Needing To Let Go

Congratulations, It's A Boy

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Previously On Needing To Let Go

"So since dinner shift doesn't start for a few more hours, how about we take a load off and I can help you with your homework if you got any." She said as she eased herself down into a nearby chair. I couldn't help but smile and get my stuff out and we went through some of my harder work to do.

I could get used to having her as a friend, and a boss.

Bella POV:

The dinner shift was a nightmare, but thankfully Emily was able to show up and help me tackle all of the different orders. I managed to keep all the orders separate and to the correct tables, it was just the whole 'carrying on big tray' that was the issue. Emily tried to comfort me by saying that it would just take practice, but even I knew that it would take A LOT of practice, and coordination.

Coordination was something that I lacked, but it wasn't a lack of trying, as you've probably already guessed I'm a bit of a klutz at times, and my multitasking seems to only apply to schoolwork and chores around the farm. I still remember when I carried a tray that had four plates of cheeseburger meals, which I nearly dumped the tray onto one of the customers at the table, but thankfully I regained the balance and quickly set it on the table and passed out the different orders.

At the end of the night I counted up all my tips, and I had made fifteen dollars in tips alone, which was pretty good considering I had ten tables to worry about. Even Rosalie thought I did pretty good, but added that I still needed work on my speed. I just nodded and put away my tips and went to the back room to get my bag then head for home.

I had just made it through the door that led from the kitchen back to the main room when I heard Rosalie hiss and the let out a long guttural moan. Maude had said that she was about to pop any day, maybe tonight was the night I guess. I rushed over to Rosalie's side and tried to see if she was, in fact, in labor and already starting her contractions, or she was just feeling the baby kick.

"Rose, are you ok?" I asked as I gently laid my hand on her belly and supported her back. I didn't need to be a doctor to know that she was in labor and that it wasn't just the baby kicking, for one she was clutching her stomach, and two, I saw a small puddle of clear liquid on the floor between her legs. I know that that's cliché and that some women just have it trickle down their legs, but this wasn't the case for Rosalie. I asked if she had a car or someone to come get her, and she just shook her head no as she concentrated on breathing. I didn't have my license to drive or a cell to call anyone (shocking I know), so when Rosalie managed to sputter that she had her car out front that she drove to work I offered to take her. She wasn't too keen on the idea, but she took what she could, I reassured her that I was perfectly capable at driving and also mentioned that my mom and dad used to let me drive the truck up and down the long dirt driveway and to and from the barn and stables. She really didn't let me finished and groaned then let me help her to her car and she handed me the keys and went back to focusing on her breathing and keeping calm.

I started the car, but it took a few tries for the engine to turn over and start, and when the car started it sounded like it would fall apart around us and I groaned when I saw that her car had a stick shift. I knew how to use one, but I hated it profusely, because you had to use the clutch just right otherwise you would tear the gears or stall the car out.

"Please tell me you know how to use a stick Bella." Rosalie yelled as the contractions started. I told her that I did and drove towards the hospital. We were able to get there in one piece, but to say it was a 'smooth' ride was an understatement. Once we were at the ER, I rushed out of the car nearly tripped trying to get to the other side and help Rosalie out of the car when a nurse came out to help and ask what was wrong Rosalie had another contraction and screamed, "I'm about to have a baby that's what's flipping' wrong with me lady!" I just sighed and the nurse was flabbergasted and ran back inside to alert the other nurses and came back out jogging with a wheelchair for Rosalie to sit in.

The nurse, whose name was Heather according to her ID, told me that they were going to rush her up to the maternity ward and that I could either wait with her, or I could wait out in the hall. I opted to go with her, but said I would have to make a phone call first. She nodded and motioned with her chin to ask one of the nurses to use the phone and call.

I just nodded and quickly hurried over and asked for the phone, which got no response. I tapped my fingertips on the counter trying to get their attention, but whatever conversation they were having must've been more important than my phone call. After about, what seemed like hours, but was merely a few minutes I slammed my hand down on the counter and yelled "hey!" to the nurses to get their attention. My hand stung from the force I used to bang on the countertop, but proved affective. But to say that they weren't amused didn't even begin to cover it. My annoyance drained and what replaced it were nerves. I hated when everyone was staring at me. I managed to ramble off that nurse Heather said I could use the phone to call someone to come get me.

The one closest to me rolled her eyes and just picked up the phone and let it clang on the counter and muttered that I would need to dial nine to get an outside line. I didn't know who Rosalie would want here, but I knew I would have to at least call Jasper and Emmett and let them know where I was and why I hadn't called them sooner to have one of them pick me up.

I dialed and got a busy signal, Emmett forgot to hang up the receiver, they forgot to pay the phone bill, or…I don't even know. I tried to dial them again and finally got through, Jasper picked up and when I said hello, I didn't even get a chance to explain my story.

