All My Life


A/N: Hello, yes I am still here and writing this chapter! I hope you all enjoy this. I plan for this to be the epilogue of this amazing story, I hope you have enjoyed this story, and please stay tuned for my other stories as well :) Now, here is the FINAL chapter of All My Life!

Bella POV:

It had been a few months since the whole fiasco with the Voltori, but they had, in fact, kept their promise and left me and both of my covens alone. Yes, we were probably considered a threat considering our combined size. A month after I returned with Edward to Forks, Washington, we received a letter that came from Aro, Caius, and Marco, concerning the rather large number of vampires in one city. Carlisle offered to send a return letter that let enclosed all the details of our situation, and that neither coven had any plans or ideas to start a rival coven of vampires.

Since then we had all been living in peace, and most of us went back to high school, at least the ones who hadn't already been through the system. Sadly that included the majority of us, like Faith and Hope, myself, Edward, Tony, and Bryan. Angela and Ben were changed a few years after I had gone missing, and were in their early twenties, so they had the pleasure of just relaxing around the house. Owen had opened his own contractor company and Annabel decided to go and apply for a teaching position at the school.

That would be so good to have her around at school. I mean, just in case things get out of hand or a human would get suspicious of us, we had Annabel in our corner.

But thankfully it was summer so we had awhile to just relax and be ourselves, and thanks to Edward, the Denali coven came to visit and Eleazar, what with his ability to identify if a vampire had any ability other than the normal enhanced abilities every vampire had.

He had told me that I had a mental shield and that it could be modified into a physical shield in need be. As for the whole ability to freeze vampires in mid attack, that was a defense mechanism. It was a broadened extension of my physical shield I felt that I or anyone I cared about was being threatened. Eleazar was very helpful in this that in a few short hours I was finally getting a grasp on that part of my power.

"Good, now Bella, Emmett is going to come running at you, I want you to think of him as a threat and see if you can freeze him."

This was a normal training session with Eleazar. He knew that Emmett, along with my other friends, that it would be hard for me to use my offensive abilities against them, but he wanted me to be able to shut them on and off at will.

Emmett grinned ear to ear and pretended to be a charging bull by raking his foot against the ground and bowed his head. I sighed and tried my best to imagine Emmett as a threat, and before Eleazar could get to three Emmett charged towards me and caught me off guard. I squeezed my eyes shut and waited to be catapulted across the meadow, but it never came. I slowly opened my eyes and saw that Emmett had stopped in mid-sprint.

"Amazing, Bella, now I want you to concentrate. I want you to retract your shield from Emmett and back into yourself, and remember the technique I taught you to do so." Eleazar said as he slowly examined Emmett as he walked around him.

I took a deep breath, focused on my breathing, and imagined my shield around Emmett slowly evaporating and flowing back to me into my body.

I was shaken from my meditative state, and opened my eyes to see Emmett had crashed into a tree that was behind me. I had to force myself not to laugh as Emmett stood up and shook his head a bit to regain his balance. He even had a few wood splinters on his clothes. "What the hell happened? How were you able to get out the way so quick? You didn't even know I was coming!" Emmett shouted as he brushed himself off.

He didn't know that I had used my shield on him? That was a new one. But then again I suppose since I froze him where he stood he didn't see me move out of the way.

I thought to myself as I stood there thinking of other ways my gift could work.

"It appears that your physical shield Bella has an effect on the victim, in that they don't have any idea that you used it on them. Has this happened before?" Eleazar asked as he sat down on a nearby tree stump. I explained that I've used this variation of my gift before and that the vampire had a similar reaction to it. He explained his theory, and it somewhat matched my own, in that when I use my physical shield, time, in a way, stops for that person until I let it go.

As for the fact that both my mental shield and physical one were draining on my energy, it just meant that if I knew I was going to have to use either one that I would have to hunt beforehand to strengthen myself. At least according to Eleazar, and I knew that I wouldn't question him.

