All My Life

Is This The End?

Bella POV:

It's felt as if I've been here for days, but James tells me that I've been here for months. This makes me feel that all hope is lost. Laurent has kept me company all this time. I still don't trust him completely, but he is the closest I have to a friend right now.

I can't remember how many times we changed locations, but I do remember how many videos James has made of him and Victoria torturing me. I think this one will make ten. It's been almost a year since James and his coven decided to take me away from my friends, my family, everyone one I care about.

I gave up trying to fight back after the fifth video. Victoria threatened that if were to ever try and fight back and escape she would personally see to the slow painful death of my dad, and my friends. I couldn't risk that. I didn't want anyone I cared about to be hurt, all because I wanted to escape this hell hole. I wasn't even sure where we were this time. James made sure to put a bag over my head whenever they were going to change the location.

But what they didn't know was that Laurent would always tell me where we were when he came in and tended to my wounds. This time we were somewhere in the everglades in Florida. That would explain the sweating. I thought that I was getting sick, just what James and Victoria didn't want. They wanted me healthy. At least healthy enough to try and put up a 'good' fight.

Then there was a knock at the door. "Laurent, Victoria found a group of wondering tourists, go and have some fun. I'm goin to have some of my own with our little prisoner here." James said with pure satisfaction. He was planning something, but it wasn't another video, we did that yesterday. I was getting nervous, no, make that terrified.

"Well, well, well, looks like we've come to the end of this little video game. I've grown tired of making videos for your family to find. Mainly because they apparently aren't smart enough to catch up to us."

What was he getting at? Is he going to kill me? I welcomed death with open arms after this. But I would miss my friends and family, even you-know-who. I still couldn't gather the courage to say his real name. It still hurt too much.

Before I knew it James was on top of me I was trying to push him off of me, but he pinned me down with his stone-like chest. I was trying my best, but soon gave up.

There was no way of trying anymore.

James grabbed me by my hair, pulled my head back. Baring my neck to him.

All I remember next is this intense burning running through my veins. I wanted to scream, but the pain was to much I couldn't find my voice.

"I was going to kill you, but I think you'll be better suited as a vampire, besides I am looking for a new mate, Victoria is getting rather old."

I couldn't respond, but I knew that I was not going to be his mate, not in a million years. I would sooner die than be his mate. I suddenly felt light headed and there was a looming darkness, I was being sucked into it.

Before I knew it everything I knew was going black.

Just then I heard two males voices and one female. What were they doing here? Oh yeah, I was kidnapped and being tortured by a vampire that came back from the dead.

This pain was fogging up my brain. I needed to scream for help! I opened my mouth, but nothing came out, that I couldn't hear, but apparently one of the male vampires did and he turned around and kicked me. He told me to 'Shut the hell up!'.

"James, are you really this stupid? I mean her coven will eventually find her and then they will hunt you down and kill you...again!"

"Not if I can help it. They aren't killing him...not again!"

"Will both of you shut up!? I say we leave her here, she'll hunt us down. Then we can kill her, this way Edward will truly suffer."

Wha were they talking about? Who was this Edward they were talking about? Why would he suffer because of me? Then it came back to me, Edward. Edward left me. He didn't want to be the cause of any danger that I came across. I still remember that sad, sad day.

"I promise that this will be the last time you'll see me. I won't come back. I won't put you through anything like this again. You can go on with your life without anymore interference from me. It will be as if I never existed."

"Don't worry, you're human-your memory is no more than a sieve. Time heals all wounds for you kind."

"And your memories?"

"Well," he hesitated for a short second-"I won't forget, but my kind...we're very easily distracted."(New Moon pg 71-72)

I made a promise to myself. That when I woke up, I would move on. Just like he wanted. I will treat him as if he never existed.

As I thought about it there was a looming darkness and I gladly accepted it.

Meanwhile, Somewhere over in Europe

Alice POV:

We have been looking for so long and we've always been there, but the scent was over three days old. This was getting frustrating, I would get visions of where Bella is, but when we got there they had already been gone. Emmett was starting to get angry at the nomads. All the visions of his decisions were him killing the three of them. Sometimes just James and Victoria. We later found out that Laurent was brought back out of fear, and also he was trying to protect Bella from James and Victoria.

"Do you see anything else Alice?"

I was really starting to get tired of hearing this. I had to leave before I said something I knew I would regret later.

I walked out of the room, I can't handle all of this. I rubbed up against the doorway and my eyes started to glaze over. This could only mean one thing...


"But Victoria, you swore to me that if I brought you mate back you would give me the lives of twenty newborns."

Victoria looked pissed.

"I will get you your twenty newborns as promised, but first you must bring my mate back to me."

This old wary old man looked both scared and annoyed.

He said a few words that sounded like Latin to me. Then this weird smoke appeared from this make-shift fire.

In that fire a human figure appeared. Once the chanting was over and the smoke disapated a man was there.

This man was James. I knew it, because he had the same clothing he had when Jasper, Emmett and I attacked and dismembered his body.

James walked over to Victoria and the man. The man appeared to be human.

"Baby, you look thirsty, and I brought you a 'snack'. She motioned to the man.

"What!? You can't kill me. I know how to give you more po-" James grabbed him by his throat and squeezed harder.

"I don't need more power, not if I finish with you." With that James drained the man and him and Victoria went off in search of Laurent.


This was weird. Not James coming back to life wasn't already, but this was just to weird. I never see the past. I never have had that happen before, until now. This was just so surreal.

"Alice darlin', you alright? Alice, say something."

"I think I need to talk to Carlisle."

Jasper then proceeded to yell for Carlisle. This just didn't make any since. I don't get visions of the past. I never have, it's always been of the future. But I knew that Carlisle would have a logical explanation about this. He always does.

Carlisle was in front of me in a flash. Following right behind him were the rest of the family. I then told him of what had just happened. And as I was telling them this I was allowing Edward to see it as well to see if he could get anything out of why I was able to see the past. It wasn't even connected to Bella.

"I think the reason you were able to see the past, and not the future here is because the scent here is the strongest out of the others. This could only mean that they stayed longer here. And maybe this is the place where James and Victoria thought about it the most. This also could mean that we are getting closer to finding Bella."

I could only hope that she was ok. I wanted my sister to be alright. I would die if anything happened to her. She is my best friend. Thinking about Bella was bringing on another vision.


Bella was lying down on a ratty old bed and craddling a what looked to be a broken arm and her left leg was in a cast.

All of a sudden James slammed the door open and was immediately over her.

"You know, I was going to kill you, you are more suited as a vampire. I think you will be my new mate, I'm getting rather tired of Victoria."

That would never happen. Bell despised him almost as much as we did.

James then leaned in and bit into her neck....and everything faded into darkness.


No! This could only mean that James has killed Bella. He must have just said those things to make her fight back. My best friend, a lover, a love, a sister and a daughter. We would never see her again.

I collasped where I stood and started to sob. I would never see her again. I just didn't know how to tell the others. How could I tell them that the person they have grown to care for and love just suddenly die, and at the hand of a vampire that we all thought to have been dead?

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