"Bella, where in god's name have you been? We've been worried sick, Emmett and I were about to call the police to try and find you, why aren't you home?" I tried to get a word in to try and explain the situation, but Jasper kept going on and on, I finally had to yell his name into the phone, and then I was able to tell him what happened and that I was at the hospital and said that I was fine, but that Rosalie had gone into labor and I was with her.

Jasper sighed and was glad that i was ok and told me that he and Emmett would be there soon to come get me. I stopped him right there and said that I wanted to stay with Rosalie, at least until the baby was born, to make sure that the baby and her were both ok. I could tell that he didn't like the idea, but reluctantly agreed and said that him and Emmett would be there soon.

I hung up the phone and thanked the nurse, which I could tell that she could've cared less. I hurried down the hall and found the maternity ward. When I looked at the directory, the maternity was on the second floor. I whined at the thought of taking the elevator. It's not that I had a fear of them; I've just not had the best luck with them. I remember when I was here to visit my mom in the hospital once and the elevator was at a certain floor, but the doors didn't open. I thought it had broken down, but I sighed and panicked and jabbed the button and thankfully it opened. I was never so glad to be on the third floor.

Rosalie was in labor and I considered her my friend, and I would just have to suck it up and take the elevator up to the second floor. I felt myself hold my breath as I impatiently waited for the elevator to ding and signal that I had arrived at my destination and would no longer have to be in the metal deathtrap on a cable. Once there, I let out a sigh and went to the nurse's station and asked what room Rosalie Hale had been taken to. I was asked if I was family, and almost said no, but if I said no there could be the possibility that she wouldn't let me go back and see her. I lied and said yes, that I was her cousin that came to visit her.

I never was any good at lying, but the nurse bought it and pointed in the direction I was supposed to go and told me the room number. I thanked her and jogged down to her room. When I got there I saw Rosalie lying in her bed on her side, her back was to the door and I softly said my hello and asked how she was feeling.

According to her, her contractions were getting closer together, but she still wasn't dilated enough, and that if after a couple more hours she wasn't dilated further they would have to perform a C-section; which Rose didn't want at all, that would mean more time off work and less money she would be able to make. I reassured her that she would be ok and that the little baby would be ok as well. I took a seat next to the bed and looked up to see that Rosalie had settled on ESPN. I would've never guessed that she was a sports fan, which was another thing she had in common with Emmett.

"I love my baby Bella, but this waiting and pain is getting ridiculous. I'm sorry if I got you in trouble." I saw concern in her eyes, but I assured her that I was not in trouble and that my brothers would be here soon to help keep us company.

That's when it hit me; Emmett didn't know or notice that Rosalie was pregnant. Well, when he got here it wouldn't be a secret anymore. I chuckled to myself, and Rosalie asked what was so funny, I tried to tell her it was nothing, but I could tell that she didn't believe me and asked me again what I was laughing about. I let out a sigh and decided to tell her that I thought my brother, Emmett, was clueless that she was pregnant. I couldn't help but feel a bit embarrassed, but laughed when I saw how big her eyes got. It wasn't your normal laughing either, it's that kind you do when there is an awkward moment and you laugh because of that situation.

"How could he not know I was pregnant? I mean, I'm as big as a freaking barn, Bella. How sure are you that he had no idea?"

"Well, when he met you and came back to tell us what he thought about you, which was all good things by the way, he never once mentioned that you were pregnant." It was the truth, both Jasper and I were confused in that matter, but we both also knew that he was never the most observant one of us either.

"Well, maybe he's one of the few guys that doesn't find it off putting that a girl is pregnant and still working, at least something like that." I nodded in agreement, it could be possible I suppose, but if I knew Emmett he just wasn't that observant.

A nurse, nurse Heather, came in to check on Rosalie and asked how she was feeling and if she needed anything. Rosalie said that the contractions were starting to get a little more intense and asked if she could have the epidural. The nurse said that it was possible, but she would have to check with the doctor. I could tell that Rosalie wasn't pleased but agreed and adjusted herself in her bed trying to find a position that wasn't too uncomfortable.

"Not sure if I asked you already, but do you have any clue as to what you're having; a boy or girl?"

"Well, I wanted to be surprised, but I've been told that the way I'm carrying myself that it could be a boy. I hope for a girl, but either way I just hope that the little baby is nice and healthy and comes out soon, I'm ready to meet them already." Rosalie said with a pained smile. From what I could tell, she was having another contraction.

I was about to press the nurse call button, but just then the doctor came in and checked her out and checked to see if Rosalie was ready to push. According to him, she was ready to push, that's when he called in for nurses to come help him get his paper gown on over him and get the bed transformed to get the stirrups ready for Rosalie to rest her feet in. I was forced to move out of the way, but stayed up by Rosalie's head to keep her company. I told her to hold my hand as the other nurses were getting her ready to sit up and push. I could sense that this was starting to get very real for me, and I was feeling a bit dizzy, but talked myself through it. I would be strong for Rosalie.