"Hopefully there won't ever have to be another time that you have to use those lethal weapons you call gifts Bella." A lovingly familiar voice said. I turned and couldn't help but smile. Edward always had a way of making me smile and made me feel all warm inside.

I still remember those times where I was lost and angry for no reason, then finding out that I had been abandoned by Edward. I originally hated him for it, but as time went on my hate faded and just forgot about it. When I reunited with him and his coven all my feelings resurfaced. I wanted to hate him, but my hate was gone, it had vanished, what was there was one thing. Love. It never left, I just bottled it up and shoved it as far down as it could go.

"I agree the last thing we want is the Voltori breathing down our necks again. So, why do you come all the way out here to interrupt this important training session?" I say with a wink to Eleazar. He chuckled softly. He knew from the beginning that I was hesitant to start these training sessions. Not that I was confident I could control them, but that I would never fully understand how I could.

"Well there is a special reason, but for now why don't you just be glad that I sprung you out of training and come with me." Edward said with that stupid crooked grin that made me weak at the knees almost. Without further question I followed him through the woods. We walked for quite a long time until we came upon this quaint little cottage that was surrounded by trees and offered just enough sunlight to where it looked like something out of a fairytale book.

Edward took my hand and escorted my into the old-fashioned cottage and there was a small whicker loveseat, a television, and a wall-long bookcase of, what looked like all of my books and Edward's along with his acquired music collection.

Then I slowly came to the conclusion. This was meant to be mine and Edward's personal home.

"I hope you like it. I had Alice and Annabel help pick everything out. So what do you say Love, do you like the house?" I was flabbergasted at the revelation that unfolded in front of me. Edward wanted me to move in with him. This would be our home, and we could live our whole existence here in peace, and no commotion to worry about.

"There is one condition I have though Bella." Edward said. I was instantly confused, and then all at once Edward bent down and got on one knee. He kept ahold of my hand as he pulled out from his pocket a small blue velvet box. When he opened it I gasped. The ring had an old world elegance to it. It had to be over a hundred years old or so.

"This was my grandmother's ring. I was given it so that I could one day give it to my true love, my wife. Bella Marie Swan, will you make an honest woman out of me and marry me?" Edward said as he slipped the ring on my finger. I was just speechless, I couldn't form any words. I just grinned ear to ear as I thought back to how much I loved this man and how I felt when he was around me. I quickly nodded my head yes and was taken into a hug that felt…right. Edward then pulled away from me long enough to look into my eyes and kiss with so much passion and love.

After a few minutes we quickly pulled away and I couldn't help but snicker with delight. I finally had my happy ending. I was so content. I would soon be Mrs. Edward Anthony Cullen.

"Can we come in yet?" Emmett hoarsely whispered through a cracked window. I jerked from being caught off guard. I turned to see all of our adoptive brothers and sisters as well as mothers and fathers come in to congratulate us.

"You have NO idea how hard it was to keep this a secret Bella. It nearly killed me…figuratively speaking of course." Alice trilled with excitement as she jumped up and down in place. Carlisle came over to congratulate us personally and that's when I was blindsided.

"Bella, would you object to marrying me right here and now? All the people we care about are here, and Carlisle is ordained to officially marry us." Edward asked a bit uneasily. I could sense he was nervous that I would deny him, and find some way to back out.

But I didn't I agreed and had no objection to it and gladly welcomed it.

After a quick summary our mine and Edward's love story and soon came time to say our vows. I recited what I felt from the heart. That I loved Edward with every fiber of my being, and even though I first said I hated him, I told him that it was the farthest thing from the truth and that I secretly never stopped loving him.

This earned us an 'awe' from everyone and Edward went on to say that I was his one and only and that he too would love me for a thousand years and a thousand more. Carlisle then pronounced us husband and wife.

I could get used to this feeling. Love.

It made me complete.

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