All My Life

Someone Save Me Please!

A/N: thank you to the four of you that review :D and I am glad that you all liked my story :D and I hope you enjoy this chapter as well. and just a heads up the previous chapter was a prologue.

Previously on All My Life: Just then James was over me and I knew what would happen next.

I just hoped that it was quick and painless.

Bella POV:

But I was wrong. Victoria came up and stood next to James. Her eyes looked as if she were possessed. She was possessed, possessed with the need to feed on human blood. Her fiery-red eyes gave that away.

"Why don't we kill her now and get it over with. I am so thirsty." She made sure to add the last part looking right at me.

"Patience my love, patience. We want her Edward to arrive just in time to see us kill his precious human pet."

I was afraid. Not of dying, but what would happen to Ed- I mean him if he were to come back. But i remembered. He wouldn't be coming back. He promised that I would never see him again. I was actually happy for that. He wouldn't get hurt because of my mistake. I shouldn't have run after him. This way James, Victoria and Laurent wouldn't kill him. That would make James upset. I smiled inside.

"He won't come." I tried to make my voice sound strong and sure, but it came out as a mere whisper.

"What? Speak up! I want you to say it out loud!"

"He won't come!" I yelled I knew that this would anger him, but it was the truth. He said that he would never bother me again. "He...left me."

The look on Jame's face was mixed with confusion and annoyance.

I guess he decided to take his frustration out on me. He grabbed me by my hair, pulled me up and threw me as I were a baseball. I flew through the air for what felt like minutes but in reality were only seconds. I hit a tree. I curled up into myself. I was in so much pain. My right arm was throbbing from my elbow down to my wrist. I tried to move my arm and was met with more pain. I then came to the conclusion that I had broken my arm.

"What should we do now James? I'm getting bored."

"Change of plans I have a feeling that the vampire who can see the future has already seen us and we need to take her with us. Besides, I have plans for her. What better way to kill poor Edward than to harm the one that he loves..oops. I mean the one he used to love."

He was referring to Alice. For once I was glad to hear one of the Cullen's name. This meant that Alice would send someone to help me. But then I remembered that he had sent everyone away and he stayed behind to tell me goodbye.

"Laurent, grab Bella and let's go.! We need to leave before they can catch up to us!"

He looked at me with sadness in his eyes. Was he remorseful about joining James and Victoria again? It was rather odd. I didn't know what to say. But he said it for me.

"I apoogize for this Bella, but I promise to keep you as safe as possible. I only joined Jame's coven again out of fear. I don't like feeding on humans anymore, but I have to around him. But I will only feed on criminals. I don't want to be a monster."

He picked me up and made sure that my broken arm was closest to his chest and proceeded to run through the trees. I closed my eyes, running with vampires still made me very dizzy.

Alice POV:

I can't believe Edward made us leave her! Jasper didn't mean to snap. I saw that Bella would have forgiven Jasper if Edward would have let him near her. I didn't see this coming until it was too late. I wanted to see my sister again. We all love her, even Rosalie, though she won't admit it. Esme doesn't have the passion to redecorate anymore. Carlisle throws himself into his work at the hospital that he's working at. Emmett plays the same game over and over again. Jasper won't come out his study. He goes in there and locks the door.

The only time he gomes out is if he needs to hunt. He was almost as bad as Edward.

'Yes, Edward I mean you!'I made sure Edward would hear that. he tore this family apart, all because he thinks he was protecting her from danger. Which is rather stupid if you think about it. She was clumsy before she met Edward, and she will be clumsy still. You hear me Edward! Just then I got a vision


Bella stopped moving around. She thought that she heard footsteps. She thought that maybe Edward had changed his mind and would tell her that he didn't mean what he said earlier and overreacted about the whole birthday fiasco.

But who showed up was not who I expected to see anytime soon. She couldn't help herself. She tried to run. But in that split second the vampire's foot collided with her chest and that sent her flying through the air.

She landed on her back. It was hard enough to knock the wind out of her.

"Surprised Isabella?...oh wait, you prefer Bella."

"James, let's not play with our food."

James grinned evilly at Bella and then the vision went black.


No! that couldn't be! Jasper, Emmett and I took care of him at the ballet studio! This just couldn't be happening. I remember tearing off his head and us burning his remains. He was dead as a vampire could be.

"Darlin' are you alright? your emotions are all over the place."

I didn't know if my visions are going haywire or what, I wasn't sure if I should tell anyone. I mean I didn't believe it myself. Just then I had another vision


"What should we do now James? I'm getting bored."

"Change of plans I have a feeling that the vampire who can see the future has already seen us and we need to take her with us. Besides, I have plans for her. What better way to kill poor Edward than to harm the one that he loves..oops. I mean the one he used to love."

