Needing To Let Go

Clearing the Air

Previously in Needing To Let Go

When we reached the driveway I told him that where he stopped was close enough and I got out of the car with my things and started walking to the house.

"See you in school tomorrow Bella." Edward shouted after me. I just nodded and waved to him as he backed down the driveway and drove off the way he came. I just sighed and continued in. I knew Jasper and Emmett were against me getting a job, but I knew that they would still be happy for me.

At least I hoped they would be…

Bella POV:

To say that there weren't any questions would've been a complete and total lie; Emmett started off on me about where I was all day since I apparently wasn't at school, then Jasper started in about if I wasn't in school why wasn't I at home.

I know they are pretty much the same question, but I still answered them with one answer, and I wasn't quite sure if they were going to like it.

"Well, if you must know, I sliced my finger good in biology class while trying to dissect a frog. I went to the clinic and she told me that I would need stitches. So I didn't call either of you because you both were working and lord knows we need to money, speaking of money I managed to get a job down at Delilah's diner!" I cheered, and hoped that my sudden change of subject would be accepted and this inquisition would be over.

"Delilah's, isn't that the diner that can hardly keep any help around?" Jasper said as he scratched his head trying to wrap his head around this news.

"Yeah, and isn't that old lady Maude still in charge there? She's so cranky she makes Jasper's wet blanket look like a soft and cuddly bed." Emmett said with a nudge in Jasper's side, but I don't think Jasper liked the back handed compliment so much, because jasper punched him in the shoulder and got him back on the matter at hand, me.

"Are you sure you're up for this Bella? Being a waitress can be a thankless job, especially since your job mainly comes from your tips." Jasper said with concern in his eyes. He was always the one who looked out for everyone. I even remember when he and Emmett went on a camping trip with dad, while mom and I stayed behind and took care of the farm. That was when I was bucked off of one of the horses we were boarding and ended up breaking my arm had a small concussion, but nothing too severe.

Jasper wanted to have dad and Emmett turn around and go home, but I assured them, as well as mom, that I was fine and that they should still go out camping.

I let out a depressed sigh. I missed them, my parents, a lot. The pain was still there, but it didn't hurt as much to think about it. I still remember having to run up to my room if I started to feel a panic attack or anxiety attack happen while I was in front of anyone. I tried my best to hide it, but I'm pretty sure that Jasper and Emmett knew what I was doing.

"Yes, I'm positive Jasper, I'll be fine. This way we can have more money coming in and we won't have to move or get rid of the animals." I said with a grin. I know that my expectations of keeping this house were pretty high, but I couldn't afford to think anything different. I mean, I grew up in this house, and I have a lot of both good and bad memories here, I wasn't ready to lose them, not yet.

Before Jasper could argue the issue any further, thankfully, Emmett said that we had the choice of either going out to eat, or we could stay home and have leftovers. I opted to go out to eat, mainly because it'd be my luck there wouldn't be any leftovers if Emmett was home all day, and I would end up cooking because neither one knew how to work a stove.

"Eating out it is then. I say we go over to Delilah's then, see what kind of food you'll be serving there." Emmett said with a laugh that made me almost queasy. This was his way of trying to thoroughly embarrass me in where I soon would work. I almost wanted to back out and throw my hands up in defeat, but I had gotten the job even though the old crone, Maude, was against it, and I wasn't about to let her get the satisfaction of running me off before I even started.

"Yeah, I guess that sounds good. Let me go get my coat." I rushed from my seat and put my coat on, and felt my stomach doing summersaults inside. It's not that I was embarrassed or anything like that; it was the fact that…well I'm not exactly sure what my reasoning was anymore. I just shrugged it off and followed both of my brothers out to the car.

When we were finally at the diner and it was actually somewhat packed; something to look forward to I guess. Once inside we were told it would be a few minutes to clear a booth for us and that we could have a seat. I took this time to glance around to see who all was here and who were working tonight. I saw Emily was working today and that brought up my mood significantly; hopefully we would get seated in her section. That's when I saw that Rosalie was working as well, but per her doctor's orders she was restricted to working behind the counter and not allowed to walk around as much. The counter hid her rather large belly. Then my mind started to wander to thoughts of why she was working when she looked like she could give birth at any time, but I remembered that she told me that she was on her own and needed all the hours she could get before the baby came.

