room and crashed into the glass coffee table in front of the television. She stood up and dusted off glass shards and dust from her clothes while staring a hole into me.

"You're quicker than we thought." Both James and Victoria started cackling, but stopped suddenly and crouched as if they were going to attack, and instinctively I did the same. Just then both of them charged towards me but were sent flying back just inches from me.

How did that happen? I opened my eyes, and saw that there was a transparent , but pale blue, like force field around me. What was this? Then it dawned on me that I had a gift, the ability to create a shield. That would definitely come in handy, especially right now.

"What the hell was that?! You didn't tell me she had a fucking power James!"

"How the hell was I suppose to know!?"

As I concentrated on their argument I saw the force field slowly fade away. Shit! I desperately needed that force field. How did I make it appear in the first place? Then I remembered that James and Victoria charged towards me and I didn't want them to pounce on me. So maybe the trigger was fear? I would have to work on that. Once James and Victoria were taken care of, course, then I would work on it.

"Doesn't matter, we'll take care of her then be on our way as planned."

Ok, this wasn't looking to good for me, but I had the upper hand. I had a shield, now only if I could figure out how to use it on cue.

James and Victoria crouched down and just as they charged forward, the shield popped up again, and they were sent flying through the air and crashing through the television and almost through the entire wall.

I could get used to having this kind of power; the only downside was the fact that using this shield literally drained me. I could feel myself getting weaker the longer I had it up. Somehow I managed to lower it to give myself a bit of a breather, but that was a mistake because no sooner had I lowered my shield, Victoria and James were standing upright and starring daggers at me.

I was about to try another attempt at my shield, but just as I was about to put my shield back up, the front door burst open and there stood three male vampires. One of them, who I did not want to see any time soon, but I was so glad that he was there, and the other two were…I couldn't put my finger on their names, but they both looked familiar.

Then within a matter of a second the three male vampires stood in front of me in a protective stance.

"Jasper, do you think you can make them lethargic?"

"Can Alice shop for an entire wardrobe within a fifteen minute period?"

What in god's name were they talking about? It was as if they were talking in code.

"Ok, enough can we go ahead and get rid of these pieces of garbage once and for all or what?!" I agreed with the burly-built vampire. I wanted them gone and out of my hair so I wouldn't have to look over my shoulder any longer than I had to.

"I thought you'd never ask Emmett." Edward said with an evil grin. Then everything happened so fast, fast enough that I couldn't fully process it.

Jasper concentrated on James and Victoria and I could slowly see their eyes start to droop. I couldn't help but grin as Emmett lunged for James' throat and Edward lunged at Victoria, all the while Jasper tried to continue to send waves of lethargy, but like my newfound power, his must weaken him some because he suddenly let out a sigh and lost his concentration because Edward and Emmett were sent flying through the air and crashing behind me.

"Ok, I've had it! Let's finish all of them now James, this game is getting old fast." Victoria said as she wiped away the venomous blood that was slowly pooling out of her gash.

That was the last straw, something inside of me snapped and I had to protect them. Yes, I was considering mad at him, but that doesn't mean I want any harm to come of him. With all the energy I had left I gathered it and projected my shield to keep them away, but as I grew weak I could see the translucent blue shield start to flicker.

"Ha, looks like you're draining fast Bella, what a shame though, you have a wonderful talent, you would've helped us." James said with a sneer.

I touched my temples with my hands trying to focus, but it soon became too much as I felt myself sink to my knees. I hadn't passed out, not yet at least. I saw Emmett and Jasper leap onto Victoria and James and tear them to shreds. I let out a sigh of relief. No longer would I have to worry about them.

"Bella, are you alright? Speak to me love, are you ok?" Edward's voice started to ring in my head and slowly fade away as if I were miles away from him.

Knowing that they were destroyed once and for all, from the whiff of the purple smoke, I let out a sigh of relief and collapsed into stone arms that were nice and warm and I would allow myself to reheal.

A/N: so what did you think? Sorry it took me so long to update, I got caught up in school I started slacking in my writing. I have some news though, LOST! has come to an end and is now complete, now I am down to 6 stories that are a work in progress, lol I'm slowly getting there :P I want to get down to at least 4 tops before I start anything new. I just have too much on my plate right now to try and add more.

Hope you enjoyed the chapter and please review your thoughts :)

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