"Laurent, grab Bella and let's go.! We need to leave before they can catch up to us!"

Laurent picked up Bella in a cradle and then the were off.


I was starting to believe that James was alive again. I didn't want to believe it, but these two visions were telling me that Bella was in fact in danger and that James was alive again somehow.

"Alice, darlin' what is going on? Please tell me why you're feeling worried, confused and helpless. What is wrong?"

"Bella is what's wrong. I just had two visions. Bella was going after Edward when he told her goodbye and was stopped by James, Victoria and Laurent. I'm afraid that they are going to kill her!"

"Who's gonna kill who? I wanna join!"

Emmett was overly excited and he didn't even know why. I envied that about him. We would have to go after Bella. Once Edward got back we would tell the others. We needed to hurry, Bella didn't have much time left.

"Who doesn't have much time left?"

"Edward, oh good. Alice just had a vision Bella was kidnapped by James, Victoria and Laurent. We need to hurry."

"James?! But how is that possible you three ripped him limb by limb and burned the pieces. A vampire doesn't survive that."

He was right, that was the only way to kill us. But in my visions James was alive and he had Bella. Just then Edward growled. 'If you don't believe me let me show you.' I showed him my two visions. He looked as if he would cry. Hell I don't blame him. So much for his plan to keep her safe. He turned to me and his eyes turned cold and hard. And he growled at me. 'You know I'm right Edward'.Edward then looked as if he would attack, but I knew better. Jasper, being the protector he is stood in front of me to shield me from Edward.

"I'm not going to hurt her Jasper. I am just upset with myself. I left her to protect her, but that obviously did no good at all. How in the hell is James alive!"

"I don't know but we need to leave and find her now! I don't know if she's alive or not. James knows that I'm watching so he's making decision after decision. He won't settle on one thing."

I knew that we had to find her. I couldn't lose my sister again.

James POV:

We got to secluded place in Arizona. I knew that this would be the last place that psychic would think I was. I had Laurent put the human in a concrete room. I needed to think of a plan. I could either torture then kill this human, or I could torture over a long period of time and continue to leave little videos for Edward and his coven to find. I couldn't make a decision, that would alert the psychic.

I liked the idea of having a collection of videos to leave Eddie. This would teach that coven to try and kill me. I knew that this human was a crucial part of their lives. I wanted them to suffer. Just then Victoria walked in and I felt alive again. metaphorically of course. We were already dead. I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her over to me and puled her into a passionate kiss that I knew that she liked.

"James, you sure that you don't want me in there with you? I want to make that vampire pay for taking you away from me before."

"No, this one I need to do alone, but you'll be able to do others. I plan on doing a lot of videos for por little Eddie."

We chuckled at this. We despised that coven. What they were doing wasn't natural, vampires are suppose to feed on human blood. That's the way it's suppose to be.

I got the camera ready that I got off a tourist that I drained earlier that day. It wasn't like he was going to need it any time soon. I walked into the room and Laurent was sitting next to the human. I ordered him to leave and he did. I knew that Laurent is afraid of me. I liked feeling I had control over another vampire. I would have plans for him later on.

I locked the door behind me. she wouldn't be going any where any time soon.

"Stand up." She didn't do it, so I told her again. "Stand the hell up now!" Good girl, she stood up, still holding her broken arm that I had done personally earlier that day.

"I chose this place to add effect, hope you like it." She wouldn't look at me. I would make her obey me one way or another. I grabbed her by her hair and flung her across the room causing her to hit the concrete wall. I was watching this all through the camera. This video will be a great rememberence video for poor little Edward. "Stand back up! Do it now!" She slowly stood up. I kicked her in the stomach, causing her to fall down on the floor gasping for air.

I took this opportunity to stand over her and I put my foot on her leg. "Tell him to avenge you. Tell him!" I wanted her to scream for him. I stomped on her leg and heard the snap. It was music to my sensitive ears. "No Edward...Edward don't!" I chuckled to myself. I grabbed her by the hair again and pulled her up. I slapped her and pushed her down on the bed. I was about to show Edward what a real vampire does to a human, but stopped myself.

I needed to save the rest for future videos. I got up off the bed and proceeded to leave the room. I told Laurent to tend to her wounds. I needed her in stable condition for my next video.

Victoria and I went off to edit the video and leave it for Edward to find. We would have to find another place to hide. One where no one would think to look.

I had the perfect place in mind.

A/N: so what do you all think? Does this make up for teasing you all? lol I apologize. I wanted to have a teaser prologue. :D and this is going to get better, but I want a few chapters of the cat and mouse game. Should Bella be the one to kill James and Victoria after she's turned or should someone else do it? let me know in your reviews :D hope to get a lot for this chapter :D


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