"Who is that gorgeous woman working the counter? I haven't seen her around here before." Emmett said in a daze. I looked at him in confusion and turned to see where his gaze landed on and couldn't help but laugh a little inside.


He was staring at Rosalie; well little did he know that she was very much pregnant, as for her relationship status I wasn't so sure on. I assume she has a boyfriend or even a husband. But I wasn't a good example for the last part, and neither were Jasper or Emmett for that matter.

"Oh her, that's Rosalie, she's gonna be training me when I start tomorrow after school. She seems pretty cool." I said matter-of-factly, but I don't think he heard any of that, he just nodded and got up and had a seat at one of the stools at the counter.

"Well, looks like instead of a table for three, looks like a booth for just the two of us Bells." Jasper sighed. I shrugged and said it wasn't big deal, and it wasn't one. That was just typical Emmett, once he saw a girl he liked there was no stopping him.

Mom used to tease him, when he was younger, that he was just like his dad in that department. Even when he was older she used to tease him about it. I sighed, lately every little thing started to remind me of them, but I wasn't brought to tears, and I didn't feeling the burning in my chest; that part was a plus at least.

"Yeah, I guess it's just you and me Jazzy." I grinned, and finally after about ten minutes of waiting we were seated at our booth and handed menus. I took a glance at what all they had and took note of what the specials were. Plus, I made sure to overhear how Emily greeted the customers and how she answered their questions about the different dishes.

Then finally our waitress came and took our order. I glanced up and was slightly disappointed that we were just outside Emily's area. I ordered a cheeseburger combo with a side of French fries. When it came to drinks I just asked for a glass of water, it was the cheapest thing on the list, plus I wasn't much of a 'pop' person anyway.

After the waitress left with our order I decided to look around some more, and what caught my eye made my stomach drop. Edward was here on the opposite side of the diner with his family. They looked rather cozy there. I felt the butterflies start to flutter around, so I just kept on looking around. Then there was Emmett sitting at the counter flirting with Rosalie. I wasn't positively sure what she thought, but I could tell that Emmett was interested because he had his elbows on the counter leaning forward and hanging onto every word that was said.

"So how bad do you think Emmett has it this time?" Jasper asked playfully. He also knew how girl crazy he could get, and curious to see how much he liked this girl. I mean he's been this way for as long as I could remember. I remember my mom talking to her friends about how Emmett wasn't your typical little boy. The stereotypical boy likes mud, dirt, trucks, and thought girls were 'icky'. Emmett contradicted the last one. He apparently used to chase girls around the playground and try to kiss them.

"Well, how bad is 'bad' when he has his elbows on the counter and making conversation with her and he's actually not staring at her chest. So he must really like her a lot." But I wasn't holding my breath. Emmett may be girl crazy, but he has never been known to stick with one girl for more than a couple weeks. I just hoped he wouldn't hurt Rosalie's feelings if it went south.

"Wow, I'm impressed, maybe this girl will be the one he finally settles down with." Jasper said with a chuckle, implying the same thing that I was thinking; that Emmett was girl crazy and couldn't stick with one girl for long.

Now don't get me wrong, my brother isn't a playboy or anything like that, it's just he just can't settle down for long with just one girl. When asked he's been known to say that he didn't feel a connection, or that they got to serious too fast, and he wasn't ready for that.

Before I could finish surveying the diner our waitress brought back our food and drinks. We started eating and I heard footsteps approaching our table behind us. I just prayed that it wasn't Edward. I mean I wasn't sure what I was feeling in the pit of my stomach, but I didn't want to confront it right now.

"Oh my god, the girl behind the counter is awesome! Her name's Rosalie and we have a lot of things in common. Plus, she gave me her number and I gave her mine and she said she'd call me sometime." Emmett grinned as he sat down and practically shoved Jasper over against the wall so he could have a seat at the booth.

It won't be for a couple months at least then.

