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Old Friends Meet Again

A/N: I apologize for updating this story so late. I have been been busy with band stuff and then today (8-7-09), I went to Indiana State Fair Band Day and got home semi late. I hope you all can forgive me for the lateness :( so here is chapter 4!

Bella POV:

I felt as if my entire body has been on fire for days. I tried to scream for someone to make the pain stop, but no such luck. I wasn't sure when exactly, but the fire started to gather towards my heart. I knew then that I was going to die.

My heart rate excellerated until it finally just stopped all together.

Was I dead? I didn't feel dead, I felt normal. The pain was instantly gone. I opened my eyes. I was in a dark room. How did I get in here? This made no sense to me, the last thing I remember is being left alone by - him. I wasn't even entirely sure who he was, but I knew that just thinking about him made my skin crawl.

Whoever this mystery man was, I knew that if I ever came across him I would kill him, and that is a promise. No one hurts.....what was my name? That's odd, why don't I know my own name? Everyone knows there name. Maybe whatever happened to me in this place caused me to have temporary memory loss. I looked around and nothing seemed to jump out at me. I decided to leave this place and find out if anyone will recognize me.

As soon as I walked out I was met with millions of smells. All seemed to be there own thing. Something smelled of sawdust and I looked and there, in the distance was a log cabin. It looked as if it had just been put together. I decided to get a closer look.

I walked forward, but my walk was more of a sprint. That is odd. I had no idea why I became so athletic. As I can recall I was more of a klutz.

I thought, for my own sanity I was going to walk at a slower pace. I just couldn't get used to all of this excitement. As I walked closer towards the cabin I was hit with this insanely delectable mouth-watering smell. It was heavenly, and as I smelt it more and more I started to feel a fire burning in the back of my thoat. It was as if I had a sore throat. Why would this delicious smell cause so much pain to my thoat?

I crouched.

Why was I crouching? Then I saw it. It was a man with a hunting rifle, he was walking through the forest he was wearing camo clothes, with a bright flouresent orange vest over him. Why was his scent doing this to me? This was so odd. I hid behind a bush. I watched him through the bush and as he got closer, his scent got stronger.

I was trying to convince myself that he didn't smell good, he was a sweaty man out hunting.

As get came closer it was getting hard to tell myself that he was just a man out hunting. He got closer to where I was.

I couldn't control it any longer. He turned around because he heard something moving in the brushes.

This was my chance, his back was turned. I went into a crouch and I pounced on him. I bit into his neck. Before he could cry out for help I had drained him of his blood.


Why did I want this man's blood?

The only thing I can think of who drinks blood and wants blood is a.........vampire.........I was a vampire?!

But vampires can't go out in the sunlight. They burn, or turn to stone.

I ran with my new speed to a clearing and stood in the sunlight.

I felt no burning, I looked at my skin. I was not stone, but my skin did sparkle. It was as if my skin was made from millions of tiny little diamonds. This disproved all the vampire myths I have heard while I was growing up. But one this was for sure I wasn't going to kill another human ever again.

I killed a human!!

I killed a human being. Why? Why did I do that? I didn't even know what came over me. All I smelt was his deicious scent. Before I knew it I had killed a human, a human who probably had a family. A wife, a child or two, and people who cared about him.

So no one would get suspicious I would have to make it look as if a bear had attacked him.

I used my unusually sharp, strong nails and scrathched his body up. Then I grabbed his shot gun and I aimed towards the sky and fired. This way someone would come and find him quickly. I laid the rifle down beside him so it looked as if he went down fighting. That way his family could have some closure. This way, they would know what killed him, and not wonder what or who did.

I looked around. It just occured to me I had no clue where I was.

I ran, looking for any sign as to where I was. After what felt like forever, but it was only five minutes. I could get used to this vampire speed. I saw a sign, the sign read 'Colorado Welcomes You'. How did I end up in Colorado?

Then it came back to me. It was in pieces though. A group of three vampires had kidnapped me. They took me and kept moving places. They were trying to throw someone off. One of the three decided to turn me into one of them, a vampire. I also remembered that I used to live in a small town, but I wasn't exactly sure where it was.

A man was picking me up from a small airport in Port Angeles. I called him Charlie, he was my father! I had a father?! Why didn't I remember any of this? We drove an hour from Port Angeles back to Forks, Washington. My home was in Forks. I would have to go home. But would anyone know what I really was? And if anyone did, what would I tell them? I have been gone for months. And I didn't even look like myself anymore.

