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Don't Die On me

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Bella POV:

I cannot believe I had forgotten all of my memories. I even had forgotten my own father! How could I forget my own father? It came rushing back to me then. I had lived with Renee, my mother, from a young age, and when I turned seventeen I told her that I had wanted to live with Charlie now. I mainly did it because I wanted her to be happy with her new husband, Phil. He was a minor league baseball player. Which meant that he moved around a lot. Renee would stay home with me, but miss Phil. I had decided to go live my dad so she would be happy.

Once I had gotten to Forks I was the talk of the town. Apparently I was the newest person that arrived in Forks in the past five years at the time. I remember sitting at a table with Angela, a brown-haired girl who had curly hair sat with us as well. Three boys sat with us as well. I knew their names, but that was it. All I could remember was that they were Mike Newton, Eric Yorkie, and Tyler Crowley.

I even remember having to turn down all of those guys as well. They wanted me to go to prom with them, but I didn't really feel like going. But I did the polite thing and 'suggested' that they ask someone else.

I also remember seeing a group of strange kids. There were five of them. One stood out the most. He wasn't paired off like the others at his table. He sat alone.

There was a sudden jolt of pain. Why was it when I thought about him this pain surged out of no where. It made no sense, but I would have to assume that this person had caused me a great deal of pain in my past life.

I would have to figure that out later, because I paged to the emergency room A.S.A.P. Apparently there was a party going on in the rich part of this town and someone had been dared to see how many shots of whiskey he could down.

He had alcohol poisening. I could smell it in his blood. I wrinkled my nose. Thank god that I was almost immune to blood now. I was immune enough to be a doctor in a hospital I should say. I was glad that I had a close friend with me again. I didn't know I had missed so much. I knew that being around another vampire was sometimes dangerous, but not with Angela. We were instantly friends, but I guessed this was because we were somewhat close friends when we were humans.

"Doctor Swan, his blood pressure is 100 over 79 and dropping." I checked his pulse, and I could barely hear it. "I barely have a pulse." I put my ear down to his mouth. I heard no breathing. I checked his chest. No rising and falling to let us know that he was breathing. "We need to intubate now!" I grabbed a larynscope and an endotracheal tube and proceeded to pass the tube past his larynx and vocal cords and into his trachea. "Ok, I'm in." I removed the scope and had Angela bag him.

She would be breathing for him. I started compressions and after a few minutes I checked for a pulse and when I did I felt nothing. I started compressions again. I needed to concentrate. I was finally aware of the fact that the group o kids who brought him in were standing in the same room. "Please, you have to save him!" I was starting to loose focus, even for a vampire. "Someone please get them out of here." A nurse escorted them out and as they left they pled with the nurse saying that they wanted to see him.

Then the worst thing that could happen happened. He starte to flatline. "He's in defib!" I needed the paddles. And as if Angela could sense my anxiety she grabbed the paddles for me. I placed them in their respectful positions and yelled, "Clear!" I pressed the handles and his body jolted up for a second. Still nothing. I couldn't lose another patient.

Not after what happened in the isolation unit. Somehow a patient of mine was able to sneak in a razor blade and slit her wrists. She was suffering from sever depression and was put on suicide watch. I was inuriated with the staff down there. I threatened that the next time I would report them to the Hospital board. The girl was smart enough to slit her wrists vertically instead of the normal horiztonally.

I was so upset that I could have killed them. But I was lucky enough to have had a understanding friend at the time, but Beverly was offered a job in New York.

I did one more paddle and waited to see and was about to give up. "Time of death 8-"


I was instantly relieved. "He's stable, but his pulse is still weak."

I made sure he made it to ICU and then went to tell the good news to his friends. "Good news, your friend is stable, but we put him ICU so he could be closely monitored. I hope this taught you all a lesson."

I knew that I sounded a bit 'after school special', but they needed to hear it. "Oh thank you, thank you, thank you so much Doctor Swan. Yes, I know that what they did was stupid and they won't do it again, but I am so glad that you saved Owen for me. He's my boyfriend. I plan on marrying him some day."

This caused the boys behind her to start to snicker and laugh behind her back. They were trying to hide it, but they did it miserably. I cleared my throat to let them know to knock it off.

"When can we go visit Owen?" I told them that they could go ahead and visit him. But they would have to be quiet while in the ICU because otherwise they would be escorted out of the unit.

I was happy that I was able to save a human life. It sometimes helped remind me that I am no longer that monster who killed an innocent man, but that I was doing something that was the complete opposite.

*~The Following Day~*

I had went to the hospital to make my morning rounds. I was surprised to see Ben Cheney there waiting on me as I walked in. He was Angela's husband slash mate now. He looked familiar to me, and then I remembered that he bailed on helping Angela with her graduation cards to go see a movie with Austin.

I greeted Ben and told him that I was in fact alive and that I did not drink human blood. He apparently already knew this and just waved it off. He was here to tell me that Angela and him wanted me to come by and visit. I was so glad to have friends again.

I had forgotten how good it felt to have someone to talk to. I have been alone for so long I almost forgot what it was like.

I decided that bringing food as a housewarming gift wasn't possible since we really don't 'eat' so to speak. I decided that instead I would bring a house plant for them.

It was a Ficus. I made sure it was one you could put inside your house. I knew that with vampires never aging you have to move after a few years. This way they could take a little part of me with them. I needed to stay. The people needed me. Apparently I was one of the best doctors they've ever had.

I learned this when I accidentally usd my sensitive hearing to listen in on the hosital gossip. Which mainly came from Suzanne. She had a tendency to spread rumors at times and sometimes stretch the truths.

But I think sometimes she does it so she can get the attention she was lacked when she was a child. her twin brother was 'the favorite child'. He never did anything wrong.

I sometimes relied on Suzanne's gossip to make sure no one was getting suspicious of me. For now this was not an issue.

I finally arrived at the house. It was by a lake and completely surrounded by trees. It was high up as well. (link on profile) I used my vampire strength and speed to quickly climb up to the house and knocked on the front door. And I was able to hold onto the ficus on my way up.

"Bella, thank you so much for coming. Ben and I have been talking and well, we want you to join us."

I was confused. What did she mean?

"I sense your confusion and what I'm saying is that I want you to be apart of our family. As in we become a coven. Oh and to answer your other question I have a gift. I am able to sense emotions and alter them as well."

Well this made sense. From what I could remember of my human life Angela had always been more observant and emathetic to other people's feelings, it's only natural that that would be enhanced when she was turned.

I was also happy that I would no longer be alone. I would have someone care for and someone that would do the same to me.

I felt complete, but I couldn't shake the feeling that I wasn't quite whole. Not yet. Someone had the missing piece. I just didn't know who or what.

I decided that I would move my things here tomorrow. I needed to take time to relax.

I knew that I would have to keep an eye on Owen. His vitals even after he was stable were a bit shaky. I would have to check on him in the morning. But for now, I needed to hunt. I could feel the itching, burning sensation start to make itself known.

I wondered what kind of animals I would find way out here.

A/N: Ok, so first I want you to all know that I did my best on the hospital part....I used what I watched on ER and tried to apply it to this chapter :P so idk if my medical procedure stuff was spot on.

Also, Owen will play a key role later on in this story, so don't forget about him ;)

Again, you all need to check out my friend Norah the Poet's story, What Happens Next. also check out familyguyfreak101's stories :D they are all awesome. Both of these authors are amazing writers and you NEED to check them out :)

Also, don't worry Bella will meet back up with the cullens later on in the story ;)

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