I thought to myself, as I ate my burger. Emmett went on and on about her. I couldn't help but feel sorry for him. My brother was obviously blind if he didn't notice that Rosalie was pregnant, and with another man's baby no less. Jasper and I just humored him and nodded our heads as we ate our food and Emmett continued to gush about her.

I so wanted to tell Emmett that Rosalie was pregnant, but then I couldn't do that to him, for many reasons of course; one being that it wasn't my piece of news to tell, and the second being that he was visually excited and intrigued by this woman. Who was I to destroy this for him, at least one of us in this family deserved to be happy after what we've been through.

After Jasper and I finished our food we left a tip and headed up to the counter to pay. When we got to the counter I wished I could've blended in with the wall, because that's just when Edward and his family finished and were waiting to pay for their food as well behind us. I glanced behind me and Edward just held up a hand as a wave and half smiled, guess this was awkward to him too. I bet you're wondering why it was so awkward, oh well that might have something to do with the fact that Edward's sister, Alice, took this as an opportunity to skip over and give me a big hug and say how happy she was to see me.

I wasn't even aware that she knew me, but I just smiled back at her and agreed that it was a shame that we hadn't had a chance to properly meet before, and that she had a feeling we would become great friends. I just nodded like a dummy.

Dr. Carlisle decided to chime in and make small talk while asking if my hand had healed well, and I nodded and said that it was better and that I planned to be more careful around sharp objects. Just then Emmett and Jasper turned back to see who I was talking to and then the introductions were exchanged and hands were shook.

We stuck around for a little bit talking about this and that and then we thankfully headed home and I couldn't wait to get to the safety of my room and go to sleep, but then remembered that I had homework to do. When we got home I raced ahead and went upstairs to get started. I didn't have time for Jasper and Emmett's comments on how I acted around Edward, and hear Emmett go on about Rosalie AGAIN. I mean seriously, I was happy he really liked her, but hearing about it over and over was a bit much for me. I kinda felt sorry leaving Jasper alone with him, but I knew that I would owe him for leaving him alone with the lovesick puppy.

But I knew that he would eventually slip away and go to the living room and grab one of his books that he loved to read. I think the genre of book he was reading now had to do with the American Civil War.

I finished almost all of the work, but still had to read a couple chapters of 'To Kill A Mockingbird' to read and I was just not in the mood to read it. I changed into my pajamas and went straight to bed. I guess I was just getting excited and anxious in starting work at Delilah's that sleep came, but it wasn't instant, but I took what I could get.


As the bell rang signally that school was out for the day I couldn't get out of the classroom fast enough. I quickly walked to my locker to put my books up and get my things and slammed it shut and headed out. But on my way I was stopped by what I saw. Jackson and Raven were arguing, and that was odd, because they never argued about anything. That was what was so cool about them, that they were always so loving and caring and never really argued, and I mean all out yelling or true anger.

So, I rushed over to see what was wrong, and by what I heard while making my way over had something to do with the fact that he was always tired and that they spent all their time at her house and she wanted to know why they hadn't spent any time at his. I had a working idea why, but kept my mouth shut. I stupidly asked what was wrong and they both glared at me, but then quickly softened and I could tell that both of them were frustrated.

"Jackson won't tell me why he won't let me come over to hang out at his house, and on top of that we barely get to see each other, and the times we do it's only for a couple hours and now he wants to just take a break and won't give me a reason why it makes me angry!" Raven shouted as tears started to form in her eyes. I couldn't help but feel sorry for her, she had a right to be, I mean I found out by accident, and had been sworn to secrecy and even then I knew Jackson had a valid point to keep this part of his life secret.

Having your friends, girlfriend, or anyone for that matter finding out that your mom is an alcoholic, spends her days in bed all day and doesn't have a job isn't something you want broadcasted all over town.

"So you really want this? You want to take a break from each other? Does that mean I can't be around Kaleb, Emily or Bella?" he asked in a harsh tone. That was the drawback of dating a friend. If the breakup went bad it would be awkward for everyone involved, including the friends in the group.