Someone was bound to notice.

I couldn't let that happen.

I was running for a few miles and I came upon a herd of deer. I hadn't hunted anymore since the incident with the hunter back a ways. I got closer and closer. I wanted to catch a certain buck and just then all of the deers looked as if they were going in slow motion. Then out of no where they stopped all together. This was odd. I got closer to them and I saw that their eyes had a clouded look to them. It was as if they were blind.

After draining all the deer I felt relieved, but it didn't compare to human blood. Something told me that nothing would ever compare to human blood. I would have to will myself to never be attracted to human blood ever again.

A Few Years Later

I can't believe in over a year I was able to control my thirst to where human blood doesn't bother me anymore.

Plus, I was able to go to college and graduate a year early, thanks to my vampire mind. I was now a surgeon in a small town in Indiana, but it wasn't too small. It was small enough where people wouldn't notice me, at least not right away.

I had made a name for myself here. I was a well-respected doctor at their local hospital.

I came into work today and I could swear I smelled another vampire here in the building as well. It was odd.

"Dr. Swan, there's a new nurse starting today, she would like to have a meeting with you as well."

"Thank you Beverly, I'll be right there. I just need to sew up the abdomen on this car crash victim and I will be there shortly."

"Ok doctor, I will let nurse Cheney know."

Cheney, that sounded oddly familiar to me. But why did it? I couldn't quite place it. I made sure that I did not leave any of my surgical tools inside of the patient, I didn't want to get sued for malpractice. I let the assisting surgeon close for me and went to meet with the new nurse. The name was so confusing to me.

As I walked closer towards my office I smelled that familiar smell. Vampire. This either meant there was a vampire in the hospital here or the new nurse was one. This was confirmed when I got closer to my door. The nurse was a vampire. I would have to handle this carefully. I didn't want to cause a scene here in the hospital. I opened the door and was met with a woman, who looked about the same age as me, she had light brown hair, but instead of red eyes, which meant she would have been drinking human blood, her eyes were a bright topaz.

I was about to introduce myself but she beat me to it.

"Hello, I know that you are a vampire as well. My name is Angela Weber, but I go by Angela Cheney now."

I stared at her. I knew her from my past but I couldn't quite place her. Her name rang a bell with me. Damn this whole memory loss after turning into a vampire.

"Hello, I am Isabella Swan, but I would prefer if you call me Bella, or Dr. Swan if you prefer."

It was her turn to stare I guess.

"Bella.....but you died in the forest back in Forks. Your father searched for you for months, he had to move away from Forks, he couldn't bare to stay there anymore. How are you alive? Well it's obvious now, you're a vampire. I'm just so glad that you are alive and well."

I was confused. She seemed to know more about my past than I did, but I didn't know her. How would I know if she was telling the truth?

Then I was hit with a memory. I was sitting at a table in a school cafeteria, there was Angela, Jessica, Lauren, Mike, and Eric. I asked who were the group of people sitting at a certain table. That's when I saw him, he was sitting with two other guys, and two girls.

So Angela was telling the truth. I had a past, but there's still the question as to why I don't remember most of it. I pushed this aside I would have to worry about this at a later time.

"Well Angela, I see you know more about me than I do, and I do remember a little bit about you. So I think it goes without saying that you have the job." I stood up and leaned over my fesk and shook her hand. I would have to question her more about my past. I had to know more about it. And once I knew more I would have to ask about what happened to my father. I hated how much I caused Charlie pain.

Charlie-wait! I remembered his name?! This was good news. I would have to definitely get to know Angela better. Being around her gave me the answers to my past that I are missing. I also would have to mention to her about my power. I wasn't even sure how that happened back then. All I could say is that I could freeze someone or something in it's tracks and then blind them.

"Angela, would you mind if I invited myself to your home. It seems as if being around you is filling in the pieces to my lost past."

"That would be wonderful Bella, I'm just so happy that you aren't dead like everyone back in Forks does."

"If you don't mind me asking, how did you become a vampire Bella?"

I explained how I really didn't remember being changed. I thought about it and suddenly remembered that three nomadic vampires kidnapped me back in Forks and tortured me. Then one of them changed me because he was bored with me.

"The woman you mentioned, in your story, sounds like the one who changed Ben and I. I mean we were in Port Angeles on a date when that woman cornered us and left us for dead. And before the fire consumed our thoughts she told us that she was a vampire."

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