"Ok, Rosalie on the count of three I want you to push and count to ten ok? One…two…three, push!" Just then she took a deep breath and pushed, I almost regretted offering to have her hold my hand. I helped talk her through her breathing along with the nurses, but she had an iron grip on my hand and I nearly screamed from how hard she had held my hand. The nurses and doctor told her she did a very good job, but that she would have to push more often to get the baby out. I couldn't help but groan, silently of course, I mean, I couldn't even begin to imagine trying to push something the size of a watermelon through an opening the size of a walnut.

This whole routine went on for a good twenty minutes or so, and both Rosalie and I were relieved when the doctor said that Rosalie needed to give one more good push and the baby would be out. The nurses helped her sit up again and I tried soothing her as she cried from the searing pain I'm sure she was feeling and took a breath and tried to push for the full ten seconds, but she only made it to eight. The nurses tried encouraging her to keep going, and with a loud scream she pushed again, and finally I peered over the covers and saw the doctor helping pull the baby out head first, I saw it's little shoulders and I told Rose, I could see that she was getting excited.

"Hey Bella, we stopped by the gift shop on the way – holy mother of god!" Emmett eyes widened as he shouted when he saw the baby finally being pulled out of Rosalie and I was shocked to see all the color drain from his face. Very rarely would you see Emmett go pale at anything, and before anyone could get to him he fainted.

Fainted! Emmett, my brother who watched intently watching every gory detail during shark week, fainted at the sight of Rosalie giving birth.

Rosalie was too exhausted to notice this, and was happy to hear the cries from her baby, and from what I could see while the nurses took the baby away to clean him up.

"It looks like a baby boy Ms. Hale, congratulations." The doctor said with a smile and stepped away to go check to make sure that the baby boy was nice and healthy. Rosalie was very happy and was excited to have a little boy. I even asked what she was going to name him. That, she wasn't so sure on, she had only thought of girl names, now she had to completely scratch that idea and come up with a suitable boy name for him.

Nurse Heather came over and handed the baby over to Rosalie and explained how she was to hold him, and that she would have to support his head as well. She just smiled down at him and I couldn't help but fall in love with him too, he yawned so big I could see his cute little pink gums. As Rosalie lay back with him, she kept testing out different names on him; seeing which name flowed better off her lips. As I walked back over to my chair I noticed that a male nurse had to help Emmett up off the floor and into the empty bed next to Rosalie. Good 'ol Emmett had to go and hit his head on the way down when he fainted.

"He's a very handsome baby Rosalie, congratulations." Jasper said as he smiled over at him. He placed the balloon bouquet on the counter. I couldn't help myself, I had to laugh at the balloons; only because in the balloon bouquet it had one balloon that said "Congratulations, It's a boy!", and then another one said "Congratulations, it's a girl!" granted, none of us knew what she was having, and I guess they just wanted to be safe either way.

"Hey, it's not my fault; we didn't know what Rosalie, here, was having so we wanted to cover all the bases." Jasper said with his crooked grin.

"How does the name, Bentley James Hale?" Rosalie asked us. I liked that name, he looked like a Bentley, plus he seemed to like the name because he started to coo a bit and yawn again.

"I like it, a very sturdy name, and I think lil Bentley likes it too." Jasper said with a small smile. I could tell that he had been up all night studying. He may have told Emmett and I that he quit school, but I knew that he switched to online classes. Now, what we didn't know was why he was keeping it a secret.

"Thank you Jasper, and thank you for the flowers and balloons." Rosalie said as fought to stay awake, and since she was feeling sleepy I asked if it would alright if I held little Bentley. Rosalie was all for it and I carefully took him from her and sat down in the lounge chair with him. He had her blonde hair, but his eyes were an almond brown instead of Rosalie's ice blue ones.

"Whoa, I had the strangest dream, I dreamt that I walked in on Rosalie having a baby, and that I saw that everything the lord gave her too." Emmett said from his bed behind the curtains. Rosalie was already asleep, so she didn't hear him, but sadly Jasper and I had. Jasper went on to say that Rosalie did in fact have a baby and that it was a healthy baby boy.

"Whoa, cool, what did she name the little tyke?" Emmett asked as he sat up carefully. I told him that she named him Bentley James Hale, and that he was right here. I didn't dare get back up but it was implied that I was holding him. Emmett carefully got up from his bed and trudged over to get a better look at him. I was pleased, but at the same time confused by Emmett's cool reaction to Rosalie being pregnant. I mean, usually, like I've already said, he went from woman to woman never longer than a few months. It was never serious, but I guess Rosalie was different. I liked the man Rosalie made him become; he was more grown up and not such a goof ball all of the time.

"Sweet, that's a cool name, hey when you get tired of holding him it's my turn Bells."

I just smiled and agreed. If I didn't know better I would've thought that Emmett was the father of this beautiful baby.

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