"I don't know, wait, are you even upset that we're breaking up?" raven shrieked. I've never seen her so upset before; whatever started the argument must've been one helluva doosy.

"Of course I'm upset! But Rave you've gotta see it from my perspective!"

"How can I when you don't tell me everything Jackson?" Raven snarled as she growled then stormed off in the opposite direction. After that I let things cool off before I even attempted to ask what went on. Seems that my suspicions were correct; Raven wanted to go over to Jackson's house, and when he said no and gave some phony excuse Raven got mad and accused him of cheating and wouldn't believe otherwise. That's mainly Jackson's fault for trying to hide that his mom is an alcoholic and him working two different jobs to pay the bills and keep a roof over his mom's and his own head.

"So uh, looks like Raven and I are done. What do I do now?" Jackson asked. I could see he was having conflicting feelings of either telling her the truth or keeping the truth from her. I told him that having a parent that's an alcoholic can be embarrassing and rough, but keeping this from his friends wasn't doing anyone any good, and I also mentioned that he should go find Raven and tell her the whole truth, then let things go from there.

I added that I wish I could stay and help, but that I needed to go over to Delilah's and start my job. He congratulated me and headed off to go find Raven.

I was outside when I accidentally bumped into someone and groaned when I saw who it was. Heidi.

"Watch where you're going freak." Heidi sneered at me, which caused for laughter from her so called friends standing around her. I rolled my eyes and muttered 'whatever' as I brushed past her and walked towards Delilah's.

I passed all the shops, even walked downtown and waved to some of the storekeepers, and when I finally reached my destination I saw Rosalie straightening tables and wiping them down; during the week they closed for a few hours to get things ready for the dinner crowd, that included the food.

The door dinged to alert her that I was there and I smiled big when I saw her. She returned my smile and I noticed she looked more worn out than yesterday; also she looked a bit pale too.

"So are you ready to get to work? If you do well enough I may even let you wait on a few tabled by yourself." Rosalie said with a grin, but I could tell that she was feeling anything but chipper and perky today.

"Yeah, I'm ready where do we start first?"

To say that I had my work cut out for me was an understatement. First she told me what all that we would be doing. Since Maude didn't like to hire very many people, there would only be two waitresses at a shift, but thankfully the diner wasn't very big, but still meant I had about six tables to cover, and two of them were booths. Then there's the dinner shift, which would be what I would be working, that was their busiest time of day.

For a split second I was considering throwing in the towel, but that quickly went away when I heard that I would be starting small, and that I would be shadowed by Emily tonight. It was her day off, but Rose called her in to have her help me in case I panicked and forgot something for a customer.

At the end of my training Rosalie said that I was a little rough around the edges, and needed work on carrying trays around, but that I was good enough to at least work tonight. I couldn't help but squeal with excitement and I hugged her, careful not to be too hard.

"Thank you so much, you have no idea what this means for me!" I gushed as I couldn't stop smiling.

"Oh you're welcome honey; I think you're going to make a good replacement for when I'm gone with the baby." She said as she rubbed her belly. I couldn't help but ask if she knew what she was having. It was going to be a girl. She had the names down to Liza and Eloise. I liked both those names and said that either one would be a good fit for her.

"Now tell me, what's the deal with Emmett, I take it he's your brother?" She asked with intrigue. I giggled and said that he was in fact my brother, but that he was technically my half-brother, but I didn't get into too much detail.

"So, is he seeing anybody? Not that I'm in much of a situation for dating right now, but I kinda think me and him hit it off. He didn't even seem put off that I'm expecting or anything."

I couldn't tell her that I thought Emmett didn't even notice that you were pregnant, I just sighed and nodded and didn't say anything else.

All this keeping secrets from family and friends was getting to be big pain in the butt. Thankfully at least one secret would no longer be a secret, and I could breathe easier around Raven and the others and not have to force myself to keep quiet.

"So since dinner shift doesn't start for a few more hours, how about we take a load off and I can help you with your homework if you got any." She said as she eased herself down into a nearby chair. I couldn't help but smile and get my stuff out and we went through some of my harder work to do.

I could get used to having her as a friend, and a boss.

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